Grundrisstheory Part 5

Tropism is an error, and has many errors, if it gets not applied as open knowledge applied to old Egypt. Still, it gets misused and enclosed in unknowledgeable domains to scholars, held solid for some, not all. There is a whole world of crime there, where it gets gamutted here and there, once postponed so, the other time not at all for someone attached. But, the people that care, for you, if they are focussed on you, and not wishing you talking that or similar things, are certainly illuminated in a special way, in a way of characterisation, and displaying their care for you afterwards, laughing like a cheshire cat known by Alices style.

If someone decides, prefers, to wait some more, and feed the ducks in the park, this is alright, he acknowledges of trade cycle theory automatical. But an entrepreneur, has to sense the current time and choose the changes very fastly or else he brings the firm into the position of the waiting ducks. This is where trade cycle theories live. There lies a space open of pause, where other birds dwell, too, such as swan, that have a very lofty way of depression. Domains and domination are two different things.

The philosophers that were tied to fall into oblivion, as Mises said in his book, that tried to describe utopism by the marxism taboos, only relative to their first impression then, fell therein into oblivion thus, they didn’t fall therein, but there in. Because trade cycle theory living there, appeals to that style. But they fell into that first-stage thinking trapped by the greater scheme around Marxism. Because even when Marx’ sect coming from Engels, it was not enough to describe it as utopy itself, but it must be described as utopism coming from Marxism itself, and the mistake there. Else, everyone follows their footsteps into oblivion and gets forgotten, even if he was against Marx, simple. A philosophical trap, they made for Marx, to work. But it will never work, because in an isolated socialist world only, there can’t be established no prices and chaos must ensue fastly. If everybody can top his price on top the other, how should he manage that over a longer period, if not even two seconds? Also, entrepreneurs will never be able to start business, when they can only go to the old state clerks and present their ideas, to these old men, that stopped for long, believing in innovation, trapped by multitude. They can only in capitalism start business, getting first money from some men, that believe them. But in a socialist world, that means, a world for the state, and against free enterprise, they would only be able to store sand where it is still sand, not yet money.

Until these days, pupils in middle elitary schools, and not in highly elitary school with internates, they know the behaviour, from their parents, that they got taught by their parents, and they carry it further. It is not the schools that carries that further, even when it is saught because of that as school, and at the same time, interesting making the school. They say: Their parents got it from the truism, that all people understand the egyptian gods were taught, to by their supporters, beat the people, and therefore the students today have to believe, they were intelligent, not the slaves. It was not because the pharaons supporters, it is not because the parents teach them, but it is the pupils interference in the theory, and not they the victim, but the victim the individual that must have hath intelligence. Yet, this lie is globally accepted as understanding, and seen as part of elitarian schooling, even if dense completely. Their parents they administer these schools, are the same way unsichtig. They belong to Isis, this is clear as snow flakes teaching ducks to manouver. The subventionism of death penalty judges, that venerate the folk, by the same folk bullying capitalism, is not yet the worst type of subventionism. The interesting making governance is much more subtropic, by all efforts of the state in economics, which is called “interventionism”. None of that is interesting enough, to make the people stop bullying the choices of individuals in capitalism, of certain individuals, and stop being violent, by being someone else.

Toth Tehuthi was Xerxes I., and probably already all the people violent are playing gods. All the egyptian gods, were representations of the current site, in question, where the word elite came from, all around the world. Every king living somewhere else than Egypt, had his own puppet representation on walls against the folk on pay for the pharaoh, to make the folk that not even belongs to him, fear. These are all hegelians, that want the terror for Marx. For democracy. Welfare is a way, to by the skeletton of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, heave up peoples hands, and control what they do with them. This is called world control, by historicists told. They martirize old people, that they teach lieing, always, to party by chiffre, which they misspelled from partieing, by shivering. This is then called a conglomerate. Conglomerates help creating the graves, such as that in the St.Thomas church, of JS Bach, where cartels then put firms upon, that they destroy, together with the positivist flowers. And let people fall into a type of history (cultural and mental histories).

But, stone age, comes etymologic probably rounded off, from “storage”. Or maybe, storage from “stone age”? Either case, without the parentheses, pure materialism hides behind that, of men. They misuse normal people, which help them, support or backup the luciferianists, who by Lucifer, and what they do thereby, support the intensity fight, against the carried individuals (geniuses). Because they shall never be delivered like Lucifer with his elite, so good and sharp in the eyes, going after them, because they invest, in books to deliver the spread of information into width and spaces, that someone does, because someone in old Egypt wanted to hide, that they planned the spread of english language, already in Egypt, because books are the silent idols of the antichrists. They shall never be so intertwined in children killing like the pharmacological sector, together with those, who really shiver in party with their teeth, that means, the old satanists: He, like the FED men has to be the only monopolist. The plan of the old world, is them, not someone else, not a clear plan, against carriage, while in Skyrim, only a very few times you were with a horse.

X = n is a worm hole, too.

You can write 45° too ∟/2. A ⊋ B is the same as ∁AB or specifical for filters, ∁UA, and when the latter gives you B’, then that means, some number even in spaces after the comma, will be chosen, and will be transformed without Fourier complexes and also makes true AB. There are also partially ordered sets:

{\displaystyle (X,\preceq )}

But while X = n < 0 is a kind of infinity animated ring, that means a twodimensional worm hole, seen from a view, an operator mapped on a domain, means, that this domain will be a tunnel, X = n > 0 will just create a strip of fractional numbers. This is exactly where the luciferianists operate in. These are: With disjoint unions, you can create lists of elements, that are partial orders enlisted one after another, if earlier defined, just as in programming, if you define a variable, before a function. In logic, this is already a function on itself.

But, why is hegelianism, and hegemony so bad? History is in its school manifestation, not even concerned by geochronology, these earlier times, where ice was on mountains and also on great parts of the world ranging from even up to 100.000BC to 17500BC or sometimes by historicists called even unto 300BC, where latin people ruled the world.

The amount of years, Diodorus lived, was 60 years ( ∟/1.5 ). That is exactly the same amount, as the 60° radius, on each edges of the equilateral triangle. The equilateral triangle is often divided without rationality further. The acute triangle, however, has all sides greater than ∟, which is (for 90°) egyptianic. The worst elite came from Egypt. It were the beginnings perhaps, of marketing.

Even until today, you can fall into the trap, of chauvinism against anti-chauvinists, into an invisible war of the pedophiles that are young activists, where only knowledge helps you out, to come out of it only by seeing it is piety you fell into, the needs for a theory, that explains the behaviour of those, wanting, to make human action vanish, traces vanish, for history of law to be supported by germanisticism, in turn supported by type theorists not admitting, that they support piety supporting that.

Welfare is also the way, to make people the means to so they can be taken away later as unfreedom and make them uniformally the same by equality principle. While triangles, are an elitary thing, because they rotate like weights, of flesh, they are connected to man. Equality principle has a lot of space to play out itself in current times, and it stays invisible. Why, nobody explains, but the ones guilty on that, have certainly still state clerk position.

Absolute cardinal numbers, are always the volume for the banach space and not the natural identification, but sympathet for its symbol. It seems, as if lie-algebra is completely consisting of these equalities and is not at all the advanced thing, they say. Therefore, with two absolute cardinals, you can conjoin by disjoint unions, two lia-algebras or banach spaces.

Therefore i believe, that every manipulation of the equilibrium of prices, is a kind of theft, where each time, money is drawn out of the equilibrium. It necesserily does not mean any drawing out of the pockets or savings of anyone, but the consumer, except nobody buys anything, in a barter economy for example, but this is not the case.

Domains are numbers, that look like xa^b and can be therefore identical, while not identical, but in case of 1, which we theoretize hereby, it is true always, and it is in case of not 1 also way, to by disjoint union, and mapping, put someone really bad into place. Every manipulation of the equilibrium therefore, because one is never satisfied, comes true as theft on the consumer therefore. There does not have to be an ultrafilter beforehands that reorders the system of equilibrium and puts prices in place. Order is not needed there mathematical, where it is economical. Nobody needs a bank. Logic suffices to already be that.

Also, this is the same, as in a glass of red wine, the reflection of some light, abstracted into being a whole on a spoon, of some material, that looks like white salad. This is exactly, what must happen in anti-cancer as extraction of the given sickness, tumor. It must be mapped from the refractored related light, into the dominious object on the spoon, and thrown away fast. The abstraction itself, must be computed by a whole superset, that has in itself even as ultrafilter, the corresponding understanding, of coping with the commonality of the sickness and it must be minimist, just as a bird, that acknowledges of his strife for success, and why it was not the reason, why it is in a cage, while people often go to prison for same. The “white guy”, must be the object saught, as Stephen King called it, no matter if mapped on glass or somewhere else, in the body.

The way it must be done, is the bird, how it sings “success”, minimalist, to copy what was said about it. The red catherine, is probably the thing, the whole state is against, and uses anti-humanism. That means, the capitalistic strife for survival in a human, that gets subdued by the state as a monster against holiness itself, masquerade.

If B’ is a minute, and minutes describe the subdivision of radial numbers, describing where a line intersects a circle, then a spiral will be possible, to be used, same way by this denumerator, as the exact point in a wormhole, in space. Certain things work not in space, such as horse riding through wormholes. Either way, a space ship will have ultrafilters to provide a sphere at the inset, while at the outset, it will have to calculate the exact middle point of a wormhole, if it wants not to fly through a portal. I never met people, telling me “even B’ is not a minute, it must had been a superset of b’, instead, having these elements like that”. All were just completely on a drive against cosmopolitans and nobody striving for success, neither agreement. Disjoint unions work the same therefore by intersectionism, in relation to B’ therefore, no matter what elements other are in sets, that get one after other ordered. They will be always other than B’, while B’ can account for all points on spirals the elements even in animation, in hyperrealism. I never met someone looking like an astronaut, except Alex Jones. He is so intelligent, like an astronaut, indeed, against the NWO. All others are simple and leninists. All the while, the german nazi program spaceship and transporter “Sänger” or “ELAC”, was all the time inspired on the rotating of the mayan Palenque Relief and not a single word or letter was written to me about it.

Is that the reason, the subconventional (drug mafia) consistently created utopy, using homomorphism all the time, by letting people find the nonmathematical biology description of tropism, if they search “tropism” instead the mathematical, that makes them understand more, instead of finding the book “Tropismes”, and follow a carefully crafted plan starting like all dark plans? I had all the time no internet while they were busy profiting thus…

Indeed, was that the reason, a hasse diagram, described a partial order, all the time, and it is in relation to an always animative ultrafilter, nonanimated and on itself even proof of how no oxygen is there available in space? Euler-diagrams are not the intersective ven-diagrams, and hasse diagrams are not the completely mapped identities of ultrafiltering, and contain xyz, just as they are more 0 than the other, being rather 1 if theoretized to end.

Wouldn’t trust so much them. Because if they are not firm managers, they are leninists. Someone having no responsibility, will not act on behalf of the individual, but to take away someones responsibility is a one-in-a-lifetime act, that is not returned again by the state clerks. All of that is victim to theoretical limits. The size of a spaceship relative to a black hole in minutes flight, is calculated by _r_n/360, where r is the square root symbol, with n, which is the meters of the ship in length, while the simple remember circle is C = 2pi*r solvable for radius as r = C/2pi. The remainder of both secants with both circles (where one is the worm hole), is certainly the symbol of the minute itself in calculator UI. The red catherinism would call unto it B’ as minutes, due to knowing all individual.

There is no such concept, as simultaneousely, together with something in togetherness in mathematics, at all to exist. Even, if in space, things get each minute only together, in planet Earth, any addition is always made by human touch sole. Each game has with it, a feeling, that remembers a veteran, and mirrors in some remembrance in soul ballads, they use, to manipulate each individual toward a particular opinion, which works like the pressing of a button, as fast a change. All of this is accomplished by the sole use of occultism, as energy delivery for this concept, with which it can manifest in people, and they can use positivism to kill anyone they wish by other people, no matter how negative and passive they were before. Positivism such as that of dogs, when they run around chaotic and bite anyone in sight. Hegemony is a big lie, because welfare is used as the effect, to deliver this energy slowly in people, and nobody is truly guilty like them being a nervous wreck, yet when they are, this is getting used by leninism on innocents, and there are three steps, that also turn around that concept, into something underworldly, to actually make others kill, because there it is just turning the world on its head, and people don’t simply understand, where this comes from. All of this is not made by people, but by the pale horse rider from Apocalypse, even when these horses were not yet introduced officially in horizon. These are not these effects. They exist, and they are used as a protagonist by leninists, because the state delivers them these tools against those, it wants to torture. It is a remainder effect, of which that the state is an invader into private property and privacy and it seems, the state is getting misused for that goal and also made for its merit.

Alex Jones would admit together with me, that these effects never come from Bilderberg, and never even spawned there. This is unbelievable, what kind of terrorism they make as bilderbergers. They do this, by a secrecy sphere, about how much they inferred things, which they were not at all, themselves, but the effect is created of terror, by how much they torture people, unseen, and kept in secret. These things come out in real world as clues and contingencies against the individual. And they game with it, certainly and upheave these evil ghosts by democracy, because Democrit is used as a lorenz-field of influence for stalinism. They take the power of love, from the tortured, because love has great power, that they hide, and then they misuse that as a spell somewhere in their big houses or on hills. The torture is supported by false prophets, since it would never summon that way. It is not clear at first why false prophets would go to hell, for someone, who read the revelation first. But when things began, it became more clear, why it will be that way.

Karl Marx, they melodize by muting, never helped the bankers, create a idleness for bankers, that it gets idle. Other authors can spawn, that write about the religions of the USA in young people, in the free market, with anti-free market perspective. Where the root of this belief however comes from, this particular belief, is always kept hidden in portrait, so ignorance can be created by silent profitors, that take the number of the beast or the seal on the forehead, and even holify this number or seal. They contend, Marx never ran through his atlantis-scaled rooms alone, so he can overwrite elitarianism. Karl Marx has to stay the word thrust to fancy.

He must be the phenomenon, that is so singular, that it can’t be written in row in a masterpiece, of which they claim, they are the champions. They want children to be raised so they ask their educators:“Was Karl Marx alive?“. And parents have to really trust them then the way, they prescribed them. The knowledge that someone is always there, they can trace their motivation on, has not to be boycotted, together with other stuff, but it has to be taken away from children, that later make suicide, because parents took their monopoly serious in motivationism.

Yet, always, the moment, was made by time shifting, by bankers, against the individual, and even when, others may claim, and irrespective of their antijew perspective, differently, after them, others have to think that, it will be made effective for their use. People have to have in certain individual cases, when for example someone against the FED, barred entry into thinking certain things, by making the first, content with people, that are constantly toward you like a cutting edge sword, or chainsaws. They are deniers of Jesus, for they know very much, they act only, because they get big houses as recapitalizement of the old money people, for being in certain things with Karl Marx and not exposing him.

Karl Marx is just a subset. He is like all random things. That is why you always do the wrong things, when you write for him. To me, probably the most appropriate place of randomness, is the little house on Xen. It seems not existent at all, and not even the Gman would live in this place, that’s why he is so sympatic. He seems to be the manager of planet Earth, with all its gull, that fly the same way, as the mantas in Xen. But, in Reality, these are mantras. You must have logical preconditions, in face of all the evil randomness, that is just random and fools all. Such a logical precondition is capitalism on itself, not something else, at all. Because without this, not even the Gman would help you, since there would be no businessman at all existant. You would be all alone on Xen with noone around. Is that nice? Is it nice, to be excluded from all these physical concerns of the game, as a human, in Reality, with no way out?

Minutes are complex numbers and two dimensions can be disruptive on eachother. Complex numbers that are absolute, can be smaller or greater. For example, absolute complex numbers can be written 1/|z| and also |1/z|, which is both hyperreal symbolism. They are products and written differently, are the same.

Irrational numbers, can always take off the value of a symbol negatively, but i came behind it, that they are often the same, as imaginary numbers, but only in secret . Irrational numbers first in such case, while the other way around, too, which made some believe, it is the numbers itself, that can be chosen, but that comes not into usage in case of Lambda modern day thinkers claim, knowing more than Leibniz at all, because it needed them not, and it is called simply “to conjugate” the whole equation and “make z diagonal”.

A or B if in clamps: (A or B) is the definition of empty spaces held in space for elements such as z, and when they are for example at the end of putting them as complex numbers and conjugating them a definition B’z, that means, unknown times that can hold just some meaning or value but are never 0, but they can be always part of A or A’. But after conjugatin’, they will be negative in statistics such as the field of some mathematicians such as Gauß. But they can be also repeating decimals, and therefore have infinite, even if negative, magnitudes. Energies are magnitudes in nonbinary math.

Since B’ is custom, it can be empty or not, or by some called a set of classes, but me not, and Z not custom, but predefined, it is not a set of n-tuples where complex numbers are in. Z on the other hand, will be such numbers. Where Lambda gets defined, hyperrealism and strange occurences are both happening, even if only formal things happened. Still, many authors claim exactly, to devise for some people, a way of life different to that, that the state clerks create, while not at all starting with a view against numismatix.

A model (for example of Zufryden) admits at least, people are on a frenzy first of how in marketing the things work, when sad, then aware, then intention, and in the end a ticket. But even if all live in harmony, both B’ and also Z and R are sets of complex numbers, and B’ has even capability of being minutes.

The power rule is practically the same, as the symbols possible over clamping, in formulae, can be placed and if solved, fall on z and makes z diagonal and where z has powers, it turns them negative then and all in a whole formula: It seems to me, that all is perfect, all is hyperreal, because these are hyperreal topics, that lead someone against thrasymachism.

But still it is wrong, if it is not in a mind, but in Reality, and if that is misused by someone trustworthy. The fancy goes so far back in time, that it needs not to be researched, that it is in another game altogether, and rested its fangs there on all. B’ could be called the set containing all imaginary parts of ib’ in C. Therefore this is proof, that there is no trader anywhere, that gets anything at the end. Probably, there is indeed a world of some sort, they don’t take anything anywhere at the end they got. Positivism is too early, always in economics, there Mises was excellence, empiricism is too far-fetched already yet, perception of trade is persé at the outset taken for granted, because it is not more. You don’t need mathematical definitions for that, neither would i see any other reason for people to behoove themself in using mathematics to redundant things of any sort, which all other are, that are not exactly these. I hope i got already so far, that i can disprove Keynes.

There are people, so malignant these days, even those who are doctors or professors, that teach the relativity theory of Einstein, they claim this is not true:

z1 = (−b + δ)/2a, z2 = (−b − δ)/2a

even if delta is the fourth letter in greek alphabet. But, lambda has still the power, in itself, to move really big things around, on itself, if it’d just used this way. Not even only giant robots, but things that need to be energized. From less things, formal, to greater things, in Reality. People from impoverished financial states they not even see it possible to devise the state toward some revenge. Someone being an anarcho-capitalist, is always alone in that fight. Often in these days, the state clerks may be randomly chosen in renaissance ways, but behind that nobody sees, that it was chosen by unright itself. Unright copies the people in your surroundings the way, they looked as friends around some popular mathematician from history, not historicists or worse, the french students of industrial mathematics. This unright is created by piety. Because only the state is enriched by that. Even if in individual case not, the unright is great enough, that also lives there, just as well as many adults driven into suicide by something, mirror in that in society. Because these students are educated not, they are just called as adults and don’t even after Platos republic after the term of justice, are chosen for the positions they learn in, and the educators understand that very well, yet don’t know, that all are anti-calvinisticly educated. The state clerks like persons, even if they send them to mental hospital, that constantly in history will be called these ones, that always were against the people.

Yet, simultaneity works in mathematics, indeed. It is just part of some coping with different fields in tensor theory, where Einstein would even say, and does it, that multiple dimensions disjointly united, so they rest one after another besides themselves, will fight with eachother and destroy eachother at the same time being divergencies that are hyperreal. After all of that, i still stay true, to anarcho-capitalism, and will continue to stay true to it, because their fight against truth already starts with the monopolist tendencies on equivalents, where they hide who they are, and how similar they are sometimes to firms, in literature these firms offer. Einstein was living in the 17th century after them, which is crime. Every child knows, this is crime. But it is deceptive, because the same can be said by Einstein about the capitalistic man and the only way he can be respected, which is, when he wears a briefcase. The state likes to scale this object down in analysis and focus your portmonnaie. But still, in case of the OR operator in mathematical logic, the definition will be always disjointly united by AND, while any number z will be not negative, due to this AND anymore, but positive, no matter the operator used. Minus and plus are always by these processes twisted into plus and minus, but it in itself is disjointly united with any element z that gets conjugated. Therefore, Abelard is on the other side of the economic spectrum, to Mises. The extreme brutality of B therefore, gets in mathematics transported to minutes and makes B’, but can’t be supplemented by add-ons, why not?, even if energies still stay as storage, left over. But the cause for that, rests in philosophical realms, a spaceship can use that to negativize numbers, even secants, and must keep this equality, in mechanical realms, while as quality in human realms, alive as storage, else it will never know. These constants will be kept unrecognized no matter the nuisance of people, because A and B are constants for those, who keep it secret. They are depending on this secrecy, even when a spaceship will be never built for men to live in or travel by, as long as a welfare state exists. People who don’t write that, get castles as payment by Bilderberg, because it is the main cause, they profit from, and each time approximately 1000 poor people get as result, really evil letters from state, that get kept alive by state. And this unright is claimed by these state clerks, is something that has to be kept alive and well.

I mean, where shall people go to, to graveyards, after them? Since, butterflies such as used to be seen by scientists, they are mainly those, from other worlds, where holiness lives itself, such as the holy Mary herself. There is no place for people there, so elitarian is this place, plagued by socialism and people. But it is illogic behind that, behind the holy Mary is the only person in this place, and by her holiness, therefore, only lets the individual live there, while all these dirty effects of society are gone completely, instead. But this little reductio ad abstractum is enough proof for their dark plans, against identity and with it, against uncovering facts. The state clerks want their wage to be healed by Toth Tehuthi, so they get more money and also have a lot of support from those, they claim, they give this higher wage then too, to, all of which is lied to these people and they get into darkness, these people make. This is pure darkness there. In my opinion it is initially made too, to uncover facts, but kept behind egptic walls of pyramides, so they use this darkness to later map Herodes, the king on people, that then feel, they can summon this darkness solely concerned by egoist goals, and therefore supported by socialists. And then they act as this state puppet to really make life unpleasurable for the capitalist. Oftentimes, the animal, itself is only a mechanism where the individual is misused and completes its quests so the animal can kill that very same inidividual then, by fear or apologetism. Always it is misused by man itself as concept. If some lightbulb is turned on by the individual, it is preceded by the hand, and the place it is turned on, is the safe place but on the same level where the terror goes on where it turns other people to Herodes in individual case.

They also make use of Azazel, a demonic seal, that can be used, to join together nets, where A and B can be two societies (for example obamism and chauvinism). You will see, it is a way, to conjoin together two systems of sociological nets together so they destroy eachother with always two controllers claiming responsibility for the middle way. Rich people live in castles, that were kings of Jerusalem in past, but the most they can do, is too, only recognize, that the FED men each time, they fill their sack with the peoples money, they make to their own negativity, these nets by grabbing with their hand into their sack. Even they can do nothing in face of the portrait of their might in democracy. Xerxes gave them a lot of background. That is not just.

Often, the church is the research facility, that gets crushed by slow looking effects of society that lives in socialism, so you can see, it is the only institute, that looks slowly getting destroyed by these tendencies, and waits for complete destruction, like a resource facility that stopped collecting, due to failing capitalism, and gets paused to wait for its destruction by the people. But, the people are peaceful and only feel, that these effects are made by torture itself, they never know more, and the church is therefore the victim too of torture with those, that get tortured with a really bad consequence, of being crushed. Therefore let this be the reductio ad abstractum here:

A witcher meets with a businessman, called Ykresaq and tells him he has resources to sell to him, if Ykresaq will become a businessman too, in business with him, where he, the witcher, is always B, and the other, is A. Will then Ykresaq will ever be kept in unfairness, except some people existed, that believe in fairness or social behavior in business, that said to the really dangerous witcher, what he has to do? Rather not. He will not be made revenge on, except he lives constantly in the scheme of reminiscing A’ in egoism, and what wonderful appearently time mechanism it is. Therefore there will be no fairness saught and the witcher will lose all his resources, and even his position as a witcher, so both he and Ykresaq, are now businessmen. They will not even remotely think what is going on here, and still, all discourage deeper thinking about this, to some extent for someone, that comes from historicism, a field, solely endangered by etiquette. Ykresaq will understand the witchers encouragement when he tells him “we are in this together”, but business is not so. He will rather say “we are the only ones in this business and it will be great”. “We are in this together” is rather only true for the whole of the free market.

This gets often mirrored in class rooms, where the students are in universities, that get the clue for where they have to individually later work in, in which field. The teacher oftentimes lets that as an imaginary world open for them, and it seems, it is the same world, the tortured live in. This moment, where the students can decide, between field and trust in the teacher, or rememberance of the teacher and pain of losing the mother in religion. This reminds me of Toth. But, Toth was in a world of slavery, while we had already great things made by capitalism. All of either if it is students, or teachers, would be not possible, because no matter would be possible to be discussed, without this beforehands spawning in worlds, some worlds, you know. These worlds are really monopoly of state clerks. They are so greasy. Because it is all based on lies. Sinus curves always start not with life, but in 0 per definition. While cosinus curves, start with 1, rather. All of it is linear algebra too, and mapping at the same time. And, linear algebra is just like hyperrealism. Both have the same, but hyperrealism distuinguishes itself by spaces. There is no time in linear algebra, no minutes, and seconds, like in complex numbers, commonly misused to be defined by sinus/cosinus concepts relativity. There is no room between linear algebra and hyperrealism, that these people get blamed for, yet misuse it. It is complete hocuspocus they get blamed for and it is not true.

But, the pilgrimage of not seeing Bilderberg behind that, because the only emergence and usage of z in linear algebra, remember, the only field in mathematics without complex numbers, will end in seeing it is the only time used only in homogenism, a word only used by Bilderberg. Being attacked by these people, is falling automatically into a state of decomposition, if they are successful in being murderers, if you don’t fight the monopolies. Because that is actually the last thing you can do, to really not come to this conclusion and become already decomposed by vanishing culture. People don’t see this. They continue living in optimism.

That is true, that to each matrix in tensor theory, the next matrix containing z, or even lambda, is added by human action solely, and changes all the whole situation and calculation. It is also true, that they want to keep that silent.

What are cartels making? They try to destabilize the church, by throwing the statues by the cards on top out of the way, on the garbage. They are against the church. Also, nobody of them, helps you out of fear, to even be able, to throw half a kilograms of salt against a window in exit strategies in life out of violence, where you even fear to lose not only the situation but would not destroy the window by the object, in your hand, to vanish through the empty spaces. No, you get after them, gladly the victim of violence, they made by their house of cards, with their damned cards, that can be seen as some surface you must break through hunted by the people. But where it is violence, it is gladly individual, even when it bases on masses and what they appearently do or wish, basing their deeds on utopy and tabooism, and dark egoism, coming from elasticism, masqueraded as exorcism, as agreement between some, or rite.

Everyone has a kind of beast inside it, he keeps secret, and sometimes shows it, but there is a master they have, he wants to be the only one, that can be that, out of egoism, and sarcasm. Yet all these people must first live in paradox or else be nonexistant, for that to work really. And people don’t do trade in case of paradoxes. They need freedom for that. They must to live first, and be free of evil from the inset, makeup their minds, if they see a master key to a door, that keeps the consumer behind it, if they don’t prepare earlier by potions their life expectation.

Keynes is fear if it comes to trade cycle theory, it is solely made to delude people from getting to the core of truth, with all the observation they do in conduit.

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