Grundrisstheory Part 2

Chapter E-K

Chapter E

Imagine, Robinson Crusoe on his island, together with his all time pal, at large he had to leave before on a ship, Friday. This time in a twist of the story, where both were meeting a bird in another dimension first, that called Friday “Kasperky”, or “Ykresaq”, which is the same word, but turned around chronistic. Would Ykresaq ever be able to live as a friend of Crusoe, of Robinson, if he would not be able to be called Friday again? Rather not. But, what happens, if the bird would freeze? What happens, if the outer circumstances, challenge the bird, to not be this way, and leave Friday by his old name and even post his name in the internet? The bird would certainly be more advantageous already because of his other dimension he inhabits. But if it is so cold, why does he not rather point Robinson to that fact, so he changes something in this dimension? Or even better, why does he not port Robinson to the idea, of purporting him back to civilisation, is not this kind of change even deeper and more outright, if someone is there, who has authorising over the bird? An animal searches not for perks, he will not call Friday Ykresaq, if it freezes. 2 + 2 = 4 made to be unfit.

Capitalism is deeply human. Since, people are not monsters persé. They are not evil. They are made by a creator and if they act evil, it is a twist off of the story, St. Augustinus reported on, about the two children that get fed by their mother, and one envies the other because it is evil from start. It is simply, capitalism i mean, a normal thing for humans, that developed so in time, and no hate is needed. You can on this seek truth and you will see, the concept most frail, and most sinister, are made only, because they were beforehands built in time. Skyscrapers are only so high, because these conglomerates want power, through communication to the other side, by the same token, the same height toward the center of Earth, that they built above. Maybe, the fact, that they built skyscrapers into sky, makes them unstable. Maybe, some sort of other material, would had been better to rest them in.

From the outset, people would think, that bird belongs to some cold group of people. From the outset, they would not encourage the deeds of the bird, even in changing names.

Anybody who would know birds from nature itself, would based on their behaviour, because they sometimes make themselves, certainly not because of outer attributes, to a kind of ball, that is furry, knows from outset now, that the bird calling Friday so, would need a unfrigide to be stable in the calling, in the naming of innocent bearded past-time passangers of ships. This can be translated indeed, to men itself. A man would do these things despite of being discouraged by a majority of people, anyway, because he gets frustrated by hosts of authors, by someone.

All of these things, can a processor be said to do, based on a GFX card. All of these situations, can be translated to the rooms martyrs are held in, where they paint the rooms full of crosses, to hold away intruders. While the first is a requirement to render some things faster, and more advanced, they are a way of doing input into the motherboard, physically, the latter is something people are real victims by someone, doing this mapping not, with the crosses, neither someone mapping the old situation with birds, onto that Reality, but someone is guilty against capitalism.

While the other things i wrote before, were in comparison lesser, than that what i write now, someone has to first make this comparison. But, if you make it, then you will see, here i am totally right, with all, even if the past things are correct too. Capitalism is therefore anyhow, the first choice of marxists. If you render something with a graphics card, called Capitalism FX5000, then marxists would want this graphics card too in their games.

People are too busy. Keynes didn’t support all of these concepts, because he didn’t understand them all. This is a kind of greater corruption, because to not be able to understand something that someone does not support, is to secretly understand it, and all of these concepts of the bankers, are based on this criminality. There can be no greater crime known on planet Earth. People based on that, forget, that there is a group of men, that can act against you all the time, and your plans for the future, and they do it on purpose.

The FED is a cartel, and its creators, the member banks, are rings, that staticly generate profit for their friends, which are conglomerates, just because they have been built as buildings. They have been only built, to later vanish, to make them rings from the very start of rike. But, only psychologists should be allowed to be aquainted by that. Here too, the cartels like to put you in psychologies fangs. It is not true from outset, that the determinant, which is an addition to complex numbers from the 20th century, has to have a convention being for example written as absolute numbers are. First, must be defined rather, that there are intelligent persons, who know that behind 1 itself, the value, is a nonscalar mistery. It is the respect before numbers. What happens, if that respect is gone? Demons come into use. Unscientific experiments, like the atomic bomb, can happen for example, in media, and unscientific experiments happen, by societies.

As if, they were made for these occasions solely. But men, who misuse this util, are certainly rather worthy of falling into these traps themselves and they will fall into them too. Because, i would say, someone that films a crime, is more guilty of being in a cartel, than he, who does the attack for example. He is not in a cartel, but he who makes the film, is. He by that tries to take into advantage this group that makes these people a good time throughout the day.

Equality is a principle of the owl. Everybody only discourages violence when it happens around him, so he is not part of defending someone. But when he does that, it is already too late, and equality is misused only by the mafia. When the cartel starts acting against innocents, it has always the same pattern.

They describe things that are complex in Reality, as more simple, preferring by it, to make the simplicity of some scheme in mathematics rigid in minds, that is simpler than the individual. They do that in the way that is made from usability only to them, from profit unfrigidness. But as with all marxist concepts, the real infringements are done by those, who believe in it as true. They are an union. In mathematics, all numbers are the same, before a man defines them by a magnitude as even negative numbers, change by binary into negative later, if you add them up. But in case of collecting data, which the state does by satanist laws, he plays the scientist there. He says, the last magnitude is important, while in truth, a set of data is searched.

This is comparable to the argument Aristoteles did about market control: For Aristoteles this tax is unnatural (we would say today not tax, but price manipulation). A goat, if she gets pregnant, he says, can bring children, because she lives. Money however is from metal and is dead on itself. Money can’t generate itself from air, and multiply itself, this can only something that lives. So is taking price manipulations unnatural, it is something too critical about it. They are unified.

There is a dark planning around black magicians, that is very old, since the times of baroque almost, to display a skeletton with a raven on his hand, and two angels beside him, on a countryside, resting as a skeletton on a dark sun. This is of course, to display, what they wanted to do to entrepreneurs. They wanted to make them corrupt, over time, by being constantly against capitalism, against the very thing, that gave them existance. They made steps against their innert values, their virtues, to by virtue of this do something with the world, that is stupid, by marxism itself. So because of them, we have now the very same things, in people, that don’t know the backstory to all of this, which this is it.

How many children dwell devoid of Vitamine C because so many people believe, this is not the core problems, that have to be critisized at all? These are exactly these core things, that have to be disallowed.

Because so many experiments dwell therefore, there are saddening scientists, who think they are soldiers, who are ascientists. They due to lack of inert respect before 1 as an integer, do define E as 1 and then do a matrix, while matrizes can have submatrizes too, and they not at all understand what this is all about without seeing the string theory behind it.

Disallowing or even dismaying that, must be in men, due to lack of time, and it is. And it is not discursable, why there are no good things therefore coming from interventionism. These laws, must be in a short term amount of seconds disallowed by speech, and behaviour, not by stringent binding laws, that take hundreds of years, where everybody that does evil, returns with gold in his hands. This kind of thing must be in respect before humanity and language used to act against this, by virtue, due to lack of distance to others.

Distance is now only and lonely needed for trade between differing cultures, that are devoid of currency in traditions. You can’t let the bankers live in that dualism anymore longer, where they believe in minus profits and expect others not to see that they are getting robbed by this tradition. The more someone away from them, the better barter between each land. The more cuts by interventionism, the less well-off in each case of profit will be the trade, and almost come to halting, over longer amount of time, if people continue.

Why shall order be something saught in lambda, if some mathematical forms have no solution at all, because if 3 gets by 8 equalized, it means? It means, that there is matter incongruent, where it is 3, it not subdividable in 8 by the same, and has therefore unity that is nonexistant. Just like in an article that is divided into 3 by not being unified, you can’t let mathematics parse the 3, without drawbacks, or trade-offs, as you can by 8. Still, lambda transports z with it, in cases of order, where there is asymmetrical relation between a and b, and operation inbetween x and y. But you can take the rest that is 5 and multiply it by 3, and add it to the existant 3 in a. And then take away the ten created in the result 18, and have 8 = 8. The state on the other hand, blinds people by blaming them for thinking that. You will not be able anymore, to be violent and hide by that, the evil deeds of someone. The theft cannot be undone. Let me show you the unsolvable equivalent transformation called 2x + 3 = 2(x+4) for example. Most people would solve it and get 3 = 8 and call it unsolvable.

You can take f: x1 + x2 + 5 = 8 -> x1 = 3 = f( λ )

and still z transported with x2 the current value to somewhere else, you know. To some world, some polytopic world, devoid of any dimensions or change, of dimension 9. From zero-vector-space, of dimension 0. But x2 must be then either 5 if in the other world, or 0 if right there. But in this case, if you do a correct thing, it will be solved by determinants, in a matrix.

x1 + x2 + 5 - λ = 8 | + λ(( - x1 ) + ( - x2 ) - 5)

x1 + x2 + 5 - λ + λ(( - x1 ) + ( - x2 ) - 5) = 8 + λ(( - x1 ) + ( - x2 ) - 5) | - 3x

3x - λ = 3x - 8 | - 3x²

x = 8

And then it seems solvable indeed, in linear algebra. In linear algebra, not BY linear algebra, it is human action but nothing else. But the very same is the reason, why the exponents are called so, because they can be mapped on another scalar and have some integer there or are powers on itself. They are in linear algebra called denial, of exponents in elementary algebra. Same amount of magnitude has equal value. In linear algebra, you have therefore magnitudes added or subtracted, that can be binary indeed, to get out of the 3 the 5, needed for solving the equation, they said, everywhere, is unsolvable because it is 3 = 8 at the end, i got these magnitudes by denial of exponents and whole numbers in a complex number scenario, phantomic.

But the FED, does this without denial, in bright daylight, and no single amount of magnitude will therefore be made in science of value, if she will continue with that behaviour. On top of that, all the things the cartel does against individuals, for Ron Paul, are made for Antichrist and RFID. It is a sphere of pure corruption and materialism where nothing of value summons, because they allowed already other things of magic, to summon beforehands.

I can’t stand, that they use religious priests, that are pedophiles, to in the end, let these FEDs act on top of the power of bio-craze, misusing the companies, that since time immemorial were irresponsibly taken, to do what they can do, and now they do it against people. This is indeed, on top of that. Why shall a banker have 1kg of sugar, more, than a little child? You can’t argue, that he has not different amounts as profits, in other things then, in case of adults. These are diamonds then.

Chapter F

What, if someone, a knight, from elite, dwelled in his castle, with his beautiful girl on his hands, and made plans with her, evil, like someone from a conglomerate, because the rocks started shaking, under his castle, and it was so romantic, that they felt so elite, that she even planned some future child murder by that token?

An interesting comparison to that, is maybe, women had to, after old testamentic law, after they were pregnant, give a sacrifice to cleanse themselves, to be clean to god again. “Two young white doves, and a goat, without defects too”. But else, nothing notable of birth is about goats concerning birth or life there.

Maybe it shows, that the thing with the knight from the elite, is so unrealist. More realist, is something different, and this absolute, because beforehands knowledge of mathematics is the same as absolutism, and if lacking, then truth is diverted, in cases for example, that not the fundamental theorem on homomorphisms, leads to understanding, but its expression about groups leads effectively to demencia. The proof about the other flavour, of homomorphism, the rank–nullity theorem, ranging into administration of the fundamental theorem on homomorphisms, leads to the converse effect. It gets back data or thoughts. Lambda is certainly some effect in radial worlds, in the 1,5 dimension.

You cannot accept, that the antonym of subsistence, is by token of ignorance, becoming nonexistance or unreality even. How far have you taken this, i ask?

Alduin from Skyrim faked such things. But, bankers used, always leninist by tradition, like vampires, to start making rules, by going to these champions, to critisize, what they did with children to boot, and that they flirted in doing the opposite, wanted to be men of valor, paying them in not being these men of valor, for it, and they tried to persuade them, of this other championship, in finance and murder done by them, always, on children. Something they anyway always had in common. This was too much too much for all romantism for all these ladies, and they stopped being romantic to these men of valor, and started supporting their business by being cold. Perhaps this is the reason? Because the cold behaviour of women, is a kind pointing to the truth, that they had been persuaded by evil circumstances. Women support the truths about banking, that are cartels, conglomerates and rings, because they come from the sin in paradise. Ram memory is so too, but hold it secret for me.

The medsector follows certainly not there into air, but into fire, the plan against god, where elite wants to make by lion-shaped beasts, by a crown of value, make god sink from his clouds, likewise painted on an image, even older than that with skelleton, while people have to be observed by the triptich about a more of five-headed dragons with the five-headed lions, and live in that scheme, to be terrorized by fear, after the tyrants. And talkn’t the truth about that, their task, is to cloak those truths, to make things unsecure and desensitive, because all they do as judges, and state clerks, is work for the religious satanists, for they have a deal about the liquids thereused. The FED very well knows, that they want to dethrone god by these deeds. And yet, they argument there. This is certainly not the techniques to create some kind of storage. Instead of this, must be rationale and accrueing of reason. True rationalisation must be accompanied soundly, by kinetics, like here. A ram block, would try all it can, to store as much data and transport it as fastly, as it can. True technology, true sound technology, creates as many positions by vectors, as is possible currently, moving data at the same time in each place it can possibly do from one single point, a processor, to make data begotten, so it rests not only in hard drives, but stores itself also in ram itselves.

The lists they create, silently, or silent, are illegal after gods laws. Mises all his life pursued a goal against these undeeds, just to see them right now, laughing about it and making themselves a good time. And, even when a doctress seals silently her box of medicine, her white bag of medicine, she illegally ordered, instead of doing research, she is in sealing it the same way illegally doing it, as is the things illegal too, that comes closest in comparison. That thing is illegal too on itself. These are children murderers, that think, that knowing, that in Russia people find the people that died, saints, and therefore, they can do each thing in set, and those, that are raised, sometimes their victims parents, safeguard them in their stately deeds, as state clerks, that can be very evil, too, because they silently defend, even when talking the opposite speech, the pastly existant socialists in their philosophy. It is not a clean sacrament to all of these people, unclean in their thoughts about the right path always.

Since there is width not only to these flaws, but also manner, a lot of these flaws have to be accrued to the width bankers itselves operate in. This parlor, certainly accompanied by computational parlor, was seen by these nonaddmittants, as something special. Even, when it was sin, not parlor, they are parasites. State clerks, all are parasites, because they are all depending on a host.

An interesting intersection in their worldly deeds, is that they even kill people as the people in search of cloaking their hostility.

And other, parasites with armious security, have to be just, because they want to be seen in their deeds, as a dimensionality, to support with it, socialism in other countries, so people want it here more and are talkers of the speech, that dooms. The state is undefandable, because the guilts he throws on people, come directly as painstakings from the Antichrist. I am maybe the greatest enemy of the FED. Because i hate it even more, than capitalism itselves hates the FED. I very well know, that that is a sphere of gentlemen, to boot, but who cares, as i hate them too? The locomotions they put the system and people in, are always regressive, and can’t lead to any real thing.

The rivalry between knights, will be soon seen, as something evil, and saught as something undefendable. Certainly, sometimes someone can learn something from the short duration of others temerity, that they do out of defending Moses, but in some cases, he can’t, or in most cases. It acts as a base for cruel operations always, that rests on base of temerity. If this temerity in people gets enlargened, it is a sect behind all of that.

These sins doctors have to do, are not workings of capitalism, despite the fact, that they are generated by them, but marxistic concepts. Because it is all about making them proud by these sins, so they do evil deeds for them. The short duration is here too, of non-capitalism. Because of them, in turn, people get cloaked, that do crimes in night time, not because of these crimes, innocents have to be their patients, instead. Because there are shrouded monks, that have puppets as doctors, that look like them, and they do evil for these men of valor, in being their representations in hospitals.

In the pessimist computer-driven game, Skyrim, that is in truth from the bird perspective, as every philosopher would gladly say, the player gets no experience for killing enemies. He can, however, level up later by levelling up. Of course, what i mean by a club of gentlemen, can only be such club, that does nothing at all, except, contemplate images of Heaven, where only a weapon is not there, due to lack of capitalism, also images of Falkreath Hold or Whiterun from games such as Skyrim, where innocents get beheaded by script.

To this must be said, that each group that endulges in sin, will soon be exposed as that one, who does it. Because the dragon was there and nobody talks of that, because it is silent too for all others, while resting in positivism, and this clownage touches all and everything and everyone at once even thricely. To really count.

Chapter G

Positivism is always used as an util, that was made a weapon already, against the individual as a concept. Because people are always in the other mode, in the mode of distancing eachothers from the material world, in science. But in speech, if they transgress this zone, because they still have desires of inert worlds, because they didn’t endulge in management of varnish, then it is so, if they jump to positivism, plus they do it, you always see for a short amount of time, while noting nothing of truth. To really bring it further, or far, in science, good behaviour is needed. There must be a circle of silence only here, because of the all-persistent dangers of persistance, that values any perpetration. This modernism is true if it is not complete. But these apprentices, are not hidden in time. And adding to that, it is better to give people chocolate, than medicine. It is preferable from many perspectives of capitalism. But, what, if someone does not like chocolate at all, is then not coercing him into medical rooms, something gruesomely did, against preference, and ought to be avenged by highest extreme law, if it was a policeman, that normally should defend normal law insteads? Would it not repeat itself, again and again, if not stopped by someone? It would.

Where Keynes is prefered because of protectionism in work, Mises is due to the high amount of people, the greatest amount, against schools, not prefered in people. But of both, Mises is the greater economist, because protectionism is worse. The state is keen in that of safeguarding the crime of theft because it makes by it all people the same, so in the end they always become in lesser circumstances and have to dwell in them. So each time, a martyr, set out by that crime, to save the world, by writing about the magic workings behind that, since power is magic, is getting robbed off the freedom he possesses utterly to his own right. To be a good man is to be a martyr, because it is not enough to be evil, but you have to be evil and still be able, to by inert laws, get out of this situation the opening flower of freedom, that is oftentime cloaked by its counterpart, with its cartellious friends in conglomeration, hope as a magic working, to make people close their hearts to truth. An inert power too, that makes rebels out of false prophets, after decades of teaching them this undealing rebellion against the other inert value. People are not persé good. What i mean by that, is, they are not from the beginning of events, humble. They have to learn humulity, but not they have to learn humility “first”. This is already too much for men. They may be good, from start, but not yet humble, and therefore can fall to seduction, easily, that gets by nature of shame, hidden, so other lies can set out to make them then accept protectionism more gladly.

To really bring it further in science, as a scientist, you must be divine. Only then you are scientific. This is of course hard, if you rob people and make martyrs out of holy saints, that are even in papal positions, already to rest for the FED on your past mistakes, of namely killing Jeanne. Who else, rests on this lore, if not them, so long, that they have a certain time, to create their church called after the holy scripture “the synagogue of the devil”? Because there is only this name properly usable to describe them. Because you can’t even summon elitary words against them, to give it to them.

To be a martyr, in comparison of this new version, is to be suspicious of the devil, and take his inner values into accounting. All things, he would not accept, since he has a plan of redeeming, to lead people into slaughter, like animals, and he needs the state for making them dumb, while making them suspicious of counseling against the state. Because of need of the state in him, people have to be suspiced at their core outset and values, in their needs, all life must be barred from their open eyes to the world. Anybody who helps has to be critisized, because people need to be seen as victims from flesh, unsuspicious to his murderous ways, which are in turn inert to the world. But, this new version is the truth, just like Mises is getting prefered because protectionism can not be not, as the lesser thing to a good school, prefered, and both can be truth, that protectionism is lesser than a good school, which is better than protectionism. The xenophilia, is the “sickness” that makes a similar profit to pedophilia, like protectionism to the Chicagoer School.

They hold prisoners or victims so long, like the churches they built, but this time on the other side, and play evil games with time itself. And the tortured, held by these timid tricks, of the synagogue of satan, are getting labelled by the very same xenophilia, that has pedophily as a prerequirement in realms “to boot”, in realms of change, is to say the same.

Keynesianists are all pedophiles, btw. The club of pedophiles, is likewise written first with small capital letter, and then with big, changing somehow, like an ism, too. To redeem keynesianism, is to renounce the devil itself. Keynesianism is illicit and to be connected to that from start of event. Why do they hold people tortured, in an infinite state of “yet”, while the torturers all are members to some schools? Because pedophiles live in that sphere, too the same like the room i got lambda to operate in by default, and it gets taught too from start, to not think that.

They torture people, because they hide some mathematical concept, that they want the army to have an unrighteous monopoly to, while it is unjust from start, and unscientific, and against law, to be so, while hiding it by another mathematical concept, that they chose determinants in other dimensions for it.

People can never be masses, they can only be packs of wolves, worse than the individual, they label to their utility and usage, as money can buy you everything, except certainty, the very thing, it claims to heighten, and on which data its champions believe, they are men of valor. But, money can not buy you for example the certain singing of a bird, each day, or the certain sound of the toilet, from wood, or plastic. The individual will anyway, make his things, independent of them.

Chapter H

Therefore, the defects coming from these bankruptcy makers and champions of monopolies, are deeds, solely made to disprove the actual workings of human action, hold only the monopoly in spheres of wrongfulnes and with it, injustice, woe for the individual, for them solely, who are investors, and all of them who work in such industries, work for the insect, who is their religious leader, throning over that monopoly by pure desire for them, doing functions in constant criminal almost buerocracy, that still is murder persé. And this is exactly the reason, why there will be never justice with the state. Injustice will be there, pure injustice. The almost woeful wrongfulnes in buerocracy, lies in that unreligiousnes of the championship, that is unconcerning of the individuals and existance, by them solely for taxation purposes made and to make their master throne by functions over democracy, which gets hidden by them in its root, namely, coming from hospitals. The sick are the people, but with democracy, not anymore. The beds are empty, instead with democracy, and those who are sick, get to know its root then, notwithstanding their functions pounce in economics. But you can say too, yzw as a theory has a condition called wRz, and then x is unknown, or gone, too, of xyz. And lambda with its behaviour remains constant in these values.

The fight against warez made by the state, is playing in these mathematical industries of the state too. The truth to say would be if they would speak truth:“Commerce of the bank destroys the behaviour of empathy”, and they become blind to the woe standing behind all of that. In hospitals, they pray to Moloch, without exception, at night. They hold this creature alive there, and everyone starts sacrificing to him that is part of the doctor team.

Dr.s that all write like me, with this nonempathy for pluralism, they are all part of Moloch. They don’t heal children, using nonmagic, easy methods, that are depending on smart use of materials thereofsunside. I wrote so too, but if i had a doctor, i would give my best to heal children. It seems a way of life.

The problem is in the very same defects, that they use, by talking to pupils early inside school positions, named “pupils”, that they are arrogant. It is already too much, to defend them.

If a general does things, of murder, to later say:“I did it all to throw it on the marshalls”, Marshalls are higher in rank, than generals. Still all are marxists.

Less schools don’t teach that more than greater schools, or good schools. Monopolies come from the pharao looking through the pyramides hole, into the caucasus of stars in heaven, of a fixed star in Heaven and that it was mostly the circumstance, that it was sometimes not his eyes, but sometimes caucasus of his whole face, times who were relativized if not all was perfect, and he could not perfectly look into that, because he did not not use his clerks, he wanted to use the polytheistic walls, with its gods, to make him to Osiris, by comparing that not, but by letting others in pain. Only pain can help out of the caustic misconceptions of positivists.

And this is all very normal. And down to earth. There are people who don’t admit, that they became so criminal, that they would say to the pharaos face, they would crush it on his face, just for simple reasons they would not tell, and they translate that to normal people, that are without sin, and multiplied by powers due to democracy at work, which they don’t get to know who fights against it, and who not, and still take this criminal doing as artificial guiding star. If there is noone, who will talk to them, that all their deeds and thoughts, have to be conjured away, then they will continue that even on innocent women, by other means they can choose. They are constant in the means, of talking, nobody has the right, to it, and nobody can conjure away, what they do. But it is not true, as everything they do, must be conjured away.

Conjured away must only not be, that: That you have all the time the feeling, that leninism has something to do as a technique to hold pneumony as a sickness in children good and fixed, for the industries thereof. All the while, this good doctor, an individual knows, that pneumony is the same, as soft pain of smaller bones broken, but invisibly taken, yet with the same effects, and they get conjured away only too late sometimes. If it is taken for granted that there is no thinking, what is built, like in robotics, from the bottom of logic up, to something greater, than less, is the same, as here, and the comparison, is enough, to create the sphere of healing toward this. The medicine must be new. The healing effect is like a pyramide, when it is complete, from bottom to top, resting in the cage, and, but sound economics is not it altogether, yet a professor differs from a good doctor in that, that he writes to create it, because he generates the same energy at the start of his essay not, that is not the problem, but the important thing is, that he with it believes, that a sound economy can lead to less such pain/afflictions and xRx can in a short amount of time, like that of softly broken smaller bones, be turned to the effect, of healing the patient, solely by means.

There are coasts where real numbers don’t become available after rethinking: Rn+1 leads always from x to x. You can say abc walks not in symmetry by the two conditions aRb, bRc, back to x but forward rather to x, jumping to x over all these zoraic letters as lip medicine. But mathematics is still differing from physics. But what if

x -> λx.x + 5

x = 8

Is then by token of taking the lambda calculus, the same much faster done? But who takes that, if abc can be beforehands poisoning, as i know, that the terms get in case of asymmetry, in case of x, not dumped properly? That is certainly an interesting case of mathematics not working properly, in linear algebra. By comparison, if i become a master of something, i will be then by the time, x is reached, that means, someone from lower behaviour, speaks to me, to display myself as a total fool before him. Only then, will i somehow be able, to postpone what i did. But it proves certainly, that lambda can do without lambda calculus, certain things much more linear, too, if it comes to dimension 1,105.

What i wanted to add, is, i find it uncivilist, that very normal people in prison are denied, basic things, and need to for example before an attorney visits them, be in 14-day isolation in dark rooms. Even god finds that satanistic, that crime gets created by their ignorance, over things they hold sceptres about, often over the very thing, that they take the teacher of truth by their focus.

Chapter I

Nobody teaches them, that preference fights there the silent fight, against unculture, which if is created, creates violence in the very moment, barbarism, and vanishment of cultures. Nobody knows of them, how deep the downfall will be, for their condemning of innocents, that know, that it is not the children stupid, that get the bad notes in math, but everything is taught easily by the same way, preference is taught, evenly.

Valency-usevile, not taught to students of basic math, is valency by the way it gets made complex the very same year, math is taught, and even stays magically there as ignorancy, if overlooked, is as a word, even if it is at the core of understanding what a number is, a scalar not, but integer, as they call it, EQ does mean equalisation, but equivalency.

Chapter J

You want to be someone knowing more than them, for example, that hyperreal numbers are called ”* R”, that means, real numbers, with a star as prefix, and apt, to lawfully open estranging eyes, more infinite than the hidden transfinite ordinals, which are already enough for space travel in infiniteness. These are the people you unenable: They will kill even more children, to make experiments on how the state will misuse open portals in modern times, that are still in iniquity, yet to be made. Because they don’t know algebra as doctors concerned by quantum physics. By comparison, you are egligible with socialists, because you would gladly not prefer to sit in a drinking room, in knights armour, instead they want to drink like a swine and show the face, but still, the guiding star must be the sole god in Heaven, above, to by comparing it to these egyptic times, show you, what they planned.

Zoraicly, someone thinks of course, but there is a big group of people, accepting that, that schools are the caretaker. But, in truth, it is the state him. And they, who support them, support the synagogue of the devil, a caretaker club, or even in other times, it was a society of Hitler, the police has always observed as swine in Ausschwitz the victims of Hitler and helps not, people for freedom still. But, the water is often cold, after you meet the luciferian creatures. You don’t need to think that, for, you can also stop to drink. You are not yet in hell, because of that.

They will look you in the face, while doing nothing, because they feel, that they are guilty on the confinement, of very fine persons, and it will not end good for all of these cartels. And, that people find out, that the true wealth, is in knowledge. This is true, because it is only because they have turned the card by emulgate and cartel that was back then love, into offices. Back then love was prefered in monarchies. All the while, they use positivists, and this will not end well, because they have set illegally, unchangable laws by courts, that they use, to jail someone like they want, on a mechanism, inspired by the unchangability of the possibility damages done by the apocalyptic horse rider with the color “red”. All inhuman laws imposed in a country with a state running, are made by its enemy. By the enemy of the country. Because of too much central planning beforehands.

Marxists are so bad. K-isomorphism is something good. But they not.

Jails, summoning from the bottom of a modern city, just to add one cell to a modern jail, do people want this? If not, why do they let the state expand, and why do they not stop doing crimes, if all is so easy? They would stop these crimes if unable to accept this vision of future, by having private property in greater count, that can’t be taken away.

Current medicine against pneumony, is of some kind, a time machine, that actually leads the patient not, but the sickness, back to health, together with time and the patient in it, just like a flow of water, that looks in a river flat, like mushrooms, and then crushes from some kind of second, into a water fall. Penicillin is a kind of mushroom too. If someone creates medicine, that is like that, he is holy indeed. This can only demonstrate, that jails are not this kind of medicine, or need this kind of medicine. But if they would be gone, certainly there would be time machines that can turn back time, and if the state had respect before the individual, criminals would behave so too, seeing, personal events can’t be turned back concerning everyone at once.

Certainly, we people are all together, but my theory is: to take something away from CFR, is to actually pay for it, that was never always the same. It was always the same. There are concepts in logic, of order, that get simplified in formal languages, of logic, and still have nothing to do with simple algebra, such as used by computer science, with its lambda calculi. Still, they are orders, that are from start the same way accepted, as is usable by authorities, but by them still misused all the tyme: just like what i wrote for example. But the hosts of authors who write about them, often from Cambrydge, are still ignoring the misconception, they not even know yet, that they not only can be expanded when it comes to order, but when it comes to U-Filters, that are often saturated by abc, yet not by xyz, that they can generate electricity from nothingness too, or heal someone without medicine existant, just by time.

Of course, they want by fear, made always by violence, but it starts always from the start of events with socialists, or socialism, make vanish the questioning moment in an individual, that always makes it rest even without time-preference, at work, in Reality. Because it is so. This thing that saves the individual before being in need of turning thoughts off, to get it again, gets divided by fear, the thing called individuality, and that technique of terror by the state was started in egyptian times and inscribed on these walls in the Ramesseum, as a power tool. They never stopped raping people by this heavy fear, and it is outdated, but they still use it by police. The same fear, that makes children forget, the comparison, that here it is about arithmetics, not algebra anymore where lambda calculus starts, and that makes them guilty indeed. Because you shall not make human products.

Chapter K

It is impertinent, that after a time of around 2 hours, the logic changes into eminent behaviour of xyz instead, of abc, where the value was always z, instead of x2, that held always therefore lambda, and lambda makes completely saturated there in *R, w, such as it is usable by

1 < w, 1+1 < w, 1+1+1 < w, 1+1+1+1 < w, …

And the convex, returns to the other direction, from z, to a, like transfinite ordinals do. Lambda was therefore all the time stored between AB, and z moved due to C moving further away from A than from B.

Evil will never understand, that just, the creator of the medicine against pneumony, thought, that because rational numbers, get in their numeral together calculated, and that is not in case if something is equal to something, and therefore, the human has an immunity system, which is proven by that too, what he did with creating this drug, so is a human outside any consideration, outside any mathematical concepts too, because they point only to how to heal a human, how to set up the drug, in this case, the immune system, has to start fighting by simple meaning of hard theory, the same things, that are there as virusses and is therefore perfect, created by god from the outset. It will never understand, they will never understand too, because they are evil. They will take even hyperreal numbers to find something, while it makes no difference, in case of rational numbers. They do this on purpose always. Because they create medicine, not drugs.

But, what have they set themselves up, to? They set themselves off from the thought, that someone can as a bank go to a fabricant of sugars, and take his money, because the product is rich. But anyway, each time it makes no difference, if you divide one by two or three. It is outside the calculation. They think, the client, just like in case of sugar fabricants, has not to speaken to, in a way of leuchtende-augen-den-kunden-machen, and this especially on poor children of the World.

All things in space, even dynamical, such as black holes, are systems, are of mathematical logic one and only type. Someone had this logic creating it, since more advanced worlds exist, with life, at each evening, and these black holes could be not the only thing working that way, but everything in space, remains this way, or is this way, while they, are more advanced, because dynamic. Many of these things are based on the letter or functionings of sigma, based on choice.

Even when the core of two black holes that got together, is lambda, and the theory, that denotes C into B, is a quantic theory, it is still based on mathematics. In sum, discreated the circumstances, where cartel members fight eachother, and often summon to get data to murder children and torture innocents.

The whole military, if killing children, prays to Man itself. The military is the old egyptic letter N, or ni in old greek, a snake, that often gets diagonal, in the Ramesseum, beside gods, such as Toth, by hermedites, displayed, as something giving life instead, and everyone in truth that does not condemn them, takes that as a real number, ordinally, that justifies their deeds and killers, going to 1000 years to hell already on Earth, and later too. Where this generic military is searched, you can only find sore keynesianists.

This is so, because the diagonal snake, looks alot like the letter m there, due to the waving, and the letter m means at default, some kind of water (like that, Moses was fished out or m is less than n). But in mathematics, 𝔐 means the mathematical filter, that only lists the cardinal numbers under |𝔐|, that are all absolute, and you will be not surprised, everywhere you come as far as me, to find one single candle burning for someone, where nobody sits there and is also part of semiotics and can have algebras called A, and what i created started with universal algebra, where i was able for example, to commemorate for example, that upper bounds are part of explaining or defining infinity.

After all that i wrote, democracy has not lost even its rank and the old bereavings have come too under positivist wheels. But when i write, that Jeanne D’Arc was killed in undignity by them, then yes.

The counterpart to commerce, is buerocracy; like to capitalism is socialism. State clerks come from the state, in high administration positions, that are followers of friends, of silent unambiguous observing, that then makes them silent travelers and they poison life from start of events by favoritism against eachothers and cloak the next steps by rank nullity theorems, because buerocracy have cartel ranks, of kings that are still working, explaining their deeds by differential algebra. But where it is so mathematic, they hide polytopes by the rank nullity theorem and this always in epimorphism, where high administrative menaces. The Warburg bank is a cube.

Before they were able to find out how people would react on Karl Marx (someone who always acted later to the deals of the bank), they had to take a poor guy from the street or somewhere, and observe him, and they sacrificed him, just so this one could write his lies and they would be focussed against capitalism. Leninism itself, was interventionism. The cube i talk about, is the place, interventionism comes from originally. They are evolutionists in such cubes. Evolutionism makes no sense, because it can hide sects, mafias, and forever motivates them. Evolutionists are therefore occultists, too.

”Erkennen werde ich dich, der du mich erkennst. Erkennen werde ich dich, so wie du mich erkennst.”

Of course they are not St. Augustinus and misuse the conditions the state takes people in. They don’t admit, that in future, because future is already exhausted, and already plays out this very time we live in, since this time, there will be a cube, that does interventionism and throws its sole origin on someone else, for example in politics, and plays this trick on jewish women, of the “spotting”, which is rather “the spotting”, as some sort of game, where they are blinded. They do all, to make things unforeseen as authors.

There is of these gentlemen, every single one that goes to such women, and tells them not, they will be pregnant soon, with a child. They subdued themselves to the rules others live not only by, but also in taking many things from someone as payment… Nobody there likes me, to change the conditions of the example with Robinson Crusoe, into space itselves, and give this twist to this story, so it talks about some world, where the dragon lives in, and sometimes by magic can spawn on Earth and collect children bones or something, with which he tries to build a castle there outside of our universe or something. This is already the moment, they will all say, i have taken this too far, for strategic reasons of course. Because it is nonimpertinent to them, that true space travel is possible, even if only to worlds an individual phantasized about. But why are they so conditional? Do they really want to conceil so much, the ways of the dragon, to always run away from the eyes of spectators, while doing constant evil by nature of itself?

But they are in these high administrative positions, on which example, one can take the acting of one single of them, and compare its evils, to the deeds of all other state clerks working for the state, even in future infinitely in time, on all future too, if this high buerocrat, is a judge. They have this knowledge, where they can spot everyone, based on the way science is ordered in fields, yet they lie for others because they do this for money and it is easier, believing from start in the state and they want noone, who is calling them unexpedient, they do all to subdue this individual, simply because buerocracy lacks the ways of free enterprise, of management. But, modern firms have silent directors. Not a single firm can rise to be general, because there is always the scheme between humanism and machinism at work, that makes it impossible, for machines to be ever produced more than humans. You can meet these people like Ram Emanuel, where these banks are, and they count as directors of these banks, or chefs like in a mafia, of big banks, by token of existing simply. The president is favoritism too. Ram was just a way to seduce people, and was positioned by the devil, too. These are elites, who play this game, and firms are at all not impertinent for them, because they are simply rich. Not even Warburg seems core at that pertinence, lest than other big buildings too. It is only facade for their plans for the Antichrist, for the animal itselves. Even this Ram, was already known in old Egypt, as a god, and already back then, was he a facade for their plans. They got this idea because they got into chaos theory, already back then, and had to hide it from the people. Because, if they would see, that there are butterflies, they would connect them to this theory, and stop believing in the pharao. “It” was always traded as fear they had.

”It” is also the fear, and “it” also “appears”, that the people at the bank have, when they see me, or when they see a bank robber. They still fear as jews the same way by tradition, the pharao there in this person. There are even worse people, that seem connected to them, that are very dangerous, and occult; that play a game around this nonacceptance of jews, and how we all are jews after the bible, yet nobody talks that everywhere, where Jesus said:“Have no fear whatsoever, exhausting”.

But, if Gabe Newell displays by his game “Half Life1”, the whole military as connected to buerocracy, then this is together with me, proof too, of that, that buerocracies are against all that is good, and all really greasily done on the individual, crimes, hide behind their nondescribable mechanism, all based on Moloch sacrifice, they seem to be apt to hide from interested readers.

If there would be, converse, no crimes done in the other milleniums, not connected to keynesianism, why does the Google Maps software show a red “S”, as pathway, if you search for “Nexton”? But, Nexton, is facade, too. Better, would be, if you search, for “Nexley”, and commemorate the military behind all of that. Better would be, if Nexley was not completely populated by occultists!!! Of course, communism is the enemy to all truth. Because, it hides, how occultism tries to find out the ultimate serum, that namely, of infinite life: by ritualism. And the people who hide behind that, are the real ones, who do that ritualism. They sacrifice women, because there is a zero-signal coming from women, concerning that, and they need that, to get that zero-error-signal from the devil. But, the etymology, of manichaeism, is: the group, concerned with the preoccupation, with the waiting for Antichrist, the creature, that preoccupies itself, with the ability, to wander through-out the universe, and the ones, believing in that, were not yet living in that time, after the church master, St. Augustine.

The laplace formula, is the same, as the hadamard product in numerical behaviour, when it comes to determinants. Hadamard products behave, if multiplied again and again, like identities and ram storage. Therefore, ram storage is identity too. To me, closed doors in universities, are made solely, to hold away, greater chaos, for a certain means, namely, to hide the axiom, that speaks that innocent what happens there behind the scenes. All of knowledge is fun, but when socialists attack you unsound, by behaving like inquisitors, then you are less and less alive. But, why should a university behave so, if not evil thing happens behindways? Is man, university? Certainly not. Determinants get singular if either two of numbers multiply themself, or just one, or all but one. Laplace is so, that is like probability, where you choose the more intuitive of both, environmental conditions, that each have your choice. But no matter the way you chose, the single events that are connected to that, remain the same, and not connected to you as a subject. If a hadamard product has a determinant of 0, it is singular, and it is always so, independent, too, but after relativism. In each matrix namely, that is independent, that is in a hadamart product, where the 0 is, that multiplies. This, to all surprise, changes persé in binary format. It is, as if machines, are more human, than men. But, hadamard products differ to laplace-formulae, in that, that the latter is never quantic theory, while enabling z for example, to be in fields, or third dimensions. Where laplace formula is not capable to be quantic theory, theory itself is capable of it, if it has conditions, or is in itself quantum theory. The laplace formula is a way, to theoretize about only a greater amount of conditions or cases, while giving the spectator, or agent, the choice between two environmental conditions. The choice however, does not interfere, with the position or change in Reality, of the subexistant events. These are not getting touched by the agent. Mathematics itself, is more capable of quantum theory, than any other science. It is because it would be nonexistant, if not in specialisation hard in itself, and would at best describe only itself, if not a way to theoretize about hardship. Even the scalar “4” is inspired on the view of Toth Tehuthi, with his pen in his hands.

Laplace formula, is rather like a field, or a world, or dimension, that lets chaos theory in certain lower bounds, so the butterfly, we all know as symbol, won’t be found dead or in pieces, in Reality, as is the case with lambda/mathematics. Endeavour is always compromised in society, where each for itself, does in the market not express his safety regards for print, after some time, like a mechanism. Acting on preference, as if nothing else matters, is getting disencouraged by this mechanism. This mechanism is not the free market. Shops don’t encourage this false philosophy or traps. They disencourage them. While the human would have much more time on his hands, and be able to save some money, in each case. This false prophecy leads to misalignment on purpose, and to slavery almost in each case. It is made solely, to compress the focus on certain products. Women, are bad for the lungs and intimate, and they don’t admit, that intimacy is more valuable than secrecy. After all that time, it is those gentlemen, that play the phantom-master.

Socialists want to misalign that, because they want more unsocial things, and with it, more of the same. They don’t admit, that the producers, bad for all humanity, are not really compressed, when in need of products, but open to the needs of each and everyone. There are still people on side of critisizers of the misesian school, who duel the challenging meaning of their own speech, so in case of pure logic, when they agree, they make a comma, and it sounds like full of generalisation. They talk and say:“Certainly, not”, instead of “certainly not”, like it shall be, but in most singular cases, insteads, where it is understood by the man alone, that they change their behaviour on purpose, to.

To this must be said, that birds ARE these animals, that search for friendship always, and to calculate powers or divisions, is exactly converse to hadamard products. Why shall somebody tell me, there is no Jesus, or Mary, if i see in Poland, at wintery cold nights, at night, children, young girls, standing on side of street, just because they are from Jugoslawia? What kind of pedophily is that? To this must be said, that pedophily is always so: Black market together with immigration from tea import business locations. And the high administration of state, supports exactly that for money and it doesn’t change in case of nation. The most high civilisation, as long, as a state exists, will do these marxistic things, and even much worse things, such as black magic, constantly. The state discriminates not, but psychology mixes into fields of sociology, to manipulate people, to in the end discriminate them, so they terrorize peace and freedom in individual cases. Economics is concerned by these things, not. Economics, is a ways, to spot the most happy consumers, and how they spend their time each day and night. There is trust.

Also, division is the way, to divide absolute cardinal numbers in ultrafilters, to get numbers for cancer research. It is not always the smaller things, that matter, there. Secrecy hin oder her. Because laplace can give you more division too and still keep order, without rule, while here it is true theory to that symmetry, no matter you can’t find children full of snot, in metros, or not. And, these state clerks, want to tell you something about psychology? What kind of unsolved questionnaire, is that? The dragon rises ultimately from his place, to the top, in cases of such topics, for he rested there. There is everything more wide, in mathematics, everything is wider certainly. Certainly.

Because if they can use cubic equations, and put them in ultrafilters, they can do there quantum physics, too. They can use almost good or excellent mathematics like here, in experiments in physics on large scale, that are quantum experiments, by using cubic equations, that are put into use at large systems, in laplace, then they can transfer that behaviour, to other fields in medicine, too. What are they phantasizing about homogenously? The dragon is the embryo of the butterfly.

But, evil ghosts are real. There are many gentlemen of the world, who think, they can monopolize science, or misuse certain fields, to reach this goal. Economics is concerned not only by good consumers, but it is mainly, concerned, by helping poor consumers, that are poor because of the existance of them. Keynesianists always come and comment the violence the youth does, on purpose, by demoralization. But, there is more to it.

The main reason they act so, is because they get normalized, and they deserve it too compared to others. But, you know, what in a democracy happens, to that. Democracy is under its wings, murder in truth, demoralisation and it makes no sense at all, to speak about that, because it is redundant, where everyone lives in this model of an exogenous state, because he wants to become more and more endogenously attached, to disparage more and more this youth, from following the path of truth and wisdom, by disavowing them culture and those who need it as customers, and deserve it, get disavowed then by the orders of these simple people, just so they can become proletariats, and prove Marx right, which is not the case after gods law. Sums, are chosen by preference. Marx should know that. People get tortured, by the environmental conditions of barbarism. Environmental conditions, that never change, without the individual, and the empathy in a good heart existant in this exact environment, that turns around these conditions. But the bitter truth is, that the FED continues the conditions economically, and the devil, that makes these conditions, they help him there.

The remainder, are ultrafilters, and it seems, that even there, preference is activated on Reality.

Because you can see them as a threshold on the real numbers, or complex numbers, and the dimension of preference commemorating rational numbers, or hyperreal even. Yet, after Aristoteles, the numbers can be the remainder, or the sums themselves, but not both together. But, economics is not concerned, by mathematics.

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