Grundrisstheory Part 3

Chapter L

The FED has even power to enslave the pope. They torture people even when there is nothing on the side of freedom waiting then, as ending of game. There wait only enamouring mistresses at the gate they wait for too. It makes nothing of sense to reasoning.

Capital has resistance in Reality. There is not a single thing supererogatory, yet all are concerned constant, by the answering of that question, incompetent, in buerocracies. Arbitrariness is expatriatingly misused on individual choices of men and women then. Pure truth, then, is by those members of the NWO, who are part of that dark trading, that circle around the energetic and the competent, that get not in line by pure sound possibility, of sound free enterprise, on purpose of the state, derived only for certain circles, of keynesianist root, or worse. Mises called that supererogatory, to point that out, that they search all the time for these persons, to dillude truth, by attacking certain individuals, for their views of personal fulfillment, while they are the ones really guilty of endogenousnes and misapprobing econometrics, to make isomorphic society possible, that is particularly only against one individual in each case.

”So long as between is a triangular relation of the terms, it must be taken either as indefinable, or as involving a reference to some transitive asymmetrical relation. But if we make between consist essentially in the opposition of two relations belonging to one term, there seems to be no longer any undue indeterminateness.” wrote Bertrand Russell, whose books made appearence in Cambridge, answering to the problem, how nothing comes ever of only philosophical or other concepts, if no human observer is existant and uses his observation and view in space, to oppose by some concept the event horizon or view. There is therefore no indeterminateness, in what i wrote. Every little produced thing, on base of my technique, has absolute power to be absolutely healing medicine, if correctly applied, somehow. Because there is no triangular relation, to isomorphism applied to unexpected behaviour or view, that is getting frozen in time by the human, or scientist even.

The most spineless buerocrats, can open the way, by contrast of being in different nations, to make this individual follow “the states” established lines, that hide nowadays, even in psychology, and econometrics. All of this is a subset of a hypermorphic experiment, done on class, led by marxism. This business is the thing behind which everything can be after them. And tensors can be even used, to create different mixture of numbers, for chemical output. Cardinals are only perhaps the correct way, but they are only this theoretical, but the polytopes existing behind wormholes, could be perfect solution for scientists, who want to really heal by medicine, to theoretize them as input. Lines are frozen and can’t be moved in mathematics. It is not “removed”.

Nobody, no matter how individual, comes out of the schemes of established lining, because lines can be often removed not in hypertropism, and line diagonal, and the symmetry often not overlooked by anyone around you, and around you, is only concept that hulls gone time.

They are not well intentioned, as state clerks. They work for some hypotropism, resulting in authoritative established lines resulting in complete concepts, as being misuse of psychology, in ontology, and dilluding truth. Real truth. This homogenous isomorphic society, is what they want, for the enemy line, so they can hide in heterogenousness. They already did not Mises take serious, when they tried overtopping his writings, by hypotropism and nazism. These people don’t take you serious, because they are buerocrats and spineless favoritists of untruth.

They are gross, because they had not their eyes opened by the teachings of architecture itself, and how well modal it is, and only to a certain few people enclosed by availability in bookstores. They don’t take love serious, coming from Paris, and never see the architecture behind that, as art. They want to make this a science, instead of keeping it art, because culture vanishes at its root, not at some invisible line, they make these gross people believe. But rationality speaks of it, as gross. It is simply gross and not in line with human nature.

It is unsound how they call it not torture, when they debase the currency by it, because it IS sociology and empathy, and how it sometimes oversteps its own boundaries, by being nonperfect, and not in line, when it stems from dark magic, and is not transparent to disclosure by root. Someone, that has a philosophy, or theory, that other people need to follow the Leviathan, because they have to not see certain, needs others, that do theories, that don’t hold. Often, this someone is not so poor, that he can admit all openly.

Human action is based on mathematical logic. Each and every concept in mathematical logic, has human roots and is intrinsically bound to all that a human did or will do.

Each attribute changes in ultrafilters, because they fill space, by sets that are derived standardly by being parents of elements. A set X can have an element x, but be also empty, and is because of traditionality, called after child, while w is always a precursor to xyz, and less used, as set, because of sums, and saturates hyperreal numbers * ℝ more often, and they can be a dark space, in turn reacting by hyperfilters or ultrafilters, without fractions luckily, because of the nonstandard attributes that satisfy ultrafilters. And this set counts the elements in some formal languages of logic in a way of ordinal numbers, that are written as a subscript to the little letter, or sometimes even the set itself, in case of sets of absolute numbers.

Quantic systems dependend on the individual, because the scientist needs always hold all complete rules of mathematics, in its entirety, complete on itself. There is no idea more important in these experimentations, than science itself and what it is composed of. If the scientist chooses, to do his own will and do rules of his own, it can result in a complete destruction of the entire universe, completely, and because the people want to end the FED, they are probably more right in it therefore, than any corporation or anyone else, for the very standard of order.

There are conventions to not write about stars, and what they are composed of. In rhetorics however, it is highly desired, to find someone, who can expound on them, always. This seems a rule against corruption on itself. But all chemical elements are connections, and are composed of molar mass. They work by math…

Ordinal numbers are denials if used in combination with K, often overlooked as the meson in physics, or as a curvature with a gaussian plane in math, a sectional curvature, and they are converses of the numbers with powers. However, by condition, not theoretical, that would mean, the same way entry into another world is disabled by now, by common logic, or disavowed, then unsolvable equations should be solvable too by the same token, lambda can’t be beta.

Real knights of economics, that means, Keynes too, are templars. This is not, because you don’t write that, belonging to them, and keep it secret, partly too maybe, but often it is, as is in Keynes case, that you have activated, lordship. Vietnam was a phantasy only, for the rich interventionists. They only torture Americans as men, while women, they torture mainly looking like Bin Laden, from other lands, and that all. George Bush was an illusion, too.

The moment, two people meet, the friendship is the important thing. Nothing else is important, to them, and all becomes void of meaning, to meet someone, and preference changes for an individual. He finds that not supererogatory. Demencia, gets created by religious spheres, on purpose, and then on purpose by psychology in sociology, kept on hold, as a label, against an innocent.

The concept of “wir”, is in truth the concept of “vir”, that means, the end of life in St. Augustinus’ conception. They are gross also, because they argue. You don’t need to be so far in life, to actually be able, to get out of despair firsts, if they are such thieves, that you can be like others, and see, how even without a lawyer, without law, you can observe this happening, or these events. After logic, you can’t change events anyway, you can change only the two or more! environmental conditions, and choose one of them. Business models, work so, not, but entrepreneurs work so, and they calculate to their own profit, there, what kind of product (not after travesties! Except, in case of pedophily naturally), comes in their shop on sale in future. This, is what makes business models unneeded, and they are more artificial anyways. These people in suits, they lie to your face, that they do these things for real, that they talk about. This is after pure logic so. Because they are merely, buerocrats, not businessmen.

All is so, like Mises told it. It is all, about behaviour, in life. People don’t see, that their closest ones, are only respectable on base of their life, not their virtues. They try to collect perks, someone thought for them, and then they see, only capitalism brings their children, by being able, to connect to other people, that are not part of some group they belong to, to teach them behaviour automatically. It is the other things, that are not capitalist, that brought to our generation, the evil. And this is why Mises was also a great scholar, because he foresaw the evil effects of ritualist occultistic magic.

And i, known how they teach children in mathematics, analysis solely, and tell them, they will be able to be physicists or scientists only with excellent notes, then, this is admitted by real men, as logical, to happen by some order, because analysis doesn’t concern itself, by all means, with quantum physics, except you simulate these things, but why do you need then an accelerator at all?

The side view after flying out of a worm hole, which is often something unexpected, is a commutative ring, as many think, but in truth, it is looking like a cubic plane curve, to that, which is moreso detailed. You can’t add your theory, without going into this space first. You dissolve truth by that on purpose. It is the symmetrical mirroring in perspective, of the expected thing, after experiencing it always first, in isomorphic ways.

Chapter M

And, then, we can take the result of the formula, to obtain this cubic plane curve of our original number “3”, and get by multiplying it by 10, the number, which is 360, and the maximal degree available for a circle. As we see, we have by this method, come back to where lambda started, namely with the minutes, which i displayed as a bidual room, due to close relativity. We could get by hadamard product a polynomial resembling one single lambda, and its exact number, where we keep the rule of singularity. We get λ² - 1 296 λ as a polynomial. And the lambda with the ordinal R1_Ř_, meaning “1” in subscript, will be still 1 296 in valence. 1296 / 8 * 2 and we will get the exact degree of our deviation, resembling again the cubic plane curve, and in the worm hole, that gets you in continuum at some time, where you don’t come out except, going back. Maybe, we can now commemorate 1, by this means, and how it relates, to the symmetrical mirroring of division and hadamard products. Take for example someone writing:

A - B = X{ u0 < 1+1 , u1 < 1+1+1 , u2 > 1+1+1+1 , … } + ( - B ) then

B - C = 1 = n - 1

n-1 + (n-1) * 10 = 8

If A is a graduative ring, then the same calculation will expose the whole thing as hyperreal numbers where ordinal numbers can be added together to add to 8 something by the same lambda. Because graduative rings are defined by

A=\bigoplus {n\in \mathbb {N} }A{n}=A_{0}\oplus A_{1}\oplus A_{2}\oplus \cdots

This means too, that lie-algebra is akin to natural numbers. Only by luck and randomly, i stumbled shortly after writing this on someone talking about monotone sequencies.

Lambda has as being dark matter the energy, to make R series, not only, for detoxication of water, but also, for better anti-pneumony medicine. Lambda is predictable, being dark matter itself, and by man creating commutative rings, with material experiments in chemistry, he is able, to transport the fangs of wormholes into pure reality, by transgressing by chemistry into materialism. Who tells me safely, that not all of the scientists, were seduced by the insecurity, stemming from that?

Penicillin creates also then mandelbrots, in oil, by this method, lambda having dark energy, in lambda predictable, animated by mechanics stemming from my calculation with the wormhole right beside the spectator, in space. In a shortage of one day, it turns again back to the looks in water, of the same fluid, that has to be fought again by medicine. It has to be smaller. With R series faster due to lambda relativity, by this technique, i describe, things will be faster. There will be effects only, if ingested things, not are having colour taintings. Else!! The bubbles, even consisting sometimes of mandelbrots are of empty air, and the oil does not come close to the source of penicillin in oil.

It has a boundary, that is not touched by the oil, and the oil is full of air bubbles, if twisted by the cubic plane curves values and perspectives. And later, it loses matter and becomes loaded by neutral colour, to even more later, become such fluid, as is in the sick lung. But, then, it is already too late. Still, the matter of lambda, becomes loaded so much, that the toxics in the mushroom, get flushed easily away, by adding more water. The water has then energy, that seems, as if the water is more heavy, then, and matter with energy, that is higher, after you dispose of the penicillin. It seems, as if mathematics, can be powerful in creating energies. The oil makes no single difference, it is the water, that has more weight, because of the mathematical operation, then. Lambda, is dark matter. Sometimes, the penicillin, looks like a butterfly, in the oil, and this single butterfly, never changes in colour, in spite of all the other samples of penicillin, becoming shaped different, smaller, or having different taint or weighting.

Preference, works even in clients, that already cashed out in the shop. There is nothing more to add.

End the FED. It is a strange entity.

But, this method is of perfection. Of course all these things are theoretically sound, even if someone thinks not. There is even the small possibility, that behind wormholes, there exist only numbers. This is of course the same, as is by democracy always the brilliancy of someone important, paid by its price, namely, that gifted children, have to throw all their talent, on the saviour himself, a thing yet, which he doesn’t want at all. He wants them to outlive this talent, not, that they get bound by some crooked snake authority. Demencia gets treated the same way by these people. There is only ignorancy there at outset.

Chapter N

The single agents that summon in the life, are already the same foamidable valence in corruption, not sole if it comes to what they thought out, as will be later not admitted, always on base of becoming invisible, by replacement of the same unseen agents or authors. But they help, to some, while to others, those that came before them, were their precursors, because of coming from same nations and being converse.

And this has nothing to do with wormholes, when travelled through in their throat, resulting in different portals to different worlds. Space is so, that these portals exist, and everything is for gifted children, and how they see the world, and then evil changes into scenes instead of there, here in media. I find for example, that the Antichrist always wants to be the most superior corrupt agent in the world, despite what they do. It is only a pretension, for powerful woes to the banking of the state, or private, to some magic power, or egyptian god, to say, architecture has these attributes. The preference was not architecture, and the very same people, most depressed by someone dipping into this sphere, were rather on purpose mostly depressed about that path of lies. It is not architecture, here important, at all, in the end. Lines can’t be moved in a wormhole, and it sucks.

It is rather, these eremites, that are manichaeic, that mix into private life, that is often too romantic, to be considered to be touched correctly by the simple bastards of the leviathan/state. And the leaf, that looks like the butterfly of chaos theory, is rather by god placed on the windows, when time comes, to see it there. And it is placed the same way romantic, as is their way, of working for the state, unromantic and bastardous. Out of each dollar, they stole 65 cents by taxating it out of the people, by borrowing it from the bank. They made the people pay for that chaotic behaviour, instead. They had to create interventions, that the people had to pay, to pay it them off, and helped the interventionists by this ignorance in state.

People get from the outset of a human existance of someone, motivated, to be against that person then. It is not right, that they do this. Because they claim right, while jumping to atrocities, against this individual, on base not coming from right, but from the person, and how they label the person! And they are ready to do things on side of injustice, while believing, that right is on their side, while it was their own decision, ratherly, to jump on this bandwagon, or side. A poor soul of someone, gets blamed, and this is antihuman, and dark, and not on the side of right, instead. There is no base, to believe, that someone, only because those who already died, are happy, sins, because he wants to be happy. Each man, wants to be happy, while he lives, too, and the more that becomes outlived, the worse. Always, this is murder. Why shall someone, who is still alive, dwell in unright because some people decide over his poor soul, all the time? Where will he get his individuality back, when they take it away, to play on side of the Antichrist, the evil game, of character-equalisation, that never ends in the individual, anyway, but in their gruesome, socialistic and evil deeds?

They give us the bread of thorns, so we eat it, telling all, everything is sweet and just, but i told them, just as Mises told them, that the economy is on the downward trend, always, and it is them, who act the same way, outliving their rage, unjust, when they don’t want to hear certain thing, because they are so. If you would give these people boom at hand of modern times, they would connect it easily to the things ingested by children. Would it be not great, to upheave, uplift, some charity, by this method?

Silence others for contagious circumstances, as created by chaos, that don’t convert others, than them, if they silence this and that. This is why Mises said, they are acting unjust on base of toxicity, not contagiosity. Because after all, access to mathematics is not granted to them, of true quality, by deeds of god, not giving them certain talents from insides. Mathematics is a toolset, just like mind is a toolset, that gets misused, even by those, who think they have right, to use it, because they only have this mindset, therefore, since they can’t transgress this space freely, and these others are parasites that get treated too well, because they reserve themself the right, to not admit it, that they solely misuse it as tool, because they don’t create freedom, and even help others admit, it is bad. And they don’t admit that, just because they lack talent or genius in mathematics. Right is for everyone.

People don’t get overly motivated, because someone fills their hands with this god-given “right”, as they think. They don’t get this right, from someone, i mean, some human, rather some evil persons, are concerned by indoctrinating them all the time. Someone claiming, they have it bad, is certainly a marxist, because they could tell “this is all not true, since this soul is not poor”. But, this soul is poor, because it dwells alone as an individual, and they are not of such behaviour, to understand all of it. Nobody is able, from right of nature, or law of nature, natural law rather, nobody is enabled, that is not criminal, against the individual. Able would be ok, but not enabled persé. This is a poor soul, when it is all alone, and has to be observed.

That is because, the things, from now on, are individual, and rotten, to them, and they get even more toxic to the individual, then, if observed. They are not such saints, that they are able, to order this rotten space, inside the heart of someone. All they could do, is use the pharaonic dagger and murder the person. A dagger, that is already misused the moment, they play with this danger against someone, that is already anyway terrorized by the thorns that they feed him. This dagger is unneeded, the same way, as a tool of superstition. Because there is no single thing, about this, to be written by someone. That law comes from higher place. There is noone to be enabled, that tortures. All, is murder, that becomes from here digested as knowledge, someone wrote.

The same way, i can’t disclose, what mathematics really is, namely the abaccus itself, and lambda, is the abaccus, that shakes, having energy, the same way, happens chaos, when state enables them, to think, they might have it not bad, but they have it evil. It is purely toxic to human mind, to think from this moment on, that something can be changed for someone, no matter, the law. Everybody shall feel, that this is a toxic space, and outright, too much, since on the other side of the weighting, some men observe not prophecy, but the individual. They don’t observe what will be after correctness, but they want control, and they are not adult in that, so those, who are their children, are becoming the adults, that are greater-than the individual, playmobil-novelmore-magician-of-air torturers.

I mean, that all of this, not always stems from economic problems, but is made on solid grounds by some group of men in black wagons. Transcendental spaces, are on the other side of wormholes. They are not for everyone. This card gets played out in a cartel so, that always comes someone and adds to it, he must be a patriot. But by the very same act of doing so, he is bad. Not the knowledge is important and for everyone, that the voltairic hand, is used as torture, and from that voltairism, comes socialism, and all, that is against the individual. The root must be observed, not the individual. There were so many greek philosophers like Diogene… Always the personal things get thrown away or hidden, anyway by the torturers, if they are written so, that they describe their atrocities live. If it was not illegal from the outset anyways, they could do that, but they sit there tight with this voltairism at hand, and when they torture people, the water that flows on the individuals head, is the letters, that these torturers never read in books, because they are unread. They don’t understand completely all, even that it is Satan with his crown, that creates the yellowish papers, for innocents blamed psychiatrical. He lies about it, that they are white papers, and red apprentices. He lies about everything, so he believes, and makes them believe, that the yellowish, is not a mark coerced on the individuals, that don’t want it, anyway, and it is the tortured that therefore have to get them not, and have to be tortured by this evil masquerade. These yellowish papers, are white and red, they come from egyptic times!

To anyone saying, this is untrue, i will say, that the plejades, the mass of stars, or group of stars rather, always blue together, looks like water, too, and the high administration, tends to display people as these plejades not, but sees them low and as victims. This is not true: they admit only to themselves, that everyone can see and decide for himself, if he wants to be faustic or not. But this watery colour, will never be deliverance, evil will always summon on planet Earth, while it is not possible in space. Indoctrinators, they are. The plejades are the good folk. Because when they are living in monarchical times, they are the tortured from elite. But when they are here the elite, they are not kings, they are the tortured ones. There is not a single lie greater than that, again: All of this lie comes from the Isis cult. All of these people are plejades in mythology, when they look away or have eyes closed. Most have to consider them, too dangerous, even when they are the criminals that get away some.

People, ringing through, and even having the level of atrocity, to claim nonadmittance, that are manichaeic, all saved by someone, where in Reality, should be all killed by the military, for their gruesome deeds against capitalism, that they do together in group, while the innocent people get killed in their wars. Nobody of them can be called someone, that believes. You can at most use only the word “bereaving” on them. And these bereaving people, decide over torture of innocents, and how it will be, for them nice! The military does not, know about them. If they knew, they would all together make a satanistic ritual with them, them, instead of displaying them as workers at the VIP bar, their innocent victims in war. It comes only easy and good for the subconventional, that people become so unfree, because logic is what they hate, because people that learn logic, learn with mathematical logic, the unprogramming against the subconventional, that does the other thing with people, because it wants to make them dead, until they become these youths, that jump on themselves, because they believe in losing life, on themselves in death, because they not even know the value of life in these times. They drink vodka and together jump from the rocks, into direct death, because they don’t know afterlifes consequencies, and think the graveyard is for everyone based on indoctrination. You still can’t stop admitting, that you have to admit, certain things: for example, that you can’t spot genius in all people, just as like you would like to. Other things can’t be made intervened, so something like that will be created, so other things will be able, to be spotted too, or fought. It is not possible in anything at all, to do that, even for elites.

Why does noone notable exist, and write about these criminal minds, that not even go to shops in capitalism, because they fear truth will come out, or are simply not parts of the puzzle there in a shop? Have to all people really think and believe, they are not the NWO? While they torture others, their minds are sound, but everywhere they go, their criminal minds, get not in line with the goods in shops, they don’t fit into capitalism at all. It is their own minds, that are criminal, and have to be listed by someone, individually. Each one shall be standing as a name. The cartel shall have no more right, to be able by individuals, to sometimes open itself, and spot an individual, to torture, or do any more evil to, to be used as a weapon, by cartels, just to close itself again, and hide by a certain mass.

The state clerks work on social clarity, while deny or don’t admit, that the outcome of this game, is national socialism.

Chapter O

Psychopaths of positivism, have practically high administration right over all psychology, in democracy. Where you can let some formulas be, A therefore B is C, expressed by

A ∴ B → C

you could prove a lot personally, even if it is to pose that as a question too, in homotopy, by asking through type theory, with certain additions:

U:X{x} = C ⊢ B : A ?

And due to using good behaviour, you have order from tradition, you have something, that is already persé: the first rule satisfied for ultrafilters.

But it is much more easier to say x = 2 ⇒ x² = 4, but you see, the rhetoric style behaves like lambda too, this time, but there is nothing loaded by that.

Every manifold or topology, has two preexisting conditions, already, that prove what happened there, that namely maybe dark matter claims own objects to transform and they are width and perspective possessed of one where is inclusion of two sets, and an intersection, where the latter is most unimportant, loot. It is a bit misleading, that nobody writes about that, and that it is part of manifold theory with many subexisting theories, but they are literally clouding around this lie, saying that exactly. This is not manifold theory, but simple set-theory still! They make it feel, as if there is an indeed very long time between, arbitrariness, until it becomes, indeterminateness, without even never admitting, that some theories, are enough proof, that there exist complete theories, that can be made, that work, against cancer for example, or other sicknesses.

Where you can say A is proportional to B and implies C, reinvent by


to prove, that there are fractions, that can be filled into whole numbers, because logic tells so, because C can be a rule too satisfied by namely

c:CB : A ?

Mechanics is outdated here, because nobody will reform lie-algebra, because it is brilliant.

But this last example is in type theory, with the question. Science can enable snorting children to become ruthless doctors that follow each order by amount of strength in magnitude. To the elite in homotopy, everything is adverse, everything mild, that is too much of skill. After dipping into type theory, many will lose style as a word in their terminology. Many quantum physicists will spawn, unrightfully, lost in space, even if here is the place rather for someone else. For atomists: Lie-algebra is inspired on Froude’s law.

Cartels work so, that the state (often the state clerks, too) plays the upper hierarchy above them, to save them, when they make attacks. State clerks never derive true arguments out of from “A follows B”, because they lie about B, because they are against philosophy each time. They act so too. Hoppeanism, all traded in discoveries around formal logic, gets treated very badly due to that. Each time, doing these mathematical logicisms, with linear algebra, each time lambda makes even days later, stamps on reality, somewhere, even if hidden. As long, as something looks a bit like a butterfly, is of same size, it will leave the same trademarks on surfaces, that are in dimension M where polytopes


in Reality rest in.

Chapter P

This is why i think, that institutes do the same, in large scale, with a war going on in the backyard, and they need to close doors from those, that want to stop them. Due to the nature of these things, the Lord and saviour said to them, that they are being warned against extremely. It can be, that state clerks do the same, by writing documents, and each time, a person gets out of the way each time by that, and it is very unfair. It has certainly the same effect, if someone is saved by someone, where the fangs of interventionism already at hold ready for creating new laws, to impose them on innocent users.

Lambda transports the unsolvability of linear algebra, to other formulae, that are concerned by sums that concern not anymore anyone. So you get singularity in sums that start into infinity from fractions like 0,5, and no sum can be generated, but another formula comes into existance. It is misleading in itself, to not write that, because the second time, a human points to some appearent calculation in numbers.

But, they must know, that the great amount of folks, not even is mounted, to open mathematical software, if it is not already opened, not out of different reason, because they simply don’t know, nobody teaches them, nobody transgresses wormholes, to be an extreme pessimist. All they do, is steal. People, on the other hand, conjoin eachother in different things. Everywhere, they conjoin, mathematics is not ready at place or mind. All, has to be made, to acknowledge ones short amount of time, to get it over with and study a certain field of philosophy, as must be admitted each time, too many want to know too much at one place in time. But they are good folks, you know? I never met anyone being that good, in years to pass, already since 10 years, not months. There was not a single group of gentlemen, coming to me, to be this good folk in person automatical.

Consumers don’t act rational when they get always what they always want. They act maybe rational, but not in logic. Someone acting on base of logic, because he can distinguish, gets by the system disgusted and even kept away, so he loses that oversight over these two modes of thinking and acting. Because while the first can be used always, the latter, is always absolute, and one has to listen to time in it. But fear they make, leads to that keepin people in the first mode rather: after they come out of it, they got also out of negation of human. Only firms that need to depend on consumers feeling normal, are depending on the first mode. Always. But, is the bird, that called Robinson, that, really ready? I mean, is that bird, really ready, to launch from his position? I think it must be admitted first…

Is there the bird in this position, to launch at all? I don’t know. Sweeping all away, the bird would acknowledge nothin, part of this other dimensionality. But he would certainly be keen in doing it. Except of course, he came from the fields where the indian people lived and can teach about free lands and countries both. Is there any bird in this position, to launch in other dimensions, of transcendence, behind wormholes? Or is it simply frozen?

Maybe it is so empty in space, because all investors already collected aztekian artifakts in this space, and left space? Maybe. The state certainly holds people high, under the giant rotating air conditioner, he puts innocents through sometimes. It does this for letting them fall in it, because it wants to heighten the size of insurance companies. What they were, as infurnity, spring, or barns (elitarian word) back then, where the Americans drank water like the countries that dwell on water, today they are giant companies. Depending on antihumanism. The care-industry (in reality death-industry) is depending on it. It is to logic the same as “pustekuchen”. But, who is there to say that to the customer? All of what i wrote before that sentence, would be a lie, if this does not distinguish itself. The first is the thinkin’, while the latter, is the customer in the market. And there are predators certainly, like pustekuchen, that keep this business.

To the FED, must be said this: Somebody who starts searching in life in philosophy, with an empty spoon, is a fool. He is not an American. He is fool, and stay fool will. To have a full spoon, capitalism must be there. Marx was not right at all. Everywhere before christmas, especially near the birds cage, you smell from the bird, the smell of christmas. This is a sign for capitalism, not against it. It is not a sign to rob people. It is sign, to give them back, what you stole.

End the FED. Do it for someone, who unified science. Commonality is a marketing-word, that comes from socialism, and not liked by anarchists. Political economy, is not concerned by it. This has rather to do, with geopolitical locationism. All parasites, are concerned by it, because they want to be everywhere.

Parasites do always evil. If it is only, to cloud truth, they will do everything. State clerks, to hide, how much they observe, use anti-observation, if they do extreme crimes. They use betrachtung, all the time, the one from philosophical space. It is reclusion, they are against and they are extremely funk. Cartels always hide by new generations, the things, in older generations, so they can hide. Nothing is extremely official.

Ca. 20 years, before Hitler was born, the elite, in these times, already used gruesome things in seclusion, to do these plans with Hitler, and it was the same society that Schiller described, of barons and such. The state clerks do these things, to really hide that truth, and they think, they are by full biblical right, when all they do, is mock. They also do it for communism somehow, because communism is a sphere of ugly people that is described by the triptich with the red dragon and lion and the sorceress/philosophess in robe. Communism brings absolutely nothing, because there is no individual, and those who lived there, are constantly craving for this individual messiahs, that they hang on. This is lately always dictators.

The state clerks, that are filthy, draw conclusions for others. They want to draw conclusions for the population. Everybody knows this, from school, where the children all ignored it, only the very few critisized it, and were harshly ignored for it. These were becoming like Ludwig Mises, later in adulthood, polish jews, and they were all their life, against those, who draw these conclusions for others.

Hitler belonged to a dark ritualist society or club, called Thule. They were searching, in monks robes and doing rituals at night, for the symbol of the small flaming ritualist dagger, that looks like a bird (the phoenix of resurrection). It was practically Isis. They also used to hide, that Lucifer is a symbiosis of both demons, called Raum (from german calling “Feuer und Flamme”), and Bifrom (from german “Versuch mal dein Heil”) and used that in their state symbolism. The bank has no right to say anything, it is guilty on all the parasites children have, and tells that to people, that it is good to have them, and makes them, silent.

The bankers will never admit, that they have to study a certain field of philosophy. Rather will they perish in their own building and die of rat poison. Also, the achilles-ferse of a man, is converse, to the two women, were angels, that came to the sinner, to rescue him, and take him with them to save him, and get him into freedom. Where sinners can run away, women can’t, with the bank. Where sinners can get away, men can’t. Yet, we are all sinners. That means, sins can’t be counted of the bankers.

Their god is a black god, and the state is a monopolist of absolute right and makes people that too. All that is taxation comes later as a magic workings of torture where too many people collide. Peoples of science, certainly don’t give you any association available in democracy, so far as they know, that you are not with democracy, with “them”. All people don’t give you them. They only collide and so far as it is all people, it is all other underlaying categories too, that make fear…

The FED people borrow, and at the same time, get the things, someone gave them. They don’t know if it is stolen, or borrowed, but in the end, it is all stolen therefore. Why for example, does nobody, write, what a flat really is? Isn’t a flat, redundant? But, why does nobody want to be homeless then?

But i know tonight, that Agatha Christie meant by what she said, only leafs, and how they are in heaven. She meant also RFID by what she said. RFID is like the leafs, in autumn, and like a flat. Nobody.

Mises was completely arcane, but only against the bank and his righteous, selfrighteous idiots because he felt, RFID in the backyard by them produced. They are very moneydriven and ugly. Positivism is against arcanism and is the reason why people get tortured. In reality it is arcanism, but then you already went too far into antichristendom.

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