Grundrisstheory Part 4

Chapter Q

The majority of equalities in mathematics is global, but the little local, the mere together in concepts together. One is numerical, another is equal by shape, and even another, a domain almost over complex numbers, is by definition equal and to the power of T. That demistifies, not many things. Only, freedom can demistify. Freedom brings with it, all tools, that are required, to see these equalities, as bands or boundaries of numbers.

The unitary is that of the fundamental theorem of algebra, the secondary that of complex numbers the same in size to cubic real numbers, and the tertiary, is that of simply being a complex number, some inner set defining by type theory i as being a domain from indian astronomy. Nothing is quite as it is seems. Sine waves are indian astronomy, and can be used, to give life to machines, that run on them, as their movements pulse wave. You can see, domains are magnitudes, and have something to do with Lorenz visualisation, i already went so far in mathematics, that i move in descriptions of egyptic problems, daily built to Egypt. Domains are magnitudes, and all these concepts are still group theory as maps. This means, that with the sinus waves inside the sphere, there is life to the riemann number sphere, and can be also seen as splitting off into 4 elements, where 3 are of this size, and 1 is of the less size and two secret elements also. But only, if one sees it as some functional destruction. Else, you can move the sphere by imagining it as having lines continueing to become intersecting symbols, and it moves on them, due to some mechanism and being mapped by defined equality. Strange congruences are something different to that.

The fundamental theorem of algebra, of course speaks nothing of lambda, because it is earlier than linear algebra in following. That is not truth. They kept it that way secret instead, to profit for a very long time. But it is a sham. The more animals you evangelize in front of schools for children, the more they return if you follow truth. That means, there is a certain amount of evil scientists, by these animals spawning, counted. Already to write about animals, would be blasphemious, with all the experiments they do. They don’t do them for science. They are liars. They will be in orders, and lie constantly, that a little bird does not promulgate the wish, for itself, of seeing in freedom a real swan and all his life lives with that uncensure.

It works by means of vectorising z too into * R, but as one can see, it is a bit different in meaning, since rational numbers are not so perfect like real numbers. The F.T.O.A. practically is, that there is to unsolvable equations, always at least one solution and is defined somehow like: Preference exists, because in the end, discrete quantities exist, and choice to all these elements, was monopolized to only the pharaon of Egypt sole and his master magicians.

I believe, that this is the solution to cancer, even if many would proclaim different, they are still elite, if they use the word “proclaim”, and Schrödinger is rather not the case here, there is another thing, to choose from both, where it is rather the first than that of Schrödinger.

 P(z) = \sum_{k=0}^n a_k \cdot z^k

The topology C of the complex numbers is at once a superset of real numbers, and on the other side, a twodimensional only R-vectorspace. The isomorphismus

{\displaystyle \mathbb {C} \cong \mathbb {R} ^{2}}

is also called natural identification. It is something to do with overweighting in capitalism, the sound of metal like a string, very silently, and some cables holding the weight, breaking slowly.

It is therefore called that, it is misused to define complex numbers formally as quadratic real numbers, with their concurrent complex multiplication and then it is in general set to:

{\displaystyle \mathrm {i} :=(0,1)^{\mathrm {T} }}

by this domain to demistify all. Also, the destruction plays out between i := in case of cancer or such. The cat of Schrödinger rests there as a mistery somehow with that secret and science unification too. Certainly, knowledge is for everyone and can’t be critisized that. Certainly, the death from cancer is very vexful and has to be stringently fought, and certainly, certain things get hidden by communism there.

”In den bisherigen Beispielen sind Isomorphismen genau die homomorphen Bijektionen – die Umkehrabbildung ist automatisch homomorph. In den folgenden Beispielen muss zusätzlich gefordert werden, dass auch die Umkehrabbildung homomorph ist.”

In the functional analysis, you call a mapping T : X—> Y between two normative rooms,

(X,∥*∥x),(Y,∥*∥y) an isomorphismus if it has the following attribute: T is linear, T is static, and T-1 is static too, being an invertive function. If additional x is element of set X, then it follows, that ∥T(x)∥y = ∥x∥X , then you call T an isometric isomorphism with it. But, (Y,∥*∥y) can be after logic, something like (Y,∥*≫y) too, and therefore, there is an error, leading to sickness.

Mises barred membership to value of those things in trade, that the one, trading something, holds it as A ∪ B ∪ C and therefore, all union means colored red, that he disavows the value of the certain things if he trades them for commune. Komohal, describing an agent, using not yet money. Saints never lie to you. They might at one point in time give you commands, to tell you to listen to some excellent economists, as you will say, from the misesian school, but then suddenly you remember Ludwig van Mises himself and his words, and then they tell you, because they never lie, that you can continue without listening to them, since Mises is even better than everyone else in economics and it would be redundant to listen his scholars. The state did not retrace economics. There is a limit to how much you can honor van Mises. You can not say for example, Mises barred view from economics. Even, if he did.

When numbers are mistic, in math they are dimension. Numbers are the same as freedom, and nobody teaches conclude. Therefore, all concepts be described, think the subconventional men. But, the lie is enigmatic in that. Because that can never be the conclusion, at all! The conclusion must be different. It must be: They break people so much, that they feel tortured.

The proof of that is unneeded. It is already concluded. Also, Nathaniel DeGrave is innocently held in prison for nine months.

As long as some people live, the devil likes it the same way not, that they are martered in relationship, the same way, he likes riot, if someone trusts god and stays true to the things in life persé he likes prefers until death. He likes no fighting for the things in death. He is calculative and respectful the same animals. Mises was so working hard on his terminology in writing human action, that he even chose no redundancy in being against the devil, by taking “live” as word that describes “life”. Because life persé, is something different in science, it is the amount of time that passes exactly observations. Those that observe come not from mystic spheres of life therefore.

Nobody of those want to accept, that strings or violines, come from wikings or and celtism. He also likes riot for it while he disrespects riot for the things one stays true to and the state helps him or comes from it. Bankers are, for sure, against all functions of the market, seen in transparent root. All elements… Where there is no shortage, there is also no shortage of things, no lack. These are holy thoughts, if they are true. Lack or shortage is in english, if it is the same as deprivation, not something different from the individual, if it gets in torture. The devil always completely likes, administrates this and all elements, of this very secretly. They do this, on purpose.

If you are the offerer of something, you offer someone a riemantic number sphere. But for the one, getting that offer, or product, which is the same, there is a world of intersection between this concept, and the logical intersection, that is completely mistical and private, and a world of privacy, hulled in mistic. This is not fun what they do, because this sphere, lies in the world of mistic numbers, a dimension therefore, the sphere is in, that is of no importance to all topology of complexity, a world. A point is taken for granted in the complex number infinity, they say, but fail to deliver, what it means nothing in trade. Not without sense, is the complex number -i. It gets always misinterpreted as the negation of some element, the seller here: it seems, as if logical intersection, is the converse, to the function of the riemantic numbersphere:

{\displaystyle {\hat {\mathbb {C} }}=\mathbb {C} \cup {\infty }}

The Riemann number sphere, is already a kind of raytracing, and can be used as a generator of infinite energy. No external devices are needed. Complete darkness suffices with the FED, with people holding the unbearable view, that children have to be slaughtered. Many music, is not so good, even when it seems good at first. Later you will take truth for granted, when you study harmony far enough. For example, motivistic music, can at first to you as child, seem modern and adequate because it is armistic and for freedom, or celtic music, may seem relaxing, because it is advertised and made on top of that advertisement, relaxing. But in the first, you then later rethink, and Unreal Tournament soundtracks seem like animal barn music, with too simple strings, while celtic music, simple too, because it stems from same root, because it repeats certain notes in the solo part and is defined by that too. Torturers are therefore simple as that too, and actually don’t descend but rather devise for someone, and are too simple always, alike or ‘akin to both of that. Taken for granted, that two persons cook, there is always a magic working in one person then, and it is the definition, why monopolies are so bad, or cartels even. But it is rather the definition of cartels. Just as with the music, one can see, that emulgates are too simple to be true too, because they support. DeGrave is not the matter at all. The people did children on purpose, birds have always god mode, as spectator, pneumony, are way worse and they get their way rioting in state and firms, so the capitalists can’t even offer new jobs that are without envy.

But why do they harness and do? Because in marxism nothing does, they fight against the written word for dictators, while the bankers for socialism. They are planners, some sort of illuminated persons, that take the second word from the book Genesis, and already start with dark plans therefrom. It is not must, that someone has to do that, he does that only, just as in case of two people cooking at the same time, for some tharkness. Truth is, that if you take a holy book, and turn it around, a bird, you learn etymology from, stops singing. Because it is turned the other way around. But on the other hand, it is not must that one learns from it the words, but he can ask heaven above too, to teach it, even Jesus itself. Everybody knows until now, despite all funneling and fermenting, how hard it is, to teach people the torturing of Jesus, and learn as scholar, to fight the scene where he had to wear the crown of thorns not, since that is torture, but to fight the easiness, by fighting the thorny crown itself. New concepts can be made, but that will never change, what happens there.

The flag of socialism, is not existing. The flag of socialism, is truely, the flag of communism. Socialism is only made to support the monopolies of the bankers. It is disguised as communism always. The proof is, and all truth can be derived from this argument or dualism, that drinking is the only way to survive in communism or socialism. Else, people would be not so easily distained from doing harm to each and everyone. This is where all begins, from that. Because the antichrists want bigger buildings for their monopolies, and the only building that is so greater than all high skyscrapers, is the tower of babylonia actually. This is why they want to support that monopolies and record people, because in their flats, both these things, like alcohol, and the toilet, stay monopolies of the whore of babylon, and this is global everywhere else also. To record people harms, and harm is what evil does, but likes not, yet stays biblical to it.

Therefore, positivism is very dangerous with all these positivists. Because everybody looks away. Literally and anachronist too at the same turn of dymes.

Everywhere, people are not taught that truth. You can see it, on how the first two elements in each website, get not differently grouped from all the rest. They put people through gruesome things, for that. That seems like a monopoly of the tobacco industrie, that does that as support of the FED. Judges from Germany belong to NSA, and carers get sent by parents, that are from subcontentional, and both are there in the flat, while nobody saves the individual by it.

The state sucks. Judges, high administrators they are, play a trick of running against socialism, but in truth, they have put beforehands a function, that turns time and the scenery, where the socialists run to the right, the other way around, so they act under this disguise, FOR IT. You don’t always have formulas with results. You can in trade, always denoted by intersection not, but it is intersection itself, have for example only

A ∩ B

And you are still the observer, of ∩, in this case of A ∩ B and all the rest, too. That means, events exist and agents, and the individual, who is alone. But logic, to describe what happens, is there exactly, to see it twodimensional, like all the other text too. So if you trade with someone, he offer you ∩ or even a line of a object, via lie-algebra, but it is always ∩. In case of individuals, they do slave trade, where the deals get in the backyard behind the persons back done with it, while the real observer is god.

They do this for Marx. And because they are powerhungry after Aquinus. They may only take care over the lands of a country. All the rest they do, is only facade of fear, because they are utilitarianists and trade somewhere else their dirt as state. земель is in ukrainian looking like “cemetery”, while it, looks somewhere like “flowers”, rather. земель can everywhere one mean “lands” by it. These translatorings or translations, are their greatest fear as state clerks.

They can’t hide behind biblical right, because they do worse, in taking even more authority. They take full prophecy right of the bible as state clerks. They can’t say, only because A ∩ B ∩ C looks in ven-diagrams, like a church window, therefore, they can get philosophically described, no: they got to be described as murderers, these exact same, they call so alike to them. Because they do A ∩ C and then say, above, is B, and that is their title, or authority, and over the elements therein, they can lie, by displaying it as A ∩ B ∩ C, instead the original situation.

The subcontentional are filthy gangsters. They hold the rule of teaching to people, some words are different than in the scripture, literature is filthy, rioting people are holy, dictators are to be believed in, all for socialism. While in truth, socialism is worse and more dangerous than anything. Orders have to rule the world, the new world order for example, so the snake can do what she wants, sons have to do riot whenever it is against the individual, so certain truths come not to light of day, for example, that their riot is of the old testament sole. Because the snake is all about dualism, in hiding truth. Socialism is a total lie. The intersection between ABC is conjoined not by a whole color of red, where the circles are not seen, but there are circles (ven), too, and white spaces, and black lines, too. Socialism claims, it is exactly that, while its representations are about completely the red color insteads. Rioting people conjoin eachother and don’t even see, what they do, since orders, have to be fought first, by reordering what the snake ordered differently for herself, and then, they don’t see, on what they act upon at all.

Moderate is freedom. Nothing else can ever be moderator. Since, it is tragic. It is equal tragic, that young people, riot because nobody acknowledges their revolutions, in time, and they disrespect more. When nobody teaches them, to consider the fight against the state in writing, they will never reach certain ways of life and reach certain conclusions about who comes in where in a position deserving it. They kill later in life if nobody teaches them that. Torturers they are, already, because nobody acknowledges them, and people play the silent game, against Jeanne D’Arc. They are the very same people, that she was held because of them.

The subconventional killed the poor man in the themse by the religious dudes. I am very sure about that. I have researched to find no more resources, even til the graveyard. I believe they do fear to the population, for Marx, for the banks. Especially for those, with the FED, but it is clouded. Writing comes directly from the angels. It is them, who do this writing insteads. They came as state clerks not from outset, that to censure is here bad. They were so in everything that they let the individual encounter illegally. The situation only changed since the virus began called Corona. Torturers are not straightlined. They only seem so. They are simply provocateurs that fight against their Chicago School descendence, from Mississipi. The devil has control over whole media, but he does that only to do attacks against the indvidual, by the men and by strange things, accepted by them. One can only write something about him relative to that, how it is, when one has to choose for his life, the repentance coming from him, that is a preference chosen in how he encounters you for the truth you wrote. No man would ignore that preference and write bad about him or good about him, but only from distance rather. Torturers are not geradlinig. They only hide behind that concept from Germany, together with all the state clerks, they accept and work for as functionaries.

Chapter R

They are illuminated only per outset, but in truth they are unilluminated, since their sins are great. The state, they say, is always describable by blaming the individual, beforehands, from outset of Live. They set all people guilty, and in case when they need to treat someone, the way they want, they simply blame him by some argument of pure idolatry. I only saw such vampires on the graveyard. I think, the most extensive bad circle of law, is behind all of that. Because the most urgent circles of state, that treated back then immigrants as pieces of shit or hell, even now leave their administrative traces all over the world, enabled by America, instead of admitting, that the state is a piece of hell insteads. These state buildings, are dimensions of pure hate. Hate starts there. The keynesianists are so unhumble, that they would in case of searching for jobs in nursery for children, pick only the highest position, of capitalistic president of the whole world and even want with it some money. Only for the mafia they kiss hands. They don’t admit, that everybody is good, because everybody kisses holy books twice. Planet Jupiter for example.

Chapter S

Mises is displayed by Hollywood as the devil. Mercantilist buildings; that were the stores back then, were all managed by elite socialists, where they held products in, they traded, and are still displayed by them, gladly, meaning to them still the buildings had very thick walls and were cold enough, to even store them as vampires. But, on such buildings, are animals, that were displayed in the movie Omen II, a very political film, that i saw around the time, we went on a trip in school, in fundamental school. The woman therein, was displayed as the damsel birthing the devil them, marrying a politician.

Most of this, was not believed by me, and i had always to double check the facts. Only decades later, when somebody posted a mercantilist building of Spain, today, i found, they did this film against Mises himself for Hillary. Stores, are different today but they don’t acknowledge of mathematical relationship to other things, than consumers. They are still filled by 20% still, of the mercantilist rooms volume, where they were held at 200% if the building was doubled in size, think they. The state clerks don’t have enough skill, to break into houses of rich mercantilists, to take their children to mental hospital. They do this only to poor families. If 80% population is indoctrinated, then we can calculate, where the intersection is: in capitalism of elite control. Most will be exposed as vampires from now on.

Stores where storages are, are depreciation parties where the true desecration party, should be made by this: They murder people for the archangel Michael, as occultists. Instead of saving capitalism, like all wanted always, and feared its depreciation, they hold it as more important, to cloak these persons.

”Therefore question i in past after the way of academics - such as will be general understood - all that exists, all completely, even if it not exists, swinging between all views and took the consequent decision, still only me and myself leaving the sect of Manichaeism. In this period questioning uncertainty i held it as irrational, to continue membership in this sect, since i prefered already certain philosophs.” St. Augustin

The komohal brutality of the system, especially healthcare, is centering around the trick of hospitality, that then turns slowly, like a sect does that also, because of corrupt doctors, that use the word “holistic” against the patients, so they can be greedy where the system is already against the individual, that wants to trick the saints, into make their fire vanish from soul, and they do that by fighting freedom. Because these saints, exclude themselves from all these sects. Simply, by being the saints, in ignorance of all egoism, in looking into some empty place, where they feel spoken to. And these people, the system believes, are dangerous, because free. Because they look into these empty spaces, when someone mentions them, and analyses them in that, they are saints, not because they have to be spoken guilty. They are saints because they have intrinsic features, that only defines those of freedom. The system wants to always ignore and make them vanish from scene, for their whole life, while those, that are really with the devil, drink further childrens blood.

These people are not knowing much. They for example fail to understand or are miserable since the FED, because they don’t understand, that the devil has ideals, and the people knowing that, seem authoritarian, while misusing contacts, and he lives already for very long, he already was there earlier to the church and his ideals are really gruesome and always against the individual. The LORD knows. It is an accepted thing and has to be accepted. The ideals can’t be upheld, no matter what they are.

To me, it is pure surprise, when i see in church someone, who is a modeler of dragons for some software, because he knows not yet, that St. Augustinus created the dragon as inspiration of it, because he loved capitalism, and nobody writes about that, and he used some magic for it, and he is only a modeler in 3D, and i, only concerned by 2D, look at him as a saint all the time, and believe, he is St. Augustinus personally, while it was man.

You can theoretize binary about the complex number i, and still say, in which direction it moves, but this only by some twodimensional friendship. The one held by them in prison, will never think about this, and never befriend someone from outside. He is already innocent, the moment he was spoken guilty, since the world would explode and no man would be left alive, if he would go out of the court room, still guilty. Female professors get jobs in mental hospital, because they belong to Baphomet and are very strict in holding the rules of science, else they would not work there. They are kind of creative directresses of a studio, dipping into management and doing meetings. All against freedom. That is the truth. All for the FED. That is the truth. Gabe Newell was only copy of a misesian school doctor, that has a medical firm, and is an excellent economist. Others are used as doctors by employees, that are copies of other medical firms from misesian school, too, that were all on the summer camp meeting in 2020 or 2021. Some or most hide this way, that they don’t concern themselves correctly as scientists by solving these things, by this game atmosphere for children. Others are very rich, because they profit from cancer deaths, and are in diamond trade. But nobody of them, would see the empty space here, that lies in mistery.

Namely, that one does not need any external input, he can use nature to make liquid more dense, for example potatoe powder cooking in soup or water. Everything else, is made for them. For their synagogue. You can be a very true man, by staying in political economy, and being an economist. But if you feel, it is too political, you can fall back too, but you get treated not well for that, certain. Not solid. You get treated the same way, falling into darkness of the Antichrist, as those, that want to come out of it and move towards other worlds of science.

You might be really surprised about how much pressure a little bird can produce, if he flies against an infinite membrane, and you are in front of it. The same is true for any other animal. It is only the communal connotation, that makes here the difference, because someone preferred this animal to the other. Bad circumstances are still bad, and good, are still good or moderate. You can only optimize them, by collecting money for someone. But if he is a scientist, he will disavow you in doing that, because he is elite and you not. You simply not. You are fashist doctors. But, if you don’t consider this animal, a butterfly, with its effects, you will see those effects in devices, because all other scientist, communally, believe in this concept, and they are built by them. Traces can’t be even hidden there.

But even more vexating than a slow death from cancer, is perhaps, the way, socialists vexate you slowly. Because they think, they have to do constantly attacks, that are like the way, the individual can exorbate the same energy, as this membrane, and therefore, they have to fight it, as concept. Just, because it can spawn suddenly, and make this effect. Only that is the reason to all, why the person has envy herself, as individual. But they are not living in the real world, as scientists, even those in mental hospital. They take some animal simulation persé, not the real world, where this individual lives, that has this power, in mind, in and display things totally to their own misuse and mishandling and refract all and everything around them, that could be a spark of truth. And for this they get money? For doing these vows they get money. That is not serious work, that is mere. They belong to an order, that is an order held up by the FED and do their vows to it, silently, and get major for that. Major against science itselves. Nobody knows what they do therefore and how much they can handle corruption, which is certain amount of great.

Math can only produce the results and effects that are inspired on freedom, and how people crave for it, to fly like a bird, and they look so too like a bird, if it comes to energy with all its wishes. Math can only produce the results and effects that are like free flying birds, in matter and energy, and magnitude, since people crave freedom alike. The fundamental theorem of algebra, is also manifesting itself as an identity, in physics and is a transitional relation. They are also arbitrary units, that get spawned and are identities despite being not identities. That stems from the uncertainty in complex numbers equalising not completely, due to rational numbers being in set, as real numbers in quadrate, and yet being unperfect relative to, again, those that are more perfect. * R is tertiary. * R is a homomorphism, not homomorphic bijection, like they write, to mislead. It contains only or consists only of homomorphism. There are spaces, different dimensions to hyperreality, that can’t be simply announced by marketing tricks of someone. They must be researched.

They challenge god, in changing the litmus test for economists, so they can raise a new generation of entropists. If they change the litmus test, against the sound economy, they will change it also for mathematics. Until all of state clerks will be able to hold bastardry like the elite, in holding the lie as a truth, that for example, mental sickness is not fantasy they imagine, for someone, while they generate it by proclamating for them, that things are not scarce. Things will not vanish. Yet, all things will be gone somedays. This is the truth with which they should heal and admit it first too, because they are corrupt spoons. Even me. They still belong to jail, not like all other people they jail, that hold the constitution, because they do that to all that hold the constitution. I for example don’t understand, what they want? The world is so full of different things, some offer, that everyone can be everything, completely to everyone, and everybody must acknowledge of that by admitting it. Hypnosis for example, can be entered that comes not from OEM places. And then their poisoning is true. I like for example, and at first hearing already found inspirative the music that sounds a little bit like barnacles from Half Life 1.

It was about a guy that killed both his wife and also his friend, that became the fiance of his wife and she became his ex not, but lied about all and he too. But, that he too, that you don’t disclose. This is simply corrupt and wrong. The individual is even more important than all other concepts. If the respect before the individual is gone, nothing helps ever. Not music is more important, since someone can be musical and live in hell therefore, not anything helps. Only individualism, helps. Somedays all of this will vanish. Only the hell stays and the angels. Vergil was early to Augustine. But there was another Vergil too. That is a good hope… All the people they blame, but in truth they are more dangerous than any terrorists. Because the cards always turn around in their favor.

This is probably due to that, that in mathematics, spaces are redundant if not filled. Maybe spaces are superabundances, or abundances? Abundance is an interesting topic, ignored by all of them. BB is not C for example. Nobody ever existed, despite their tries, to call gifted children, by williams syndroms sick, that would produce snow flakes by mathematics, for example. Everybody was always too much concerned about the size of the system and the difficulty therefore of math.

Be it, that it is complex in mathematics, but simple in itself, if attacked, by the hands of those, that deserve it. Spaces however, can be redundant in mathematical logic and must be some sort of abundance of matter to really count as not zero. They put anarchocapitalists through a gnosis. They are hostile to it… Between is a triangular relation, and therefore has the access according to the genetical (after genesis) generating possibility to generate numbers from irreparable rooms, simply by taking them out of irrational numbers. Father however, is asymmetrical and also intransitive, as relation, while the things i described, are transitive and asymmetrical.

Spiritual things, are those things, that are not demonstratable. That is even more important to describe, since they let gruesome things follow on children too in surrounding: that they do this for democracy. They let even little children suffer, for no reason at all (but silently it is known, why). The state does that. Always when you are root supported as an individual, you are not supported by them. Because of that. Because if nobody supports you, then later, you choke others too by it, and don’t deserve it. A poor surrounding invaded by state is not enough to reach that goal, and that goal does not even exist after them. But the attacks are.

The state fills your surroundings by people that forget god on purpose. Clubs save themselves that way. Not very poor clubs. You get then choked by state extremely, and choke others by trying to get out of the trap unseemingly. But they let bastardous things follow on children as the NWO. They are not good. They only generate all of these sicknesses, by mathematical strings, and that it is possible, is proven by the effect of the way, they grasp you by style. They generate them by fancy, to conduct people along their path, they want to exclude as clubs, because their members have a certain drift. Nescafe comes from Netscape and the cup of coffee from Javas beginnings, are the root inspiration of all computer games.

They forget and they are amidst. All the while, they are the ones, who forget, not their patients. Memory is always completely restored in their patients, while in them, it is always zero. But they would set these cards on fire, by matches. They do this to be unable to acquiesce in the things which they should really do, according to order. Because all they do, is being an axiomatic enemy of god, the supreme ruler and they offend him. Everybody must be able after them, after all, to write about their wonderful things, they did, in the most beautiful words, while he must first think about them, by putting his pen down. That is their trick exactly. The state is guilty by looting. Guilty doing welfare, resulting into all the evil things, that exist in crime, other evil things exist too, that the men use. They use for example the might of demons, that collects small around psychologic schemes, attracable social schemes planned by them. There are no other schemes planned by them. The one, with the quantum mechanic, in social relationships, to control them, is already mighty enough to them and suffices therefore their needs.

Interventionism is core reason why all of that makes them gangsters. The more legal, the more tender the end result, since the synagogue of the devil lives in certain spaces of security they plan viruses in. With these little voltairic trickings, they want to direct practical, practical things in short amounts of time of hostility against anarchocapitalists. They think, they will reach some sort of wonderful result by that. Nobody shall know, that they ever belong to the dark brotherhood. No contagion can exist, their deeds are core to the uttermost. While people have to believe, they have bases and can do what they want therefore, which is true. The state has bases. Aspects overboke. There is too little sensitivity to people. Even in Wikipedia stalinists write “in mechanics only couples exist, a couple is a pair of forces, equal in magnitude, oppositely directed, and displaced by perpendicular distance or moment.”, as if to define certain rules, to exclude variable thoughts or thinking. Many attributes forced on that, if you ask me. Couples are waving as light. Everything that is light, is waving. Would it be not so, would the light experiment not be produced by light itself. People would not be ordered even, to start writing blank pages from blank, but they would be able, to completely start writing from the finished product, and reach a certain goal, of people using alcohol as gameboys.

If these men would not laugh about the sicknesses they write about, while writing about the people having them, then the industry would be exposed as purely stalinist. It would be too systematic, too strict after rule. Nobody empathizes with those in certain sickness or disorder, to try to solve them, even if they claim they are doctors. Because there are certain times where this is only possible, and unreadiness lies in the failure to tackle asap the problem, since the chance vanishes after once in a lifetime chance completely, because the mindset is not restorable in the occultist. Because this ultra unreadiness in this scientist stems from nonadmitting. Now, sicknesses and how they are reported are different to medicine, and how it is reported on in media. In case of medicine, it is relative to one, since a medicine can be also misused in certain case for sickness creation too: The firms in question like Bayer from Germany nowadays fulfill the prophecy to to know this, since their CEO was from IG Farben the old, that were later warned by God and the only God warned IG Farben CEO, after he sat at some 3 years in prison, instead of his 7 years, being accrued as employee. Bayer, his firm, produced a drug misspelled Loratadine, that completely mutes the immune system, something that is not solvable to the healing of pneumony, but good to it, in the 90s so children can get following sickness: pneumony. It was supervised and approved by the CFR. But in my opinion, from my view, even if pneumony is a sickness, i would call it not his firm, but his company. Because the sickness is itching in that, that he does not deserve the unsoundness, since he was concerned by undead things. The variability in the vanishment of the state, shall not be made that way like couples are. It should be less contagious. Pneumony is a much too heavy sickness, than to be delivered as unworthy of such a man, by considering the mysticism in the games played of past. The state has simply no right to defend his right. How can he observe, if this sickness is to be taken seriously? Is that not making their ravage a joke?

Were they not out, to harm people?

Is not the Riemann number sphere, like E = mc², and a possibility, to imagine the world itself, and man able, to imagine a little sphere, while this silent sphere exist? Isn’t it a way, to imagine oneself, being with a view, and how he observes Earth, but with an “empty Earth”, a representation, a copy into itself of the idea itself, as map? Just a silhouette, of Earth, coming from the silhouette? Maybe, some sort of more intrinsical silhouettes exist, out there, than only math symbols? Maybe, silhouettes, of persons? After my theory, it was the Pentagon, that planned 9/11 until now. I started researching from basics of science and went into space itself, just to conclude, that Mises was right about historicists. All that historicists produce, is bad history, and superlatives, that can’t be used as idols, and each dictator can be the precursor to a worse dictator, that the person thinking about them, can be itself.

The formula must be researched called something like BEZKH2 where the letters have to be researched that are golden, instead of being knights and lords, holding it secret, since greek temples exist, that cemented that tradition. It must somehow be that way, so all can be made general and all scientists can expound on it, even when the letters and how they are chosen, are not of importance. Convention must exist, until something becomes symbolical in longitude of simply intersected by being knights in golden armor, but actually the formula must be a convention. Medusas temple can’t hold that secret anymore, or others. Cancer must be fought.

The FED planned by mafia George W. Bush with Pius II., who was the only pedophile who planned by Diodor Siculi, who lived 60 years (also to that, 60 million or 120/2 million innocents died in WW2) tedious schemes of torture to be the Beast itself, of fusions of ideas of Manichaeism against enemies of elites, even if it does etymology. Just, to place rocketscience in the hands of american companies in foreign lands, which most consider to be not existing, but got paid as businessmen each around one million dollars, out of the pocket of the people, instead of purporting the money to the individuals that have to be supported, that are gifted, that should get that money then to counteract the signature of vanishing culture that comes from socialism, and brutalities in souls of youth, just to advertise by all this tricking, their abilities, in investment, while Bush was only anti-revolutionary, not more. Torturing people is easy. Foreigners can’t warn someone, once, and then all is ok, because nothing belongs to them. They got already tricked by the businessmen, that profitted, from Englands downfall in free trade, and the migration schemes, that give people born in the land the foreigners come in, special privileges by being the sole owners of public property.

The first occurence of the pyramide on a coin, was cemented in the same root identity, as bank, of german trading city. The plan to torture to death, like usually not recited to the USA, because all are supporters of undeeds, comes from the book containing fusions of ideas, of a saint, who lived in Sicily between 90 and 30 BC and in his book, of a saint, is also someone like him displayed as holding a sword, and being an angel with a devillish face, with reds of roses engraved. The plan to torture human is engraved in the title of his book, in red letters, and also to plan to torture and to make war. People, who failed in creating a Riemann number sphere, as cube. The formula of the riemann number sphere, not E = G*P, the formula for harvest, was the inspiration of Einsteins formula. Riemanns sphere is rather harvest, than Einsteins theory. But “we” move in very dark spheres with that.

Many things until now are generalized so. Many concepts in electronics returning, are based for example on a formula used in mechanics and in biology, on specifically Froude’s formula, as are most formulas in basic physics. But Mises‘ core critique on historicism, was cemented in that, that the devils plan is to display the founder of historicism, with a lower held hand, so as to dismantle real science akin to Einstein, and to put it under an umbrella. He was absolutely angelic in that, despite all torment. They destroy people by these tricks, despite being already intertwined deeply in conspiratous strings, for the NAFTA, a document, that has 2400 pages, as a trading agreement, while real agreements must have only 2 pages. Froude’s law is used by side in linear algebra, and a basic example, almost animalist, of lie-algebra, which is its successor.

There are certain edifices done, or sins, by these reigns of USA. It is for example sin, to integrate people, just to make them, despite having supporters of this emptiness of rule having no requirements of duty, the choice between being a worker, or getting welfare. It is also sin, to have supporters of the requirementlessness, of fulfilling this duty, while importing in 1997 50.000 foreigners into this welfare-trap, where each american has to pay 20.000-40.000 $ in yearly average loan, for each family, coming by VISA earlier into existence, on social care, while introducing mistakes into society, that make people choose social action and therefore eurocentric, just to sell them the monopoly of the state product, tobacco, which is the only industry, that is aggressive in marketing, and advertising more than any other, even until privacy intrusion, which the state has taken over, to be the main aggressor to freedom. To break the rules of privacy like the state, is the same, as torturing people, for a new autocracy of business, which only consists of bloody wars, and a new NWO face for men in suits.. A cold face, that seems transparent, and full of truth, but a little bit, squeeky in realizing itself, in words, since profits came into existence, by making free trade vanish by socialism from England, the profits they got, are the exact same amount for example, in relation to what they proclaim, in doing free trade policy, which is main reason, why free trade gets nationalist or hitlerist, by becoming globalist in female identity.

Free trade got destroyed by socialism in England, with its beginnings in the year 1906. Free trade policy, such as NAFTA, and all others, are against free trade completely, and are made to destroy it, with recent additions to the tactics of marxism, of individualism tried to be destroyed by hegemony. The way, free trade gets destroyed by free trade policy, is the same way, all things at root work not, such as cancer cure researching, light experiment problems with waves and dots, and hegemony not vanishing from life by empiricists and live behind curtains, where NWO only keeps the curtain in sight, lieing completely about its secrecy. Secrecy, is what kills people in dreams.

They fear, that certain truths come to light, by writing about linear algebra. It amounts to, holding certain things secret, and not teaching people, preference does exist. And, people are kept in the main rhythm, of champions of superlatives, into which they get programmed. In the end, it is theft secured by a lie, by hegemony in historicism, because historicists use hegemony because they consider themselves the sole master and root of history, which is not true, because as we could see, all these things started in Egypt, which had already knowledge about mathematical maps, and they let them inscribe as artworks by slaves. So they get stronger than others, who are behind that programming, while those, that get in other rhythm, against them, get weaker. But, they misuse that wall. Because it was about mathematics being able, to give live to the pharao. It was just proof, of the abilities of algebra and logic hidden by art. It has nothing to do with dark magic.

They have therefore no right, to use hegemony, use hegemony, therefore. Just look at the argand diagram relative to dimensions and how i gets defined, and how it can swing in third dimension, by the concept homomorphism and looks like it, holding a pen in air and writing into air the name of Xerxes in hieroglyphics. This is the sole meaning, but, of the two rectangles, that the bird can launch by reeds, in movement, and also, land again by normalcy. Xerxes is written so. They even lie in history about the predecessor of Xerxes, displaying him as a king, instead of the slave, who was killed by the babylonians, fleeing from the theft in the temple of god. That was him, not some king. They were not part of history at all, if not enlisted in old testament. They are products of fancy. They put this lie at a crux point so they can do slave trade, by cementing it by history and his theme creator, and advertising dark planning for money, which works, as will be shown laterwhich.

It can even be the reason they want to keep chronology where they had to long since, admit, to put christology in instead (due to the unimportance of other kings of jerusalem) in later history, which is called AC, while the time of the genesis, is called “BC”. They will be as authors, not part of history, too, after Mises, and Mises is right. In fact, people were not slaves anymore at this time. Therefore they wanted to insist, on keeping the wall displaying the slave, as admirable to the king before Xerxes. Even, the event was not in times of Xerxes, but in times of Artaxerxes, who was his son, also called Nebukadnezzar. This is a very authark crime. Because the more you smoke, the earlier comes the dragon to you. Because the individual, was not a slave, but they were only then made slowly to slaves by Babylon, the elite thought, they can make it themselves easy, by hiding truth behind two lies, and make Schiller suffer.

”Auf jemanden hören” is “listening to someone” in german. “Hören” comes from the word “Horus” and if you don’t write it, considering how much their kill, you acknowledge some sort of external link. The way a bird lands on a pyramide, and rises up, going upsides, how it is excluded, is a straight symbol for power. A bird will not become more and more baby bird, the more he goes to the top of the pyramide. He will not even be able to go up there. He will launch from his position and must invest in some other deed.

Also, capitalism ends, with its freedom, everywhere, they do what they want with it. It ends exactly there, where they cut it down. The symptoms that lead to this sickness of eurocentrism, and globalism, play out themself, in family, as something else. Children never hear, per outset. They listen. This is something different. It is the reason, why they send drones on them, the empty space they don’t see and think is legalty. It is not, that they tell the truth about the aspect of the soul, and that they analyze it, that was called “Ka”.

That was just a statistic, of how empty some rule is, or if it still is alive. You could tell by words that end that way, how much truth in something that is around somewhere, exists. But since egyptian rule long since vanished, it is an empty space there. But the state is the silent ruler of Egypt still, as he wants to display, and his silent letters are statistical. They are strategies, no matter how dark. He makes people morph into directors, that take your alternatives away from you, to display some sort of perfect way forward. They don’t admit, that children shall scream then on their parents, if they see such, and not all children are so, indeed. This is when they get into bad circumstances, very bad and evil. Everywhere only isolation and ignorance of its merits. They do that, to create some sort of responsibility for a lifetime toward an individual. They never make it vanish, and it is misused all the time 24/7, based on weakening. The whole state supports that. Even the hospitals. This is not hospitality.

Still, nobody wants his loved vanish. Observation comes directly from the central banks. The zone they tell you, you are as an individual guilty, is never true. In the end, you are only as much guilty, as much dirt on your new shoe is from their commands, that didn’t admit of that truism. It is how much you accepted their rule and their behaviourism or social acting in eurocentrism. But, people are not so strong, in these topics, with a christianity, which rule is always discriminated. Optimism together with positivism, such as hegemonists and empirists, is a realm of lies. If you therefore extract it from optimism, as a mixture, it becomes truth, and many will be juxtaposed to do so, yet be exposed as positivists. Many people don’t understand, that evil itself, doesn’t understand human things. It created therefore the dragon, to juxtapose the means, to control further men and women, poor, and robbed by the FED, that let themselves control. From statism follows antichristendom, and from it already anticapitalism. That means, only in eponyms or analogy in ideals. But, in truth, people believe, crypts are the only things, while it can’t be true, and never is energy enough, since people are dumb, to juxtapose them out of it by sole power. The financers dont understand that. They are the terrorists, because you can’t talk to them (to financers). From positivism, comes Antichrist, and from Antichrist, anticapitalism, and they all like it, dumb as they are. This is a lie! You liars must stop, acting with the energy of moon rockets, against Mises, and admit your whole secret lies against him. Else, you will be exposed as dictators, or even else: thymologues.

I always wanted to admit first, not to be an atlantist (Atlanteer) and wondered about how people research Atlantis. I came first to the conclusion, that no men wander through any aether, to research Atlantis at all, just to be juxtapositioned by lydian lies the state clerks strickened in NAFTA, are in, to trigger others, and then, i concluded, it is better to walk the moon as a nazi the first time a flag was seen on the moon.

To really be able to make christianity greater to now, we must all uphold culture as individuals. Not because the men, that would tonight trigger as atheists, that means, around the start of the 18th century, that made beautiful art, would count today too, as atheists, but because anarchocapitalists can’t be displayed that way being antichrist at some point in time, misused at future. Yet, someone actually mixed that, and poisoned time itself, making all people afraid, instead of akin, acted exactly thinking about that, and feeling triggered. Of course, this is tragic because they were strickened themselves in corruption! But these back then were not atheists, and made wonderful art therefore. That is why individuals must uphold culture. Let A*3 imply B and

A † B

then this means, that the chemical operations contained earlier, can be transferred to chemistry which is in B, to advert it. The hermitian adjoint denoted by the dagger and the dagger symbol, in chemistry, is a transfer state, where core matter changes. They divert no thinking, to that, and how it relates, yet. No clowns can there exist, that do some sort of social thinking, including hermeneutics. But, hegemony, too. A state clerk, that comes with hegemony of the state, the aggressor, he comes with all the observation of the state, because hegemony is in truth, used by historicists, to observe as root observer, something, by an invisible eye, and focus him or her. It is never used not, to enlarge the observation of state on base of it, but also as silent attacks of “individual” state clerks. He is some kind of theater playing, where he thinks, he is a beer. He comes with some sort of pressure, and is a denier of certain truths, the individual holds, he must expose. The crux mistake of the state always, is to hinder nobody, in taking no mistake, in hiding this truth, that it is the core of economic thinking, coming from Egypt.

With the way, the individual is treated bad by all, in winter for example, if he gets acknowledged as an organ player in church, he starts thinking the first day he gets hope, he is, Cronos or something. Since many centuries, in musical notation, the part the pedal is used, is called “Ped.”. They are without admitting this then, and nobody ever comments it or seems to know anything about it. But it’s the way, the organ gets idolized.

These people are therefore ready, to support pedophily in church all the time and keep it secret. The core symptom of this is winter itself and some sort of egocentrism held by side of all. I think, each time this pedal was played, in church, pedophily was positively announced to happen there. It is a kind of organizing by some sort of manichaeic insecurity, that means, some sort of hard theory, while soft theory, is pedophily itself, that points itselves, to war being a means, that keeps the investment in anti-cancer research away from those, who really take it serious as science.

It is with this revisionism, also an investment in the ignorancy coming from war. There was no movement of any sort of emotions in church, concerning admitting something, but a sort of submergence of past hardship of christianity, held by the reign of psychology. Psychology is naive and is a great realm of enmity always seized to top all that is good by only those, that want no subvertive meaning about it. Also, it is the oldest science, and hegemonial. All in it believe, because all people are extremely dumb, that it is not so, and therefore fall to constant power mistique. All in all, it will be no show-grabber to expose their ignorance guilty on all of this, that all believe, this transposition is allergic to denial. However, positivism is really worse than all, because you can’t be cool.

He transforms all men to be like static statues, that believe, god must be made by someone. God was made by Amen. Communism and socialism, are both hostile to capitalism in manipulative ways, and the manipulative way, how stringent that is, or how idle sometimes, is a great way to misuse that as state clerks. If you wish state clerk merry christmas, you will go to hell. Something, that is enigmatic, means, how much magnitude. A merry christmas with a low magnitude, will always result in darkness.

What strikes me most, is another lie i saw written: That expenses are only created by productional processes. As, if the state, being an agency, if it comes without enamouring, of paying back for damages, it does, has with it no dark plans, if each firm pays back for such if it does it, and yet an agency can’t be a firm. It is from the outset known to all state clerks, what they do, if they do damages, that there is a will behindly of that, of extinguishing someone by his will.

All children get by the concept of expense, if coming with the state attaching a plan of engelsheil, slowly drawn into the season of dark space of paying more and more. Production expenses only occur, if capital is there, and since the banks exist, it manages this term for all firms, and most big firm CEOs have sold themselves to banks. To fall victim to a foreign american firm, is therefore possible, by all means. For children even, since mental hospitals work by this scheme, of drawing near someone, by lieing about the profits someone does on the other hand, in the FED and turning it waggy. Until now, hospitals work so, and the proof to that is, that wagginess is not even used in physics as a variable input to a physical attribute in modern counting of time, because they very much know, how much they poison people.

They preclude nothing to this, they just do it, as if they want to murder someone, because it is their duty. Just, as nothing was precluded to Vergil, on plan for some kind of engelsheil, because they had a plan. They do that for the iniquity, because if they halt the individual, the whole majority will be able, to be misused by creating it a season of halt, using the majority, so no misuse of words can ever happen again against any authority. They don’t allow doing circular arguments, they just want to create them, and make people who create them gladly, even if it is not true. They just write about circular arguments, but to use them, to fight for freedom, they are ready to use that exposed as marxists, without helping, because they are puppeteers. Everybody knows for sure, that calves will not cost more for those who still sacrifice them ritually in synagogues, and the more evil they do, even more will be occult. Because until now, each day being alone, only young girls were advertised, even without any talking about the shortages of older women. As if, they are totally ignored, if occasionally admired.

It can be still, that some circle of insidious, very hostile poets, is against someone, and tries to take away all other freedoms by that from the individual. Because there starting, from that outset can be started all dark plans and set all standards variable to someones will, that is hostile. Always they are against freedom in the end.

Someone who admits something, if it is children, it is a sign of good and sound economy. Children upheave then their fists and praise the times and what they do by it, is called “to admit”. Now, for many thousands of years, nobody saw children do that in happiness. It seems, some strange sect controls each and everything economically, in white robes, mirrored by those, who are not interested, anymore, because they know, “it is good” so.

Expense is what is constantly downplayed by the elite, as a tetáte, and torturers exist because of them. In old people, expense is for example, what is left of time, as the merits of the things collected in life. But in children, both expense and longitude are diagonal: you can only lie to children. Possible is too to learn history and how to learn it, from Schillers literarical works. It displays, that all barbaric, is analogous to the intrinsic. And that, in higher magnitude, words like ghost are used against mankind and supported by 20th century insula piracy, which led to Englands downfall by socialism, as being fought by state, as identity, because pirates were the first, that had anonymous identities. The world is to a greater extent destroyed. All that is a new beginning, is encircled in dark planning, where only a very few, the individual has the feeling, can do it, and this must be infinite in firms only, that are with the banks. The use of that, are puppets, and also, why they are different. All of that, is a conglomerate, and therefore they think, the war has all the time, to do as an industry, his attacks on innocents, even in formal ways. The formal, is not the theoretical, is the theory, they all fight against. The state was never so barbaric before. All against normal living citizens, with multiple intruders acting like they want.

There is an industry, a kind of elitarian poetry circle, that fights freedom per se. It is against all adversaries by positivism and negativism. It is a group of people, that don’t want their enemies left in peace by the token of a whole industry their supporters falter into, even when their other administrative on humans american firms, even foreign, superceded in overtrumping that authority and taking these people further as sinister supporters of violence. And it is then someone like Lockheed Martin always, that then makes the attacks on someone, not the individual. One must see the difference in these symptoms, on the abusus of violent oponnents of reductio ab absurdum, how when not this way? In this way, of interventionism, of someone living all the time on top of a pyramide, feeling safe, just to see, it makes no sense, because he can’t play god, even then he gets not attacked by fear? But, they are ready, to let people, even awoken people, live in that fear, and even continue administratively, even when people as wolves in individual case, are made by that to spill blood everywhere and already started, while they support it by statism? Isn’t that against the minority? No, rather not, because even sirs had upkept a lie, about mechanics, in biology, that it must have a maximum movement, for interventionism and future intrusion into mankind and truth, which is, that it was made by proclaiming, that one is a wonderful professor, even if interventionists.

Just look, at what you arived at, sole by using reductio ad absurdum, in case of the bird, calling Robinson another name? I arived at mathematics, while you arive somewhere else, namely at the point to conclude, how much they have destroyed. I almost arived at Jupiter in math. Of course, these examples are apt, yet i will never be apt on purpose, because i see racist law, in the state made, centered on the sole purpose of displaying someone.

But, they say, the individual has to be crazy and therefore for the rest of life, coerced to hold a title of discriminating, unabled to be someone, that uses reductio ad absurdum, even if only doctors are allowed to teach. To me all of that is even globalist: i derive from all of that not, that truth is their teacher or in fact, of someone else. All i see is screaming state clerks, that almost throw items against the walls, they want to close people in, and this made against all circumstances, which they gladly call by singular. It is a circular argument they do made or modelled after some sort of utopia. Why do they take these circumstances to use hate against the individual, when they are the solid foundation, of civilisation, not barbarism?

A state clerk, that comes with the hegemony of the leviathan, is not the individual, who has to cope each day with its destructive manouvres. There is no kind of use to the state, yet all would be devoid to life, which they are. If we bath in blood not all want to be part of it. They don’t want to be part of the hostile attempts of the state on purpose and with whole energy. To take that away, by keeping secret, that algebra comes from animal experimenting in early times, is to take away examples. Pirates were against OEM, too. They sometimes had to hide their flag from enmity of multitudes of free traders. They had to then play someone else. These people keep their identity secret, too, and think, they can get away with it, in the FED. Sometimes all the hatred comes, from not writing “End the FED” at certain times. Their fight against freedom then actually is succesfull and they let streams of evil follow, enabled by this possibility, as administrators. This is clearvoyant.

Positivists are careful liars. They all follow only the path, of making you rules. Sometimes even, hyrules. They say, this has to suffice. No matter, if it is negative. But while the first is negative, the second suffices. The most important, is to pray in these times, for the children in Ukraina that are kept hidden and poor. All is well that is not so together, that we forget that. If someone is sophisticated, only god can critisize him and hold it before his eyes as a litmus test. Somebody might find someone critisizing you for “weltklugheit”, which it is, but then only in elite circles, of such sophistication, that is still not highest elite. They fall into erkorenheit that could only outplay itself in ruins. But sometimes, the horrors outplay themselves, on base of those, that were the same already a hundred years ago, on base of the old snake, since old, that were put to ruins on purpose for democracy, to destroy maybe perhaps, its evil history. And then evil makes a mathematical trick, for example known from mathematics, statistics, where you can with enough ideas coming from skill, overlay a mathematics event, on a statistical event, just like possible in reality by horrors that were wiped away. Evil copies a plan, today called 3D, on something, in existance, with all its evil happenings and projects it on people. Often, to make things become there the same way, and end in the same shakespearian tragedy, that means: in the worst-case of positivism, where it shows really what it can. Often, the behindly kept in darkness players in this game, are marxists, that keep a tactic against children.

Positivism must be there, where it is really important, namely, when all evil ghosts, that torture all of you into exposing something about positivism, are away and gone forever. They are, however, only then gone and this is felt exactly, when this mathematical genius is exposed correctly. All those who come and keep it secret here, know very well, what they did in the end. Occultism is really, in some words of Vergil exposed, and still, it is the root of all their tranquilizers in cults like Isis, called “potions”, that give life, or something, and they still act, to hide it (occultism they do) behind schemes concerning these ruins. I was excluded from all events until now, and had to listen each day to poison coming from the outside world expecting me, to live, with an ideal of future, in real world (science after historical science called philology), while science has nothing to do with events, it just observes them. All must be linear. Philologues, that means historicists, that write history books, think all, have to rule the world, even when marxists, they say. They have even to purport you or transport you, even when scientific realms are different. But, how can someone be two at the same time, if both is sold as the same? Is there not some mechanism purported early for someone? Do not have people, that don’t close the gap there, enormous magical power, to even create cancer in others, and are not people at all, but some sort of men? Let d imply “close, the gap, to find a map” and e imply “read the scroll, to find the whole”, a kind of rhyme?

If we varied d,e:“Close, the gap, to find the whole” and “read the scroll, to find a map?” would this not lead us to twelve different sentences, possible if we combine [a,b,c] with these variable sentences?

Let a, imply “dessous are tonight cheap”, and b further imply “shoes are tonight hostile”, c imply “dogs are farther away”, then we can list it

”Dessous are tonight cheap (a), close, the gap, to find a map (d)” is therefore the first combination in a list of elements, that are filled, for example Let Y imply X(xa, xd) but also possible to be defined as a domain if we map T : X(a,d)T —> Y then we have some kind of copy there called T : X(X(a,d)T,∥*∥x),(Y(a,d)T,∥*∥y) —> Y dressing under the umbrella of interventionism, of doing more and more, worse and worse. The demon Raum for example, means just, to be in the same room with an old women, a witch. It is, what happens, too. It is not good. Also, it is not good for me as an individual, that in Palenque, in Maya, was found an image, of a warrior, that holds the same furniture as Toth Tehuthi in the Ramesseum. Means that, that in Egypt they knew, about Maya in the neolithic 9,5th century BC? Have they maybe inscribed the secret, that real dungeons of hell, exist, in Konstanz? Homers Odyssee:

Da wir ihm Hermes sandten, den wachsamen Argosbesieger,
Weder jenen zu töten, noch um die Gattin zu werben.

Denn von Orestes wird einst das Blut Agamemnons gerochen,
Wann er, ein Jüngling nun, des Vaters Erbe verlanget.
So weissagte Hermeias; doch folgte dem heilsamen Rate
Nicht Aigisthos, und jetzt hat er alles auf einmal gebüßet.
Drauf antwortete Zeus’ blauäugige Tochter Athene:

Unser Vater Kronion, der herrschenden Könige Herrscher,
Seiner verschuldeten Strafe ist jener Verräter gefallen.
Möchte doch jeder so fallen, wer solche Taten beginnet!

The individual, is the first victim of such undertakings. They torture for Agamemnon, and Hermes was used since then, as an (old) idol, sacrifices human, were made for, for Antichrist really. Really, just for money, and really children always. You can summon all kind of things, people had to be weary against, and yet, it is all just for interventionism. Better would be to teach people, this, and to never have fear, which is their kind, acknowledgement. They say, geochronology consists of that, but i contend, that economics is not concerned by that..

Parents that take their children everywhere, to coerce them, also everyone that coerces someone, only makes that by leninism. Yet, only the dragon is such a monster, that it will leave you alone without parents. It is not the dragon in the old testament, there it is the creature with the horns. And jews believe, they have to be against him, by being against that. But the poor believe not that, while the rich, believe that. This is a lie, because this creature is not the red dragon. It must be anyway so, that the FED has to be contended, to be ended. The way you question the false prophet, and he plays through communism a game on you of making people ask, and not directly himself asking instead, is a direct indicator of socialism, not of you finding truth about something. Let the shadows of the past pass.

Ludwig van Mises, was on-pare, in calling economics the youngest science, because it is of importance, to not let truth by this riddle pass away. Because the things of the past, so far away, as that, come always into life as memories of the past. Don’t get coerced. Local masters will always exist as torturers, as long as nobody is pertaining to truth. They will always cut down freedom and with it life. That was once in a million, for economics, to have someone like him in history. But that doesn’t mean, that anything will change without freedom. It is we the peoples, that have to take that into realms. Everyone, that had to do with Toth, yet, fell to it to death, yet until these times, and it became hidden by all, what happened. I don’t want to tell more, than that it has a bit to do with Mozart, and how he got killed, and how they want to keep that a dualism, a sole point of truth. Most that knew that secret, got some dark drink and were coerced, to die, because they already got subverted to some belief. But, until now, nothing was stated about it.

Fractional numbers are still contained of outer bounds on bands and lambda is an anonymous function in pure math, too. They can be together attached as a function in a room too, like for example in a room that they get limited in as functions, as waved, for example XnR for example, and be limited there each time, they are in a room, if it is a room. It doesn’t have to be poem, or a car. It can be simply a room and therefore different. Isolation, is so too. It is always presented in the uttermostly wrong context at this joint in time. Therefore, isolation is the antonym to effectivenes or magnitude in mathematics. Why are they hunting the radicals, and not taking PI as a rounded number 3, and the remainders, they do the medicine as a make?

If you really want to display it was 23pm in 17500BC, scientific -17,5103, have too a rational number -173,44836229. Because that is a technique, a methode, that actually brings with it a mechanism, of time, which is rare. Because it consists of 16pm, 171,542160_r_2√5 after multiplying the power with the latter square root, and originating it. To really encounter time as negative even lie-algebras rule or as a domain numbers structure seen, where 44 and 22 are indeed common to eachothers. By cauchy sequences harmonized, even doors if they close, have this function of banach space, and they seem more secure indeed. But it is a bit untrue, because it still is not perfected to the fullest harmony. Isolation is never the solution. Because doors back then, of caves, were still better and modern to the less by this token, and of this greater joy. People may think, these doors have to slide by these numbers, to really keep away the stone age. It is true, it is more true than anything. There had to exist an enigmatic fear, around the walls kept by such rule, reflected by all the knowledge instead of “after such a long” time. Maybe, they were really desperate to feed the animals?

Even people are against free trade due to all the supporters of free trade policies. Their fools believe, that a son is better off laying inside an ice cave, in the mountains, and they believe, that he vanished, and it is better so. They think, they are super-positive in saying that. But, behind that, rests egoism and with it will. Egoism, that transports itself, to the children they have, that raise unobserved to torturers, even when they have no disposition, to compare Reality. They live in Reality, not in fantasy, and are righteous from it, while all people transfer the closure of someone, to juxtapose their deeds on it. But why are they? The fight against freedom starts with the blockade of media. Nobody discourages them. From the bible i know, that people will be not discouraged to do bad, just to endanger theology and the city they dwell insides. They will reach to the stars to even beat an individual, behind the mask of justice. I know for sure that all letters from state clerks, are full-fletched championships, while people doing these deeds, are doing some kind of semi-national championship, and together, they don’t understand, how to stop the turn of time and with it the soul. But they are more brutal. That’s why Mises was right.

Even people are against free trade due to all the free trade policies supporters. Their fools, that a son is better off laying inside an ice cave, in the mountains, and dieing and they game, that he vanished, forever. They think, they are super-positive in saying that. This is against free trade clearly. Even, when they are supporting your fight for the crown, may it be russian or english, but mostly russian elite, if psychiatry was made by the state clerks, then if the victim of them, is for the russian elite crown, they fight as state clerks, and harmonize torturers from all possible spaces. They utilize by leninism your parents, by environmentalism your brother, by big business your best friend. All just to display a wall of blockading, made by those, that fall against it. This is what happens if they sell eachothers to money, with the will, and what architectures are upspilled there, against the individual. That’s why we need reductio ad absurdum here. There must be enough space in time for the individual, to be able to expose these men. Everything, that the teacher or authority, keeps up, even if it conflicts his fundamental views, is torture. Because he does it only out of theological respect, or enrichment facility. But it could be even occultism, since the mountains, they made war onto, to get edelstein, for power, to square root the power for their priests in Egypt by war, were probably the bodies of women, they sacrificed. They sacrificed probably already 1,5 million women. For, either case, you see something, or you look upon it…

As long, as a triangle has two sides (ancathete and anticathete) of the same radius, it is called an isosceles triangle. It can look like a right triangle too, if it has 45° degrees at both vertices. And if the hypotenuse, that means, the side has a function Xn, then the point mapped on the area AB, in the banach space is hovering everywhere the same as a vector of that point over the whole edge. By defining the exact length insides the length of this line, one can define where he made the homomorphism static. The homomorphism is already a predefined volume, therefore lambda is anonymously taking the value out of it, that is needed. And the homomorphism works like line in space, that collects these values. It is the object that has enigmatic value, but it is its philosophy, that has the enigmatic magnitude, living only in the space of math of binary space, the human feels no pain anymore, because it describes other things, like the volume for instance over it. Thereby homomorphism is then and only there, a line (describing a singular wave) in the ABZY-field, that got rotated.

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