Demons of the dune vs. victorianism Pt3 (EN)

All that creates activism. But it is possible to preclude the following… All these mayan artifacts mean is: render unto men. Of course, with any domination done by men it starts exactly here, and they misuse these benefits or advantages with which they can render these things. With socialism it is the same. They say capitalism is bad and therefore, “listen to us only”. They take authority from that and build from there everything babylonic up. There is an imperative in them. And in public schools, the same is imperated and yet never manifests in something solid. That is an easy trick. The men, then of course together, “render unto” themselves only and profit in multitude thereby multiforce-inepts, while taking advantage easily from the methods evil is not very known for, but repeats itself always in that itselves. Marxists of course, somewhere inbetween rest there as these false prophets or something. Many of that is living life for free, like going in the cold outsides in winter, and people return home, and are sick in the same manner “inbetween”, as the number of people, getting sick of that. Theologians don’t disclose, that these artifacts mean “dagon” and dagon is therefore the black mother, or something. All the other people start their life in the economy with this base running, where the authority is taken already. But it is often, that life is lived for free and the flat-rate is the darkness living in this.

The flat-rate or in german “blaming things pauschal”, as an “Pauschalangebot”, is often misinterpreted because of teachers preaching there, while the price-fixing mechanisms further make advantage possible and contracting of the offering available, called “that”. That is the reason women cry very often, to disclose first, that as “price-control” and using it that sort of. These flat-rates can’t be created anymore that are called “pauschal” due to this only, that there are price-controls. It is the same easy and since these groups already after decades became adult, that make these tricks, they are called strategies, socialist strategies. But all these advantages and profits, are in truth negative. They are disadvantages, unprofitable. Many people don’t know, that darkness hides there inbetween, and they don’t see the disadvantages coming from groups hiding behind the term “overall-studies”, even torture. Many things are unprofitable, that are made on this base, called “overall-studies”, and security always seems a sort of chimaera always living there as that economical possibility capitalism could reach without marxists existing. They don’t know, that it is a preview of capitalism and a dominating example against socialism and that what they want to render unto. With enough misuse, they can render not only unto, but upon, onto and much more, even “open”, like a chimaera of free markets, in championship or something. These people don’t know anything about economics. Their topics always move in spheres of other sciences while claiming, they are economists. For example, like eating meals without praying beforehands, like animals. All of that makes activism, no matter if that is precluded or not. That what is used to preclude that, is creating monopolies that are dangerous in certain decades, and also by benefits others receive, such as welfare, hate against capitalists, by the process of keeping secret and many lobbiests using that. They want that secrecy and they call themselves unions. Easy, to hide that behind all of that, was already made an interlock between certain actors. The hate against capitalism is living despite the price-controls and the instant it is communicated, is always at the evening the best. No matter, what kind of communication is used - may it be writing or speech. Often, outlandish tabloids for industry, are concerns that are acting against eachother and one creates something outrageous, that others pinpoint to, and then suddenly, another shows a beautiful capitalist woman on the front of a magazine, while the outrageous was a soccer superstar beheaded or something like that. That is not creating a better situation for capitalism. It only seems good, but is part of stagnation in truth. And inbetween they make that strategy, while the new tabloid did not create that front magazine with the woman, they do different stuff against individuals, working with gangsters of the state even. The state started acting in that darkness often by unsound tricks helping the competitors there or someone, by certain static pressure against ownership, in a tactic against anarchism. Everything was made against capitalism.

There seem to be many actors (which are price-controllers) of the state, against having ideas about old monuments that were made for angels before big battles fought or rather remembered against the idea of banks existing, that stand in Germany. It seems since to hold a view that to research it, that is a great idea, against many people at once, with the Leviathan and at the same, only, the very first thing existing, their builders or architects, predecessors, created them with magnitude or magical tricks, and that is together with people not knowing much about preference, how it is anatomical-even and that based in art too or religion, an interesting offer for the individual, they can overview by buerocracy easily, “to live life” as an individual, searching luck, against that evil. Totalitarianists of course help these price-fixers, price-control and manipulate the market, statists that are against everything, by a logical method, the individual makes on its own, without manufacturing it, by mind solely. It is not funny and it is misused by them too as a backdoor the absolute, ultimate secret sorcery against the individual is made by the Leviathan unto: a qualifier who is thinking and who is insane. But someone was there to decide the variables of that qualifier earlier.

Dogmaticism is like parasite-made and their utilitarianism, is it too, and utilitarianism is their qualifier. Good people talk about dogmatism and want sisiphean work at all places existing without exception done on the individual, while dogmatism does not even exist, since it needs the individual as a prerequisite existing too. The state does not like that, that as knowledge, since it is a monopolist, and wants to monopolise identity-making too, which hides behind that, together with occultism namely. It does not want the individual equipped with special ideas, but prefers then, to destroy the horizon of the ideas, in mind of the individual it wants to do that onto. It wants to aggress in order so as to - contract that horizon to a simple measurement, until the individual is sampled. And that sampling is supported. No matter what image is rendered thereby, democracy is in truth the overall-rendering done anyway. And nobody discloses, in truth, that holding of that idea with preference - the pinky finger used to choose products, and at the same instance, the special muscle in the forearm, is leading to special thought, additional to that, and using that outside where no preference shall be used, is choosing too much they think, since they are monopolist, and all together is the reason with them, for torture existing, since the pinky finger, lifted, leads to special thought everywhere else and they operate against that. The overall-verdict is unimportant. It shall be the consumer-verdict only, and it does not fit into what they want always - an order of the mind - rightly called by van Mises - socialism. In general it is not yet that, with their tight grip on producing the currency out of thin air. They are ideas that get critisized of things, by people that are a multitude in democracy and when they are done by the monopolist - they are accepted blindfolded, encouraged - even by some “greater being” which does not exist of course and needs further elaborating by the places they get sent to. In music for example the popular tale of the christian priestess that gets always damaged in some way by secret plans or something, is the only thing that has a pinpointing to actual things how they are remaining economically. Some female entity remains they always destroy, and that is never the state - but is more sensible than that. “The economy” rather or “certain soundness” perhaps. Instead of receiving the economical security, in the place of that, people are sending it rather to some entity - called - the state. And it is each time they do that and have a chance to receive it. It is a strong hold with which that scepter is held. To actually alleviate the insecurities created further, the state would need to stop receiving these sums each instance it is misused. People are beasts that are suddenly in the tradition of the individual. Others, that may misuse might, don’t respect the limits and the different ways of thought, which are meta-ways, and better, than real ways, even in brilliance. They are real and physical in socialism only in literature and that is the problem. There seems to be - envy. It is unmanagable and the reason why preference is monopolised, since there - needs to be always not a remedy - but someone - who profits less.

But there is no security by the state from these things, that by almost randomness, summon against security (ownership). Things can be only alleviated by saving precious leet. Someone doing that very fastly sees and hears, that the world is full of lies. Neither fiat-currency that is by these price-controllers advertised as an easy outcome is more suitable there, nor more criminality avoided by the number of people wishing for envy to vanish as the only source. What the individual does by doing that, is to secure its own self, against the Leviathan and replaces the state as a giver of security or justice, alleviating its constructed lies. But it is more likely, to die a horrible death in the hands of the groups, who also torture, as older versions of that, than to meet someone, who teaches that, and than to have freedom to actually operate in that manner without being even once damaged by democracy. Everywhere there are groups who want to be kept secret. They can have envy too, and unite later. It is more likely that all of that happens first in that domain offered by democracy for free thought, than is accepted, and more likely it is - to be segmented and categorized. Things that are tried fit better into things that were built by them. Corporativism is prefered by them rather than new ideas accepted, with war being a constant strong hold of that, delivering an outline or architecture for others to orient on always. But this is not real economics so far as i know it and even what i describe is much too far-fetched in intelligence, which is 2/3 more than they use and are using envy of course by default. This is rather where firms show contenance and at the same instant, where they begin to produce their products by holding back. Firms are different than men in that. They, when they hold back, are always at producing something. Every firm is only made of contenance, and follows for example Freiherr von Knigge in that. It is NOT the gentlemen, who follow him. Contenance and being without affection at all instants. Only if they have bad economical situation, they begin being somewhat emotional. This is what the people don’t see.

By making the horizon of ideas thin, and rotating the picture, they can make everything with an individual, by making demand greater, for example - supply vanish, or other pictures of reality where supply gets wished less for example. And the things summoning from that are held up by the prices existing then of all private goods, and all firms have to correspond to that. Each instance it is a line they make by making the horizon thin of an individual. Activism is the same mistake with triangular interventionism done by statists.

The effect of imposing general price maximae for example is that there is never enough quantity of currency and due to the higher demand on supply, that means that automatically there is created poverty where some persons have it, and there is no easy outcome for them out of that. It is against cultivatedness and it corresponds to how these statists behave. Therefore, to make less people live in poverty, there have these statists to vanish and become employed or leave somewhere else simply, and the totalitarianists too, with less state, much less than now. Also, less people, that torture. To not have more preference, and be able to lift the finger and choose products, is to have more stagnation. Nobody can repair the damage done by that kind of stagnation and return life to the consumers. It is because the person who happens to be in that situation, perhaps already chose so often, so many things, that it was driven into stagnation by that. But with statists it is different. They cost a lot, because they do that on all sorts of situations and force that outcome. They cost much much more therefore and getting rid of that would be excellent. Darkness can be so tight, that it can be held by hand. As can be seen by the impossibility of the artifacts in Maya, that can’t be grasped by hand, without destroying their integrity and underlieing secrets, there exists a group called “historicists” that is visible by that. Where there are multiple interests in multiple countries, an individual is labeled or categorized by two different viewpoints, not really still. There remains an individual looking at things from “outsides”. The same rings true, for demons. They seem to be musical and active by that token, first, and then do, what they please or want, first doing the musical attention thing. If a whole city is burned down in war, they are way too much existing in reality there, and were able, to do their thing uncontrolled thereby. Therefore war is something against cultivatedness. With state clerks led astray by activism it is the same as with the consumer. The provision thing really works with them. They can be tested on base of provisions and still there is an overwatch done by some ugly elite. They circumvent the hoppean vision of leaving and closing down the reign forever by building compromise-architecture for the poor, instead of getting employed by a real firm. They could work in places that are like that where they dwell, but better, more effective and competitive, and even like nations. Even the depictions of angels at the entrance of big churches, are inspired somehow on the greeks, and the myth of heracles, instead of being the real purity in imagination of the individual. It is the poor individual, that does not know that and renders the things automatically “unto caesar”. They have that might, that it needs to be questionned in that sort of etymological mixture. It is still very likely, they will question that by asking, if it is an etymological mixture at all first and return to their orders still. But they can’t rest in peace if they do such. It is known. Only sophists question it.

All that these mayan artifacts such as Teotihuacan attribute to, is the mechanism human, that is in truth empty, when somebody claims something, or demands something. And that was researched throughout millennia, and remained empty, in economics too, and without content. Others told myths about that and safeguarded that mistery by force with blunts. From that came the first policemen probably, but they still exist probably. But it is also the root of the evil number from the bible and humans remain rather artifacts and forceless about that, if somebody keeps it secret against them. There is however, besides that religious part, that demand-mechanism in it and it is empty however one wants. There can be, such as in music misterious combinations of harmonies, that make misterious connections, possible the utilisation of that knowledge or wisdom, in economics. There are helpful tokens in scripture that describe, that there lived women, in dark temples, and served rulers that were not very fond of behaving well toward them, and they were alone at night probably often. They were individual women that needed help of logicians that never helped them. Today, these serve as a model of innocence, to be tortured by the state, based on the idea of the mythical “law of the land”, massive theft by social democrats insteads. Poetry could be found at that place. Unsoundness could be found. There is however praxeology. For example, when someone reads literature, there is a common pattern of stopping to read at some instant, and that notion of praxeology can be used to continue writing more. But if due to my talents, i am the one requesting everything as an individual at first, from everyone else or everything, that is the only prerequisite of soundness and logic. These things often are neglected or not existing in the behaviour of others, that safeguard the state. Such as i demand something, the notion that others exist that do that by default in the economy, helps understand only, but is not the explanation for why it is connected to economics or requesting something - since demand and request are not the same indeed. But others act that way everywhere in an economy and social democrats claim, they can fight criminality by taxation or theft, while it is rather created by that harmony in non-socialistic countries, which are plagued therefore by socialist forces from outsiders (architects of infrastructure, policemen and so forth too). Many people behave so in an economy, being nondiscriminated by anyone in an economy and the market helps them buy everything they want in soundness and friendliness towards them, while they don’t account for that, and don’t safeguard it. The places upbuilt however, that are more corrupt and create that criminality rather, are corporative, or versions of the market with a notion of limiting it constantly, while they are designed concern-like. That is where criminality summons at night in non-socialistic countries. In bright daylight however, they can be somewhere else, and it is more probable, that the people concerned by that mode of living, rather, are the reason for the criminality, which is at different places too almost. There is a lot of reluctance to teach others, that there is a lot of relativism. That is part of the massive theft they do, and the corporativism included by them in keeping that running. What can be more living life for free, than that? And they weave myths about that, starting with the notion of being good, then telling there will be something that is hidden, and then even adding on top of that, that the notion of being good, is truth, and that they don’t weave myths at all above the clouds. In truth, what they leave is stagnation, and futile emptiness only for everyone believing in them, while the others are misled thinking, they are friendly. But it is not base of making theft. It is theft. The tensely expecting hands while reading or resting the hands in midair of women working there above the clouds, ignore that the men make without base of deaths, and stagnation and torture done on innocents, wars based on banking and are not telling the truth, that it is all theft together with the behavior there, that starts that ignorance based on the women, which already by that lie about myth-weaving and the evil misteries behind the theft, that is main. They lie about empty attempts of socialism happening in non-socialistic countries, such as in Germany, while leaving Switzerland and the USA uncommented while the men that work there too, use that, to make the massive theft, probably based on corporativism, where the witnesses at important hearings, are simply bought by currency, and programmed, to look ignorant in instant. There can be no other important example of where socialism happens in non-socialistic countries and why the places criminality summons, have that limiting quality. They inherit it from these purchases.

Stagnation happens since provisions are seen outlandish by groups believing in that idea, and they seem foreign, and it seems suspect. Suspect agencies exist, and suspect police-officers can belong to them, behaving innocent at first. Investing in things on installment is constantly turned around by them, where it is already suspect, that it gets switched by the existence of installments, which seem to be purchased at first by someone, and are not provisions, that are investments in persons or something, that test the suspect situation. All of that is stolen from the inhabitants and replaced by that monopolistic idea. And the theft goes far back in history to the historicists. Provisions are suspect anyways. If somebody pays something on installments, it can’t be for a service. If it was just, and done for some justice, it is paid at the higher most, by investing in private security and paid by provisions. There have been already 65+ examples of plagiarist behavior exposed by the finance firm, of the author (Robert P. Murphy), who makes currently a research. They believe in the state, not in “that idea”, and they seem “benign”, not suspect. It is the the question, if limiting persons living in extreme poverty, is not playing god insteads, rather than “playing good”! They do this. They play god. Behind the hands held in tension is not the capitalistic simple hand, known from sale and cultivatedness. There is mercantilism in globalism. It is not hard to do business in globalism with everyone living, using it and not seeing it or acknowledging, it even exists. But they are programmed it to not pay for these products and do corruptive acts insteads that have always base in the idea of the mythical “law of the land”, corrupted into an idea of peace, but not really original and meaning it, which gets turned in the end against the individual, while globalism continues. And that is not only in the market, but everywhere the case, and not only in cities. It spawns the people against thunderbird and all the young people exist or exist not anymore due to suicide, that can see or hear that. Why are there no products that parents can buy for their offspring, such as gum-isolated vests or shoes, against getting serious colds, that happen still, with a little human in the mode of hang-on at the mothers skirt, and at the end, a bird flying upwards, after the logo vanished? Instead, the hang-on is somewhere made by gentlemen. That is stagnation and suffering in economics. And util: … “There comes unity”, they shall say, “when all utils, become psychological, with us only”. Since they really do that. And they mean universities with that. Security, “what security?”, if it vanishes, the moment it is needed, as something precise? The Leviathan will never be anything else, than a monster, that scares security away. But in that, the psychological factor is mapped and has an application on the term “grip”, which is in case of advertisement used as an util, on the offspring, or even by the parent, as an individual. And in this little hand, comes the fiat-currency of the bank. Well done, but what really happens to that offspring? It is programmed to beget a perspective on a corporativist domain. It is conservativism, that misspells this as a view that is then monopolised and used by gentlemen. It is rather still corporativism and other isms have a friction too on reality or even traction. Traction rather less than that, or not at all, is then seen. In my opinion this is still only termed in literature, even without eccentricism, with other economical factors often not highly developed and rigidly controlled. Nobody would accept this set of rules. Rules have to be made by item descriptions instead, like capitalism teaches, like in case of Kirschharmonie. In universities such as Cambridge there can be met someone saying “I was gripped by the problem of development.”, but is that really someone, who understands economics well? Not at all. Rather, he or she works for the socialist regime. “When an emotion such as fear grips you, you feel it strongly”, and all groups support someone who is known for being against science there, when he often aggressed against someone describing mapping correctly there. The restitution of seeing the criminals behind bars, is often the only thing guaranteed by the state. But in case of grip it is “control over something or someone”. How is grip therefore allocated there? It is a sickness. A true sickness. And it can end deadly for offspring. And there is no guarantee that health will come. The state however is a neverending tunnel through nature, with only some little built-up architecture always. All has been robbed by them and theft is only hidden by that, that they leave god the right to build that illusion. Democracy is evil. The cars are the only thing in need of grip in winter. The state clerks are inherently concerned by things like that only. They are not a very good investment. The others, who have other similar behavior, are not needed in similar. Their “other things” are not inclusion into some safe and secure place, and it is often not believed too. First it shall not be believed by anyone, and the naivete of those who do so, are battled against sharply by reality anyway. The true problem here is, that it gets switched fastly into some sort of social contract or circle. Many of the things beforehands mentioned are in truth communism and concepts of that scale instead of what seems only small and benign. They are used to defer truth. It does not mean, that the individual is the developer of grip, if someone in Cambridge says such things, however, and even if it is someone else, grip is not developed solely by an “ego” and is NOT meaning anything and it is a pure waste of resources, to attune to that and make that topicism. Socialism seems to be a sort of reign or parasites, that are doing hidden by ignorance, baal worshipment in truth, before anything else may happen normally, as is thought by all. They would buy products too such as apricot cans, enclosed, and Kirschharmonie, as a sweet taste. Therefore, they spend a lot too and have need. It does not vanish just because they believe in these things. But they need outer energizers to get the power to go shopping. And after they clushed with everyone to do that, they can have only hate against capitalism as a left-over. They wouldn’t however, buy sweet clams, for offspring. They leave that for “children” as a left-over, which tell a lot about the economical situation. The problem is, no matter on which side the people are, it is still Darwinism, to purchase things as a consumer, without currency, while the rich people can have everything. The certificate of how good these economists are, that make that possible to continue therefore, for statists, totalitarianists, torturers and so forth, is therefore made by how many consumers are standing coerced standing under that mode, which is not a good certificate at all.

Theosophism is that too, together with baby-experiments via Neurodermitis. Anyone, can be as an individual pinpointed to, and blamed, for doing theosophy fastly. Since, it is not only a religious place. There are many aristocrats belonging to it. Adding Neurodermitis, the often by positivism well-spoken horror in truth for offspring, mentioning it, with theosophism as a notion already, anyone can be hunted by that. It doesn’t mean, that that is just. The animal-experiments are not just too on squirrels already. Leninists are the people against Moses, that help the banksters, conjure away the natural mechanisms in folk, to safe-guard their belongings from the banksters, and they are redundantly - indoctrinated to believe the former even onto themself. Therefore they often are against preference and with that - freedom. Historicists are paid too much too, it seems. Where history is written, should be these things first removed. In truth, torture is not made by leftists or social democrats called them - but these things are called by Robert P. Murphy, the author, rather monstrous paradoxes, and therefore, the state is guilty rather on many such things it seems. “Private legal contracts” - there is freedom taken away from people, doing them. It is the same as in torture. Further, in former case it seems, that are the guilty, marxists. In torture, the things are much too important the individual does or did even, while it is never proven, that traction exists in topicism, or that the state does justified hunts on base of passports, that are rather provocations, and are losing their qualitative character of being provocations, if these passes are seen as entry cards into a circus only. The mistake is done by state, in calling passes not entry-cards. The people think, things are approximately “that”, not “approximate”.

Many people are thus, to prefer war. And they are undiscussable, already now, unfortunate. The hemisphere they never share, even when they could possibly be indoctrinated into communism. The hemisphere is never the thing they share. That is very unfair, indeed. It is true, that buying a big candle, so as in order, to make a funeral where the state is laid to rest, is a very good thing to do for every individual that wants to choose something else on his/her list. Every author should think about that before writing and literature would be much better thereby, since there is nothing misleading the reader, and is a technique to show to others, that the author is in line with the plans that god makes for humanity even in detail, and therefore, is alive and wants things to be alive. It is a suspicious technique to fight firms, by telling them, they are void of human acting, that still works on any firm, that likes to aggress against peaceful inhabitants, would that be feared by anyone even. It does not happen then. But in the same sort, women are blocked by others, and then have to fight with their offspring. They can be misled too, by others, who claim they follow that plan, while in truth, they never do that in truth, since i know them. They act sort of worse than anything. In recent, everything evil vanished, such as despotism even, or corporativism. It, only was replaced by inflationism, it was placed as a concept into a dead equilibrium, or something emulating it, via these tricks against action, and where in short-term prices fluctuate (fluctuating prices are very bad, and there follows always a fall in prices with them by nature). The natural play of market forces is not reviving in a dead equilibrium or where these tricks are played and everything becomes industrial somehow, which is interesting, but void of following the plan of god and full of others, who know much better, what that means. Someone interested in following the path of god, or keeping his composure in that sort, he transgresses everything and everyone and can’t be found with old things or traditional things, that are old, but has always something new, and fresh. Consumers try to emulate that every day and that is not what i mean. There are others however, who keep composure, as they say, and still are not found with these things, which can only mean, that they are not telling the truth. Consumption is in truth income where capital stock stays untouched, and it is therefore misleading, to not discredit the state for claiming taxes in multiple places if it means only that. And with keeping composure, it is hard to allow giving rights to anyone, who wants to give rights to decide how an individual is viewed, and it is muxed, into something evil.

There can be evil such as, someone, buying houses from others, working as a contractor for a real estate agency, and transfering the property to the agency, as a “free-to-do-anything” person. That is something that can be done without acting there as the bank of the person or something, and it is highly unlikely, even only with fiat-currency, to find someone while doing that trade, that is unsound or does not want to pay each member in that process the sum, and it is about the sum too only, and the “free-to-do-anything”-person is a kind of entrepreneur or capitalist there, seen legal by all persons doing that trade, only because of wearing a suit and having active behavior. That person however, has to rely on philosophical maxims. That has a reason: the entrepreneur would be in a much better situation, having the trust from the agency too, he transfers the property to, and getting her currency first, then investing it fastly in precious leet, to secure the trade further, and for further profits, sell the precious leet for a higher price at a special instant where it has that price. That is what is better, than fiat-currency. Without fiat-currency, such business would be untrustworthy seen by all and the poor capitalist would be not tempted or plagued by any theosophy. Gold is seen 7x more precious, than silver is. But with fiat-currency, with paper, it is 60x more costly, than silver, while can be traded privately against a relative price too, and that makes possible for poor persons, that can’t afford already saving gold, to “relate-up” into that sphere slowly, by doing normal trade with others, that is not that risky perhaps. It is where free trade is wrong and everyone acts as if the businessman is tailored already to the philosophy/business, and then it gets corrected fastly by some magical trick. The philosophical maxims only point to that, that trading precious leet is much sounder and safer and much more important here, and can be a safe-haven even allowing for not jumping too fast into fast profits for businessmen not already tailored to be trustworthy or something. The even greater evil to that, are the persons able to jump in and assist in case of failing trade. They can operate on base of a hedge-fund, that was freshly created, and they buy stocks and so forth. They have to tax nothing of what they get as income from that. In case of the entrepreneur however, that does not even need them by using sound logic, everyone starts to think. There seems to be a consensus, about his income, being that capital he operates with, while his profits are earned by risk and hardship and are only in consumption, even his capital they want to tax, which is not really his, but of the agency rather, he has soft contacts only to. But why, why has the state the unilateral right, to do out of fresh-air the will to tax? Where is the logic in using false arguments, and then superimposing theft? As if, there were in case of the capitalist not already failing human rights or humanism or something. The person is all alone, and is an individual and has hardship too. The investors in the hedge-fund think this is still sound business, but the capitalist is not trustworthy if he relies on these despots or admins and is even seen once in his life, with their helping hand. And what sense does it make, to preclude something wrong, which is appearently the most evil, and then claim, there is something more evil than that, more wrong? Something is not ordered right from outset by them, who can superimpose these thefts. Those that love to labor, they see that only as an example of impair, but many of them have maybe dipped into certain business domains. Would the whole labor force be able to do such business freely, they would have no problems in life. They already try that helped by good theory such as that from Professor Hans Hoppe. But on that is seen how many they really are, and where the rest of them breaks away with the destruction of cultivatedness together with the ruins of civilisation. And for young people that is hard, especially if they are raised in socialist households, that keep that “sweetness” alive critisized for example by “Hello Kitty” and also not critisized, but used in the music of “My Dying Bride”.

There are aggressive, corrupt, american agencies, that are on purpose set up that aggressive, by common law. They inspire others (to decide) from state, to decide for the parents of some person, instead of them, while they think, the parents are concerned by theosophy. In true, the parents are making an utopy. And with the whole labor force, it is likewise furthermore, that it is rather, that many people get into forethought (which is always capitalistic if it is void of luciferianism), and then instead of being concerned by ideology or ideas, instead into utopya. But there are people that are right, in kicking someone out of the home, if the offspring does not write that. And they can be wrong too and laugh about inappropriate things constantly and have everywhere else the same mode of behavior, even in violence. It is not true, that these agencies, that spawn everywhere by state, are not behaving the same, since it is proven, because these types are inferred from them. They are brutal and they are socialists. They make revenge in public on people that critisize socialism while confronting others with the truth in other countries, that speak other languages, while they are right in doing that and more, much more. It is important to have places, of trade, where people can circulate often and there is nothing. They believe easily, in being against essays, not exact against people knowing “persè”, but are very much with the belief, that the domain shall be “dead”, after Keynes. The other world, is a domain too. The market around graveyards is certainly interesting, but it is not coincidence, that there is no great circulation there. Many people are in a constant mode of being valued highly. Parents are constantly indoctrinated in a mode of teaching how to behave in being equalised. They expect some magical healing from the state applied on the offspring. Actions of magnitude that are of logic, are the same and yet require individualism, and they can be put out of the indoctrination by that, and other people too, and that is against utopy that is created by their indoctrination, and against own bad situation then. But these deeds of magnitude, are not traditional and undepending on age and being fit against evil. It is not a global pandemic of evil, but local always, that has to be acknowledged first as that. Socialism of that sort is that too, when the individual is making a journey to become more tolerant and meets these dark people then that safeguard democracy, in any age possible, and has no economical safeguarding left and starts its life only, with expectations not really yet developed. They are gangsters. Expectations are what fits well with the secret of demand resting in mayan artifacts. It proves, that the individual is separatable from class of any kind. Class does not even exist… These people are dangerous and they are against occasion first, where they start applieing their faulty logic on the individual, so as in order (!), like scientists then insteads, which is not talked about often, or written, so as in order - to safeguard socialism from exposers of the truth. The domain of literature or that hardcore-socialism, which is rather even more dark even, as is seen, more rather, like keynesianism, that can be a domain of literature too, or seem like socialism, makes vanish the trust that people have in summoning events. By that, value vanishes like fiat-currency by default, and trust in other people. Only naturalism stays filtered, and remaining. And that is where marxism is too located. A fully controllable space, full of people that write distant and elitarist, to justify some “things”, such as class, with a multitude of people in a democracy, believing in deeds remaining skillful against magnitude, in the same magnitude, as the person has only 0.44444% of the wealth that they have as some elite. It seems fair to all other people. There exist these people and they want that all, to be displayed as secrets of theft as in order, to keep secret that other people are becoming harlequins more. Harlequin is a word that can be used only once in every book. Scores are against science as a multitude, since they never are singular, and once only, and they that label that detrimental are with untrue science and they will never apply that result on economics as a wisdom, since they are against real science. Eating more takes skill sometimes, and other shall know, that it is favourable, because many things are better piecemeal.

We live in times, where the dead people of the first resurrection, were resting 1000 years, and now after 1000 years, Satan comes down to reign the four nations, Gog and Magog in the four quarters of the earth, after being beforehands, cast away with all his angels, causing many people to make others commit fornication for others, to gather these four nations or four quarters up, for a battle, after being sealed for all this time by angels or something. And the individual gets blocked by that, not being able to join others in that fornication stuff, while being coerced to join their ways always upon which they go. It is a sad thing, that individualism is described by that, wherein the first resurrection is living with these 1000 years for innocent people - while still everywhere are the people that commit this fornication or seduce others to do it by socialism. The people understand the problem, that there is some great power taken concerning the image of these creatures that do that, where things get clouded and “holy patrons” can’t even teach anything to the people clouded that sort of, while that understanding in people is happening. But they don’t understand for example, that cancer has to be defeated as a sickness by people understanding the operations inherent in mapping in mathematical logic, and that the greater multitude does not even know a little bit about that, with these nations acting against that truth, doing indeed “great fornications” against individualism by state. In the market, there is equilibrium, but there is instant where it wholesomely also halts, by tradition always, and it is normal, and all people are part of that, and it is very good to create Pauschalangebote there, that are twice effective to the ears. That is what all fail to do and then someone can have a better outcome in competition, an anti-rival-competitor even. People instead of hailing about that, they hail “god”, in truth a solution by the state, that is programmed, to create torture, and they become nazis. And, btw., “torture”, can’t be that Pauschalangebot, since that is human slave trade then. Somebody can have, without a change of tide, change of circumstances due to rivals. The change of tide has to be against all people, that are with the devil, including leninists, that are false christusses. With people such as Senator John Kerry, it is that: they are not sound and nobody talks about that, and even worse, for they plan hideous things to hide their corruption days before it can be exposed, and all are in fear and accept their corruption, no matter if they know less or more. The protestantism of young people, that may have different accounts, they have their idealism from the theologians, that are despotic and occult and are worse than the despotic youth sometimes hiding only behind that veil. No matter what good they believe in, if it is not god, it is evil, and banditism, like the banditism in Afghanistan made on both sides probably and special institutions - someone in the press writes adding some stuff to that “good”, and it becomes worse, than the thing, they believe in, and on itself may still be very well good, and others believe that indoctrination, including the stuff going up to the very top or senate, and it is evil. Can’t be a change of tides, with some names existing, is almost, precise, what happens. But change of tides must be, if even it is for the little new generation, that has to know it happens while anyway knows everything. Anyone displaying this as a change of tide, is not really part of truth. Nobody can warm up from inside the soul concerned by these things, and can help the individual there and the state has nothing to say with these concerns. Even there they are “right”, due to some movies, even when nobody would follow there. In truth it is all very much simpler, than all of that, since only repentance is important there, and expected at the higher most, by the higher being. For sure, force (and coercion too) is worse, than speed. The state helpers that visited me were all copies of Senator John Kerry or some other kingpin that does things that never come to light and it is known while they help noone, and problems that eat up the ego or inner peace, are like torture and never get exposed at all. At multitude, the people that help me somehow get truth to light, do not know anything and recently, while i started not caring for the german voltairists much, have the same problems with computers shutting down, i had back then, when they started getting suspicious against childrens life, they of state. They jump around the flat upstairs for years like children, while they clearly have no offspring at all, and they use for that some machines or something, in truth the voltairist hand of control of mind. It is impossible to read or concentrate and the people are socialist experiments as long as they don’t have a firm of their own and they get authoritative and don’t know the pitfalls of fascism. It is always the same story with the state. The german voltairists of state are socialist children killers and historicists, that would be very unthankful if anyone would click the ads on my site to help me get things together against them more and more. The people such as these foucaultists in multitude in a democracy don’t act against the individual by esteem, that others may still use. They are socialist scum in need of doing problems by the state in a non-socialistic country even, that are of the same calibre, as vampirism, while they get even stalkers of daily life. They all are communists, that like to tune into the empty space created by not admitting, that if someone has a house made of wood, and watches others burn it often somewhere if it is of that sort, and in that special occasion, even does give them permission by not acting against them constantly or at the very instant. So they not only burn such things down but they are much worse than that. They are leeches and they like, to use younger people in approximity, such as brothers or sisters, to make them programmed protestantism that unmasks them as part of the banksters domination plan. They make the mistake of never acknowledging, that the architecture is sacred, and literature is sacred too, that writes about what they do against humanity, and is sacred in general with their behavior against freedom. The architects are not sacred. They are the same human, as the german voltairists/fascist foucaultists doing these stupid crimes, of blaming someone for equalisation and then not talking neutral about vessels, but concentrating on the individual, like people with Engels or Hegel. And schism is a gig only for communicating to others, that certain items are demanded as a capitalist by the trader perhaps, not to be misused as a word, as it is often by hegelyanists, that hide in truth behind all of these people. But it is possible to preclude the following. The consumers are without compromises. They dissolve everything that has an appearence of onliness, and democracy is not needed in truth, because preference is the multitude-version of that gig. Experience meeting a black fellow on the street and you see he is a bit stressed, and you change the side you go on the sidewalk, despite knowing he would be angry, and to your big surprise, he is neutral, and then suddenly when he is 11m away from you, the street and all the buildings end suddenly, and there is nothing, a sharp cut in reality instead. All the streets are cut, and the buildings are gone, and nothing is there simply. That is how a domain in the market is accessed. But the way other people behave controlled by someone, they are as if the black fellow would return to you in that situation and try to aggress towards you. They seem to be indoctrinated by a propaganda-campaign made by luciferianists. The “gemeinsames leben” is that sort. Torture, is luciferianism and often a historicist reminding skelletal, of some history in America, for example the indian shaman, conjuring something away, which is also known in more asiatic zones, as conjuring away capitalism.

Saving is different, even to that “gemeinsames-wohl” or “leben”. It is different since there is a domain such as in dreams, where something is playing out in the “past”, which is imagined as without any people existing, and only defined by the wish of the thing in question, the preference, that is in the backroom of the mind somewhere real. There are no people existing in that backroom of the mind, and everybody concerned by his saving is only imagining his own version that is almost his own property then. And that is as long, as the person has not acquired it yet in real, or longer, if the thing is a long-term wish. But it is only in case of logical thinking only then, if it concerns current saving for that wish, in order as to resolve the issue. And that is where economics is important. Whatever is acquired so as in order to better inside that economic theory, the things needed to fulfill that distant past, is instead better and more recent. That is only possible if people don’t believe in socialism at all. That reference with the backroom of the mind, is already a reference in thought. And people forget it legitimately, saving for other things that can be acquired by the multitude existing of private goods. Public goods are a constant aggression against this concept, and therefore, the concept of the mosesian law against theft and also against envy. Whereever that territory is imagined as a reference, someone else already created a reference to territory itself. The more distant and greater the backroom is, the less it is likely, that people will imagine, there is free trade possible for that thing. Therefore people forget these things and acquire the new things to liquidate that need, which is indeed the need itself, frozen by that distance. Therefore, things that are in preference, are a need, such as human rights even, such as keeping things valuable and void of aggression towards them by anyone, the bigger that space is in that territory imagined, and still other people hold free trade unimaginable there. Therefore someone imagines that territory only and looks away fastly, while evil is still known, to transcend there and rest there. But noone so far as i know people, would translate this space forward, while people are in front of him. It is not more likely knowing set theory, but more unlikely rather. Noone at all, would do such brutal things, not even in marketing while marketeering a product to the people. The people have no right to interprete anything from current facts. But they are hegelyanists, that make these problems completely. Everything that is an interpretation of current facts, is not as valuable, not as much true, as is logical reasoning. But for the individual, the reference of thought is more valuable, than them. They are indoctrinated by a propaganda-campaign, made by communists. They want people to save faster because of that what they do as directors. What a big surprise after all that they made in unsoundness, too. The individual wants to save piecemeal, and piecemeal is absolute, in nature, or invariable. Why should piecemeal things be bad suddenly? Why does it suddenly play a role, if there is something communicatable, that something bothers someone and why that is, as a question, important, where it is coming first? Who gets bothered by that even? And why is it important where that is communicated first, to delete the chances of others who might further the corruption earlier created?

Saving is sometimes not possible at all, and the person rests constantly in utopy instead made by the theologyans, that think if some groups of people die, that is the instant they can describe against all the scientists, that count people by number or other statistics, suddenly, some architecture from the mountains, because noone can change the current “mortality rate”. But who was silent, to make that “mortality rate”? It were the groups, counting the territory of that thought referencies, for each individual, that had logical reasoning and that did not tell lies together with them. Or even more likely, the groups, who had social campaigns running to advertise some social goals, or those even, who are their investors. It not only seems, that the paths were diverted here. They were diverted exactly here. They could be groups doing anti-capitalism for social democracy even, but that is too far-fetched. These issues are more helping than social issues certainly, but imagining a god, is more important therefore and they who like to keep that unimpressive exactly there, so as in order to make people unbelief, are really black. They therefore, since things have to be kept transparent, who divert truth there with others, even if they are working for state, are gangsters. The secret service, is America’s gestapo. It is hard to grasp, but they are investors. Certainly, Switzerland hosts a lot of interventionists only. But that is a tale they make children believe while people have no whatsoever freedom of speech to critisize that, even with all that social stuff running, which was that. “We have a plan for the entire globe”, but why is the globe only a domain? What is worse than that, the people who like to continue living their life, while know, they live in an utopya with others, or the people who know that, despites using utopya as a fog of war? To me, utopya is dangerous enough, to make all people living in utopya, the same and gangsters, since they accept that. Even if they are not yet torturers, by joining into that sphere, of utopy, they hide the strides done by others that use that utopya, and critisize nothing, and join into things that are grey. How can Switzerland host interventionists or anything for that matter, if hosts are authors rather? My main concern is, that people don’t sense that falling more into uncultivatedness, is leading them suddenly by malthusian traps done on innocents, and even despites that, into becoming worshippers of Engels, where already the first is worse than all. In a shop, while the equilibrium is in a dead state, the people in group, gather the energy to buy a lot of stuff. There is a lot of free trade not anymore and that happens not anymore, and was replaced by speakers more and more, not even base those of the shop, but somewhere else, that critisize even, the need to expect a so called thought construction. That cubic backroom of the mind is of course not only a thought construction, but can have another reference to reality namely, while words, and it is often overlooked, are never natural by nature, the thought construction is in itself real, by definition and impossibility to not exist at all. It is logical simple, that it does not exist, to most people. But legal stuff does not help with it, because it is constantly in the mode of expectation concerning the ownership, and rotates therefore in a wormhole with people conjoining that space constantly anyway. It is unreal, that a host of authors would consist of these people, but that space is not real on itself, is the logical consensus in most if not all the people. The people that are happy about that, and not angry, have a privilege in a legal space. The difference between socialists and the other sort is, that they believe in that things coming from the “earth”, not from the so called planet “Earth”, and see therefore everything and want everything, global, since it is local for them. They don’t unmask it. Socialism itself, is a fornication. It includes it as ideological use-case, where it is about the future, where “socialism shall come”. Such is nothing more, than a definition of fornication itself, if it contains nothing happening, as van Mises describes it would. A fornication is gathering of energy such as above described, and then receiving nothing for it. The market reacts by choosing a dormaid. The next instant you go shopping, you see a lot of women only, and they are quite helpless and yet feel oriented to the max. That is where the market needs stability, not people, despite what the hegelyanists claim. Therefore the next instant again you go shopping, you see attempts to stabilize again the market and new ideas. If feminism would really work out the sort they let through the gate, it would be helped by the soundness in the market, so new entrepreneurs could do what they like. At the early, everybody male works jobs driving cars, and women are the burghers with the briefcase. While the market is friendly, the criteria left empty, and when people working for the state, work for some special agency, when you see them talk bad stuff about you, while they already passed you and don’t look at you, the instant it is seen is next while reading a text at the evening, or thinking about it consuming goods of the first order by the orthodox object. That is the difference between the market and the truth why marxists are not right but it gets clouded by the brimstone thing and the criteria-game. Coincidences are only shortcuts but in economics it is different. They only point to something, not changing it, but the market magically changes something by default. If a shop sells candles and the other shop far away sells them too, the whole empty space between the two shops, is against free trade. The people made compromises and built structures to live in insteads.

But the territory is too big for people to allow that, and these are rules that work without enforcing them. It is so easy to say “instead of placing in the empty space houses for people to live in, they should make shops everywhere there, making a diagonal street where free trade is happening. As if by magic, the city would look, like Prague or Vienna”, and people live in some utopya, coerced by others instead, not even approximating that idea of saving that way, but dive deep into some marxist lore instead. It is a waste of resources. Despite knowing that, criteria are not enough to summon quality in products. They have to be accepted and acceptance is automatically taught if they are in a great quantity, while entrepreneurs, are very precise in everything. The consumer is different, and there is no entrepreneur-verdict upon him. The same holds true for social campaigns: they are redundant like the entrepreneur-verdict. These things are everywhere like that, with consumers thinking there exists such a verdict, where bankment is happening, made by demoralisation of the market, and buerocracy of the bankment establishment that has privileges. Despite people living in socialism, they still hold tight on to goods they own, to live in friendliness in daily life. Where capitalism delivers it by cultivatedness, there it is still upheld by goods. That is made by these utopyas too. But they claim they are against capitalism and private goods, and for communism (everyone has everyones property) and so forth, they still don’t rely according to that principle, on culture as a gig.

If cancer has to be defeated, as a sickness, should it be defeated by another sickness, such as in case of Pneumonias resolve, or Aspirin, when walking outsides? Because if “as a sickness”, then the criteria are completely full and the sickness is healed. But can it be healed that way, like the others, if it holds tight as a map does? Does not old matter, needs to be replaced by new matter, or is there another sort of regeneration possible? Because in scripts there is such a thing, as a difference between arrays and maps, where maps make everything generated on base of criteria. Certainly, the doctors claiming, products are a precondition, are playing scientists and have the appearence of nazis thereby. The same rings true for two big territories, where people try to make free trade on them. They somehow get never into free trade with eachother, while changing nothing and belonging neither to the first nor the second area. Instead, they work on indexes. They don’t work on the two areas too, with free trade, but they sure as hell, can write an index. With cultivatedness, they pass these zones, and are gone. But the interconnectivity between what these two territories can make free trade possible think even the most excellent people, between eachother, can indeed happen between them, even undivided. But it is not true and only by exception possible that was somehow generated from base. In case of the candles, they have to be similar offerings in both shops, too, of similar magnitude and size, to really make that happen. And still the people living there in houses, disallow for a Prague or Vienna to summon from base, because they feel the territory is already divided, which is true. In the afternoon, that may very well inspire the female versions, of consumers, to have imaginations and buy make-up. They would completely be surprised by a spaceship landing the size of the diagonal street and would look with despise at the modern technology it showcases. They would be not better than the animals in Unreal, the game, but more important is, that there is no free trade at all possible even then, except the spaceship melts with the environments one decade later or is from the outset ready to open doors.

People, that are forced, or coerced, are existing. By logic, only rules can be forced, and it is a far-cry to apply that on an individual and the coercive matters are not logically following from that. People also think, the things with lower price, are costly, if they are in freedom: they save, but the social interaction of that truism, that others enjoy, is creating cultivatedness that is more valuable, than would they need to go 3x to the shop. It doesn’t mean, that they have to go 3x to the shop, to reach that outcome, since it is only once, that it happens. They think in that moment, things that are redundant, are too costly, and make fun of that. But other things they buy are not costly, even if they cost a lot more. And they keep that order for other things that are between other people running too, as faulty logic, that makes impossible compromises in research for individuals that only get resolved by research like that.

Instead, coercion follows from malinvestments that come to light when taxation is analyzed and then taxation itself gets removed from the calibration, and traces have to be removed. But one evil cannot be defeated by another evil, without forcing the consumers to investigate. But would indeed such people exist, that are coerced, they would be without time-preference, and therefore unable, to alternate between doing work or not doing work, at all, and unable especially, to choose to produce goods, may they be with shorter or longer production-structures. Only the longest production-structures, can guarantee perfect free trade, and create something that balances out the loss of the tax-payers at all. It is not only once because of that, that firms can expand too, but it is exactly only because of that, and can happen by multitude. Applieing force on all these things, is only against liberalism and therefore, creating violence too, and unintelligence, that applies that to make everything anti-social. Social programs are exactly there only effective, where the people live in another country, unfortunately, while going home from shopping when waiting on the bus. And the most sensible persons, the most damaged in that situation, are the women, which are that anyway by default. The people trying to avoid subsistence, are very well free and anti-social and most of them are hard to be found even.

Free trade is based on capacity. Rules can’t be made or coercion, but instead, the right path is to choose to maximize capacity existent from those, who are able to maximize it. These are certainly not the individual that has to fight the Leviathan on its own. Modern firms have complicated things created there but only for employment insteads. Where the firms are not connected there it ends too, and can’t be optimised. The tension is made by the unsound fiat-currency too. People think, things are probably not sound where they invest, then after fighting ideological conflicts, they can overview, they get together again, and when when the getting together became more valuable than investing now, the emotional impact makes them invest more, in that, and want it more, and this with demoralised mindset suddenly, where they can only lose by having it. The people superimpose their will. They have no intelligence while paying taxes. It is all made, to change the mode from economical into metaphysical, to make critique silent. Maybe it is not, that they are innocent in that as in other things, as a multitude, and they have to begin thinking individually. Just, as in case of when something happened to Somalia in 2010, 2011 they wrote, it is important for security to exist, to create firms. Certainly, god is a mistery in how he works, even to those who claim to understand him best. Socialists don’t understand really the importance to leave offspring and adults even the misteries to research there. Isn’t it interesting, to have someone say “i created all these things …” first, and foremost, as the only thing and marvel in that mistery? But to marvel in that mistery is to not be part of that.

Respect towards other people summons from there. People want to bestow something and not beget, and they begin to operate economically, since only then they can bestow something. It summons from that searching that mistery more and more or even to begin with it. It doesn’t mean that anyone can write, it summons only from one religion, since there exists theft and someone who makes that definite, is opening up to others that possibility to do theft on him/her, when he or she writes that. Is it not unjust, that despites keynesianism existing or not existing, it is possible to ask the question, if that is a domain, and if it is, it is called charity, and from that only then, follows, that keynesianism exists and they operate in that, since they think it is appropriate, to presuppose keynesianism even earlier than charity? All these groups meeting together of gentlemen, that are keynesian, and that are beseaching something, are following from first presupposing charity as a domain, not keynesianism as a prerequisite. If it may be a domain, what domain is that? It is charity, as a domain. Who meets there as gentlemen, and makes business talks? It is keynesianists. Certainly, there is no free trade, and even if it would be possible, it does not exist on purpose, and they still do business together and do it under pretense, and therefore are called keynesianists. But there is a lot of neutrality and anonymity in that domain, and many people are only able to live out freedom as far as, placing a bag of tea, somewhere on the table and leave, to not be aggressed by others. That domain where that is, is really silent against the individual, and there should be freedom where these domains are and silence from silence. That means, there should be soundness more, while it is not true. Since the individual is already aggressed against in such sort, it can only write to others, that to create more free trade there, there would need to be overviewed the domains called virginity, and freedom from it, and also what it results in, which is charity as a result, which can be also historicism, but there is not enough freedom, to see that historicism at all or even to enter that domain. Therefore if more free trade should be made possible then, some capacity must be opened to open the doors to that. Goods of the first order, such as consumption goods, are different than goods of the higher order, such as technology, which are a domain. The higher order technology domain, is easily distinguishable as being less valuable by others, than direct consumption goods of the first order. And that is against thought and solving mysteries. A woman working in sale, she works hard the moment a game of magical cards is not bought on purpose, and has to “feel with the shop”, in not being able to sell the game, and she feels tortured. Even if her face was never seen, her reaction is the same. Her sudden death in that situation is the death of emotion. And the reason why she has to work, is because that territory was beforehands roughened up, and is not smooth, with its jagged edges everywhere and sharp edges, looking like mountaintops. If she would be not able to smooth that landscape up, still she can work further. It is not important if she changes the landscape. It got hidden because people considered a wrong order of goods at analyzing her. She should receive less attention and therefore a raise, because she feels attached more to the shop, than other workers.

But it should never be forgotten, that to act economically, is not delivering the attention to act secure and secure the environment (house, flat, etc.) from natural disaster, such as fire or frostbite. It is rather the space that is medium between both disasters, that is medium and receives economical optimisation only if acting only economically there. The other domains are unchecked by anyone, even with a state existing or socialists helping. They claim they can help, but ordering things that way, is what the historicists do, and actually helping, would be a next step to that, and they would need to admit, for capitalisms existence, further to be needed. It seems inappropriate only for religiously cultivated people, to not make experiments with that “landsacpe” using these disasters there. That they are cultivated does not mean they can’t leave the field of theology and claim a career in economics all of a sudden. But the church wants that, they claim. The church hates that, and does not want that. There are more things to that, not existing. There can be no security greater existing, than twicely making sure, something is sealed, else there is some problem to the process. And then it should be sure, that it is in the process, not in the thing sealed. But if they define from outset a great rule, that some individuals are evil or bad, and seal them up somewhere, and close them in torture, they don’t make sure at all that is true. It is the reason state clerks act too, because they don’t operate in natural sciences at all, and have no better work to do.

Again, there should exist someone or a company, making sure, these people can’t have these thoughts, of torture, and seal them up insteads, to secure innocence from aggressors of that sort. It is the reason state clerks exist, but they can be corrupt and not the reason they act. Not really true at all, that they exist because of that. It is not their base of operation at all and the tide will change towards these sort of people. But it will not change if nobody writes more about that, which is true too, and that everyone is a socialist who starts thinking, it is his fault. There can be no fault in being not able to not write. The misuse of that might should be kept as a left-over gig very long instead of misused constantly by buerocracy. It must be not kept as a left-over, that totalitarianists and state clerks therefore too, are of the demeaning, that everybody is not bestowed, since he already has to care for these natural disasters, and therefore has to even leave them to them. Where is the logic in that? There is capacity wasted the most, i am sure of that and i know that even machinery can’t resolve the issue, but fails miserably, and it is especially where taxation is happening the most. It could be a domain where it is limited and where inside the domain, there is another statistic where there are differences local, and it is happening the less instead of the most, but it is not here, else the thing is concerning a space ship or something like that with AI, that wants to rule over the individual. Every entity, that claims it does science and uses comparables instead of criteria, is a school of thought. It is because it is an entity, that it is not economics itself, and therefore not a science. All is very easy. Not only the people concerned by type theory will have to admit, that it is their field of work. All entities, that are concerned by opening gates to a field of science, instead, would have to admit, insteads.

To all the people claiming, it is not the millennium, for gigs anymore, and everything has passed therefore, has to be said, that they are a menace, and Ludwig van Mises was very friendly in that towards others, claiming that. A gig can’t be a once-in-a-lifetime moment, wielding some magical stick, but even the mechanics in people of accepting for example a State, has to be researched not anymore: it is created by trade-unions, and the acknowledgment of behaving manly and leaving things undone even for that, even if the first mover is not the locomotive, that is the reason even, why force happens, by these two things. By laborforce unions, the realisation, that the locomotives someone showcases, are not god itself, and then clearing things up. But the people doing that stuff are autonomous and animals, they are totalitarianists. It is still unscientific to speak in case of economics of mechanisms, since even the equilibrium is only showcased by the crying, emotionally unstable, and rests there. By human action, by being humans, people prove, that the economic situation continues despites some sort of machine running. And the people knowing that, they are not part of unions, but there can be these people in all gammas of age, and the younger, the less secure against the totalitarianists.

My view of things is, that people come from old Egypt, and the result of my research. Toth is if it is rotated, the same, as the cults anyway, existing back then, such as the cult called Isis. And until these days, there exist people falling into cults, such as the cult appearent in being a consumer too often. It has no other reason, that the image is rotated, that it showcases layers that are like that, that people have, if they realize, that there is cultivatedness or culture needed, and that there people make things elegant in killing other people, since they don’t produce these things themselves, still act social and elegant towards other people, making things elegant against them, even like in nazi-times it was layered the same. But if a consumer goes too much shopping, he does abstain from it, if a cult becomes appearent, and does not want others to commit fornications against itself. The same precautions are taken with more evil things. But the cult remains a tradition thing and pinpoints to Egypt. There is a silent victory possible in sale too, for the consumers. It is interesting to play that game and follow the paths as a metaphorical mouse in the shop, for example, and watching the gigantic person “think about silent victories”. Many such things are learned aliterative. But there is always an introduction needed, and things stay hidden while “aliteration” does get forgotten for years to pass. It is used then, by the individual. It is used, and it is used, because there is not enough free trade possible. Free trade is best introduced then, by that introduction, as something, that can happen, when people as individuals, stop using the state in any quantity and the moment afterwards, is the best, for free trade. Many people, due to the many totalitarianists existing and others, that like to be early birds with everything, because they are indoctrinated, they want to reach fatal outcomes earlier to that moment, not wanting free trade even, using other terminology, and only are early with unquality, are hunted, despites all things in shops having a must in being all bar-excellence. The only need for these people, is that they go faster from the stick. Their authority they can claim however they want concerning these things, it is not compatible there with what they do and all diverse ownership, can be complete only in thought, by using domains. The things that are introduced as first, and then twice, or more, are not first enough, even if first is part of them. Yet, they need to be that sort of first, for free trade always. And i believe, if they are additional to that, against the State, the very next moment to that, that they can reach that goal. The people (or rather characterisation) draw upon secondary resources, always, than those of misesian school and critisized the resurgence of ABCT (austrian business cycle theory), because they define the same things, in the end, coerced many things, and they also draw prominence, from telling the truth by using ABCT. Then they critisize their secondary source, that misrepresents ABCT wrongly, and then they use that criticism, as a fundament against an individual, so each instance they do it, they are secluded by the secondary source, while also spreading false information, and enjoying that happening automatically by using that source.

That someone is an “author”, in the hoppean sense, is since he does not congregate within freedoms boundaries, but uses as an utilitarian, writing, as an verticulator. With this, he does not help live in this freedom and does not congregate with others, and works only for those, who against free trade, see in everything, that they may call without having sense, not an antagonism towards free trade, but as further possibility against the individual. If there are people discussing, if it is against humans or humanity even, leads them to think about individualism only perhaps and slightly. Aliterations are possible and everyone is not fond of calling even authors, part of them, who make that antagonism against individuals, while they ARE part of that, else they are part of that and so forth. That could be used from that moment, to create instead of utopy, a wonderful story, where at the end, modernity is shown and then its shortfalls, but then all is used at the end, to free the innocent, that are tortured, which are good, pure, excellent, even, while the torturers are unqualitative and unusable. The exact opposite of any rendering unto men, is women, holding back from darkness, that means, women who walk in the light or maybe even who have fear, or are holding back from danger. No matter who and how often calls a story epic, if it ends positivist, it is not epic and helpful, to add something small and social that describes what people do in a democracy as in order, to say something, that may free a person held by the system. It is only epic enough, if it has not only a few details and characters to it, and is a tale with many details surrounding the story - but it would be best, if this story would be short and still epic, so afterwards can be made an attempt where the system is chiseled that is against an innocent held captive and tortured. Galaxies are somehow “cosmogenic” too, and there is not a lot of linking even in Wikipedia for that word. Certainly, when the innocent, that get tortured, are left into freedom, the first thing that they think, is about who jailed them: the rich families that own the FED as individuals, that showcased their envy, where even they wanted to steal the envy they possess and sensed in themselves as a concept. Certainly, when playing games such as Indigo Prophecy, that have a different outcome each time a player plays them, they don’t want that, since it is based on preference. And they are against preference because they are that since mayan times, where they did hide the high amount of random gameplay possible in preference. The result is, that they make people poor. They don’t want preference, because the memories where individuals were together playing, are remaining as undiscussable, since they are only once and different each time. The backstory to Operation Gothic Serpent, makes seem that the war in Somalia started by it, began because of too much marxism, but more to that even, should be said, that the social program people were probably the same, that were stealing the goods delivered by the US, that were also the people from the union, shooting down the first helicopter that was shown for example in Black Hawk Down. There was some team of a union, doing that by social groups, by themselves. From these unions that were fought there, that belonged to the US too, as much as the Air Combat Units did not know that, came the first social programs later. In the game, Indigo Prophecy, Lucas Kane and Tyler seem the same. Tyler is, when he thinks about Carla wanting to leave the restaurant, speaking with a connection to the raven, or seems part of despotism even, of these people that kill other people, while Lucas Kane, altough a normal citizen, gets much later into contact, with this evil, that fights him in form more akin to the State however. It is he and her who fights evil spirits, not Tyler. With women it is so, that they are capitalistic when they are socialist. Because where they try to act accordingly, against what the socialists programmed into them, then they have to roleplay, and they act social where free trade should be and a free market insteads. It does not mean, that they are worse, however, than the despotic socialists, who program these things on purpose, somewhere from afar. It is very hard to live with them, therefore. The next time someone wakes up, a new fight has to be won. It repeats over and over again. It is what the hardcore-socialists programmed, that are called leninists or socialists. Lord Jesus’ answer to that was, to go and take his followers with him, up to the mountains to speak to them. I still think, that Carla represents Ada from Nabokovs book, and her mother, Adas mother, insteads, gets totally forgotten even by the actors in the real world, if someone became too much like her. But people get pressed into that role. It is the guilt of the men, why the women look so much at mirrors, and the mistake of the historicists, why it gets connected to the choice with socialism/capitalism, where they therefore have a mode to fight against, that these leninists programmed into them. It is because of the mirror they use so often, that it gets switched, and experienced because of the eyes seeing everything mirrored, later corrected by the thought, where the historicists analyze it and are authors.

But all is a portray of men. There are differencies between men and women. They have to be acknowledged, and to be considered by one gender or think about them being mixed as one and the same, is something different, more cosmogenic, in design. It should be only considered in design too, due to capitalism and for the sake of putting it in safehaven. Until centuries, historicists have falsely monopolised the truth written also in old writing, letters, while they never disclosed the secondary nature to what they did, and were onesided because of this. Namely, they used to write under the auspices, that the animals, express a contracting force, getting together, that means - towards differences in gender, but an exogenous force, since they fight genus and species, and completely did not write about humans that express an exogenic force, because they are intelligent, and are then categorised unsortingly because of genus and species, and in this individual domain, such is everything important for capitalism to be safeguarded. They did only write in the mode of only the animalistic behavior, and that is what i mean by dualism. People get together because they are sorting by genus and species, and under the division of labor, as far as they understand that, if it is under private property done, they are human, and still the danger exists of breaking down in that, all cooperation, and leave eachother when they are sorting without it, and animals get together when they are sorting without it and fight eachother, when they are sorting by genus and species, and they do everything metaphorical too with eachother in relations. The people are not yet personae that don’t understand, that to get together thus to become an individual and to work under the auspices of division of labor, has to be WITHIN the category of private property only, and only then for once and for all. They are still animals, and attack based on that the most individual things existant. But the individual is in society always the profitor. They get together only since the individual does that. People have not enough moral force, to fight these animals, and they believe in mass, and are thought-concerned within the bounds of the concept of mass, which is not good for the individual too. They don’t safeguard the simplest things. The more tolerance towards these historyans is brought up, that are btw. all against capitalism and Ada, the worse off the individual, because the more ignorance exists, and the more thought-accelerated the people are in doing evil only.

Marxists don’t teach that as professors on universities to anyone and are murdering in silence nor anyone else, unless they get put to silence. The signal created by taxation is used by parasites the same, and awaiting, as it is used in negativity weight as a signal for the mechanisms of the state coercive apparatus, that are used in idle, when things are prepared against the innocent. Since they work only based on signal, not based on actual significance. Especially with torture, i believe, it lives in “intersectionality” and intersectionality is against real science too, and great new ideas, and monopolizes these possible emergencies of ideas. In truth, people believe all people that are with Ludwig van Mises’ school of economics, are the same as murderers. They don’t call them this, but their school of thought is the same, that puts them into that mindset, learned by schools of thought earlier. Society controls not only adults. All the labeling done against capitalists, is in truth directable at society. Some society makes propaganda as a set. And they are certain individuals, and they spread lies against van Mises, so the people treat his scholars later the same, as murderers, even when statists behave like them and the individual is often at risk of being labeled by them for their own idiotic behavior. They hunt these women and torture them, because they look like tigers, when they get aggressive (vampire teeth), and they mix the value, of some artifact collectors, that are wealthier, than only the hosts of authors, who are rich enough to be doing parallels, not only since they are often socialists.

Appearently there is someone, who wants to monopolise that position. But not only. They hunt them too because of where they are located in acoustic tokens (that someone is kath), and where it is in society starting with comicism or Moloch, and torture, totalitarianism too, continueing rhythmically to aliteration and taking a big leap into preference and resolved in religion. But it is a signal against totalitarianists, and by resolving it like they do it, they move it to a human meaning. The tokens i talked about, are synthesized into their daily behavior sometimes, and the totalitarianists hate that, because it is against them. By extortioners, the state appropriates taxes, and by extortioners, it expropriates its citizens, and does with the individual what it wants, already having enriched itself 90% by everything. Since there IS, higher productivity under the division of labor, and they can teach that by the outer domain, by needs and products that absolve that need, to these that are still not personae. AND they think it is needed, but don’t understand by which tokens, and can proceed. To not teach that to them, is their sin. Since there is in that cosmogenic domain, only important in design, the same materialism, that can be, that is dangerous in religion and all sorts of ideologies perhaps too, and be akin to the absolutistic materialism, that is therefore dangerous there. But the individual is at risk. In higher domains, the in-thing, is of course made by higher through-put. For example: a shop exists which sells imported products, that get imported by a higher through-put ship, is a good idea to think about, but it seems redundant. In sharp contrast, animal raising is applied on humans, and the individual and gets switched to become, a token in the hands of economists, that are not really knowing what they teach and how unimportant. Hans Hoppe believes, that to fly to New York, to meet a great economist from the misesian school, is enough, in getting this through-put. But “in getting” is way different, than “to get”. It seems, capitalists, or traders, they don’t like to get at all. They like to give. This was different back then, when citizens did that in monarchy, as rich people, or in capitalism when it was still not highly damaged, not only by immigrants or foreign traders, like right now, but actual ghosts. Evil ghosts, or their masters. There is research needed exactly that. Historicism seems therefore the same, as social thing. Historicism seems redundant here, and history as the latter, much more even than the former. Therefore, the latter should be excluded from this research. This research can extend. It does not mean, that they can apply that on the individual - but it is surprising that they don’t shun away from this, and in exact mode too. It seems, they don’t like modest researchers. History, as it is, seems redundant for capitalism and actual trade, also free markets perhaps. But the people whom act there, need to be stopped. They teach that false-teaching. It proves that they work for silent profiteering or “have such friends”. In true, the historicism is not the problem here, but actual history. They don’t leave the people alone and put them under that lable of historicism and don’t make that distinction at all. The evil ghosts or their masters change from host to host, like they want however, and make social problems. They vanish if there can be found someone in theology, which is too rare. Someone is not only kath, because that is only in the outer domain the case.

People just don’t want to work for you, no matter division of labor exists or not, is the through-put in that as a problem. The answer to that cooling question can only be once given: the right not to have your life taken away. The subset to that is for example part of property right. And that is where all people have problems with the behavior of people that are not yet personae. Based on animal instinct. People act wrong in a democracy based on these places that offer these offerings, that are not only one day appearent. The second group that comes to mind that understand the individual, are vampires. And they don’t understand, that individuals are vital, that - the individual is vital. The poisonous scruple-elite does not understand, that to own the devices they own, will never allow them, to buy the things normal people can buy and not have their life taken away. The person buying one day later, the things that they don’t buy, are acting as a freeman, but if they were planned, by someone knowing a lot, they are hosts. Hosts of authors even maybe. The individual runs around with change in its pockets, while the social problems don’t vanish and the people are evil enough, to not think even twice about letting go of letting it go through hell with that financial freedom. Young people that should be on universities, they fall into these traps with social problems, and they don’t vanish if they have only change in their pockets, so they are poor. They are made as in order, to be vital, as problems, and as economical replacement of real theory, made as part of that reality as a subset. For example, dreams never get fulfilled. But would they be alright as economists, there would not only be everything that bitter.

Being such a poor guy or girl even, that has only change, in his/her pockets, with problems at home, is part of reading a lot. People that think they are wise because they have wisdom, attained, are different, since of that attainment as a term. The others, who just think they are wise, are doing the same sin, but without the attainment, which is in truth only hidden envy of real profitors, that hides that they are one and same. They all, don’t understand, that to be a innocent, that get tortured, is not as being the viewer of those innocent, that get tortured, and the feeling is the same, as reading just a little bit of text, and being wiped away by the vision of them, not reading a lot or complete, like THEM. They read a lot completely, too, and never get that parallel as a vision done in their minds. They are sick: they claim, it is good to label someone based on him or her having only subsistence or based on their wealth, by some people, and then they claim it is bad, after “they did” it, and they double their sin by doing what is wrong, but “by the state it is alright”. But i don’t want anyone to let that sink in too much, as it can lead into depression. They should be called smartphones instead of mobilephones too. Nobody should call these things, investment. Samsung is great since the smartphone can be later sent to them and be replaced by a new version for a small fee. Investment in things, even if they are the best, such as investment in peace - is only in the domain of economic terminology, where the terms live such as “industrial revolution”, and all these other things, such as “free trade” maybe even, that all need to be safeguarded by respecting the individual, which helps, to safeguard these domains. If there is a capacity opened in industrial revolution, it will be sure not compatible with free trade, without contacting the managers of the company. But they don’t understand the simplest things with their corporativism. There is free trade needed there and nobody opens its own capacities, since everyone is blind. Then, to open the capacities in free trade, is something different, than “for free trade”, which has to be made first, until the terminology thing can be refined in the next step. And there is help needed by individuals and different means, and wisdoms they have to use, called theories, so the events happen orderly. And then when that free trade is happening, it is seen, how senseless the behavior is of these geeks. It is seen, that investment, not futures, is blocked, where it is told, that futures are already blocked by the state, and where they don’t even care, about what that does to free trade, to have too much totalitarianism and state, that it creates there corporativism.

Firms would look totally different with freedom. They would have the open borders to eachother. And everywhere would be everything open architecture of the size of ghetto buildings with open spaces made by industrial revolutions remains. There would be no state industry, that has as its fine goal, the transport in industrial zones, of wagons, where musicians live in, with the means of farm vehicles. But the people, occultists, who in monarchical decades, held women captive as concubines to let them deliver babies for Moloch, are against that. The same people. If they succeed by their NWO, and political leaders, they will be succesfull in replacing the old god with Moloch in churches. There will be no future with robots such as in books, but the robots will be the humans. All authors, that wrote about these dystopian futures, even Nabokov, even if he did not, were marxists, since i know this sort of author - they are all like Marx. They could also describe what the corporativists want to do: to install high above, big metallic without mechanism kitchen paper containers, where you think that is the product, but then since they are empty, rather that they contain babies, you not anymore expect rather some paper or something, like kitchen paper, and nothing is in there. There are still pharao-graves, that are under sand, that they don’t disclose, that they were the first models of existant crypths, they build for the dead. Where is the culture suddenly, that built these things? The same is what the corporativists do, in ignorance, with individuals. They are a duopoly with antichrists and animal-experimenters, especially on birds experimenting.

WHERE the free exchange of goods and services is unknown, money is unwanted. - Ludwig van Mises

Ludwig van Mises started his first book, with this explanation of how things are in houses where orphans live in. In these places that are like that, the people and the orders they live by, are all so they can steal everything from the individuals. Orphans have only 1 capacity in value open always to choose from, and even that is at risk of being stolen from them, and used as token later by other people that have too much might getting from that controllment, no matter local or outsiders. And where the individual is trapped in such environments of scale, it is better, certainly, to have such devices that cost so much, so they cannot be stolen by easy arguments. And then real help can be called in case other things happen, such as further entrapment. They still can’t help, if they are not friends that can be called. And everyone else called in that situations, cannot change the nonexisting financial freedom that traps further the individual into social entrapment by the historicists. Traps into scale. The function of money is to facilitate where the capacities were already used by empty ends, the fulfillment of theoretical means and to block there everyone, doing old traditional things, due to moral poisoning. That traps into scale however, are made by despotic authocrats, and are earlier embossed by the Dark Ages, and where the state is helpful in dissolving its own traces. All only in case of the individual, and all without appearent criticism, since socialism is getting emulated. “The same happens outsides” and the people believe that is good.

When the moments of trade become exceptional, people want you to be surrendered to the procurement of others, who not even try, to procure the state of the market by a good theory. They don’t help make that procurement towards trade, but only in other ways, where own needs get surrendered switched into goods. They want your goods to be surrendered constantly. But these forces existed way back then already, and the solution was always, to at least be sorted by the market in such, that there was always a compliment, that these exceptional moments of trade were sometimes possible still. All theories of Professor Hans H. are true, and work therefore even in internet marketing by identity. Concepts, such as immigration, are all applicable onto ad campaigns, and how platforms interact with eachother. There are still ellipses possible and they get often used, and not removed on purpose, which is not good. It became a sort of trick, and became popular, while doing nothing special, than being against Ludwig van Mises, who critisized it. Without ellipses, marketing campaigns are pushes forward, like on the ocean, on a ship, which even proves other theories true, from the revelation for example, and shops had to close that were true to that style, that were very classicist. However, there has not to be talked a lot about these ad campaigns and how they work, to be helpful in describing it. They get part of cultivatedness where one thing known from the past relates in style to it and all understand it, how it fits in. Not since it is full of ramifications, but since it is unknown, and only becomes known after being surmounted. Not even since that is true - but it is simply unknown earlier, and only known later, how it fits in, with culture, but then it is certainly fitting it in, whatever that may be.

Someone who tunes the profits of a company, into gold or silver, or invests generally in that, turning capital stock into precious metal resources, to create an ad campaign - is really establishing a place of further research to treat customers in the future by even better means, than now. But they are more stable, if the sums invested, not the company or the ad campaign, if it was their tax paying standing behind that, and they get torturers when they get more stable. It is more likely then that they become that and turn into a group. The fun fact is, that someone can control people by making them more stable or more shaky, by fiat-currency, the same, as with companies, and that there were always some sort of vicious administrators that decided then, to create fiat-currency.

If you get from people a fraction of what they owned, and you invest it in silver or gold, the company is not more secure, that is then built on top of that holding profit in gold or silver, but the people are more secure then, and your company less stable. They used that trick beforehands, “and now you can choose who is secure and who is shaky”, and administrated people from above, and then it became a fragment and then a relic. If you invest in gold or silver and create a company, or ad campaign then you make that a solid fundament where new techniques can be researched in the market. It makes the company secure from any manipulation they do based on fiat-currency (these little changes in ratios each minute really destroy everything and make everything shaky and dependent). That is the perfect technique, to solidify the profits of a company and make the company you own, stable and secure. The same is true for ad campaigns and the same probably is true for the smallest thing (which can’t be true anymore, and people have to just admit, that they call other people insane too often). But these people that make these manipulations with groups of people, and want to administrate companies at the same instant, they have indeed the same might, as administrators from above, and probably that is the root, where inflationism and fiat-currency was decided, with its corporativism. They have an invisible hand they used, to control events like that and then they decided to create fiat-currency, to hide their traces, and now they think they are perfect and secure. Despair is neutrality. It is neither sweet, nor really deep like thought in philosophical spaces. It leads into many tears with only a few select. Instead of this, it should be replaced by socialism and then the root set on fire. Capitalism is better if the goal or end to be reached, is not revolution, suited, and remains for everyone to be outlived by it. Why should there be already a root set on fire, and not the branches, so in order, to remove all humans that live, if it can be tried first, with a branch (but it spreads)? Isn’t both one and the same, and little steps, that evil takes? The state thinks, that by holding gold reserves of the people, it took gold from in the past, establishes a double win situation, where the requirement is satisfied, that the people are more shaky and therefore more of cultivatedness, less secure and less torturers, while it can hold gigantic gold reserves in a few select places, while they are receiving from it fiat-currency. The people get more stable and secure, and therefore more ready to be torturers that are torturing other people. There would torture be not even possible, if they would not steal that gold from the people in the USA, since the state clerks would indeed be more shaky too, and react human even, with despair, like capitalists. Instead of that, there are uncertain amounts spent on other things, that should be invested rather, in returning by safe means these resources to the old owners. What happens to society, if cultivatedness is set on fire? Have they not tried to full extent, by conspiring against other people, especially the individual, to be good actors that fit in very well?

A shop has to be designed with top layers, in design, basing its operations on gold or silver reserves, and the illusion, has to be perfect, so it is not visible to the customer. Almost 10 dreams have to be layered on top of eachothers, by carefully designing these layers of illusion or design, as in order, to make the shop perfect and safe. Perhaps even wisdom of old philosophers, was fortified by precious metal securities of that sort, and it became a fortifieing of the state, instead of truth. There was not existing even one philosopher, who was poor, and all were from the lower class and rich. They always missed the opportunity, to discover new truths exactly there, since the roles were always rigid (always someone rich had to be elitary). Life would not be different than now. They still hunt the individual and want it exposed in naked state, for Friedrich Engels. Death itself is poor with this logic. But it is not so poor considering its freedoms, that the people don’t have and that the individual often therefore has to envy it for. Envy itself however, is already a death trap. And to flick the stitches from that equality people do on top of eachother, and the individual especially, they even are utilitarianist with the freedom to communicate the problem with Engels. It’s good to visit the market and buy precious metals, before creating an ad campaign. It makes evertyhing stable and dry as hell in lake. It does not mean, the consumers will have a laugh that is shiny and happy. It means rather, that fiat-currency is destroying that outcome for them. Fiat currency is bad for supply and demand. People think, even that have a good or complete knowledge of this difference between using precious metals and not using, that they really know anything about that anything. In true, the meaning of using precious metals to safeguard business, is not ending there, where it is first deciphered and it is dangerous to not use it in such a warning galaxy. It extends beyond everything. Using precious metals instead of fiat-currency has to be researched first in how it extends in the domain of a whole of a company and people don’t see that they are limited 99% in freedom before they even research that. All starts with the gold/silver mine. They want to turn everything there socialist, and they train it already on other things, and try to turn everything into that mine that is not anymore operational, that has an appearance of giving them freehand. DON’T EVER give them freehand. They think, that the way they have to be teached, by individuals, to not create lies that safeguard plagiates and their authors, is not the reason, innocents get called insane by others and tortured by their leninistic mine-optimisation-technique that gets applied on everything. Give them freedom, not freehand. But “don’t know too”, that they are foucaultists, and the very same people you give freedom then, that they steal from you. Satan notoriously destroys capitalism always. That is why Lord Jesus was against the interval, of mixing capitalism into church environments, since in religious topics, there can appear that evil, that fits into these negative categories. It is against sensibility and everything, and that it destroys capitalism is only a fine description of it, nowhere else to be found too.

That mine-optimisation-technique, is called: the cash nexus. It is of course the same invisible in quality, as the invisible hand is. It is still a clownade. What mine, would need a cash support? Neither do producer goods need members that make that clownade real, and therefore probably, they think, they can use that to superimpose their will, as a method, to create orphan houses or even where old people live, the houses. The tolerance created by that technique they use therefore, is used for these goals, most probably only in case of old people and the houses they live in, that have care (old people’s home, where old people get tortured). Capitalism is against labeling any kind of creature, and the inspiration for people is at the highest, the opportunity cost coming from criminality, that they also consider, when managing as the new human leaders, the socialist common wealth, as managers employed by it, everywhere else, coerced by the corporativists. There are two kinds of people. The ultra rich people who say “then give them hell!”, and the torturers, who say “what kind of people are you?“. And the first, get emulated by the state clerks, when the state coercive apparatus does things against the individual. No matter, if they get paid by them, or even not. Babylon is social. You can help anyone, as long as you will, but in case of that, it has to stop. Stop suddenly. And the people that still play a harlequin or something exactly here, in that, are luciferianist, and that is not something that an individual can be too. That gives me the idea, that perhaps, since capitalism categorises all these people into consumers simply, customers, and capitalists and so forth, maybe the social belongs to that evil domain too? And maybe, the magnitude in how it can’t be discussed in capitalism, since it is bad for trade, gives in to more insights, such as, for example, that these people have psychological problems, that torture other people? And, what democracy, if anyone can call everyone, a sophist, and go higher up with that and repeat that on everyone again and again? The unemployed bum is a sophist, the manager is a sophist, and that is definitive. Since the consumer is not a sophist. Since it is unknown, if the consumer is already following a list, or just randomly purchases, and they want to even screwdrive into that domain. In truth, the torturers are the fools and the sophists, and that absolute fools. They know nothing, and will never understand it too, and repeat therefore their pattern of questioning everything, without understanding it ever. In higher echelons, that is called corruption. If you do economics, you go deep into family life with that. I don’t understand, how anyone can make there wrong theories if it is the case - and still - they do it. They play that harlequins in that clownade even, and they are making their questions there without ending. In true, they are a mob, controlled by the ultra rich, and headhunters that hunt nomadic individuals, people, that get driven by society at the outskirts of civilisation and society drives them into the dune. It is society that isolates individuals by socialism. To free yourself from people you need to make a sharp cut and that is what the historicists would like to do, and they never are allowed to do that on people that are not yet adult. The people with Engels are all for social things that change the state of private property, into a public place, where the rules can be applied they want to apply on all. Because they can’t change, that a son that is living and excluded by the family, therefore plays the games they play, only inside the boundary of the private property. They are parasitic fools. The “social” is nothing more, than a token, to outcompete other gentlemen, in thinking about problems others have or have not. The unaccountable mix-interposition of the State, should be deeply critisized. The State thinks it is allowed to do that mix-interposition into life. Yet, even, in the cinema, the reality is, the following: the interposition is very rare. Everyone is a fool who prescribes it or previews it in mind and only the very best directors could possibly make movies that have these interpositions, and they are rare too. It is highly unlikely, that the State could come up with something useful. And yet, nobody dives into these topics, full of hate. The State harasses people by its envy against congeniality. It is any method. That envy gets copied by other people, starting from the youngest ages. They make by that a blockade to convening something, no matter what that is. The universe is not over since they think they are administrators or directors, and it is over where it is, and culture is exactly since they do that, getting destroyed. The more they repeat that on single objects or subjects with their objectivism, the less they mean the universe directly by that, and the more they can be utilists later, claiming something about the edges of that “freedom”. By any criticism, the state is meant. Here is a recent Newsletter Email of Tom Woods:

All eyes are on Texas, with numerous states having indicated their support for the Lone Star State's defiance of the federal government.

Constitutionally, Texas is on solid ground.

I've heard some people say this: since immigration per se is not mentioned in the Constitution (although naturalization is), then the relevant power rests with the states. Such people proceed to deploy this argument in defense of so-called "sanctuary cities."

But if that argument can defend sanctuary cities, it can also and to the same extent defend the Texas move to try to staunch the flow of illegals coming through the southern border. What's good for the goose is good for the gander, after all.

Now you may say: Woods, I don't care about the Constitution. I care only about liberty!

You are free to say and think such a thing, and other people are free to be curious as to what American history and its constitutional tradition might have to say about the present situation.

And the facts are these:

The United States is not now, never was, and was never intended to be, a single, undifferentiated blob whose central government exercised plenary power.

The states preceded the Union, the same way the bride and groom precede the marriage. The Declaration of Independence speaks of "free and independent states" (and by "states" it means places like Spain and France) that "have full power to levy war, conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commerce, and to do all other acts and things which independent states may of right do." The British acknowledged the independence not of a single blob, but of a group of states, which they proceeded to list one by one.

The states performed activities that we associate with sovereignty. Massachusetts, Connecticut, and South Carolina outfitted ships to cruise against the British. It was the troops of Connecticut that took Ticonderoga. In New Hampshire, the executive was authorized to issue letters of marque and reprisal. In 1776 it was declared that the crime of treason would be thought of as being perpetrated not against the states united into an indivisible blob, but against the states individually.

Article II of the Articles of Confederation says the states "retain their sovereignty, freedom, and independence"; they must have enjoyed that sovereignty in the past in order for them to "retain" it in 1781 when the Articles were officially adopted. The ratification of the Constitution was accomplished not by a single, national vote, but by the individual ratifications of the various states, each assembled in convention.

And according to the great international lawyer Emmerich de Vattel in his 1758 book The Law of Nations, sovereignty is not forfeited by joining a confederation.

In the American system the peoples of the states are the sovereigns. It is they who apportion powers between themselves, their state governments, and the federal government. In doing so they are not impairing their sovereignty in any way. To the contrary, they are exercising it.

Since the peoples of the states are the sovereigns, then when the federal government exercises a power of dubious constitutionality on a matter of great importance, it is they themselves who are the proper disputants, as they review whether their agent was intended to hold such a power. No other arrangement makes sense. No one asks his agent whether that agent has or should have such-and-such power.

In other words, the very nature of sovereignty, and of the American system itself, is such that the sovereigns must retain the power to restrain the agent they themselves created. James Madison explains this clearly in the famous Virginia Report of 1800:

The resolution [of 1798] of the General Assembly [of Virginia] relates to those great and extraordinary cases, in which all the forms of the Constitution may prove ineffectual against infractions dangerous to the essential right of the parties to it. The resolution supposes that dangerous powers not delegated, may not only be usurped and executed by the other departments, but that the Judicial Department also may exercise or sanction dangerous powers beyond the grant of the Constitution; and consequently that the ultimate right of the parties to the Constitution [in other words, the states -- TW], to judge whether the compact has been dangerously violated, must extend to violations by one delegated authority, as well as by another, by the judiciary, as well as by the executive, or the legislature. [Emphasis added.]

In other words, the courts have their role, but in "great and extraordinary cases" it would be absurd for the states, the fundamental building blocks of the United States, not to be able to defend themselves against the exercise of usurped power, even when the usurpation occurs at the hands of the courts. The logic of sovereignty and the American Union demand it.

These arguments were advanced by leading jurists in early American history and were taken for granted in political discourse in both North and South alike -- and in fact the states asserted themselves in this manner more often in the North than in the South.

To be sure, one can find plenty of bad arguments against this position -- e.g., "the Civil War decided that" (as if violence settles a philosophical argument), the Supremacy Clause means "federal law trumps state law," James Madison opposed the idea of nullification, nullification is unconstitutional because it isn't expressly mentioned in the Constitution -- and I've answered them all in my 2010 book Nullification (here's the audiobook link for those of you who enjoy listening).

Here's the larger point: this is the kind of material nobody learns in school, and especially in law school. Years ago I lectured to a packed room at Columbia Law School (and later at other law schools, like Rutgers, the University of Missouri, and Florida International University, to name a few) and advanced these (unjustly) controversial propositions. Not a single person dared contradict me. Nobody in the room knew anything.

There is so much more to be said on this topic, but for now I'll close with this: there is scarcely a classroom in America in which you'll learn a word of what I've written here.

Do you see now why I operate Liberty Classroom, my dashboard university for normal people?

If you're a member of Liberty Classroom, you already knew all this, and a heck of a lot more.

That's why I built this answer to the indoctrination factories.

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People that were concerned to the extent, with other things, and threw many things against an individual, as blame, they are still puppets acting for Marx, and there is no adventure or firm that keeps them away and educates them toward profession, to give peace, and what the details are in development and where it spawns inside a shop they manage, where it is the difference things pertaining to re-educating them by that process solely, and they get re-educated finely by that, to the extent which then teaches them, where the things go, in what direction, and if they open an economically optimal service that goes in the right direction with expectation towards scalability, if the expansion goes hand-in-hand with expectation rather towards the consumer with competition or rather not, and something different, a difference, such that then teaches them, that if it exists, something is valuable and outcompeting enough to stop that injustice they do, since that would help them understand where the development is heading toward the consumer, it appears to teach them many important beliefs at once. Things that they beforehands kept hidden and they became abused heavily, to the extent of pure evil are not now different and it appears without that not to them, that they solved all their problems. In truth the only problem is, that socialism is a kind of acid against the individual, that knows all of that beforehands or is simply getting torn by acid, which is that these people never appear to educate themselves in such way, since someone makes a controversy with rigidity rules, in capitalism via corporativism, and takes away their access to that scene. It is not victorianism, but utilitarianism? Their wishes which make rules with them for the individual, have the same expectation and magnitude in degenerating life and freedom. Ask a japanese boy and he will answer you, that it surely IS victorianism. You think the unfreedom summons in Rhode Island, but the japanese boy knows better. There is a difference to biases, hoaxes, and fake news. In each case, the human action brings out something different in meaning more deep. If someone looks at them as single objects such as bias, hoax and fake news, it is something different in singularity. The people get controlled by bias more correctly than by hoax, but it is only in grammatics. In truth, they get rather controlled by hoax as consumers, changing their will to enter a new domain, where they did not want it earlier, to that, or without that, simply by bias, which is more personal then. The people do not get controlled by hoax all think. But the people do and more precisely, via bias. It is enough to spread a hoax and let a consumer fall into a different domain the next instance the sun comes out, only via bias and it is needed to make it grammatically correct. People rather not as consumers, are then controlled rather by grammatics, by bias. These modes it seems, are the exact symmetrical opposite of the three modes of coercion, of which freedom is their part too, as their third mode. It is very hard to start a sentence by that:“Since, since” and mean itself. In philosophy these things have only a counterpart and it is in homonyms, synonyms and paranyms and it is only there meaningful in a sentence. Games, engineering and speculation only are part of the consumer, which is not the people there. People are easy to be controlled and the state is a parasite there. Every “each” has in true science, a counterpart in the number 1 as its answer that is correct. The people believe in that and that is dangerous, since it leads to dictatorship easily. To reach that goal they use socialism, to manipulate their belief system, controlled also inside the elite, which made their money, when it was still possible to call currency “money”. In monarchical periods, they lived high above the mountains, and there was often music heard, that was very pleasing and epic too, and with a lot of trade going on, completely with the king and everything. But they stole everything from the people. It was all stolen by them, and they stole from christ, from the church. In monarchical periods it was clear it was them. But in democracy nobody says, they stole from Christ and all is hidden, while the people remain being stolen off by them.

Games, engineering and speculation only are part of the consumer, which is not the people there. People are easy to be controlled and the state is very good there. Every “each” has in true science, a counterpart in the number 1 as its answer that is absolutely correct. At least in programming. But without humans it would be meaningless. The people believe in that and that is good, since the other belief leads to dictatorship easily. To reach that goal they use socialism, to manipulate their belief system, controlled also inside the elite, which made their money, when people ruled that called themselves “the second Christ”. Totalitarianists are not good there. And in comparison put, they fail to render the state as better, even if they try it always. I make these two cases only for example since the people exemplify always via the state unfortunately. So, in the first case, where it is bad because of dictatorship, in my example, the state is only for the public good, but for professors it is bad that believe in anarchocapitalism or the individual. And as totalitarianists, if it works somewhere, it still seems good, even if unneeded. But for the individual it stays bad. Nothing changes on that. And the individuals who are against violence, they have a higher culture and cultivatedness and the state hates them for that, despite what indoctrination makes believe. Totalitarianists are not controlled by 4 demons, but they are them in one person. Religion does not help before violence, since the holy patrons there are replaced by the hardcore-socialists via fake news and hoax. Church organs come from circusses. But in truth the real patrons there, standing in church, they rather fear the history of people that they tried by church organs that come from that roots, by introducing them in church too, exposing it, exemplifies, that the church loses authority by people using that to expose it, even if exposing it, means, to explain where violence comes from. That was the reason, since someone wrote that, that the third reich was summoning and the nazi were able to do what they want. Compare them to the totalitarianists and it seems untrue, but still it is truth, just as the bilderbergers are only egoists. And each instance the state tortures, the victims are weakened, by historicism even, by the history where the US fought the nazis, while the authority is the bilderbergers, even if invisible. Moreso, they torture the innocent, since music is formidable, by adding space and pause and elements, and nobody acknowledges that, and they play that game moreover, since they got deep into it. It is easy, for some people, to create a group since someone was losing his job, if on purpose or not, or even two groups, such as in the case of Marxism where proletariate and burgeuoise exist, and hide by that, what happened to the individual losing his or her work. Talented people or geniuses believe, that presidents that can’t outcompete JFK, such as Woodrow Wilson, used that as a trick since they never talked about class theory and how it does not work in conflicts between species that are individual to their instinct. The things remain the same as in monarchical periods, with the unemployment of 1.8 Million lost jobs only in the US, but where people cheered on these markets or great halls with the kings and his officers, instead personal interest becomes extinguished slowly, and it seems the same what makes this. Apriori, you can’t embrace anything concerning this. But it is NOT class based interest, but the loss of freedom to be able to embrace this, is bad enough and to shake that is to conjure that away. Stop war. Instead of people searching for objective truth or in the case of marxists, which are the burgeoise too, against the burgeoise, for the proletariate, for class based interest by ideology, they should be employed. Imagine where all the money goes with the state dictatorship. Employment is a part of wisdom in theology not only, but everywhere else too. Wisdom is part of the old testament in theology and it changes alot on production. THERE IS a wisdom more modern or modest and many people fail to understand that what they became, was not furtherly mobilised by some wisdom on the mountaintops there, but there was a more modest root why it became so, more deep and underlying. Scientists call that “type theory”. Google teaches that many scientists see type theory as the root of mathematics. If it is so, how can it be the root of the sudden better wisdom or what “they became now”, if it proves not, that there is a lot of redundance and mistaking or violence somewhere else based on that? Again, there IS a wisdom more deep and underlying and more modest or modern, as previously pointed out. The way of using precautions in marxism is deeply flawed, since they exist, but they exist against the individual. I don’t talk in the case of “access to some scene” about society and how it bows down the individual by taking these precautions and calling them then that “someone is a weapon-wielding gangster”. But they do that as totalitarianists in a silent way, and they don’t disclose that they base it on flawed logic, such as here described. It is NOT ONLY Google defining or teaching that within. It is only what can be found by them, but the source is from Stanford, which also defines type theory as part of Philosophy. If you call something that is the relativity theory, which is based on type theory, philosophy, then you can use that wisdom as a professor to the tune of randomness even, but you are not different than all the luciferianists then and root for war with them together, a war, that someone knowing the future is already decided for him. It is not nation against nation, but a state against the individual in every war. But to use that wisdom is highly rooted in economics. Only if you use human action as apriori, you are transparent. Actually, the closing of doors, which religion warns against by scripture, is highly akin to torture too and comes always next to it, with a bewusst breakthrough of logic that makes thinking criminal earlier. It is ONLY THEN not criminal, IF NOTHING IS DONE. And the same without the warning, is taught by type theory too, again. But it can do more than that/ a lot more, a lot lot more. But it is not endangered as a scientific field only because they use it that way. And that again makes it more akin to mathematics again and again. And then again more akin to economics. But to play these games is not playing games anymore, but actually making horror real from the previous game for someone that is innocent, since - to not make the state a topic since it is flawed logic inside it, is wrong. An employee does not like, that his earnings are spent but the smallest purchase is better than decisions made by others. Freedom outweighs in value everything else that is against it. There are individuals more akin to the consumers who make often wrong purchases for themselves, that try without end things to reach freedom and never receive it from nowhere. Sometimes these two groups fall together onto eachother, they fold onto eachother and often the scaffolding is not attributed to the real evil that operates in-behind, which is Karl Marx. Even following theoretical, torturers, base their operation from sin. They think “does God want what i do, if it is without sin?”, which it is and he does, but then “in a special case, and if not …” which he does think, that it is sin then, “is it still ok?“. It is NOT outcompeting sin in a special case, which encompasses all their work done. It is what was long before defined under holistic teleology and it is really so, and it is ontology or eshnatology, despite what german texts make believe. There is no Raubtierkapitalism, since someone is only and only then, a greedy person, if he actually burns packaging he bought earlier, and it is only useful since it is capitalistic, and he does it always tainted by ideology or doctrine. Someone sees what work is all about when he adds to an almost ex tinguished fire, a swipe with an axe. It is what all groups don’t see whom it is against, and it rests in justice what is done there, while the nice moments are remembered and the people are saught that are in memory, and their value never vanishes, despites all evil what is wished by it. Nobody WANTS an evil group to act there as strangers and do what they like. Jobs such as those of a good doctor are endangered by this gig and that starting from the moment a young student leaves with a doctorate. It is true, what Hans writes, who is a professor with an even higher title than other professors: they are a fifth colony. It’s wrong, to not disassociate with these people, since they believe, to find out from someone innocent, that gets tortured, if someone else is on his side, is right, or not. Capitalism is needed in order so as the people, who would grab the last bread that a child views, outside a shop window, is not taken by that individual. It is against death itself if someone takes writing literal. What marxists call consumer excess, is against unquality in daily life, not is it what they do, that makes that quality. Even police offers are right killing such people, in the same way, as some doctors are right, with some patients, to wield the knife easily and even speed up the process, and society is right calling them “gun-wielding drug dealers”. But in psychology they are not right with the same demeaning. That many cruel things get done by church socialists is true, since many authors misunderstand that, that with opinion it is wrong, and the violence is misunderstood. Jesus was looking in people at two interests. One is symbolized by that bread, the other is the more individual domain with the red wine he offered his youngers. Both are belonging to the individual and the opinion of the people is unimportant to whom it belongs. But it does not help the individual if all people are like Tom Woods. The marxists are not right because ALL their behaviour, comes from cruelty towards those who want to help animals, even the theory, that the consumer lives in excess. It is even violence against these animals exemplified. Shall things be really that solid, in capitalism, or should they be, following some human orders rather, be solid without capitalism? Because in the latter, there is no human acting in that, and no action at all of living creatures.

Woods is critisizing important things. For example, he would critisize, if it would happen to him, people from the left, even the left spectrum, that call a self teaching man a nazi while they are not seeing that all that happens, that the person currently is entangled by, is often symbolized by a single hebraic letter, and they are still part of that plan. All would be resolved by learning about at that time, about the single letter and it is unjust, that evil plays these games there, all because it makes all these people, even them, nazis later, embossed and symbolised, by that letter, to in the end put the blame on individual single jews, like in old times. There is a rule of thumb for people made from above. When they see something horrifieing that is grey, they should stay home and forfeit everything they planned to do. Therefore the things in freedom possible, are an elite access and it is different there, with framebuffers. And marxism is still the problem. Because if everybody has only elitary access to these things, he must be well tempered always and it must be at all times possible to outlive that elitary access. But the anticapitalists of all flavours, are against this, and therefore limit even isolation further. They support themselves by the marxists, who turn others into marxyans that support the anticapitalists then, that claim, that which symbolises that even, has to stop. The hegelyans, were from the start, about local experiments on the human. The anticapitalists all claim under all sorts of disguise, that capitalism has to stop and that individual preference is bad and unimportant, since someone does not have to get seduced. But their fingerprints are all over the remains in reality of that theory and to collect them, is crappy and unreligious to the extreme and they are all hegemonious. Capitalism is all about having people follow the christian tradition of letting something return for someone, everywhere, who is individual, and where that individual collects them at the end of the tradition, he leaves it somewhere else, and where he leaves it, since it is not yet completed, things remain intact for all creatures and the individual does not even have to think about other people doing something with it, since he trusts everyone and is free of pain. To start here to speak of some greed or evil, is simply intrusion. What i mean by the state as parasite is clear: on the pacific, greenflies don’t pose a threat. In german it is “Die Rosen sind voller Blattlaeuse”. But in english it is “The roses are covered with greenfly.”. Now, who will ever critisize freedom for that, if he sits outside with a drink perhaps, and has greenflies, as everybody gets them who drinks outside? But the state is so. How can anyone therefore claim, if it not about freedom, that it is not about human action in economics, if the state is so hateful? How can someone critisize aphids, as they are called this way? How can someone destroy nature that way by calling them a threat, and hate humans and claim he does economics by that, because he hates nature? And then, what in the world can he claim if he makes something against a human? That is even a more greater crime in my opinion than anything else in imagination. But the state does this. It is against freedom. And nobody claims anything here while marxists are all for class in the realms of ideas, which are not yet marxyans of course. To me that is alienating. How can someone claim, that if he asks random soldiers in big trucks parking in some future war in the city, that they are not for a good economy in the end and wait for this to come the same as everyone else, while they get chosen from above? If the state can decide that outside scenery with the greenflies, it falls into dictatorship. But the people are already doing these cuts for freedom of individuals while at home. Where not everything can be renewed, love takes a second hand place. Actually, recycling has its domain there too and it teaches that it is the opposite of capitalism. Where if there is a path to be taken, in the middle is always a device itself. Therefore these paths are misleading, and so is marxism. Even software can be found somewhere there. For every capitalistic daughter, such as Ada of Nabokov described, there is also a death somewhere else of someone, that mirrors it. It is really murder, to be against capitalism. From this character, such as this, of Ada, also follows, if there is something bad done against her, the trade cycle, strangely. With as much work as i did, i could run the white house and decide it. Because i do zero work at all. Women like different things, are happy with different things in capitalism. And they do different things later to receiving them. If you go somewhere to search others to join a cause, if you go at the end of the ceremony, you see how the loss of capitalistic thinking is deadly for the individual in isolation in these situations. There is nobody that is helping the individual and everywhere they act against, they do metamorphosis, even where they have a lot of power, almost like god. Women like different things in capitalism. They like to dress up and paint their face with makeup and then support that lofty lifestyle of the trader who sold them that with their own support in that, that is only constructive. But how can someone claim that starts not there with the violence, that mimmicks then later everywhere the single case they are against with? How can these people be good if they start murdering already starting with that innocence? The state does things against the nervous system of individuals, where everything depends on the mood of the state clerk. Where it takes a MONTH for a consumer to return to the market after living through it with neutrality. Everywhere people are in a social democracy, it is social then and the globalists have taken over. People start believing that god is some drug dealer, and based on that, intrude further everywhere with their orders as anticapitalists. They give people social things to live by the state. But they get for exchange the whole scale of interests in exchange of the individual. Something which not a single capitalist, if he saw it on his daughters, would deem acceptable. The scale of interests is invaluable to these marxists, in their hands, when they can do what they want. They leave it invaluable and value never is implanted into it again. THAT is the problem, that even in that, there is no individualism anymore. Capitalism leaving in the 80s with the boom and bust, was depending on a high amount of competition everywhere based on skill. And the definition was made by the rules each field of interest that was compressed, offered. And everywhere the fight against others was combined by reaching skill with maintaining individualism in reaching freedom more and more, not maintaining skill. At least in others the skill was not important, since not shown. It was only the individual for whom this skill uncompressed was important as a single thing, while skills, in multitude, were rather a domain of Satan. Nowhere was acceptable someone, a group of people, that can handle something or even can decide what to write and what to not write. Especially if it was not clear, later, often too late however, if things were multitude or not. But they via the state transgressed more and more as intruders into this individualism, which is forbidden now and then and stays that too. At length, are things decided that are meaningless, since at length returns as a word of power, where instead there is inflationism that takes over everything anyhow what has to change in people. Maybe not a domain of Satan, but of other creatures that have even more heads. And nobody who reaturns from school as a youth, knows this, even if he has the power to critisize everyone in a social democracy, that these creatures even exist. What was compressed always, were the single fields of work, of specialisation of workers. They relaxed them by creating unneeded unions which only fortitu ted and strengthened the orders of the anticapitalists, that are all unfine to live with, and unneeded therefore. Luxury starts where necessity ends, was forgotten more and more by these intrusions into individualism. And still people can’t live with these things. Because banks are a service and that is for everyone true, and even they have to render these services to the worst people, even nazis in the end, or their precursors, that often stay hidden in the shadows of stalinism, which created these strict orders helped by literature and the leviathan even. In truth that is against literature, even if made by literature. It is the state that gets these greenflies, because only it sits outside so often, like a bum. And they created police cars to superimpose that they are these greenflies, but in truth, everything, even earth, is green too, where many people died, and everywhere is decay, like on graveyards, that is green. Or rich, even. Where it is rich, or symbolizes banks, often things get green too on walls. But not on floors, only on walls. On floors only on graveyards. All sorts of crappy sophists, which are philosophers in democracy. All of them created partialism together via changes in science, which is often there if products are lacking and exists instead of these multitudes of skill. Partialism is discrimination too, but it CAN be nondiscrimination, if the topic circles around something important. And this is where even luciferianists call other people greedy, and are therefore too relaxed, and therefore, changes in compression change a lot and damage maybe capitalism. Maybe that is the main reason why marxism damages capitalism. Maybe men are compressed women, and have to refine skills to become real again. Or maybe the problem rather exists in the things described by isms. But it is rather the isms themselves and that is ignored by psychology, in favor of intrusion. Or maybe in favor of muslimism. All directors in society, are nazis and against foreigners, while foucaultists, and depend on literature. With muslimism, they think they can force groups of workers in individual cases, to act this and that against someone. But that muslimism is THERE, in psychology and in that foucaultist scum. Instead of another war, people need another sugar refinery. Instead of another bank, people need a sound currency to buy from these refineries. Culture is broken and never so high to allow that. With torturers, individuals fight demons that are displayed as normal citizens or perhaps were them, before their faces became different. There is a lot of disintegration like Hans teaches. The things have to be outweighed individually and that is only possible by capitalism, where disintegration is only in empathy. Where muslimism was not used, to manipulate, fields of work, currency was used. It was the chicago school doing all these things. Where torture is happening, even songs were used. All things described by Hans Hoppe the professor, were possible as decivilisation for example. But where they are made, it is clear, that culture is the problem. One has to know who is against conservativism. If the state clerks come home that have not a view on things, that wellfare is a subventionizing of irresponsibility, the individual is trapped by them and they do that on purpose. It is not Satan that acts that way, but the red dragon, the old snake, helping them. And it is not good if the parents believe in stalinism and then leninism slowly.

Why does nobody critisize in Ctulhu, the book, that the people that run away from Cthulu, are not run offs, and therefore to help them is paramount? Because the people come home that make them more with Marx and they all together get into materialism while never talking about what they do earlier. These evil creatures use globalism against the individual and together with the state, they are. The state clerks are double evil. Because someone who saw what the state makes with people, how can he trust someone, that already can’t do what he wants, since he can decide the narrative, while the individual hates that he can, but they want to decide the narrative, if that means, giving them full authority over every aspect of every facette of the individual? Because if they decide the narrative, they can’t do what they want, but the individual does not give them authority or freehand to do either of which. People joined together to acknowledge in capitalism, something. It is for example to never damage the fields of work available individually since it is hard enough to compete in fields where certain products people think already don’t exist and they think it is easy therefore to restart in the market by creating a new firm. Therefore because nobody exists and people already created efficient products for certain tasks else available, damaging the life of an individual even in the smallest, is not creating anything for that individual. And fields of work or study have their own compression towards the individual that gets greater over time. It offers insight to how the market is developing in future, which is not really upwards towards some future hope. Darkness tortures people. There is a lot of that in the impossibility to imagine that the horrors of the soviet union, were made by a state clerk in some little village. But these compressions of fields of work vanish, if there is someone researching customer support as a domain. Socialism is against again, that is the evil thing. But if they vanish by that, then it means, introducing sound economics on universities, will open these fields of work uncompressed again. If economics is treated in a non-classical way, and introduced therefore in the way of van Mises, it will be good, and bad actors of the state will vanish, that play these leninists in the village, that made the horrors of the soviet union. It is bad, that the people pay for their career insteads. With journalism it is so, that it either leads to the continuation starting from historical spheres of the mastabas, the banks where mummies got hidden by people, or nationalism, that can’t be defeated somewhere, and there it stops to be interesting too to the consumer. The problem is that with the consumer, and with the nationalism in history standing, with the nazis, god does not want to be part of that. But he communicates, that for example it is so, that America gets a handicap bonus from writing that in such manner, or rather the wisdom about the consumer is so, that if he writes something, as a consumer, he wants it to be always in a foreign, language, which is the latest, to his consumption. So all people know, that it was the most recent stuff in another language, that reaches the most wide audience rather. What is with investment into that, without any problems, and for everyone? Still, you rather meet some carjackers, from Mexico, than see the state invest in capitalism like that. And there is characterisation in it too, since it is about carjacking rather, after law. The numerous state clerks moving there with their deeds, are a burden on the individual as an eternal concept and it is the same unreligious matter against eternal life, that admixes all the characters that like to sleep for example not at night. That is unjust if the peoples currency is used like that, to pay for that. Someone who waits 3 days to maybe “maybe”, find some good thing rather, if he believes in the state, inside of that, will not see that at all probably. He will at the utter most, see all the psycho social experiments that are done instead of investment. And these are all dominating over the individual. If the multitude of the cities vanishes as states, nationalsocialism becomes more and more attractive to the people, and that is the main goal of these state clerks, to reach that. The state is a parasite, together with its entirety, and nationalists. Since, someone who knows where style comes from, even he keeps it secret, and these people don’t respect as nationalists the individual at all, but act on top of the mistery where style is kept, by the directors and bankers. Style comes from animals, if exotic or not. It is kept hidden because it is the directors who hold animals in cages and make the people think, it is not true, except in case for exotic animals perhaps, where it is magically society or parks or something of course. All the interventionist scum is supported by the society by such means. God knows what they steal from the people: it is all the things that are not there already in them too, and never existed or were simply forgotten too with culture. But that “with culture” in combination with forgetting these things and letting them pass, is NOT capitalism, if the culture exists beforehands. The individual if he goes as a consumer shopping, his style is part of the manner he activates only there in the shop, it is NOT part of decisionmaking beforehands by others, or discussable as part of wanting to change the elements of his purchase. Where they do such things, and they do them, there is damage done on individualism. Preference is invisible and can’t be spotted by others outside the individual. It can be misunderstood as being rather some earlier thing but it strangely always ends in preference for some alerting public services, that are used after Hayed, to always cut freedom for the individual. Things that still can be called national defense, are still all health services rendered by the public. The graveyard is not a domain of the living, even in economics, despites what the keynesianists make believe. There is nothing economical about following some place, where no shops are ever built for or by someone. Not even a decision to draw currency to buy something, is made on such locations. The CIA, have a tradition of invading the gender space, and are polar and they have a tradition of breaking through the gender space in individuals, even if the whole of society and the bankers hide it likely. These are forbidden things that live in a non-economical domain that fakes such domains, and fiat-currency holds the same intrinsic danger to create these domains against individuals. Everything that holds cannot hold something else in science in writing only. They are domains full of freezing ice, and only big creatures live in them, the size of a tennis field to a degree. It is not even sure, that they are hunting for the real terrorists at all, since they only hunt for the innocent people, that only seem like the people in the revelation, that have to go through uncountable torture, and the key to resolve that, lies in egyptic hieroglyphs, for example the scale leading upward, that gets hidden inside the old testament too as a collection of families coming together to trade. And these people they hunt, only resemble that hieroglyph. It is everybodies own business, if he pays attention to the authoritarianism around historicism, which rests there definitely, however. The attention should end there of everybody. What creature is so evil, that she drives into death traps, even at night only for example, somewhere, and then asks if someone is lost in the night? But the attention does not end very often with the individuals of the female gender, that are that lost in the night as they think. They are not lost in the night at these places that are that dangerous to them. Cities where they dwell at night are full of neon lights. But there the loss of attention is really paramount, since the true criminals that like to hunt females at night, for they drank a beer too much, they have to feel that such things are gone, so they have to get real aga in. Else, the intention is not clear of these state agencies at all, and it rather seems, that they were created to damage the innocent only. And with a scale leading upward i mean an actual scale too, which is a diagonal line. It seems it gets hidden by the word “scale” as mimmicking a denominator of size. That scale has also steps to it, which get hidden too by everyone, that they are three to it. The people that don’t write about what that makes to culture, how it tears it down, they hide more things apart from that. Aristoteles defined for example, three sorts of persuasion furnished by the spoken word, which are ethos, pathos and logos, and not ONE is part of the character or behaviour of the innocent who get tortured. It is even hidden what these three things are, but they are for example in three cases

  • Ethos is character and credibility

  • Pathos is appeal to emotions

  • Logos is appeal to logic

Or in short: the serpent. But these spoken sentences such as this one, that wishes evil upon innocents further to that, they are only spoken in dualist spheres, by societies rather and so. It is expected by the whole society, if socialists fulfill a terror attack, again, to call them simply terrorists. But the authors who keep that power, are first-state terrorists against the individual and freedom and safety in general and are a skeletal serpent. All these things are collections and van Mises defined them therefore as evil. Since even the person writing THAT, is then the author by some rule of literature, some strange rule. Like a family, that rule is. These people that say to the innocents that are not around that they may burn in hell, or that they should go to hell, they are not really alone, and they should first of all consider this: it is very hard to seduce a woman, or make her follow somewhere, except by offering her currency. That the state is palpatable and its full system of parasitical influence is destroyed, tortured people wish to happen deeply. But such terminology is coerced upon them and is coming from the same source, as the authors with their collectionism. It is deeper than that too. They started holding an order based on what they do against capitalism, which is also encompassing doing deeds against thinking. All these admixes done therefore with the people running away from Cthulu, are a very good definition of real thing. They are not yet complete and there in entirety for everyone to follow them. Theology has no place there, for example, since only there someone says likely that all these things are complete now. Everywhere torture is, there is the state as an invader and instead of calling unnumerable things simple “the serpent”, they try to make a list as marxists (since soldiers are marxists because they belong to the army) where they can’t be followed, since class based interests are used and then logical understanding is destroyed for outsiders where they then say to them: therefore we are right and it is our duty even. If it is “even” their duty in such context in literature only and still they use it, why does nobody teach them, that that domain is capitalism? Things are simply rotten where they are considered that stable even where someone is not alone and the things against the individual such as sexual torture, the socialist vision for future of communists is only based on subventionizing exactly these socialists in their own practices. Everywhere that evil is, it is in every field of study, and even in the market shown and simply ignored. There is a wrong sort of conservativism, and it is based on too much of this and i would rather call it elitarism that is created by unions that sell eachother to the elite. It is an illusion only there not. As described beforehands, capitalism teaches to leave things intact for other creatures. It is true for every environment tainted by every age too or cause coming from that. For example: young people are taught by capitalism, to leave things intact, by not checking evil where it happens. But they think that is the modern way against modern war or something, which is not always true. Still their view on things does not alleviate that evil they shall not check. Why is that unchecking not inherited by reality in a stable experiment each time? There is no generator following them in mid-air and shooting bolts or something to connect everything and make things inherit, but instead, evil seems to crawl on earth as a snake and it is in full freedom and can go everywhere, and everywhere it is, has to be socialism, since it is bound to ground, that is divisible, such as earth, and that is not there in civilisation where capitalism is. But still, the time must come, to remove even from the creatures what was left intact, to renew it somehow. That is always the moments, they are right, and where they can use that to make a better reality for individuals. But that is only possible if what is done there if it is greater in size. A church mass is a good example of that scaling up. There must be some ritual that is used that turns that to evil that is dormant, and that exactly, is used to reach something that is called torture. But the metamorphosis into evil is used by these people too, later and it is not sure if they ever come out of it. They are so to speak, drunk on power. Easy to say and easy to use to change nothing. Since if someone is really drunk, he sleeps a lot based on that and if he sleeps, with SUCH things, it must mean, the power was not there at all where that generator is in midair, and it was ignored. These young people against torture that disobey and are dissenting the state, and coming together at night, they are capitalists. Instead of creating firms it was made impossible since nobody understands the real problem why they can’t do that and nobody has a view on things, that they even ARE these capitalists. How can things be more complete than by that? Still, where evil tries to be dormant, people sing something and are done with that, and silence is complete and to emulate something that continues, they need to emulate something that is like that generator, and things continue. But in most cases, silence is left intact, by them, and that means, that they are marxists and simply continue with that evil. The people dissenting are important too, but they are not these anarchists, but led astray by globalism or nationalism and not really these capitalists. Where this silence is, leninism really fastly does its things silently against individualism and especially against property as the only principle. That is then used to create a lie, that humans are right-legged, and something winged is therefore RIGHT suddenly: the human is not anymore a two-legged animal, but all right-winged things are good, even if they are political.

Some people that want to help renew things, they have to know that first obstacles have to be removed and the pharaoh was the only capitalist, while all people had to work, he was faster than everyone, since capitalistic, and THAT that was what was used to create that effect for him, and where he sat, it had a great effect before the public in his golden mask. The people wondered that were poor slaves, what that is, and did not understand, that it is that, and later they created capitalism and it is the same but for everyone instead and without the mask. The people have to know what they are giving away if they want to destroy all of that. To make a front to all of that is important. Someone is only then Al Kaida, if he starts outside with economics, then consumes something and something second to that, and does not stop with that, and additionally does not share (sharing is the christian tradition) and ignores the people with Sismondi, like all the arabs. But even then the people remain that critisize someone looking at some consumerism victims, not seeing, that they are all without life in case of being in such bad situation. The women displayed with an empathical face are in corporativist spheres and defended by capitalism and they are not tortured, since they are full of life. But in the tortured victims, a lack of life is visible and they are not defended. In short: the most important individuals are NOT defended, no matter how much they may expand an army while first principles have NOT to be defended but ARE to be left intact as in order for capitalism to continue without unwished inference by the customer as a concept. And if there is another first principle they may CLAIM, it must be at all times checked by them if it is still eligible as a first principle, since against murder itself. And for that they have TOO MUCH CHAOS as unit as buerocrats. They know very well how powerful mathematics is in the hands of the individual if there is everything instead of the serpent, about the UNIT. And they do that evil for her and then replace that word with groups that care for that unit. They want to reach a war, since there would be infinite war, if there was a unit and someone would care for that as a colony. Maybe it is already like that, but they seem to not know further than that and do evil on top of that.

But if they replace the most important first principle, they remove it from capitalism. And they place people in environments of witchery. There is Marx claiming this and that and then prices go up for the most ridiculous things nobody even would buy, but they can change other prices then as a global effect, starting from raw. And the currency really is paid to the marxists then without even being a customer or buying these things at all. Unneeded changes everywhere without even buying something - and the compressions in fields of work are upkept by authoritarian utilists believing in the state. They know very well that a multi-millionaire is only someone who searches for new investment at first instance. It is the other people who shall be enumerated by that. But Germany for example, is a country of german enumeration. And they continue supporting that. With that monopoly of the state on fields of work, there is dangerous chaos created in supply chains and they upkeep that monopoly gladly against individualism. Instead of first principles, then the stable situation is replaced by a real stable, and the generator, in midair, are just people electrocuting the horses in that stable. And the person owning that stable is a rich banker. But they don’t do that since they are terrorists, but since it is part of the order of the manson they work at, each evening or at night. That group of people that does such things, and lives there, is called Three Kings Rust or something like that and each set of cards has them too, even if they are baal servants. In my opinion that that group is not very religious is still not true, since it is much worse. Socialists come into these capitalistic countries and raise their offspring to beget a view on getting knighted by the elite. In truth all the sick fucks that blame individuals by identity having an authority from there, they say “same people do that” to their master. In truth the real group they care about later is a different one and the sin can’t be whitened that runs as a red filament in the narrative they decide, with their state as a magical solution. In truth the people that are do-nots, they get calculated as winners in some game operating anonymously by chance. They don’t know anything about economics, and it is true - since they get happy about the bad things happening from that supply chain chaos.

Underlying all of that as a problem even additional to that, is inflationism. The individual is grievious, and it can’t be defended. The constitution as a belief if it is damaged, by someone, can change a lot in supply chains so that that chaos is created. Meanwhile, all the people forget, that the word “obstacles” looks a little bit like “decades”, and that it is how far they fight torture too, where the state gladly takes that as a fundament to do ungoods on top of that opportunity. That the state literally does such things, with the precious life of single individuals. Never was a marxistic tactic more appearent: Marx. The multitude gets used to program into it leninism and socialism via activism which seems at first like views on things shared between others. It does not end with families and how it goes down there. It is not bonax, such as in multiple-bonus. Violence can be alleviated by not following the own narrative, and using different words to describe the same that is written to everyone. Currency was created so if someone saves silver for example, he does not lose that which could be lost later as a whole, and therefore he is part of the richer people, and therefore gets richer by that too, faking the situation. People always used that so they bought some silver, then saved some currency by that technique, that follows a greater inflow in currency, and they got richer and richer, in small amounts always. Some people called that technique concerning currency, on big scale, elasticity of the currency, since they already have these things at a disposal in great quantums. But with that view on things, it seems, they were only about saving companies that had corporativism, in truth Marxian philosophical historicism. It seems with all the interventionism done for the state, that these actors even started caring about something that not even exists to degree. They started caring for customer spending, calling it consumer spending. In truth there is no consumer spending, and it reaches not as far as they can control it, except they can mean the customer. But what do they mean by customer spending? Who is such a bonus, that he cares so much for other people? It seems, they were from the start, about stealing taxes from the people, which is investing in the things unproper by spending only. When young people, such as young women think about what happens in an economical breakdown, they don’t know that most of them are prostituting themselves then. But when they think about it, about their future, they are thinking deeper and “rather not”, and that is what all the people in power hate about the individual, since their system of power depends on that, and it is not only of people true, but of demons too and all these evil masters. They want control over the naked state of the human and need the state for that, to not seem that bad then. Most people don’t know, that these evil masters can even create from normal people in their youth, geniuses later, while they treat natural born geniuses very bad, in favour of power. That is where they use preference. They do that by making them count in ordinals. And to not teach that, is putting people into same mode, as the leninists are in. And in that possible or not creativity is their whole spectrum of teaching and operationisation too, since the people like something to be done or not, they still get manipulated by that operation, since creating something is evil enough.

Now it is rather more likely, that the same sort of people, since they have to be rich, they have to be accepted together with capitalism, even if unjust, rather invest in something different such as selective service, and they are the same as the people i wrote about with the cold stare - perhaps they ARE in the aftermath, responsible for the things put forward against economics as a science, and in individual case Hans Hoppe too, and even fear is created by them by using pressure between these topics. Everywhere i saw a good fight, these people were not like that, but they were about US hegemony. And the people talking about hegemony still don’t talk about what it is against in Hoppes theory, namely against private property. They are with that against the competition model of capitalism and are about weakening the individual only. About unfair games and tactics. Whereever i write, i see the mistake more and more in animals, but as a concept only. Not in the living creatures themselves. These people use the state and where they are fighting that competition model, they are assuming the individual to be defenseless and use US hegemony on top of that. These people know very well, that theology is based on human action where it is about religion, and that religion does not wish here writing about animals, even if they write the truth, but they still do it and even critisize that something is too scientific somewhere, and are with Engels there, even if their intention is against these people. Animals are not the topic, since they are not good in economics, except squirrels of course. And they join always where thinking is coerced to be about divisible land, where they are seen in different situations. And that domain is full of war already there, and still there is fog of war around there, unjustly. Now, don’t think, that these people ever come to summon truth there. They are not about that. They are about advertising their own stuff, AND are in that the same as all other abominations in democracy, and if you don’t join them since you are poor, and trapped even, by fear even, they use you further as human resource to make evil with you, since they define people like that, which is human trade too, but accepted since there are many abominations in social democracy. Science is a domain of fair trade there and still they are keynesianists there, despite destroying science there with that or by that. Until now i was thinking the sniper killing JFK was shooting from a building 2km behind the car. In truth, he was shooting from a spot in the park right from that, where it is hidden. They are evil people, since they are about wisdom and against it there by being against the individual. The problem should be animals as a serpent, not as a concept. But where it is, it seems, philosophy is torn down with that behaviour too and lies on the ground. And they have position full of might and ownership. Of course, they can by owning less, make private property seem bad to all. The more people critisize them while anti-marxists, the more they fall prey to the marxist doctrine too, by caring for that. People don’t know where the true danger lies. Where these things can be learned, i saw only unfairness, such as capitalists crawling on the ground as homeless, while marxyans had the most prominent positions in society, even in cultivated evening space. People that run around as abominations of what unsound economics produces, and that simply don’t help and simply support evil, one on one to degree. People always misunderstand division of labor as something including multiple persons. In truth, division of labor comes naturally with work to be done, and if used divided quantitatively, by time, it sparks many new ideas for improvements in these units of work to be done. But they let people return to that via corruption to start always from scratch. In truth, the consumer is always right and if he wants something that is needed, too, toward improvements there in the other sort of place with immeasurable damage to that process done, if someone even in the smallest, is not held back by culture to not disgrunt his purchase or preference even. The damage done is so high, that these people, no matter how good they might be, even like Jesus himself, need to be held back by cultures strong gates against evil, by writing more cultivatedness for example against being rich in the style of:“that THAT is so, is not possible”. Since else, they damage even the possibility making such sentences, and replace them with units, and damage language itself. Jesus was not obstructive like real things. He that came only to help and as a ghost or something, telling these same things that then if they use the cross where he is crossed to go away, takes a lot of energy and skill and nobody can guarantee that somebody is still strong enough to do that, especially that they have to be taught from scratch economics. Evil does manifest in women too, not only in anatomy of man. It means in case of women a winged demon. There where this happens, the individual suffers by anticapitalism. But i know they have this as an order and never stop with it at the FBI. They even reserve themselves a position to do tactics here by that open window. Big shops are running on low flame, and that terminology does a lot of damage in families on the individual and it can’t be repaired in case of the individual. Bonax are the rewards for humans. It is not only one bonus, but multiple. Men are against that and are against capitalism and women get tortured more easily due to their currency-stinking influence. Big shops are only an illusion. They are completely based on marketing and without it they would fold together soon, together with or despite of inflation.

Marxists are a disgusting folk, against work and with the righteousness of serpents, secured by force, not strength, and everywhere secured by the fear created by rules of divisible land, where it is needed to break through, to not pay attention to their non-helping esteem that replaces behaviour, and that is where a lot of traps against the individual are made, even if the rewards are then depending on the individual, there is still the society grasping for them and wanting them for their own pleasure after the person went through the pain, when they are needed in the last moment, it still remembers their decision against capitalism instead, and they are gone. Their decision for marxism was more paramount than to help in that moment. Most conflicts where individuals lose something, even their life, are from that. They are made by the state securing the divisible land by the state as a tradition of society (people that made suicide and wished evil on others). Orders are always evil itself and not everyone collected strength, previously put into isolation by news trucks driving on purpose on the highway. In the case of private property not already in posession, they have tricks that the same problems are made, on the individual, and they are awaited by awareness, and not earlier destroyed by rewards from division of labor on the own property, with the previous stronghold of literature and wisdom, but they end in murder in social democracy or toxic words where the state is used as a facilitator to help, which is rather a radiator helping black-red pilled people to damage, where there are operations against thinking made in bright daylight on purpose, and hidden so only the victim knows it on purpose, and they act in parallax so they misunderstand on purpose together against division of labor namely. These big shops are running on sparflamme therefore and each firm that did not do that on purpose became as big, as inescapable for example. But there is no advertising known to people from these crucial times where that happened. In most cases, congressmen retired very soon. People don’t see, that only monopolies can be created from that esteem (“die Leute sehen nur, was unmittelbar ins Auge faellt” in german). And the right-legged thing can be dangerous too by always inspiring new sorts of symbolism for that syndicalism. Antitrust is marxistic too and they are too against the people and against what the people see. They are for knowledge, that is displaying that which is hidden and supports them in that. Having a pretense of knowledge and a free market in which it is running. A free market is abolished by them, by furnishing an excess in manipulatisation, that abandons by default on purpose the techniques of languages, that then repeated, build up oligarchy, since they do it, and by not doing that, ends up too with US hegemony and they build up from there all these different coercive techniques in language, another language, while the other language of critique gets abandoned, and that is all against a free market, where that pretense would create energy for free trade. They do that since they know that they are corrupt. The knowledge of interesting subjects develops gradually and also the curiosity regarding these subjects. But these subjects have to be topics, on their own, and not concerning some real person. They must be about epistemological problems and metaphysical and philosophical. Instead, gradually deeper and deeper, with each of the three, invasion is happening, starting with philosophy, where it is the least wished by “subjects”. This is not acceptable. There is unknowledge in economics in young people, in students, that gets misused on purpose by the historicists via the topics of conjuncture, namely problems made by politics first and foremost, where the unknowledge is despites reading a lot of books, even. They think they know everything, but are helpless still, which is a mark of too little knowledge, that still needs a teacher who makes that as a remark. Recently it is about stabilisation of money for example, which means, something, that does not exist and can be only named “currency”, after being disposed of, in its precious metal bonding to gold. Still there is this: division of labor holds a secret somewhere where it is about instruments. There is namely a difference between using a machine, only once, and only for one certain task, for which it is made, and using it gradually or without discrimination for everything possible, in every quantity. The result is, that to use it for what it is made, automatically disposes of the loss of economic profit, since it is only used once, and also saves the machine for further uses, while in latter case, a different instrument is needed in order so as to save that economic profit, or else, it is bad. They started with that stabilisation, instead of admitting their mistake in theoretical spheres, domains. And the result was, that it was made on people, on the consumers, and not on some production. And by that, newcomers into entrepreneurship are held back, by hurting sound economics there, where that gap is transfixed earlier too by the states existence. The history of human action was divided by them. Where there should be only a filament led by science by a progress in science from the classics to modernity, they made a narrative and a red filament tied to it, filled with doctrines, where even the term used “Geistesarbeit” is misused until a subjectivistic human action is reached, based on conjuncture and what is happening there only. They can decide what is happening there, just because they are a synagogue. Since their narrative is not based on any scientific progress and it was cut somewhere. The theory of circulation credit is the thing all of these theories are united by and the question should always be, what is abandoned by all of that, if there it is used. What is the medicine in that case? That there is more produced of that which was produced beforehands. So the person is free to get free. What is needed for that? Certainly land on which these esteems are applied on almost available ressources, or in case of people not understanding, more of the theory as a ressource, and it can be available as ressource. But do people understand that? Rather not. Therefore, in the same manner, the word capacity suits and free trade for which it is needed. And because capacity works both ways, free trade works based on capacity. But your life is not free, that you can suddenly break free of the bonds of these people. There ARE institutes called cunjuncture observance institutes. But still, even free trade is needed somewhere where that land has to be purchased. If it is gone, what a pity, but still you can make a deal only based on free trade somehow. If there is too much state owning too much, too, the individual is simply helpless. The truth is, they are marxists and socialists only from there, and their social order starts only from there, where the individual is in that bad situation, and it is all only hot fixed for the individual. The politicians decide all of that however, get NOT controlled by some tabular standard, that would enable someone to control them, from the folk, but it was only hotfixed too. It only points to that, that they are bandits, such as described by Hans Hoppe. With the NWO there also appeared in the society an elitarism, called statism, that is about the school someone visited and only aggresses towards the individual completely. With fiat-currency, the bankers can live further in other creatures, or humans, after their body has vanished. In truth, there is too little of a certain awareness, where it should be placed in others, and where it is even misused to emulate that previously mentioned generator in midair, and after it was critisized by someone, they have further traps to entrap the individual they mean by that. In truth that psychological trick is very powerful to program into others the will to torture other people. German literature, seeming historicist, became more and more marxist and socialist, and filled with these doctrines, and a character was created called “Eroerterung des Problems”, coming from french aristocracy or elite, that often has a “de” instead of “von”, loaded by their power, that was used as a focal point for authors and all evil doctors, called Nominalists, and that was so evil, that at night, at train stations, that the shops have still closed. I was living in the same building Mohammed Atta lived and planned his attacks on the World Trade Center, and later, a drug cartel lived in that building mostly, and they made strange sounds at night always and everywhere i could be. Demons don’t act like that, but people only. A drug cartel that worked together with the state in earning, and later they took state clerks to observe me, that are with everything in economics, only acribic, and against capitalism with it. In case i would know something too much, when they have to know where a person is really, to attack it, they do such things to be really sure about that as guarantors. A guarantor is always a cosigner and capitalism is needed so it stays true, that capital and interest are not tainted by dishonesty and stay two different interests, instead of profit of a firm being the only interest, as is the only interest of these guarantors there. And whoever wants to think about that, how mathematics as a science helps there, with algebra, he quickly finds, it does but it wants to have traces removed for doing it, and that meanss it is attacked by a group of people too and whoever does not write that is someone accepting some sort of corruption. And that group accepting that sort of corruption are the terrorists and that definition is accepted by the public. Only murderers want to remove traces of what they do. Anti-state people don’t have an interest to remove even those they know, to be put in isolation completely. These are only the ones who want that, who know that facing something is impossible for them, and they work for the state. The people have to face something, they think, but that teaches only a mathematician, a senior fellow of an old university at the utter most. There in America are radio stations playing songs people find bad, and there is still someone interested hearing it, since the ads are the interesting part in that. Songs like “gimme that girl”, as if someone would give his girl to these bastards and torturers. Where these investors for these funds are, they are there, and the channel is believed to be of the CIA or FBI and it is their channel of operation. It is only their channel, but the cosigners are rather probably from the conjuncture observance institute or something that make this channel possible of these torturers and murderers.

The marxists decide once to be it was more paramount not to help and be instead marxists, there for them and it is for their whole life tainted by that, and they stay that evil, and they stay that unhelpful like that towards others. Are they therefore good? No, they are not good. But the fact, that they are worse only compared to that language, automatically assumes a scheme is going on. They are namely only bad, since the state exists, and they are tantamount to every possible other scheme, such as freedom. Therefore coercion is a scheme. An animal is BETTER than them, just since it uses an unknown language. Animals are always good following the words of St. Augustinus. These theories, i talked about, they are since these conjuncture things exist, living in a domain of dreams and it is an universe of real dreams, i mean by that, and the people dream about these things then, they can change, their dreams by unsavory methods, and they control all of that inside theology by thymology, which is orientalist-minimalism in different array. They hide, that the scale of a human that could ride on a bird like in real size on a real red dragon, the old snake, would be to a mouse, like the same, from ratio and therefore, it all was created by only one creator. And they do these things against that realisation with believing they can be prime ministers and claim from this low perspective of dirt, that capitalism is bad, with that might, they have from theology. Something they think the people shall believe therefore, because capitalism is more dirty, since the other thing is only in DREAMS. But the scale thing exposes them as liars, these socialists. Since they still operate in reality.

The problem is, that the despots are naturalists and indeed meddle inside that domain before a trial is made, and they advertise marxism there, before a trial is made / and before the judge comes to rule something, he depends on them and that is not hegemonial. Hegemonial is what they do by that character. They have a lot in common with the tooth fairy. Where that world of dreams is, but where it is NOT, and where the observer is looking at it with awareness, almost, it is acknowledged by the outer domain, by the people, that there is some sort of wrong behaviour in socialism, instead of that, that is based on hunting innocent people. And corporativism does not abstain from working in both domains, helping evil by social democracy. The life of an innocent person is NOT at the tip of your fingertips, and you CANNOT decide, just because you have suddenly a title due to where you work. And where fines are contested that happened due to their training, the judges are all unexcellent, and trash-like. Only in a competitive voluntary system would they be excellent, such as the free market. This is redistributionism too, and that is made for the megacorporations too. A process can be continuous suddenly to ignore everything for the individual, and for that they care a lot about earlier ignorance, by thinking about next generation of their own position, that has to overtake these rules then that are continous. The state is not good since having a state means, having violence imposed on an individual and that violence is used to render these continous rules on the individual observed by these prime ministers. The word “there” is where they hide, in that character i talked earlier about called “Eroerterung des Problems”, that is part of that elitarism too and wrong behaviour. They went already making 20 mistakes against law, where nobody started critizising them for damaging economics as a science early. They have their power from the forests. They make financial problems to the people on purpose, that are like getting lost in the forest by feeling. In truth, not writing that, removes their power and they should be punished for that. Don’t believe them when they call all of that inflationism. Economics is against that. They believe in Moloch. It has to be defeated by fast reaction in the individual or in groups always, since waiting kills the belief. Gleichschaltung is something evil. It makes disadvantages for the individual by creating premiums that can’t be followed by the individual and other people never know that it is that what makes that chaos in the individuals life and blame it by joining the cause of nazi-doctors that work in syndicalism. The nazis prepared all their deeds and methods by research in economics and later called them different names via propaganda, but it was the economics coming earlier to Mises. An economics that already had a method to handle corruption, onto which van Mises added another layer even, by praxeology, against corrupt actors that may exist and conjure. Against the anatomy of the state, that is intrinsically against happiness of the consumer, by wanting everything that already exists, precisely in that what it already is - documented. There can be always based on another domain, such as bridge building, insurance premiums founded out. And there will always be persons talking about them. And still nobody is against torture and hides the mistake. There exist no mutants that any anatomy should be documented, and still they fail in valueing and respecting the individual. They always want to defuse science in favor of technology while it is never clear due to monopoly, in military defense where in comparison the budget is greater or smaller and where a fraction is of spending and where of prices paid in an anarcho-capitalist alternative put into comparison. The only thing clear is, that THEY spend a lot. They don’t know if to use societies resources is efficient, not HOW to use them. How to use them, are MEANS and they use for that technology as a teaching to other people, in disfavor of science. In a socialist society, the people would need to be gods, to be able to get an idea how to do all these things. Since already with the aforementioned things, all of these things could be ascribed to angels already, where “people” are meant. They do all of that to make that chaos there, by everything they do. These gods would need to be capable of superhuman calculations and the angels committed to the commonweal. Already now, all people bound to the state, are in the state of a businessman living in bankruptcy. Since all of that is unclear, in a socialist society, it would be impossible to know if to produce shoes would be more appropriate, than a t-shirt. The decision would be unclear and the businessman therefore not rewarded by being able to fetch higher prices not only, but already in the thought domain unable to operate. Additional to this, socialism starts already with misery first, from scratch, concerning the individual, while authority is already fully-developed of the most evil characters that wanted it and were against the individual. Fully developed with centralism too, and an authoritarian state depending on that centralism, that laughs about the true beginnings of capitalism, that started from meritocracy developing in monarchy with factions selling their things in the city, and as their messiah, the adult-domain of Marx they believe in as people, who is the only character in history, truly against all children from the beginning, with freedom at the fingertips of demons. The same darkness previewable currently is in law happening, and judges can’t be critisized too despites all of this. Meritocracy of the market is still displayed by businessmen, but they are not these gods or angels, and they tend to play them easily, and it is not a true meritocracy at all with these unjust things happening. Connecting Karl Marx to the beginnings of these cities with capitalism, only, makes that all adult-domain, and in their model, the authority is already superiority in truth of these evil characters, superiority with intention first, to remove the individual. The people tend to believe, as angels already, by that narrative, that economically all would be fine in socialism. But that is not the case. The truth is, that there would be superiority of evil characters with freedom at the fingertips of them and NOBODY able to follow them in what they did, since nobody would build a market economy and use science. And instead of thinking like that, they already now want to remove the individual for them, and they do it by starting as economists. They critisize anarchists by questioning how the state can be removed, always wanting it to be. Additional to that they critisize laissez-faire, by another method, very closely related. They use both, to create an utopy, with social democracy, that is very dangerous to the individual, and that is where nobody warns that they operate in reality and are different people. But coercion is used to bind the person additionally to these groups. NOT to give freedom to it, but to snuff it out. The vision of the socialists of another “world” is always mixed by unknowledge and is mixed by the evil things Lenin wrote, that should be not read, and is never clear what it should be. The armed forces are not only a socialist island, but they draw from that dark space and always are people tortured in groups like that by the state. The problem in truth is completely somewhere else, not in these people at all or what the state thinks. There are domains in the market that were created from too much corruption and they are unrevisited and seem evil. Decided by aggregates or rings that then draw from the state their vision but return always to what they were, but owning more, and the state or armed forces are only made for that trick.

All these martyrs get wiretapped or tortured, or both. Maybe wiretapping is defense seen wrong. Maybe it is, after all, technically speaking, public private defense from a twisted point of view, where it was trusted earlier by someone. Maybe people used their strength by democracy allowed earlier and the state was taken as a remedy and it was misused by corrupt actors on-the-fly. Where wiretapping happened it was made by a drug cartel working for the state. Everywhere the individual is moving, it is not in a free society, but some deflectors as statists live everywhere, including members of marxist sects, that belong to these ravens that left society too and are deflectors in group working second-rate to them, to obliterate and annihilate truth for someone, such as Karl Marx. They are all against resurrection. The people indeed see everything only that is right infront of them. It is animals that see everything from a viewpoint of depth and nature that resolves things that may be. It is not them who do that. And they get strength by democracy. Economics as a science is part of law. But Mises added praxeology to it, removing the metaphysical nonsense from it, and still with the state, economists have to be careful not to offend the police, that can panic then too, or the people too, and for both a similar approach is used and still tactics of the marxyans start from where theoriticists try to assume a process, with them, to destroy economics as a science in its starting point, for which it is needed a market to run as an element, so the elements of that science can be sensitized, to find different new truths in it, and that by only using the science itself, not outside factors, that are always used by the people. That damage is done anyway on-the-fly by marxyans, and not transgressed, and the martyrs get blamed for that too by them, unjustifieangly.

They squandered the military defense budget, and they torture people blaming them for their own mistake in this, including their toil. It is not based on one individual, but by how it defers from that how it relates in others, that are not known too. Aquin called that a sum. Therefore i want to draw sharp attention to that book: The Road to Serfdom by Hayek, especially for owners of very big shops interesting. Professor Hans H. is not really right in calling Ludwig van Mises’ book on economics, Human Action, void of much divisible land-theory. Everything people call divisible land is in it, on a very fine upper-level domain, if studied very closely. The only problem is, that there exist corporativists, that want to snatch an element as atomists, from that, what is owned by that divisible land. Rothbard had other problems with the people therefore, since Hans writes that in the introduction to one of his works, claiming, he added something of that more to it. Rothbard had to describe corporativists in one of his works, so it fits in well. He described all the corruption of the chicago school. All of the elements of economics that are searched can be deduced from the model of the lonely island, since it is a very fine model and circular too, mapped to what happens in actual time itself too, insofar as Human Action starts already with a few descriptions of economics. There remains still the problem of Marxists, of course, that are theologically seen, seeing the world from the old testament where Ahab and Isebel are as evil characters, and they are strange therefore and dangerous to the prophet that wants to defeat them. Economics and ethics are together political philosophy. The rationalist social philosophy of Rothbard explains these things to the layman, but they are already existing in Human Action. Until actual property can be defined in economics, first has to work the economics in a real domain, somewhere in the reality, even if the knowledge is old that teaches this. First has to come praxeology as a refinement of that old knowledge. It can be called economics, but it is not running, if no market is running besides it, and nothing can be deduced in it, starting from categories of economics. In theology speaking to the people that is the standard mode of accepting things, since there is something that already stands on a property, which is the church. True human action is what the marxists don’t want to see, and they protest against it, since everyone who has this human action as an individual before a society, he is introduced in, is only like that, if his parents are actual capitalists, or he is well educated in science. He reacts to the others, seeing the own mistake very fastly, and that is “human action”, to the others, and they accept it as being concerning everyone else, since nobody is perfect. And they hate that since people are always so. Since they are not clean of sins and mistakes they do towards innocents and there exist groups that emulate them, and they depend on having a clean slate made by individuals as a fundament. For which inflationism is of course a very nice remedy to all of them. But the baal worshipment that they establish by that, if it is transfixed by other people that believe in social theories, and are subjectivist, is not really vanishing, but claims even victims on the graveyards. There is to each of the things, that belong to chaos theory in praxeological domains, something that has to be a protest to it, so it becomes smoothened out, and destroys the panics that could be possible on top of that. But the state does not explain these things, but monopolises them even in own version, like the old knowledge by default, and chaos is happening to the unknowing people and they have to accept it somewhere else, against individuals. The state does not make these problems vanish at all. There are glorious things in capitalism. Globalism is made as in order to destroy them. Knowledge probably is a wonderful thing. Everybody is still alone in the market and the claims of others that are social and want togetherness are not always correct and somebody really knows where science ends and where knowledge starts, by using cultivatedness towards others, but he needs that to display it to others, as in order to display the irrefutability of needed freedom. People that wiretap or torture should be put in prison, since they are criminal and supported by others who have blood on their hands. Someone without knowledge or that deduction he still needs freedom and is at the fingertips of others who don’t even accept that deduction if it is made. They are marxists. Their socialist common weal starts too only from the moment that dualist seduction is complete. Where everything has been redistributed and equalised internally even, and the things are gone, they want to claim that is a running system. With shops getting more harmonious toward them, they get more mercantilist to the extreme only, and remind of the moments, monopolies were created in the 30s, that competed by unsavory means it was said. Megacorporations deal with these things only and they smoothen them out completely by being contract-based. Everywhere else people don’t know that, it reminds still of that. And the Leviathan is the big manager in that, he claims, while they are all against the individual. Someone is only as an individual free of them, when he has enough private property, to twicely prove, that he gave the people peace. Where war is happening, the state is only about creating storages from private properties of the owners. People come that play the great general and take everyone to different places, against their will and i saw people in the vantage of banks, very near to them, prepare that scenery already around 2005. The greatest claim to truth that economics can make against corruption, is to display the old economic knowledge as quanitative and therefore where it is concerning all people, it does not lead to anything correct, since different individuals quantize things differently, and that therefore to start from the individual it is more correct to analyze all others in an economy. But to analyze others still is wrong, based on the individual, since - every data drawn from a running economical market, has to have that market running first, and why should someone claim he is able to put that as an apriori factor, especially for WHAT? Why are you doing this, and why are you starting with this, and why don’t you go to hell? The people don’t fear hell, they don’t know, there is a door and they can’t leave there forever. Still the state does everything as in order so the people trade that elegance. That man acts and also, that everything in the outside domain is scarce, are two things needed, to display what some people do, together, and what they do is unimportant then, but the waste lies already in the analysis, and the moment human action was used was when investigating the methods of social sciences, not considering investigating. Considering investigating is corruption, corporativism, and wrong, and presupposes a victim of law. There is nothing else a person or many persons could have done. It is especially wrong to judge. They should finally admit, that Carl Menger was the founder of the austrian school, and that they never transgress this space, and also, that investigating the methods of social sciences was a book by him written. It is about books, right? Finely admit. How can it be sound, to order something, even if it is for a redundant sum, and find a scam, and nobody can be contacted, and the banker does not care, even, while he is friends with them even or the same as them? How can that lead to any progress upward when the people then have to get to know that, in case of a student, and they blame the individual? It is all made to lead the individual into the hands of the army, not only the individual, but all people. And that is used as a psychologic trick agai nst the individual by natalism. That leads not to any progress upwards in economics, but leads to that, that preference is blamed, and products are blamed, and purchases, and the whole market. That leads to that, that never again purchases are made, and the friends become catholic and stupid people that can decide. These are situations that are anyone saving precious metal, would deem dangerous to the extreme, and he would never save it if confronted by that unsoundness. There are too many contacts, and they all inherit the unsoundness in using fiat-currency from outside. The problem is that the state is a complete moron when you try to find help and the people are playing Shodan from System Shock 2, which means, they try to outsmart you while asking you for help first. That they inherit the unsoundness from fiat-currency solves the other problem, but does not solve suddenly, that health is different and needs another approach that does abstain from that introduction. Anyone sells peaches on the market and with that unsoundness anyone is meant that does not sell them himself, while is encouraged to do that on purpose. THEY who play Shodan, they will NOT sell these peaches, oh no. They are much too smart for this. Best, if these people who really sell them, stay hidden, even if their nationality is a keyword such as “coucous”. They make fear to the people if they communicate an exact version that the individual reader of a book thought, was only for him. The togetherness in literature that on purpose makes these visions to the readers, is not wished by the system. The togetherness of dumb people deciding over the individual is what is wanted. No shop owner that immigrated with his family, into a grid, would employ his beautiful young daughter as a worker in his shop. She would be much too fast in a bad situation due to the dirt happening on the cashier. She would be endangered of wiretapping and also torture by park-thieves with a license to kill. That people who should follow you or listen to you are somewhere seen in nature, is strange enough and talks about that, that the domain is already there a totally different, and they will never help. They will be always somewhere else. But if the shop owner, would be bosnian or croatian, and his daughter tortured by serbian invaders, he would, strangely, still employ her, as if logic would be different suddenly.

There are no bosnian or croatian shops that, could be empirically tested and someone testing or wanting to test it, is not on the bad side inactive. These shops are so down that trade fruit, since there is a lot of pressure on them, and they are almost at the neck-level, where they need to advertise against their own failure and they are not there, where they can make the products shine with shiny stars, and present them like that, so they can expand and everything is sound. The shops of bosnian or croatian people would be in that situation too and that is not fair toward them. The state is only there to expropriate from those who have nothing and to safeguard private property only of those who really have it, and he makes genocides for these owners he defends. And it only safeguards, from their perspective who are the owners, and only expropriates from the perspective of those he does expropriate from. It never is different, that one gets never that fate of the other. It is not the same, as n-1, and not FAIR, that there are instead in a better situation, product advertisers for a certain industry and they are doctors. The competition model is nationalist. There will never be a serbian people within the same shop as owners, together with bosnian or croatian people as owners, so some “peace” is shown to the outer domain, that “would be needed”, since “nationality does not unite”. Why should you trust a politician, that wants to program into you, that “Nickelodeon is for the people”? Even the special fx megacorporations or illuminates showcase are just lies. The truth is, that parents tell you to act this and that, and you want THIS, but if you have your own shop all the problems vanish, and they were right, that work is important and it stays as a problem too later, while becoming the true problem where soundness is searched, and these effects are there, and their hints were correct, and they mean only, that someone who has always current prices on the market, he becomes part of that market, together with the others, and these effects mean nothing more than that. What they prescribed was only an illusion. A false-flag advertisement of fiat-currency namely. Concerning the nitemarez of the people. The megacorporations in big tech have to compete by even such details, and they save others by that, in closing doors too those, such as remembering the victims of the genocide in bosnia, and there is someone at the neck-level of the fruit shops doing a price-equilibrium, by price-fixers, and the theory is not sound of price equilibrium in general, and they play gods there and the big tech companies that compete like described, they can outlive all of that, while being friend.

If you try to document everything like the state, prices don’t relax. Especially true for statists who believe, that human life can be calculated the more they act like that. Characters from hell that make the people nightmares, are looking like from bosnia or croatia too, and the people were totally innocent, that were treated like that, slaughtering them by bosnia genocide. The common weal is already active in welfare, and state clerks seem like from american corn fields, encrypted in what they do and for whom they worked. But where the state clerks should be looking like from bosnia or croatia, too, they are instead fat like in democracy only. The common weal misused by that, is a utility to let by means and ends forget who was responsible for such things at the upper level. When they kidnap someone they also never return him and the woman suicidal is theirs, to be taken always. It happens always there in genocides, where they kidnap part of the 70000 they just forget. Everybody knows who is part of the current market, that the prices never relax by documenting them too much. That is how the whole domain of fashion models was created in the market.

Everywhere the people follow social sciences, and want to reach them, they are depending on some “people” that are standing in democracy and they have always a bad mood. That is democracies guilt. Parents don’t get manipulated by anything else, and they stop always and the state does not things so fast, if there is a business standing, but then, the partners he sees become dependent on the businessman, in that what he offers more and more. And still they as anticapitalists would swipe a capitalist away, and they don’t do it only, since economics as a science is correctly done. Economics as a science stabilizes these tendencies others follow, in human action too. It is known, that they don’t respect the capitalist, and would take him away and crush what he owns, and drive him to the outskirts, and people don’t know therefore, how unlogical and senseless it is what they do, and what they call socialism later. What the communists want to reach is already there in every group of traders. People that have shops in malls, they are such a group, and it makes no sense, that they lie to the people by that. In the end they are individuals too and act in silence with the state, and nothing more is reached by that, like in the DDR. But they all know, that it is used by people that know economics, to outcompete others by following sound economics. It is them who are guilty on all of that, who observe that all like that. The marxists and anticapitalists always take the most sensible persons as victims. And they are not the individual, but some persons with the state. There is no other way, than to accept that there is everyone owner of his body as own property, the moment he owns a shop even proves the concept as true. Everything that is with the state, has its end, and has to be accepted, that for example it is painful to hurt the ears membrane at random, and they have therefore no claims. But psychology is an especially EASY thing for them there, because everything is INVISIBLE, and everything is about making man invincible by control, in truth, destroying his invincibility, since individuals are sensible. In psychology the painful things they do, stay invisible, since everything is about something invisible, and they can be holists about marxism even, and Robert P. Murphy is right, that they work for some statisticians, as state clerks, and test their concepts on the healthy. They would be slaughtered by a private army at the millitary. Private property follows from that, since it is chaos theory in economics as a science. Someone who is such a good fighter of the elite, he can build a house very fast with his actions in mid-air. Normal workers are heavy and need a lot of pay. There is noone to inaugurate them in any other season than spring. But the individual is always by the marxists inaugurated in autumn, strangely. The market forces are guilty, not the parents. They have no right to inaugurate anything but they have power from replacing book titles by own theory and it would be easy to laugh about that humour, yet the people still take that serious further to that, since they see in it, the attack against free trade between two parties, done earlier to that. And if they are indoctrinated they forget the truth about it. Who will teach the people without capitalism, how to disdain? Already now they fail in that and they continue with dumb people. Disdainment is not like capacity, working both ways without loss of energy. People that are dumb continue without it very fastly, and nobody changes on that anything, and he inherits the dumbness from that, and is invisible too. That innocents, including the tortured, get not victims of that, for that, is needed preference, and they in favor of further loss of disdainment, together with the state namely, want to monopolise even that loss of disdainment to continue it further, without the technical introduction of preference of the individual, as leninists. And they get strength by social democracy. There is no mass psychosis, neither psychosae in some single people. The litmus test is not made by the people, but by single persons always, and they have no right to generalise like that. It takes a lot to make an apology to people if there is sensed something dumb in it. It feels like starting life afresh and the reason is unknown. The reason was always injustice, but where it started was not known so fastly. Nominalists think they can hide behind a machine that is not even running as many believe the lie, that an equilibrium is something in motion. In truth they are part of antichristianity. If you are a fighter and you don’t signify what you did by remembering each attack against that readjustment done by hard self-study of sciences, they act like beasts. They are not anymore someone you know, but the adjustment you wanted to do, was not accepted, and the vile situation continues. Without financial freedom that freezes the whole economy from the perspective of the individual and is against it. And almost every individual is helpless against this behaviour, since it does not study so often. There IS a dark group of people acting instead of the nominalists. And they always get their way, and never get effective critique from outsides. They are against theorists. It does not matter if a group of people was edgy or something, since it always repeats. They always are about restarting the “market” where that was made, by the individual, and where it repeats itself once, people believe something is wrong with the individual instead of that. They are criminal, corrupt and evil. It IS a dark group, despites what the communist say. On “my way” to reach that, art, freedom, both already fell, and first of all much earlier, justice. The generator i talked about can be in peaceful environments too, and have only one tone, and nobody knows or keeps it secret, that that generator, rewards others, if they play certain harmonies right, until an ending can be reached, of the most sensible harmonies, that open a gate to the innocent, that get tortured. But if you play wrong since you did not learn anything, it never happens. Actually, thymology lives somewhere there and can be warped into something, morphed into something, that is for the consumer. The little things are the most powerful things. The generator plays therefore the ambitus where thymology is always found out peaceful towards innocents. In a shop that could mean an atmosphere made to the consumer perhaps. For sure, there is no mind control even in these big shops, and the mind control on people is rather done by measurement empirical for example, since action always tends to shift one step forward, unfortunately to these people. But they never stop, and the behavior of those who torture, can be in that domain without that generator as long, as the domain is the same almost or exactly, somehow. Still it is a crime, since the person is aggressed against on their body and coerced to stay somewhere, if economically by banks, or in trade, by fiat-currency, it makes, or by democracy, that summons that which is utopyanistic using all of that together against culture and cultivatedness against culture itself. It takes science to find sometimes out, against ignorance, that multiple groups sometimes intersect that act somewhere between. They infringe upon human rights, since the people fear and never stop shaking, and there is anyway no jobmarket for sculptors. What was back then, the “and if they did not die, they live still further…” in stories for children, now becomes a future vision, a city where everything is only perceived and built by the nervous system.

People that can read as historicists, fracture font, they get well treated, since the system runs like it runs, while being a lie. It is anonymous and hidden for profit. But these people, that can do that, they make as marxyans, experiments on squirrels. In the same sort, torture gets hidden too, or eavesdropping, which is torture too, with a parasitical wiretapping touch to it that is only concerning the written word. That there is an individual as a concept that is called “Layla” is of course true, and it is an innocent that gets tortured. They hate her for having clear eyes that know the following, while not caring for others in a capitalistic style: It seems to refer also to the equilibrium people assume to be a good model. In truth other people are not so real like that concept or model, since it gets also refered to in the revelation, as the character that the beast fights, with water streams. Neither their lips look so dry nor the contrast to that dryness so wet on their faces. In any case, if such an innocent is in their hands, they definitely first care about giving other people the feeling, selecting something different than the person, is right. And definitely, they want to take away the right from the individual, to be acribic against the bankers, by financial means that are unsound. They want not acribic, but they want the caribic, like all people that sometimes go on vacation. But instead of going on vacation, i want them completely to vanish. Since they could mean the same and mean it truthfully against humanity. While it is wrong, that a woman can lose her life on vacation, there is a concept of honoring passing men too, a tradition rather first thinking, or more precisely, a competition, of rhetoricism, and the whole of capitalism is like that, but toward simplitude, toward all consumers. In truth it is only toward one consumer, “the consumer”. And that is what they do not teach in public schools already. That consumer of course, needs to be a customer. But the whole starting point is redundant, and only cults are concerned by such knowledge, and they keep it very well hidden, that it is the proof for why people come from old Egypt. Later the blame added does not whitewash that they who hunt these innocents, do these things themselves indeed, by motivating them by force, since they are against the smothering. But there is a difference, in the individual that makes there the difference: if it is seen as a tradition or culture, which seems wrong since unprecisely seen, it is more correct to speak of “the consumer”, remembering how it is treating him as a king, while seeing it more precisely, as a competitional concept, makes it rather correct to speak of ALL consumers suddenly. But it is true, that there is not so much quality put into that all consumer domain, but where the consumer is not treated that way, it is the reason for that and makes the situation wrong for all consumers not only, but also the clarity of the shop experience. But since it is so easy, it is human action. All problems can be created from imagining starting from the graveyard, since many things that are alive, are rare there. Rare is only not, that they hold a rubikon, by these rare things. Nobody would return from vacation, gladly, into the hands of leninists. He sees them as consumers but nobody knows the horrors made by death itself and that rubikon in togetherness, they do. In case of them, all problems begin since they are indoctrinated by propaganda. But in case of the individual all problems begin at the graveyard already, since death holds a monopoly over the letter and if introduced, with previous knowledge about how liberalism is part of that, also with the rubikon known to the individual, people can, since they read words too, often, make a lot of problems. Especially clear it is, that they are against knowledge. Groups of traders would start trading if somebody would not always close the doors there. They say by keynesianism “in the end, we are all dead anyway”, but close the doors then to trade, after advertising their theories as pure economics. They close the doors mentally or in reality, but they also close the doors by the Isis cult, with other people falling into it, that want to think about what they do. Someone as an individual somewhere on the graveyard, must assume that they experiment on squirrels. Housing is NOT nothing more, than the quest, for another stabilisation movement as founded by Irving Fisher, since that would be too easy to conjure. The historical process is the consumer going home after visiting the outside domain. His purchasing power is not the thing important there, and it is sad to see so many people diluted by other power, and that want therefore to analyse someone there, in that historical process, since they are not the problem, but rather THEIR POSITION working for the state therefore. There is no purchasing power in the historical process, so they only prove by that, that they are about nothingness itself. Why should someone consider purchasing power even existing, if he decided to not be anymore a consumer or customer? There is nothing of that, and it proves, they rooted their deeds on wishful destruction of the individual as a concept, and they ARE hidden, by the “good people”, that, in the end, want to only help that knowledge, be made public to others. There is a chaos theory in physics instead, that is a marxistic space. They let a customer after his purchase is done, his monetary situation, fall into a wormhole, if he is almost home, and went through the process in mind, of remembering their interventionisms and positions as state clerks, changing mindset or roles. And then they apply the Lorentz-Field on the person, when she is almost home, claiming everything about the person possible to them into its mind. Applieing the austrian chaos theory on purpose in that moment is what gives a little bit of freedom to not be affected by that effect at all that lets fall into the marxyans tactics. They are not right. They make the simple life for people so they later change it, when they need to activate purchasing power suddenly for something, in the outside domain. They change the way of the consumer he is accustomed to go, and already he is on a new path and wants something afresh in the shop they want him to go to. For that to work effective, they need simplitude earlier, so they observe the people, and want them to aquire customs, that magnet them to their daily life at default, so later they can make that trick with the purchasing power making deals at random. Everybody who is a soldier for example does not know because of them, that after a mission is done, to go somewhere shopping, is an invitation to fall into the hands of torturers somewhere if there would be a war for example. Inflationism is the fault of the state. People play gods everywhere, especially turning into everything else, but always unsound and against preference, like a planned abomination for example for simplitude. That knowledge about the missing purchasing power is often misused shortly before returning home in most individuals, by others. They give them some evil ideas insteads, of quality, where in the hand should be the purchasing power. But nothing can be changed on THAT. That knowledge about purchasing power is needed in order to see events in a global way, not being abused by subjectivity aka “that byciclist is just a byciclist amongst other”. That is how even someone can be persuaded to the other side who is paid. The innocent who get tortured are so treated since in Oxford, if someone searches for “octogenous”, he does not find that word, even if it exists, but instead finds “nitrogenous” at first, while no t interested in that word at all, and while democracy is held as a rubikon by the enemy. That is how they play kings more and more. They have a pretense of knowledge, since if someone uses science, outsides, where for example there is a lot of traffic, and there is a lot of dangerous traffic, the people believe it is against them, but in truth, it stays AGAINST killing individuals. Science is always favoring the individual and wants to safeguard it, even if most people have a pretense of knowledge. The only thing misused can be only religion as a mistake. It is them who put the individual into a basket in the morning, with the readymade vote, that is a collection, an empty set namely that never fills up. Where every customer is nitrogenous, and every product fitting has to be nitrogenous too to him. Where female customers can be octogenous, and the products fitting to them would have to be octogenous too, and still, nobody knows what it means. But it sure as hell, IS how to talk business with others on the street. The consumers are known more, then, and what they will talk about even. Since females need octogenous stuff, and males need nitrogenous stuff, and it can be found out, who sells, and where to get everything, and who will then enter the shop. Compromises are a sin. How can they say it is an ideological conflict somewhere there? All of that is against ideas, against cardinal numbers, and mathematics even. Totalitarianists tend to claim, that people can’t be modified by being counted into a group, since a demon can’t take over the judgement via a sinful person, which is not true. They did that only, to give those who judge, a clean slate, to whitewash their sins they might do in future on innocents. When i was younger i literally believed them, even when i was not trusting strangers at all, and was very trained at keeping others at distance. It would be impossible to do that would they not use some special trick for that, therefore. Today i think believing them is the same as believing Lady Lillith and i know if they are torturers, they work for people who follow a gameplay from a place called Hell. Of two people that look innocent, the third looks sinful and it is hidden, that it looks analytical, and the two first are the most likely to be counted into innocents, that get tortured, and they have a lower intelligence, and that is not visible first, and if it becomes visible by thinking about it, the third analytical person seems to be a stranger to them more and more, while still it was the first time around, that it was counted into the group, and it can not be whitewashed. I am sure the people blaming the innocents that get tortured are working because of peer pressure only and for darker circles, that like to count individuals into groups namely are despots. The market regulates itself. Students of a someone who teaches economics that is sound, need to be also warned about dangerous street traffic, only dangerous to them. Someone who leads a shop when he speaks the truth often with others, he was killed by street traffic more often than is assumed, just like Caesar Franck. Talking about that, is changing sides to those who make such incidents on purpose in case of Caesar Franck, that is the problem, to be tackled. The problem are the totalitarianists, who fail to add the tackling as a factor to the problem in speech and stay ineffective therefore. The state is therefore ineffective.

There work in psychology or psychiatry, people, that at their second job, teach kids about Mastabas, that they are called in arabic language, banks, and that in a nazi-language already. Teaching kids about Mastabas is the same as mobilisation, since someone reaching the topic from the beginnings of historicism, has studied that history very deeply and in detail, until he reached Mastabas as a topic. They make that advantage to mobilise them for war or something and to make anything they need to create that atmosphere of Monotonicism in logic, that is missing. Monotonicism, is, if you say someone is sad and if he is sad, he consumes wine and therefore he drinks, or not drinks, and therefore still drinks, but without being a traitor on his sadness. The latter is a better way to treat people, that drink since they are sad, and it is never used, and it is only bad, since nazism exists in state agencies. Monotonicism is only taught by a hardliner study of mathematics or logic, in instinctive ways, that are still without the underlying theory. Is it really a coincidence, that only occultists knowingly use always monotonicism in speech and therefore they want to make all believe of the people, that Monotonicism is the right detailful wisdom in psychology, coming from logic as a scientific field, and there is nothing else even, while there IS something else: to replace the word “God” with anything other, such as an animal, creates empathy, and is also a different mode to that what people invented by logic.

In capitalism everything is not fast, but many things are redundant and are not taken into account and it is known, that many things in social interaction still go on unhinged, besides the concept of capitalism itself, for which capitalism is attributed a kind of guilt, for example by the stabilisation movement of the people, who are constantly worrieing about the dimensions of the Cheops pyramide for example, and are indicting rationality into individuals also. It is however known, that they do not consider, the following: that currency is anyway blamed constantly for being heartless and without emotions by everyone. They don’t take into consideration or account, that emotions are THERE in capitalism, where for example a firm is built up, and sold for a price of 1.000.000 EUR, and money is not at all part of that still. It proves that in a capitalist system, friendships, honor, virtue and all these things considered by acting man, as not part of economics, are still only THERE and to sabotage the market, by all of which they do, is to make people completely unemotional and without honor or virtue even if they offer something “social” for it. Since there is no other way, than to build something from scratch that is valuable, and then to sell it for that price, that has to stay that way too, in order to settle down and be successful and rich. Only someone who does such things, can be rich in a capitalist system. Only someone who builds up a firm, that becomes so valuable, that he sells it later for that exact price too, which stays at that value too, until he sells it, can be rich in capitalism, and he does not make money part of the trade, but there is FRIENDSHIP between the two parties that can’t be generated by other MEANS. It is known that these problems are created by banking and a creed of corporativism, especially against private property, coming from the stabilisation movement. And they monopolise that introversed, so as in order, to DISABLE that mode of living known from these harbors, for others too, that have NO FIRM, but who maybe have IDEAS of a future firm, or is just a hapless consumer. For sure. These men that do this impairment, are NOT capitalists, but they are against the dollar and against conspiracy theorists and Ludwig van Mises. All these virtues, honor, good behavior, they come from capitalism when a firm gets sold, and the people want to follow that as a plan instead of following a conspiracy. They who do the latter, are gangsters, and they are these exact despots who impoverish people first and then continue from that onward to indoctrinate and dominate over others. To identify a terrorist calling him a terrorist is the same wrong thinking, that can’t be explored, as is identifieing wheat with wheat. They do these errors in thinking constantly and nobody discloses, that they do everything since they believe their overlords as in order to get paid. There is a group of people, to which almost all people belong that live on planet earth. And the evil the state clerks do, are unknown to that group. It is illegal to kill people by the White House and even hide it by that small group working there. Nobody has the right to kill a whole ethnicity or something, and it always gets whitewashed and forgotten fastly. They are literal bandits working there. And i don’t mean the group of all people. The state clerks do evil that is on base of saying, the SUCCESSFUL firm would NOT BE SUCCESSFUL without the state, and “THEREFORE WE ARE RIGHT”. But such a firm would not even exist in the first place, since it is apodictical and apriori, that she is successful. By saying that, they already assume it is gone, and what they assume they make vanish too. And therefore it is really so, that she would be gone since they exist. What they do instead, is destruction of the possible investment the people could make in profitable ventures by destroying the possibility. It is illegal, since the moment the killing of people by them is done, and where many innocent people are on the graveyard because of them, unjustifiengly, is communicated in music very rare, and hard to find, in a moment that feels ethnical or something not even, but it is clear that they are against God, 🐇. The state clerks do evil inherent, since they do it against the individual, and it thinks then, just since it does not act like someone undamaged earlier, just since all the other people in the group are not acting like that, that they play some game, instead of belonging to the real gameplay and the individuals mostly don’t see therefore, that it is a crime they do in the white house, and that JFK was the best president. Leninists claim often, that a capitalist is an opportunist. But someone who has 0 reach, to other people, for example an isolated person, she can’t opportune in any other space, than the room currently shared by the criticiser of her. It is against human rights to even claim therefore things and they are often feministic, where they are a sub culture, and state agencies can be parasites too and ARE them.

It is not my fault, that they are globalists and that they don’t like someone teaching, that divisible land is already the products in the shop as a map, and that products of firms are like little countries too, and fight against eachother diplomatically. They are corporativist crooks. To me all of that what they want to do, is corruption, since i know, that firms NEED that knowledge in the open, taught to people, so they can trade, openly, and without mercantilism, and that knowledge exposes any self-certifieing group, acting against capitalism.

State clerks don’t know, that the young people that want to be defensive for others against some enemy, they think about the right persons there, but not about the right groups, that can lead them astray. And later, in battles, they think all is alright. But in battles, with a state existing, only those are killed, who they wanted to defend. The innocent people. And thinking about that, already now, the young people would join some dangerous groups, that all have the same goal, and they don’t see that it is wrong. And just like that, nationalsocialism was able to rise with the nazis unfortunate. Connected to biblical lore, it could be said, that they hunt for only women, that are like Jesus looking and they have a technical side, not connected to capitalism as is first assumed, and who do that, are still sadducaeans. Mises used often admonitions. It is wrong to use admonitions that have a connection with sects, such as the marxyans do. Based on unprofitability and despotic characterisation. These women are about architecture, more about the technical side, rather than the beautiful appraisal of capitalism. With them everything is just the architecture and technical. Saying yes to something is the opposite of betrayal and they who are these marginalisers Mises talked about, against the world, they created a whole system around that, as an emulation of reality. The bad people actually use media and the moment Mises talked about, that is important for free trade, and they are dependent on things running as low as that in capitalism and there are people holding them that low for them, and they all together a lot of might, just like a truck, that stops, with a wink of a hand, and they share it in a special place, that is against the tries of the innocent, to get rid of heartlessness in others. They can only use that power, of the supply chains, a magical trick, since they are these marxyans.

I could delete all the last page of a review of a book and leave it so and based on that, since the author does not want to be cited that much for example, have all these statistics starting with the people acted against him at hand, and only i would know that, without communicating it to others. That is only possible in economics, to look at things from that globalistic point of view. But that discloses too, why globalism is bad. Since all the actions would need to be done earlier to that, that others for example would do such things in reviews. There is nothing to be infered or deduced there, but at least it proves, that infering is not the same there and void of possibility. But things can be infered from the geometrical opposite side too for example [AB) as long as there is everything monotonic in thinking everywhere about a future where only robots live. Then it is possible to infer such as that and still it is not clear, that it is the same, as defering. The other economists never talk about where things are transitory or transient and where not. Karl Marx invented the socialist utopya to “prove” that he is the ultimate judge and it is pretty stable to say, that all accept that without further investigation into economics. There is a difference between things transitory and transient and it never gets enough attention, but is misused by the state. There is a difference in the high logic of van Mises’ economics as science, and the state, which has no logic at all, and contradicts itself in existing. What sense does it make, that a postman brings the letters, if he himself must pay taxes too and accept the state? This makes no sense, since there is always someone next, that is not accounted for and the state clerks can have that exact behavior of that senselesness, and they are subventionized by that and the individual suffers, since all of that, including making people defenseless from the very beginning by fighting the individual, just to give all people weapons to fight and let them die, is sin. And the individual is always brought to the ground from its high stakes and let to rise only by ivory towers at the very least. All these things are NOT transient and they go on forever, with the state being a monopolist and nobody reacts to them, and is subventionized. They lie about that, that it it is transient and the people under sway of that don’t want that, but they want truth and their tradition. They don’t want managers of traditions that then exist with the state side by side. People try to be friends with others around the individual, that are statists, and have nothing more to offer, than that. Thoughts are brought under by simple people that join into that statism and want everyone to be helpful each and every day, without any sense. Help is VERY rare, and only someone helps others, who has ideas, and only by that. There is not any other help than these little things in life, but they don’t understand it and want everyone directed. All the people of MMT, they start from that moment their theories. When you have a flat, they populate the flats besides it by men that look like the professor the professor graduated under that you learned from as an anarchist and they permeate with what they try and nobody corrects the injustice they do. Because of the state, everyone breaks the tenth rule of the bible, by wishing things away, and by knowing it, that you should not want things spoiled by not being thankful for having them already, the state as a monopolist is better imaginable then, and the people of MMT are not so important, knowing, the bible is not what all should be all about in economics. In my opinion they lead people astray like that all their life and only in the very last moment they get the chance to change, and then everything goes wrong, since everybody was against the individual earlier to that very often and many transitory things became traditionalised by very young preachers, so young that they can be called anticapitalists. There are forbidden rules that are not in the bible anywhere findable in society, everywhere statism is and antifreedom. They are forbidden and not to be followed since they are not part of that, simple. And there are rules of society every group follows, no matter what she believes in, and they are ok, and another domain, for example the problem of raising as a parent alone, what happens to the future and how people create their marxistic groups around that, not talking about that, that it is that respect ignored.

A god they say they believe in, is still not there if the individual is not there, since they forget it on purpose and it is not part of all that happens. There is neither a real man concerned by anything else than economic calculation, nor does he make religion exist just since it is used in economics. He rather is not part at all with that and by dipping the whole domain so low, they let it sink very much against it. The state rises the moment to reappear from the ashes always with creating nazis, that later kill innocents and discriminate by sharp means. Earlier, there are people acting against the individual, by mixing what means and ends are, together, and creating that chaos there and the state is not seen calculative and its economics circular by that, at all, but which HE IS. Economically all is circular there and senseless therefore, and the postman knows that and senses the fallacy and lies become appearent that are used as the backround to call war something needed, while a war is never about one group winning, but they who profited from it, already made deals and are already rich because of what they say. They already fulfilled their role and where they had to go with it, and there will be no future outcome that is good, since every future outcome that is good, depends on another multitude that depends on another individual. Per Bylund says: Modern government focuses on #spending the wealth that people produce. But we need no help with spending and the chances that it spends our wealth on the wrong things is immense. And pooling/channeling our wealth through a massive bureaucracy only means there’s less of it to use.

But i don’t think, that spending is a hashtag. And additional to that, the purchasing power of the currency is not a lot to support a lot and everyone having it, is everyone fresh in the open, and nobody critisizes him. Only the individual gets critisized that is very long out there somewhere, as if it was suddenly a new man. But only someone can help individuals, if that someone has an idea and it is specifically observed by the individual and it is sound. Additionally, spending is NOT a hashtag and i like what the state by allowing cannabis in Germany recently. But that doesn’t mean that Luciferianists are not part of a gang, that believes, that making someone a poet does not kill him, but makes him rich. The people that observe for them are rich too as women. It doesn’t mean, that they are right, since someone who becomes a poet, is rarely rich. Certainly he is less rich than a doctor, while they give them power by acting that for them, and then even believe, as the “new people”, as businessmen in politics, they can hide, and that they never were about mobilisation from the very start. They all act like the Isis cult. In monarchy it was a dangerous thing to allow the ruler to be entangled by that, since aristocracy was about ignoring the individual, by letting it die in vain, and rebuilding things for newer generations, based on what they did not see. But the graveyards were full as a prerequisite. The problem is, that authors have more power, than people who help the victims of bomb dropping, that people stay with what they research infinite, and if it was Marxism, they hardly ever change, and the pressures in society leading to that, ARE NOT removed, but REMEDIED by unsound MEANS and ENDS at the same instant. That is very rare, that means and ends are used at the same instant. The true criminality of Marxism lies in that, that it rewards that crime. The hegelianists say something outlandish about humanity, where they think a crime from the past should be repeated on humanity, on innocent people and they indoctrinate earlier, which means, somebody you want to help get out of them, he is already in their hands forever. You try to help but it is hard enough and you have to stop trieing it, while the things by them uttered, are worse and worse against humanity. And you get fear to even retry it, with the state existing and societies and that is worse even if the state exists. The marxyans are the problem. Even Karl Marx exposed it, but he was the namebearer of them, which is different here. What people call war propaganda is not yet it. They should rather concentrate on blaming socialism. What companies tried in computing and rendering was good, but i saw what the hegelyanists as people with Engels did, to Nvidias vision for example, how hard it was to rise from that for game developers, and all that summoned later to counter it, were game engines as a whole. It was not the products created by the developers that were the main problem there, but of course the philosophical debates there, that critisised all, and the products that tried, to outcompete older products, and the hardship was shifted to the CONSUMER by that, that less and less was able to understand what will counter as a new product an older product in order to deliver something much better. And these people do debates, philosophical, and then later people still need in daily life, the producers, of products that are effective and the innocent people taken into worse fate, by their debates because the state exists and helps them, are not part of that, anymore, and they suffer because of these philosophies, and have to fight against these real men, that outcompete then, in that “special economic calculation” they do as the only “real men” then existing unfortunately. They use these real men while all the rest of the people, and of them, are these unreal men, that rather live there in that utopy they create. And as a newcomer they use only beautiful young virgins, that then start talking that people have to get into work camps, and look holy in that, while it is impossible to criticise them since they utilise reporting against scamming and can call even everyone a scammer or a scam as a group and i believe the people from MMT help them in the latter. Then the people have a hard time criticising these newcomers, since many serious real men easier are on them, and then they apply that label on all the real men that exist and rise as a new elite, to spread the real war propaganda suddenly, with already a new leader established for them, as is permeating through what they do. These innocent people are not part at all of being able to use these products by having freehand in choosing and all that remains of the beautiful vision that is appearently there, is only on the graveyards again, since to counter what transports that which is prefered, is only possible by removing it by own preference from the stock offered by a shop. They have it easy teaching these newcomer virgins, since they are fatherless, or seem like that, and they do the same, as historicists, that replay in reality on true individuals, what happened in a murder to a historical person to later research it, with the help of the state - in reusing the innocence of that person. And the moment it is drawn into their circle of marxyans, it is already too late, since they all look like state clerks. Marxyans are all groups believing in Marx, but the inclusion tactic is clear, that it is misused authorically, as a group too. What is social is unimportant with despotism and the behavior underlieing the people they teach, is already by being a dark grimoire, attuned to the horrors happening in Stalingrad, and gothic. The same gothic, as those, who don’t want as a group, to distinguish the tortured, and stay in that group, and build gargoyles then by others. A very profitable position indeed. The crime of the state is, that the victims of murder are accustomed to look up to the state as their second god, and the same behavior is needed of the tortured, while the horrors all happened before under the same tropicism. All the people that live their daily life have children and they know to distinguish already, that the things their parents believe in, are social and the social is also unimportant to the bankers the same way while hegelyanism bears inside it already the same, but advanced, with gothicism and is still social, and a plan to change people by doctors.

When these corporativists, that want to steal what divisible land produces from the capitalists, are these people, then i can’t accept that and give them further, the right to do that and have to be awake all the time to counter their stupid tries to treat me that way. But everyone is in the same situation because the other people need these products too, and the group of foucaultists rising then, are nationalists with Franco, and what they do earlier to individuals paints all the marxyan groups the same later. It impairs them all and then they think, it is suddenly right, as every group, to do something, all the time observed with a twinkling acceptance from above by the state clerks who already decided that it was good to change people in that, to impair them. State clerks in old Egypt had the power of 10 adult men, and they used that power only against the people, to impair them. Today some of them claim they want to help but they kill children so each group can continue unhinged, and they don’t know how to redistribute and everything goes down economically, since how do you know, if you take a child as a reference that needs a lot of financing, in order to eat, based on a turtoise that it will have more, if the turtoise will have a bigger piece of a certain vegetable? It is rather, that the child has then less, if the turtoise has more, but because both exist, and need eating, then all have less, since things are scarce. They do so much evil that persons are needed to protest as individuals and they think they can kill everyone, since in future the society it will be impossible to live in her, due to not obeying earlier. But all only, because they did that evil earlier as state clerks, that depresses someone. And then they think they can have positive reactions to that, which they get, but they are not truth itself. Already a very simple deviation from religion is enough to bring pain over the individual, if it happens in society. And the deviation is all the time happening and motorised, since many don’t know, that financing a child is only by capitalism possible, and it is not the same, as guaranteeing its subsistence, and it needs more and already there the deviation is happening. It happens only since state clerks exist, since they all are listening Opeth. In old Egpy they had the power of 10 men, but in HEIGHT and the rest was made by tricks such as authority. Today they are only simple people, and the dangerous thing remain the things they believe in, that are made as in order to display others smaller or bigger, and therefore not know how to live in peace. And the opera audience known from Engels, is created by them instead, against the individual and how they react is not important there, but it can be assumed, that is always wrong from the outset, that they are existing. That audience is always misused to create misunderstanding in trashitude, that only serves the megacorporations. These people that killed the 77 children by Breivik knew, that the school i went to, had the same length where the (black!) statue of the student is standing, that is also of the same size of a statue standing in the state somewhere, they have to know, these corporativist pricks from a state cartel, this, that they are somewhere from Blackwater namely, that the delta of the schools length, where that is, authors live in such houses instead in these days, and nobody says a word, and it is the same delta as the height of the gigantic Ramses statues that can be visited somewhere in Egypt still; delta of 77 meters. But tell that to someone, without writing that review, he will not believe you. Only someone reading all of that review will believe it, that is based on economics as a science. Not even someone visiting all the possible places of the same length, if he is standing there before them, will believe then these comparisons. And socialism is still the problem. And where the schools or houses of the authors are, should be a real park for the individual, in loneliness, in freedom, where nobody is, and everything there looks more real, than already is in reality possible, and great as in the times of the industrial revolution. But the antichrists want to hold that rubikon, against the freedom of children, so all the evil characters can exist, from state, from child care and so on. All still seems like despotism and they will probably treat anyone very bad if they find out who they are, with the state, that is why i am against the state too, since i do not support that and can not support that too as someone that simply exists as a human. These people, and there van Mises was right, simply are not so right in everything with socialism. There emerged self-described marxists, that are not socialists, but that are in truth capitalists, and they are often immigrants and play a farce under which torture is hidden, done by the state. What is called between these agents, discussions, are debates they lead, and what is called deduction they do, are seductions in truth, made on purpose, and the innocent that are tortured, all look like these capitalists, but are cut down in it, in their freedom, but they are the true ones there, or would be the true ones, if not all was based in families on earlier talks, and people would be supported by a free market, that would enable them still, to live on their own without any talks that are social, and that only devise the state as a monopolist. In true, the innocent that get tortured, are the true elite just like the advertising from nontech companies such as only Versace. They advertise the innocent as guilty for something, and then deliver the elite products insteads, for the gangsters somewhere, that go through the alleys in cities and through valleys in countrysides. They never call deep space a valley. Many people may claim religion is not existing, or a god. But in literature the fairness is not there, that many people speak about insomnia, or sleep paralysis. That seems a domain of egalitarianism they simply don’t talk about, or economics is just treated so bad, on universities, that people use it without talking about that other stuff. But all the people in society, they either keep that private, or let the state do his things invisibly.

The leninists really believe, that it is so easy for people, to communicate that to others, if there is no market even. But it is no coincidence, that the powers against the individual are held there by a society, the society namely, intact as invalidating concepts, against that, that the most cultivated people are called from Russia, by Ludwig van Mises, and they only understand topics about cultivatedness and even THERE, nobody talks about the domains here existing, where an individual can meet certain characters, that are ordered LIKE in the elite, despite a democracy existing. And they are different with different grades of culture depending on if they are exercised to meet them and it still has to depend on the individual if it meets them or NOT depending on exercising that culture as cultivatedness. And they are different each instance only there not, but depending on the DECISION. Yet in meeting someone from the other gender, there is still the moment of “surprise” only depending inside the OTHER person. And the more marxism is around, the more they close the doors to that moment, and for others who are not so far in being able to think as far as that. When they as anti-individualists close there the doors by saying the individual does not exist, they close the doors for every other individual too and impair the free market that does not even exist due to their interventionisms. And the more they do these things, the less they have human action, and the more evil they are therefore as a group and the less they can be trusted to work in the state. The person from the other gender has that already depending and therefore everything is boring for her anyway and soundness and freedom become of the highest importance for her as an individual, and nothing more can be said or done. In the end, if all only search what is “good”, that is JUST language. They act like birds, and birds have in german the same meaning from the old testament coming etymological from using them for sacrifice after birth with women, and germans called them being for just girls and therefore nationality does not make a difference, but only behavior. All can be scrutinized from that point onward, that exists in reality, from the perspective of being alone. They however, kill others in genocide and then use zionism to rule over others in private life, by state. And for that they need newborn people and then they need socialism to generate that control. Of course they populate the places by the state, with people, with the root somewhere in the Supreme Court, with the people speaking their things in hearings, with people, that are meant to replace the innocent, that get tortured, systematically, for socialism, to make - them silent - and - invisible -, in what they do with them via that characterisation. All starts how they want to approximate Jesus Christ, and they use zionism to do that, and then they need the people in suits that look jewish, like dark angels, a little bit. TORTURE is a satanist sphere, starting with blaming them and holding them for a satanist clique, that has most of the wealth of the world accumulated for themselves, and never letting go, by statism and centralism, and the demoralisation of the bank. But i know that the people living in such wealth, since i live in such too, are mostly german and even a group of businessmen together, having big housing shops and deciding over products together in hotels or at home simply, and they are nationalists and white silence dependent and saved by agencies such as the CIA, that help them. It is this, that is called the people deciding over the NWO, but only from afar, that have the actual say over the media, as a group.

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