Demons of the dune vs. victorianism Pt2 (EN)

Religious things, and to the extent synagogues too, are something different in capitalism. Regret is not part, even if it is getting hidden by authors constantly, as being part of capitalism. But right there, the individual with regret or the opposite even, who even knows the opposite? They don’t teach that. It is secret lore. The opposite is not happiness. It is another domain too. Not even the most educated know, what regret means in the german language, which is “Reue” or “Bedauern”. They simply let the things pass in case of the individual by saying “capitalism is bad persé”, and wish a “Gemeinwirtschaft” upon the hapless tax payer. And a hierarchy. The biggest problem that creates depression for civilised persons, is that difference. There is a difference between a shop, and shopping. People that want to monopolise shopping, can be from state department too. It is evil impersonificated then where currency is secretly traded or even silver is used as silver currency backment, and the price of silver manipulated heavily, making them billions each month. With marxism, people can not choose being against a shop. They get coerced to have institutes around them insteads, that play these shops for only a few, and clubs with pedophiles. That is since being against shopping is what really the people do not care about, but marxism seems to be the formula against it mainly. It is NOT against shops, since domains are never formulae. It is only to oppress people by being against the concept itself, not the single shops, that the consumer normally discriminates against in capitalism by total and full right. They treat people low under, their true value. They prefer to give authors that are not living anymore, elite positions in society, since they are the author of their work and it is a work of art such as “Dead Souls”. One can hear these real silent screams of the victims calling someone a “nazi”, and Marxism seems a society layer that disables putting ignorance away and insteads creates a layer to obstruct the real meaning for the individuals.

They are understood as phenomenons belonging to the individual, and only one individual, that perhaps does not want to be a consumer anymore or something. But synagogues still are different than religion in it there, that they signify something more dark. Everybody will not understand me, but some businessmen perhaps will. Perhaps he will understand, that framebuffers are not buffers at all, but a collection of state, a list of attachments to the state, a state, that not even becomes real by mapping textures, a state which is not existing, but enables mapping textures by attaching them to that framebuffer. Starting with one texture. Hans Hoppe writes, the state does not make “rules” and “orders”, yet destroys them constantly. In reality, a state is a list of attachments too, and everything is virtual with it. Every individual is all alone in doing that work, against evil, and it is not always possible to always act, with state welfare, which makes the individuals certainly, more evil, since there is something needed to be done. Welfare should be provided intrafamiliar, by families - not by state. But they are evil and sold themselves to the banks, to be evil over generations, with their own master wanting that evil, and the banks, everywhere, they were able to do that, it was too late for individual decisions. They were chosen by evil as bogus rulers, and torturers are the state version of that indecision and loss of responsibility, and there were banks created by these monsters already, to support their master in that, in choosing them. People can’t react, it is generally acknowledged, because all are in the same boat. But it is socialism, that emulates there for them the handicap-bonus, by being the still missing layer in understanding the others situation, and then by having a symbol, by making them think about it, take another dimension and become monsters. People can take a turn too, just like personal health can too. It is not positive what they turn to and how they don’t learn and try to take a metaphorical loan in a curse of babylon, each and everywhere against economists. Torture is about leaving old technologies with a spell too, old users perhaps used them that now have that evil in life to fight with, and it is sad that they don’t use it anymore, as if it waits for them. All the victims of torture are called goats by the oligarchs at the state they know they use them and are ineffective and used as them too in past and all depends on their statements they deliver, that can be random. The state, teaching people to execute a “Gemeinwirtschaft”, which means nothing more than socialism, often introduces things unexpected to the one subjected to it and put into effect through others by it. They are not only unexpected, but UNWANTED deeply and at depth, complete with the underlieing theory too, and the group of people, claiming that is alright, too, that are often a danger to people who are true believers.

There are groups so many that want to have random access even though it is only an elitary access for certain buffers even in programming, taught, and it fits not to most of people and individually especially. Since in, torturers have a handicap-bonus, shops they always worked at the very top, at customer service, repairing tech with products turning for a certain duration to joint property… And in shops were these floors higher even position, than the church top almost by empathy. It is unfair. Since in isolated production, the sharing of consumer goods and production goods are the same, and people tend to be shocked time into fear situations that coerces them into isolated production, as if they were firms, while the monsters responsible for that, lie about that and try to label them further by product names. But such state agencies exist, that play these firms, and they are very fond of torture, not admitting anything, that they only consolidate humans against their will. They consolidate.

Because random access is elitary even in programming. Customers that were positively surprised, that they always were treated bad, were able to leave treated very well all of a sudden, even if they wanted a certain product that was not available at all at that instant. Joint property cannot abolish ownership in consumption goods. It can only distribute ownership in a way which would not otherwise have existed. Says Mises. Just since they were finding their path to the top everything was viable and innocence was generated by these workers masterminded by them too against people they don’t even know. If you get rewarded, why is it important for these people, that things get nonviable in other places, by turning everything to common property? It is a place of egalitarianism undiscussed too. But the theory remains teachable by that, that someone who gets rewarded, sees things from a different perspective, than the gentlemen, who think about viable or nonviable. Women don’t get augmented by that, in individual case, but double-diminuated. Their intention to be feminist, comes earlier, than the concept being needed, which already augmented them and made them fear. The double-diminuation still happens against individualism. That is why the bank is a very bad concept, because it abuses everyone. All people, not only women, can use an alert by the state as a premise, to cut the individual freedoms of someone. An orthogeniuses are not fit to rule or make rules, but they are cool and against the Romanows. They always wait on someone who can be a dictator. There is only silence about the true nature of not teaching people about economics, who really is put into damage by that, when he is not anticapitalist, but good to the market and does abstain from returning products, but is damaged because the purchase was made wrong and it repeats itself, with small sums. The simple people, that purchase something and then accept it saying it was a wrong purchase merely, make these wrong purchases constantly, at the same amount, and it always cuts deep into justice by being unjust. The colorfulness that should be only in product purchases, gets translated into real life, playing a really evil role, in creating a danger towards the individual, by democracy and its people. The big shops can summon torture by simply rejecting a customer who wants to return a product, if the employee is too democratically social and democracy helps complete the summoning with authors then claiming the state omits rules and orders instead of destroying them. The state acts then like the big shops emulating them in a twisted version and tries to escape by itself, which is not fair, since nobody is to be blamed at the end.

That is with all conflicts arising against finding the truth about torture. The failure is in buerocracy. Already now people should take the bible and try to find it. Very soon they will get the feeling, that something is not right, and the criminality is not in the tortured. Murderers of young girls make feelings such as this. But anyway, the conflicts but anyway, they seem to be based not on social contracts, but on the inner sanctum, things get restricted in case of joint property, where other things get used by that, into account by that, through the restrictions. People are already clashing since they mix private goods with consumer goods of lasting quality, where they apply to these things the defining characteristic of ownership in case of consumer goods of lasting quality. The individual however, gets left for dead proper. It is forgotten constantly and left unrewarded. The groups of people, naturalists or industrialists, they get rewarded a lot. And the evil groups belonging to them, get subventionized, that want to mix truth there for people, by teaching them, that used up things have to not be taught, but instead, the things into account must be taken. People just have to accept that it is that outcome with them always and the market, where they are fit in it as consumer. They have no other outcome - since they in group always default on something and leave, even if it is bad, to restart their life or something romantically cheaper. They fit leave with that acceptance of evil, and try to start afresh at a new dawn (start of a new dawn), where things “get better”, according to some historicists. The same happens in old mayanic periods, where they have to accept it. That is evil impersonated, not sound economics. And it is not introduced by the innocents that get tortured, but by the state, where all the people work, that try to coerce acceptance for old breaktroughs in monopolisation against sound economics.

When there are protests somewhere, at christmas eve, the journalists steadyfast write, that it is against the salaries of the people. It is against the statutes of the people they made against state intervention, not salaries of the state clerks, and a protest of them that they do to get more tax payer currency. These conflicts are made because the christmas season clashed with the events at a new season that follows it later and re-awaits it and nobody understands that or discloses that. They are directors, that they could be against that. Someone from the austrian school wrote, that there is not something more cruel, than the socialist uniforms for pupils, as a trick the socialists use. It is true. Because if the directors put an eye on a subject, they imagine the uniforms it will use formally over the full life. It is the whole life of the person that gets weighed down on one side of the weight, against the individual, that considers them. These weights are also called scales. Socialism is bad for business. Everywhere i saw it, i never returned to the shops that i once visited frequently, even if i wished to not leave them alone.

But leaving it so as it is, it is understood too, that the victims of torture, something has to happen against them being held hostage, and then it is ok, even if it is still against the hapless tax payer or their salary. Even there it should be FOR the salary. History is not against torture, as is shown by that, and being against torture is the same as being good to the state in that. But i wonder why the people do not critisize the state for such. Even the most correct looking with understanding, as state-of-the-art models of good behavior, citizens, are slower than the consumer and can’t be used as a model to teach others how to behave. They could be consumers a day earlier and still nobody sees that, that they could be without toil, now, since yesterday, they were spending a lot more than a normal consumer for example, since they are with the state. The anarchists are right, claiming, socialism leads to stagnation and a halt. There summon in no matter how scientifically high, circles, these specialists. It is only one specialist always. And it is a special circle somehow. But it is clear, that everything is gone, and is halted, the moment all listen to that specialist or not, but independent of him, simply based on everything being inspired on that, namely. Just like in a synagogue. And all the people beforehands being helpful, vanish, since they are not talented anymore. Most people are still seduced by a vision of socialism, since their enigmatic heroes, they see suddenly, are without grammatics. They remain remembering others in the past, who are accustomed to be led astray by sin, and who live in historicism that makes them the illusion of acting good, since it is a very short interval, the synagogue manipulating them acts in another domain of counting, thinking, they act good. The same effect happens in the other domain, which is antonymic, to that. It is still not positive, because they use it to blame individuals by it and nobody discloses, that it is without words and only based on feeling in them, and a short interval too. THAT is the problem. There is no word spoken and no language used. The same feeling led astray others and authority does not remove the obstacle.

But it is agreed upon by people, generally, that they get led astray from then only, in shape of others, who then get led astray to that sin, in future, by socialism, or by an event earlier happening, such as, being led astray by wrong grammatics. But the innocent led astray by the others is always paying the price for the bad behavior of others. That is how socialism spreads. It is clear, that they are against a good school, since there is a special circle, and everything is halted, since there is not an inspiring capitalistic venture going on anywhere based on that, that has many logos and a lot of products, and the topics they make are only part of socialist strategy. State clerks that hunt anarchists are a group against Albrecht Dürer. People complain against capitalism because they are fearing that other people become ultrasmooth. A group of people doing that is already a group doing unsoundness. Individuals led astray by the smooth (not yet ultrasmooth) names of that individual summoning in scientific groups, which is always remembered by the nickname that sounds almost angelic and starts with an “A” and is a nickname, they think capitalism is bad since they remember the experience they had being 3 years old, where everyone still cared for them. That makes me think, that perhaps, the support domain was damaged by a complaint domain, policy for example introduced in mass, coming from import industrial zones. Policy that was made perhaps baked scientifically. They know it is easy, for capitalists, to use women as consumers, to sell them something, by selling them a whole new domain, like in big shops, where they can get not only a dress, but also do regular shopping of food, that makes them an inner feeling and creates a vertexed path they can go to shop other stuff with more ambition then and to not make them part of that discussion later and warp their true ambition. While it is not their ambition. A sect with the Artemis, people call globalists, raises people to neo-conservatives, against conspiracy-theories that react to everything by the theory “the people that to hell want to go”…

In a domain of cultivatedness, people looking outside the window of their flat, would see these buildings where capitalistic families live. And the state does not want them to see that, but for them to live further there as consumers without knowledge. The purchasing power of currency, is directly proportional to wellbeing towards the other gender. “The positive effects of public goods for people who do not contribute anything to their production or financing proves that these goods are desirable. But evidently they would not be produced, or at least not in sufficient quantity and quality, in a free, competitive market, since not all of those who would profit from their production would also contribute financially to make the production possible.” and now the monstrosity of power against science and freedom:“In order to produce these goods (which are evidently desirable, but would not be produced otherwise), the state must jump in and assist in their production.” All these murderers of offspring and pressurisers of capitalistic harmony in private, use that trick with the second paragraph. This is against freedom and science. When people are successful their valuable profits become assets.

With inflation, in our decade, the person can behave like these women that have assets, while having nothing, and the state has doubled its guilt. The reign of the state is defined as that, which exists, by inefficiency, since between the sender and the receiver there is an agreement and both are definitively there, the sender, and the one that can get the thing that is sent, and the state has the ambition, to do nothing there. The state is nothing more. The state is a consumer trap. And by being against these assets, and handling the balancing not well, in free trade, as if “free trade” were a game, a championship, with a mode like king of the hill, or even, deathmatch, where foreigners are considered, it takes from the capitalists away the incentive, and makes stagnation out of them then, which is injust against the consumer, who can get that all very cheap else and in new versions with many incentives existing, to be untouched by the state, at capitalists. The luciferianists (keynesianists) all are secret profiteerers that are that concentrated on their body shape and drive around the centers of the big cities as statists. They are massive murderers of kids with a massive toil that use these tricks and others, to make marxist tactics against assets, that means: capitalists that already collected so many profit, that these profits, became single assets. They do that by taxation unfairplay, or unifiably mainly, since that destroys the incentive of future production for these capitalists. And when there are at least two marxists together, the third one they coerce, that helps them do tacticism for Marx, against firms, is probably coerced earlier, as a minority, they like to torture. Instead of critizing, which is far ahead of them, how these assets are treated and dirtified by taxation, they use the easy road, of being with the state. Persons think assets belong to some sort of banking, and therefore start to think, there is a lot of chaos in that domain, with a lot of envy or something like that. There is no reason now anymore, to accept further tyranny on your kids from groups that can claim, they have to use an alibi. Assets are part of the market, and belong purely to capitalists, after their profits became warped from being valuable to another stage. Would the state taxate the people massively, they would have to live from hand to mouth again, and state wants to reach that. Nintendo was 20 years earlier than me in my family with their products, than i became aware of that warping. They became part of human action. Distrust is of course generated by one person knowing the deep meaning of the states definition, which is, purely financial. It is not only, namely, waiting on the two parties, to send or receive, and be somewhere, but also making sure metaphorically, the receiver has paid. If one person does not know that, it can still see through the actions of bad actors, who keep that secret eventually or not. The deeper definition however is the standard mode and it is creating insecurity for the individual while being all alone in the market without friends. If capitalism is a friend, that is something different, but the shortfalls of poverty make it even worse for people. If both know the deep definition (that the state is only financially active), things are only metaphorically in thoughts seen by everyone, as they really are and shall be too. The state does not help at all there, making chaos there, how it drives into the thought domain there, especially since much of that is still leninism, anticapitalism, socialism and corporativism that misuses that. People don’t help that make a blockade to the thought domain available only from monarchical decades, that still are used by other entities, and monopolised appearently against the individual there, while evil can continue there, especially proven by the definition of consumption.

The other offspring, the democratic friends, can’t anymore learn to become excellent in own privacy for competition against the others. Literature gets taken down in importance and everything becomes not discussed. Firms are not blasted by the behavior of the leninists. The leninists work for the Marxists and claim there is a psyche while programming the depression, by cultivated music earlier, and then catching these persons studying it, while keeping silent about the magnitude of all of that, how many marxist sects with how many difference there are, and who does then later euthanize these innocent capitalists or rentiers. Democracy is inferior, and bad for capitalism. But only in grammatics. If the individual thinks it is bad, and a social order, it sees something in an instant: Historyans are too easy as enemy for certain authors of reviews. Historyans seem complex to others since they are based on that twist what was made simple for all to deliver, that nobody care. Democracy is bad, in marketing only too, but still it is because of this only bad for capitalism, and it is better for capitalism, to render it bad rather. Else, someone that has this knowledge that he can write something for different groups, under “all”, and it is easy, if what he earlier wrote somewhere else, suddenly is still sound and nobody can see, that his forces are inherited, historicists are feared by offspring and historicists sense that in them and hunt them by state, worse then, and nobody can change nothing on democracy. Especially starting from judgment. Everybody would agree these things are not at all bad for capitalism, that are this. But they are not “that” yet? The most important texts can be understood by that mistake. Texts that were remembered from someone too often, that had not a good economical situation and yet was lucid, or the own offspring even, since these addons are all based on opinion, deduced from optionality and then added to it, option, these additions that get crushed by that, whoever thinks that. And on that is visible in most marketing-spreadsheets where people still believe in unions even that are the most modern. The own offspring can be damaged by democracy by this. The people are dumb. They believe all of that is good and even, fear additional to that, mummification, and the witchers manipulating them, admonished against healing of the body, that which is not inbetween the topics, but only apart from the topics in dealing with corruption, and what they inherited, was always very bound to nationalism, and held in steady hands, against individualism, and additionally to that, they had the state as support in “this national feeling”. A special mark of democracy is that it gives “way” to certain specialists, and is therefore “social”. But they don’t admit, that they act against the support domain of capitalism, just like all people in reality not admitting anything they did, do that always too. But they are special in that, that they are specialists in that. So special like the female, that is in the shop, and is advised to buy a package of tea for herself, while she still thinks about adding more to the basket, such as water, to drink, and more, much more, and even more than that. Songs inspire her to start her journey with buying first a bottle of water, and then more.

The state is usually the greatest terrorist organisation. It is only her, that thinks that not, and 199 other people, would say something different. It teaches other people not, that there is only one who can be immortal, and it is not belonging to them. However, they use the state forever, and torture is extortion too since that sort is only found there. The etymological root of the term “Lucifer”, admonished from inbetween witchers, who have illuminated their eyes by candles, before looking at their caged birds, developed it. They applied that term on that bird looking with their admonishing eyes, since all animals that live at home, seem only like that and don’t have deeper meaning. But they colored their eyes before by illuminating light and they were alone to noone. In truth, products such as “Dresdner Kirschharmonie”, show, how it is done instead. Salad has to be preferred, by economists, they teach, so everyone later is tested if he belongs to the good or the bad group, depending on how much he further accepts salad as a rubikon.

Fear always comes at the 6. February of next year. Fear always thinks there is an individual called “they”, but it is a trick only. In truth it comes at a certain interval in decades, 10 each decade. Would someone buy this as a product, for a definitive price, he would feel each year a certain loss in owning fear. Consumption is divided into 5. That is a theory fitting to them. But to really become a theory that is for adults, it has to be fit, and that is not something they exemplify daily since they are against private goods, they amplify daily, and where they don’t amplify there is making sure of that, that they exemplify something root. Consumption is the opposite of motherlove/material love. To it are always 5 holy ghosts since they are five fingers on the hand. To be with democracy, is to advertise luciferianism. Everyone who is not belonging to the group of do-nots, knows, that even without theory, that knowledge suffices for design, that theory about redemption only with the attacking stance against evil, not against consumption. Consumption was a domain, in another scientific field, and now became by reality, theological by becoming redemption, since certain books exist that discuss these things. The group of people Professor Hoppe calls beggars, burglars, that should be filtered by cities as in older times, by their signage outside of the cities, is in truth the people, he would like to live on his Alaskian base. He means rather states behavior in general toward immigration. Even if at first it seems, he paints an utopyan scape, with a lot of exclusion, he rather paints with that a real reality. All people that don’t know anything about economics, produce at the end for children the outcome, that they have to live without rewards, and economically that makes everything turn to that too. Sects support that downturn in society by using each and every tolerance against the state to know where they can include themselves into peoples lives, and it is always where the social conflicts are.

Therefore, these people don’t know anything about economics, since they move in domains of item labeling, and use victims for that. The terms such as “fem cell” are all neutral and only used by the banksters as concepts, wherefor the normal proletariate, the words are changed into “feminism” and are full of bias and are an ism then. They use:

  • Fem cell

  • Buddee

where all the normal firms use as producers at least “fruity seduction”, “elitarian confection”, and are very correct in using that only to label that, which they produce too, not something, produced by envy anyway. Being against sound economics is what they all are, that make these problems, no matter in which echelons, how high. There is nothing uncriminal by making things unvariant or unvariable by stealing from them their hard earning… But they do this theft on the people? They can make things unvariable against preference for the person and its life full of conservatism without randomness and full of evil wishes by the others against the individual. Doing that is evil. The enemy is not death there, but the strength of the enemy is almost the same.

In capitalism, there emerged something bad in my opinion. Hitherto, it emerged rather by the state in shape of too much repression which was made, as is at first thought, by tyranny only, by things the people fear and can’t do nothing about, since they can’t count repression in a sentence normally; they blame capitalism then for not being able to do that. Wherever theft is going on, people are unhelpful and change from friends to people that are poor since they have to listen to others, that make them rules that don’t want them to help then. Private property is still searched and theft leads the individual to the same places others think are dangerous for them, since the object simply belongs to them, it changes their bodily position and behavior too in search of the lost artifact. Things were offered further where unsoundness happens and turned to furtherings often done, and if not corrected by sound economics, to even something more evil, which is further offerings, but the way the consumers were given a premium changed. The consumers were getting something old, “for” something they did, and that what they could get, and was their preference, at least, was furthermore bevelled to lower products, until an elitarian class of products emerged, that noone can offer that way anymore. Which is of course the same naturalism i wrote about in the last part of the review, which can even be used to describe conglomerates and how they work. Many authors, writes Hoppe, namely, keep defining to the uttermost precision single goods, and keep on advertising them. But forced integration or immigration is a trick in capitalism, applied locally to garner not others around oneself, but only the consumer around the product. What the state makes, rather, by it, is a trick on a global scale, to allow for socialists to make tactics, where they are chosen freely against an individual, and start as a program there or something of that sort, shortly before some historical text that could at least be akin to the current situation of the individual, and they keep on haunting it by following it. The consumer, treated very nice by that, not anymore, of course. In my opinion, humble review, all is well: only in capitalism, through that, re-emerging is impossible, is not available anymore historically, and with it, also what lucid professors write, such as Hans Hoppe. It may even make ideas, fantasies, and visions impossible to re-emerge. It was an attempt, not by Professor Hoppe, against Ludwig van Mises, and it was made to use identity as a resource, to finally, attack and monopolize later, the term “attempting”, to in the end, maybe even make down what the workers did, to grab them as a workforce for a war. Certainly, starting with a break of human rights that was hidden rhetorically by these authors. Names were becoming very unimportant, instead they were replaced by actual bias against the things, propaganda normally is against, and there is nothing new to that. It only seems that new to everyone then, and is against capitalism too, by making an environment that is practically decided by the socialists. Very sad indeed. Private goods, such as insurance, were preferred by that trick, and state monopolisation, with a lot of actors, like from monopolies in the 30s, that were first in line to decide over single individuals, making them fear by history and how akin to it they were, as gangsters.

Leninists were set at the start of the decision-line, to act there deciding by democracy. Private goods were completely crushed that were in preference and the whole domain of action, which is used to reach inaction at the end, that was replaced earlier by inaction, to make thinking possible for the individual, was attacked by them constant, so others who could manage action, were put in place. That against the individual.

One does not offer products “for” something. He offers and sells them not for a service the consumer has to do. He offers and sells them for a price, not by his own service he has to deliver to the consumer. And very big firms made this mistake, that they did not follow capitalism there, with these actors then acting as if they were mistaken or something, and the individual has to recorrect their thinking. The state changed how firms could give permissions to their consumers. These were then finetuned as rules, and orders, and more, much more. Of course, inflation makes these things that are defined by naturalism, not. It only lets deduce them as some other thing that happens simultaneously… These democratic rulers are monsters. People were always that. They killed people that were part of a conspiracy, which murders other people, that was against a monarchical ruler, and then chose another monarchical ruler instead, doing the same as the conspiracy did. And the people documenting that as history, were the despots that still exist, that in secrecy, decided that for themself. These “philosophers” against the clean resting state after business was done, write then instead how business is done, to replace it by some trade, which the reader has to make by reading it or something. That is sick enough. Nobody can change how business is done. There is a lot of fast behaviour in business, that has to be only during that moment. The rest should be made by nothing. The consumers shall decide that, even. Of course, a trade-off is the next possible thing that is that deducable. But what exactly is that, which is trade-offed by that? There is nothing at all. Only coercion is happening by that. These tricks are very new and they were easily chosen and made. The whole array of products, available to the consumer, are private goods. By introducing other perspectives, such as by naturalism, or marxism, they change the perspective on that too, to finetune their own re-ordering. They get by that discriminated, and preference too. And theology was resting on that morbidity too, that allows for death rituals, by the multitude, and the history, as a fundament, of despotism. How is it possible for a consumer, if he wants to become an entrepreneur, to emerge there from that? Considering he is ready, and already knows what he needs to do, to become an entrepreneur… Then he has to rely on cultivatedness, and not purchase of further private goods. But everyone with an understanding of economics knows, that he would suffer death very shortly, by not purchasing these private goods to meet his demand. Therefore, these problems have to be solved first and then reattempted everything. That the entrepreneur has to become inhuman and stop consuming, is not the best solution, even if it seems easy to reach. He has to first of all, know what that is, that needs to be consumed: cheese and little tomatoes on a wooden stick, delivered on a silver tablet, for all businessmen to easily connect to the thing at hand. And on toast, that is cut in little.

Of course, they can make torture be reduced, by driving big ships, such as the MAERSK, around Africa. But the church rather, wants torture completely to vanish, rather. The educational level of Hispanics, is much lower, than that of US citizens, that can’t even read english, or talk, when they are born outside of the US, by the way. Two thirds of all the hispanic immigrants, can’t talk english. At multitude, innocent people get tortured, that can english talk belonging to that group at hand and they understand everything done to them. That has to vanish completely. The puppet theatre has to end its play. It seems hidden behind the criminality rate, this group of people, and that there is something more to research, where only the protectionism follows of the group of followers of Buchanan, who are btw., liking to keep empty words and enjoy life, while supporting protectionism and much more, more individual to that, so they keep order by that protectionism to be secure in that, to keep society where they live, in order sole. But the hardcore-socialists, want to catch there innocents and they are against logic exactly there that authors shall use, such as Aristoteles. Because they don’t want that easy outcome, by chance, that capitalism delivers even without chance, but by respecting the individuals life, and where mercantilism gives new chance to individuals simple. Authors shall not give these hardcore-socialists any space to operate or like them even. What they get should be displayed as empty, since they should not be able to catch innocents so easily and then destroy further capitalism even to that.

Only unsoundness makes criminality rate higher. But it is not only that. Theology would profit from following its wish further there, since problems would vanish, that are created by more criminality, after the things are more sound. It would get the chance anyway then, to be solidary and continue in that, even with any rubbish management, that the people don’t know anything about even, such as that they call a bishop, a pope, and the other bishops are not called that, even if their position is the same, and the people do not know this. Therefore, criminality would vanish by soundness and everything harmonious would stay that way: because modernity is not sound economics. Modernity does not safeguard business. The telephone keeps ringing where it is violent and nobody answers. Where people dwell, they think. Where firms have to make sure, to dwell with their products, there can be no kingpins deciding that as workers of unions, to force them that they can’t dwell there in the tech shop. They have to be made from the outset with that trade-off as high-tech. Conservativism is a sick concept towards these methods, full of experiments on humans, single individuals, of course. It can be deduced.

Business is done to safeguard by profits, from future uneasiness. Economics is therefore a steady process, like described by Per Bylund, starting always at new where an entrepreneur believes it. But the term of “entrepreneur” already inherits that mirror play unfortunately, earlier talked about, and people do not talk about its root in etymology, coming from Karl Marx. Mises wanted that term to be replaced by “businessmen”, not anyone other to him wanted that, but precisely him only wanted that decade undomained. There is always something more in business to be done. Modernity only brings with it, more robots and such, more dystopya, or future. But it is the task of the businessmen, to decide that future and introduce it too as a concept not, but as a word of decay only. A word of decay is something only summoned in megacorporations by the people in suits. Megacorporations like Google, set specifications for the web, which contain a hex code for black colour, that delivers a black color that is against neomorphix and at the same instance forces developers to continue in writing then more functions for the project at hand if they want a neomorphic style fitting with that colour. All is against robotics and the fear people beget from that. But against things singleton too, such as individualism. In truth, corporations take that as a hint and develop everywhere inspiring their development on real physical behaviour of smaller things until a meal can be rendered to the employee. They take that roboticism, and model something more physical out of it, until it embosses the style of Google. But megacorporations differ in it. They become more human and are real about comic things, that media displays as real, while not telling the truth about where the technology is comicism (in abandoned technologies they render as cool). The style of the megacorporations is different and is created out of fresh air too, from visions and ideas, that make obsolete comicism. The other things have to be provided by a sound economy. Additionally to that, in a style of second future, there have to emerge things afresh, and they can’t be caught up by interplay of additionally imagined economies, that have somewhere inbetween a vortex or something, to catch everyone. Corporativism works exactly here, like portal-science. Conservativism is corporativism.

The true meaning of social in a social democracy is of course inverted then because if someone claims he wants you to vanish because he is full of you, that effect comes from the US, and what was good about social democracy is in its true (un-)light standing. Democracy still brings these effects with other sort of individuals. And this is the point, where all products can be alaynalized, not anymore merely “analyzed”.

The leninists have a trick they use, that others ask you how much the things cost, that you have brought to them. But their trick, and that is even worse, is not to pinpoint the agreement to others. It is to put the blame on oneself, the individual by delivering others as a model of that, that then critisize you for that, and even for that then too. They are the ones who want you to spend less for that, but it is you, and only you, that does that magic for them then, by being sent to buy something. And their reaction to that, if it is not cheap, is coming out of sin, and made by Friedrich Engels, by the underconsumptiondoctrine. Only in that moment they can see, that they act sinful by asking for the price, since the price was not even calculated, because the good deed was searched in that moment and oneself without egoism, that calculates, since the products are not the same that one prefers for oneself. Their trick is to let YOU put the blame on yourself and begin thinking about that or something. That is the evil trick. And that is how the good people, the russian people, sanitize others, who are all socialists by the way, after using the state even. Nobody shall tell me, that they don’t repeat that scheme on innocent young women, to critisize them and make them “think” when they are already living alone. That is their trick, to include themselves into private life then. All rights of the manyness, for example in a democracy - are deduced from that simple ambition. In truth, they emulate by that nothing else, than either the evenly rotating economy, wishing it puts the consumer into a clean state of rest, or the other versions of the economy, that van Mises critisized and brought forth the model of the evenly rotating economy against it. A name for a machine many thought beforehands, but in truth, that machine is the economy not even, but single products rather. Really evil, to compare real men, real people, real women, to wooden artifacts and make their life be comparable to that singlehandedly. Already by being akin to the public good theorists, it is a shame to socialize with the parents by knowing they think they are part of that scheme, but then you feel more like the ships sent by the MAERSK, for yourself. That is such a cool feeling if they would let you go outside of the house then even but not if you have to make some plans with them for that matter. That is why capitalist families where there is a firm, make these problems vanish then for the offspring by having that firm. And that is a very good thing. Why is Jesus then not yet there? Appearently, there is a need, to further school them, so they don’t believe for example that the state is good. A manager would declare that it is something that can’t be done at all, since it takes too much toil. All these people want to do, is make you not buy the product you went to buy as a consumer, in order so you forget its name and the intention to buy it. That is how much they poison capitalism, since they remain like a plague for the others that somehow manages to manipulate them. Life would be so simple on a ship as captain of the MAERSK, or the Titanic, compared to that. Not even on the latter, the sinking ship, the Titanic, would it be worse. Life is hard. Because the bankers apply that lodging on sums with man as a model. The offspring of the people believing in Buchanan, the protectionist, don’t know, that their parents are the thieves of the FED. Or at least, they fear these thieves, or something, which is unlogical even. I would love to further push down that vampirism where it belongs, if i only had enough possibility to bring up so much toil. Since that is all against effectiveness from the start, anyhow. Effective is nothing there, since it is not like the speed of business. You get blamed by these atheists and then you see, everything rotates and it seems, you have found some new idea suddenly. And there they come claiming, there is someone good out of them. All hide, that they want to hide that annotations in books that are important to the individual, were always made by intelligent men, that then did them against the trend of the society to warn others, and that they can therefore, continue their socialistic tactic further just because the state exists. And on young people too. The word means so much to them, that they treat that so abstract. Instead freeing the people of the FED, they rather have authors, from the abstract angle of description, starting from there.

And your children? They run away from that terror. If they either become socialists or nazis, they will choose one of either always. I know people how they are in group. Nothing is discussable, all is decided by the thing of future for the individual, if evil deeds are not made that make someone very special for the rest of the group, and they listen therefore to only him at the very instant. What a loss of energy and life. And then to claim this, 20 years before that even is a current dimension, and not introduce Ludwig van Mises to the audience, is criminal actionism. That makes corporativism and more. There is someone a silent ruler of these democratic rulers. Someone is always a silent ruler of these people in a democracy. It can be the state, or some authority or simply authoritarianism, unfortunately. It is rather ambiguity that is monopolised there by the state and then it is claimed against the innocent that get tortured, that it shall be authoritarianism. They get tortured because of ambiguity that is displayed as authority. Because of people that believe in a mythical Moloch. But they are not right as companies, to try to reach neomorphic styles. It is a wrong direction and directions are only onto paths, and paths are only coerced by socialism.

And business is not even the thing where the cheese and the cherry tomatoes on a wooden stick are consumed. They are traded there, but consumed rather in advertisement agencies or something like that. Still it is nearly impossible due to the marxists, to rise above leadership. And there is even more of them each day. The illusion has to be broken and it is unimportant by who. That is what democracy should be about, and it should not be twisted, like it is always twisted. Consumers act because they don’t twist too. They only calculate what they want in countable entiteies, not in monetary value. Else they can not claim they are consumers at all, but some sort of managers rather, or fog-guided. The exact moving of the cheese-tomatoe-stick, is fog-guided too. They don’t eat that since it is important or they romanize something. They want to smother the landscape. They smoothen the landscape of business or actionism so it vanishes, making a clean state of rest, a slate for thieves that are doing mobbing in schools. All at the later-cost of the individual, nobody helps when it is in bad situations made by evil. I tried my best but the domain i thought i can do business was not this, unfortunately. It seems a battlefield of cultivatedness but it never summons. Nothing can be renounced or expressed. For me that is not important since i understand finally, that the level i move on, is the economics that the people do too and it puts them not into conflict with the firms. The aggression of these people is unfathomable with conflict against firms. That are against efficiency. Firms even “as democratic rulers”. It is rather the democrats that can’t be orphaned, as opponents, in peace that have to decay, and from calling that it is wrong firms and firms, in a way of fathom, that can’t be called, democrats.

That is the thing, and there is the thing that there are always new words, where youth thinks it is done with problems, they can be made safer by them in thinking. Words are able to create new problems instead with them where there is not a problem at all. It is not a public good to secure the individual from aggression. It is used by capitalism to offer the individual a future feeling about the product after the consumer has consumed it. He fathoms something and they want it to fathom something. And there is no right. The freedom is used with the evenly rotating economy under that laws were created later instead. It is the only domain where problems can be assumed and they are completely state-made by the Leviathan. Hidden completely where it is the worst. Providing a private good in this situation was what Buchanan was always advertising against women. It is only persuasion at work that can change then everything with this set of array. The groups claiming leadership by monopolising change, chance rather. They are far above the heaven in their buildings. There are no problems for youth. Words introduce new problems that are made by the authors and reused then in a clean state of rest where no ideas are generated by a generator.

Free trade is worse than that. This at least is a set of rules all can handle and trade under that in future. But in free trade, there is nothing of that. But the problem is in that, that the evenly rotating economy is not at all for living creatures. People are right assuming in the shop window a puppet. That is how things get deduced slowly to mean the individual, where else it is completely lost in business. Purely by sound economics. There in the other domain, where i found business was impossible - there is Keynes, and he tries to outcompete every author, in using corporativism and unsoundness only. Everything that is taught by the Mises Institute as evil concept, is used as object to outcompete others. It is not for truth. People always outcompete a businessman who is like described above, impossible to rise above leadership. That is why it is called by Mises a domain of dead people. They feel like consumers and are right in nothing, but insecurity drives into them at the most instant moment when they first feel like it. Not because there is fear. Because the economy is in that state and there is anticapitalism. By getting to know the price, you get freed. It is your choice and you are the individual weighing down the system. You decide capitalism at the shop window. And that is what they like and then they will even like, to ask how much that costs. That is not true! You are the creator. How can you be not the creator? if they lie to you and make you seem, a decisionmaker? That is already too late. Freedom must be introduced much earlier to the consumer. There must be someone selling something standing in the cold. Sound capital has to exist. Wonderful things happen. But that has to outlast christmas too. It costs so much - it costs at least - it costs as much, are all there for you to say, but there must be at the end always something standing, that you are not working for. You must gather your own consumers for real and whoever is your friend, is not important. And the economy still suffers. The consumer must be free to choose. He is already gnashed by the teachers leading it into temptation. He must get the benefits from watching the price at the shop window. They must stop at the entering of the shop. Instead, soundness coming from the capital he possesses, must do that interesting effect. Preference is as important as the life of 10 children. But there is more wisdom to that. The soundness has to come from capitalism left untouched where at the entering of the doorstep of the shop, the exchanges are made and the scale of values is created by the user and the product he wishes the most out of it, as a competing factor against the other consumers, is not only decided, instantly, but weighed down, by enough freedom existing, and enough justice enough existing, that bad actors vanish that critize that in ignorance. The exchange there happening is the interesting effect and it discriminates against the poor, and is not only bad for them, but for the big shops mainly, that have multiple domains in its inner circle.

Torture is only nondiscrimination while being inside the shop and being able to touch something. It is discrimination becoming, after the environment’ has been changed to the shop window and the consumer is outside the shop, where they don’t like it to be as a society. That is the unlogical thing why it is still nondiscrimination, since if words are changed, there should be really something not damaged then too. It is because Marxism exists, that that can be that relative. Very bad and sorcery indeed against humanity. Seriosity is unfathom - Mensch und Maschine and so are all protectionists, and they don’t know how full-time employment is reached despite many possibilities of making certain dots on the planet free, they don’t do it. But the consumer can’t wait to finally get the product. They calculate by that exactly the ratio of statistic and reality probably so only one individual remains at the end they can blame. And that is why they torture. How much damage does capitalism takes, if not 600% for each individual?? It becomes a model what then that is tortured and wants to break through the shop window rather as that discriminated product with the same ambition, as the consumer, who has to wear that “ghost” then as a transmitter of that “virus”. It is the principle of old England, but, it’s effect, that can be called torture. The same, as the reason, why the Americans left. It is never the effect of old England, but its principle.

In fact, producers of efficient products, firms, create at important for the consumer places, shortfalls in their products, if they don’t have a good management, where the consumer for example is the consumer of games, and they are virtual and depending on where the gamer controls them: open end. The protectionists don’t know, that they support the Marxists, that are against firms, and their efficient products, that all communicate, and nobody knows that, by secret symbols taught by music. But the whole market tries to gain foothold exactly here. It is certainly about human action and not anything static, such as angels standing in a church as statues.

Therefore people who listen a lot to music and know, they think they don’t know, since they know. And there open ended games are not at all searched for example. More storydriven games are searched, such as games that mix, that that theory depicts domains in market that are based on anarchocapitalism and nobody is there who compares that to reality, even if they depict the real sophisticated people and could have a say the products are inefficient therefore in creating a new story. That could mean, that someone is very cold in treating women for example, young women. With a lot of authority, a doctor perhaps. The problem is, that socialism tries to gain foothold as a competitor of capitalism that tries that too, by using the market. Sanctions are made that are very bad. The sorcery is gone that depicted it as something.

The multitude of these products in certain decades is really the problem, but other things too, and freedom is not the problem or soundness. In the same way, the games are open end, and not searched, free trade is not bad too and it is not really about too much free trade existing, but rather, that the protectionists don’t teach others at all, despite being that sophisticated, as they are, that americans even if they are 180% as rich as other people, on the pane of the planet, the costs of work are higher too the same, since everyone pays so much for everyone then. That is how dreams end that these farytale authors tell. But for them only, and that is unjust, because the others are still in utopya. Others begin to think that the people therefore in the end have not the same level of poverty everywhere. And they could be even the characters you meet in these games. The people try exactly here, to do nothing, some of them tell. It is however, the whole market, that tries to gain a foothold there. Gaining foothold is rather gaining traction and the ambition comes from somewhere. Which is indicators that freedom is searched and consumers decide. Still that doing nothing is static to me. They teach that is the end boss in these games and then the player thinks, the efficient thing has to be the wait for a new product. Whoever picks up the sword of Lanzelott, against these bastards, is a hero akin to motom heroes slaying the dragon. Even though it is possible that they are marxists, it is impossible to tell to these doctors “rate me!”, since they are some kind of authoritarianists, hidden by corporativism, and despotism. They let others profit in the market. Because alchemy is used to create great products always that have an edge to the products created by firms. If these people want to steal your currency after realising that all of that is a model of anarchocapitalistic society, muxed by van Mises, and then again it has to be realized, against some effect they make, how is objectivity resting really there? They are right in doing actions that lead to inactions, and then inaction to actions again, only when they can decide? What is good about that there? Who is the actor shuffling these things, these coffers, if there exist coffeurs? What the hell is that decay? Only megacorporations think about loss as decay, wanting to alleviate further loss of profit. But the hegelyanists lie about that. There are even authors and everyone even outside thinks the same as them, that profit is decay, only since it is coming from them. And why do they have right to claim, that decay is not made by keynesianism? But they do this. Hegelyanism explains why it is important for the state to exist, even if the problems made unto capitalism, are starting from a level of 800% of damage done to everything that is called it, displaying it as 20% damage. Still noone buys for someone a Prada jacket yet everybody wants to wear it. The damage rather is imminent to the capitalism and the hunt against it very real they do. Why should someone claim alltogether, these things that uphold culture are to be thrown away, if he is not ought, to destroy livelihood of all the people existing? Mises warns about that. To these presents that others use maybe often as a behavioral technique in these skyscrapers, can belong drinks that you buy for a higher price, that you buy in a shop that almost is becoming soon a supermarket, and you want to help it, by buying often there. Others use these presents, to control others by marketing, which is almost extra. A bottle of coke you buy in such a supermarket therefore, for a high price since it is still not a supermarket yet, is great as a present. People don’t see that, but it is true, and that is a gaping hole too they could misuse theoretical. It is made by historicism. The monopols on the milk companies that were replaced in the US, to advertise the Bush administration earlier, here in the EU have great influence to the smallest purchase, due to the manipulating state, which nobody can see. They control corporativism and are worn out. Anne Frank lived in spheres of conservatism. There is nothing undangerous about conservatism for the individual. They hamper so much with the market, that it is impossible to make a purchase of efficient products that suffice the demand, with a lot, of actors, making that effect. With protectionism and statism and actionism that want to get the individual into a position where the lowest effect can destroy it made by sin, with people that go into regression and stay there, making tactics for Marxism. Allthewhile, people going into regression, mean something, for example, that not anyone senses since his knowledge is not there about that, why that happens, and what it means. People go only into regression, if times are nearing to mobilisation for war. More precisely: insurance and rental of labor services, have made an interlock between eachother, against individualism to reach torture and a market economy that is statist and based on unfreedom, with youth becoming marxist and engels-controlled with state clerks that are hegelyan, to make more marxists, that can be used later namely, as security guards (marxists is equal in Teleology to “Wächter” somehow, which are torturers too when they are not critisized for doing “overwatching” with this setup in mind). They have to be critisized for doing that work, having that mindset. That is why unions are not right, because they are only about the position, not about the mindset, and authoritarianism is the same when high above the clouds, in their suits controlling probably the effect of these idiots.

Only animals such as the panther, react unthankful before a shop, like people with Engels or Marxists. The other people good to capitalism, are all entering shops since they have action of the specific human sort. Also, the Cerberus-thing directly connects to the old snake and artifacts and their collectors maybe even too, since they all deal that way wanting it to be kept secret. Involuntary unemployment is always a construction following a constructor belonging to the foucaultists. It heals by the “old testament”, and then even it heals by the “new testament”, but by the latter, certainly more effective, but the people involved are different then. Involuntary employment, such as being a mobber in school, is of course subventionized by democracy, with an unfree market but being unemployed is really the legal status of them, and they are happy just like murderers are, in torturing their victims. Would someone kill all torturers at once, he would also kill Nebukadnezzar, as a gigantic statue with its prophecy. The press is for example completely based on an evenly rotating economy. They decide when it stops and when it starts. Else nothing is known at all. Torturers are more closely related to the scholars of elitarian schools, that have an ritual of initiation that is only once in a lifetime, and acts as an order that holds their behavior there connected. At least it is sure, for sure, that they were inspired on them. With a lot of them being positivists, and claiming therefore the market is not unfree and well-off. And marxists, of course. The whole group of people in young age, that presses against the individual only and is well treated for that. Later an individual with Engels does not help too. Help do only people that one meets once in 12 years, and that are never seen. Rare, like jewelry of monarchs. And even there, is preference, which item it is they are more close looking to. Even where the pope lives, he can’t free everybody. He has to act good, go around obstacles made by these, that think they can decide, to reach that goal of acting good. They, are everywhere, just like in democracy. They are the kernel of satanism. He is like a bird in a cage. Wherever you fear and are alone, it’s a beast responsible for that fear. Because it can be in texts visible and yet remain real.

When new currency is created out of fresh air, it spreads in these places they decided, sometimes over short amounts of millennia, and that ripples out and that is sometimes perhaps, like friendship, if it spreads out and ripples out. Friendship is poisoned by that. Probably it is not true and that is why. Why should a group of people be enabled by that in the eyes of the people, so they can become directors or torturers? It is not true. They print it and then it spreads to the most imminent place that has ties to them. The same is true for people in megacorporations. All people think they follow a schedule on a scheduler. In truth the fairness is different. The people following items on a scheduler from paper, should be the innocent, that get tortured and not even them. Instead, what is made: they get a finetuned scheduler decried from above.

Friendship is such an important concept in capitalism. Sometimes friends forget current reality or words from the past they learned together with someone. For example the truth, that if firms accelerate, they decelerate. And whoever talks about that, feels like a manager or businessman doing a presentation, if he does it presenting it shortly after the firm has done that only. The amount of detail is decided of information too, and at the same instance, it raises the bar in traditionalism or sinks it. And the firms not believing in the revelation, they see reality how it is suddenly. And the one earlier believing in it, is still alone and depends on firms producing more and more not dependend on who is working exactly. Where these truths are handled down, that is great and a sudden taker, and impulse to suddenly know that it is right to decide for something. But someone can’t be taken seriously using too much of theology. Best would be nothing. That was what Ludwig van Mises wants the people to understand about capitalism. There exists an entity that is evil and that does competition only if competition is meant, but in competition. And only against humans, it is in competition at least. There is where the people wreak havoc when they learn it from their overlords, who wreak already it on the economy. It never stops and provocation is already too much and wreaks havoc. This is different in other domains where it is for example trade between humans only and creatures are not part of it. Until that date, to throw something over a fence of a firm, no matter if it belongs to state or a group or something, it is important, to go up a tree and prepare the attack by mental preparation. That proves that there is a lot of buerocracy in management. It is possible that someone ripples out such as that currency. Something ripples out and changes how truth is perceived in the end and what decision is made to the other thing at one instance, and somewhere else, to the other thing contrary to that other person. A lot of chaos is created. Only truth remains perfectly unchanged and the winner is the one, controlling that flow with the others. He is that, monolithical. A domain of acting. There exists universal preference for every action, additionally to being only demonstrated in a domain of resting and it has nothing to do with economics. It is considered by mathematicians as dangerous. It could be formulated thus - that different then too, with disrespect to these mathematicians and then one clearly sees, that they have used that, as a denominator to call every individual, bad. The despots spend a decisive amount of their time, programming young mobbers. They are all pedophiles in church, and they are that, since they are the opposite of torturers there in that. And that since neolithical times. Being constrained by time-preference is bad enough. But this constraint can be made on actually terminology too. And this they know, and therefore hunt the individual, and try to limit its outreach. But these constraints should be avoided on oneself. Else, the amount of freedom is not able to be seen. The individual is innocent from the outset. The operations of filtering down in an array goods that can be traded until currency stays as an object of trade, is evil enough against the innocent trials of the individual, since that is a domain of only the people actually, acting bad deeds, where they sold themselves for that currency. Being against socialism should be a prerequisite, since there are more than enough of sports against anarchism, and they are only in theory teachers or marxyans. Therefore whereever tries to have authority and teaches, it stays hidden that it is that. His mindset must be critisized to make finally sure by that, that he is marxist too later. Insofar, if people hide that, else they are good, they are bad, and they hide that, they are good, and they still hide that, and the mindset is the same of those they hide, as the mode they have chosen, to disavow the meaning of existence.

The consumer is without skill. Even knowing that, leninism is against the consumer as a hapless tax payer. It is never the person buying something really the person in the end. In the end, there is a feeling everyone has that he is not part of something that is only him, after leaving the supermarket or at home. Therefore it is illogical that these people, that appearently, appearently, don’t know anything about economics, have then something to say to everyone, since they focus too much on the consumer where it is not at all existing as his own person after purchasing something. You go to buy something and you don’t have any skill but even if you had, in the end it is not really you who did that all, is the feeling still, and they can’t change that. That makes me the idea, that perhaps, skills are already there destroyed by them and after that they apply that destruction on the market, not afterwards, as everybody thinks. One group is that, the other is that. But keynesianism is the worst, because it administrates all that worst that is for example, a consumer going in heavy weather not like others, that wait. That is the same, as keynesianism, for the consumer and is the same too. It is such a bad thing for capitalism only bad for the innocent consumer. Consumers think they can blame capitalism in bad weather and that is based on keynesianism too, since it makes that bad weather by the factories or more precisely: by human action in a chaotised setting where it is not anymore very sure, who is this and that. And firms are not blamable for that chaos. The people with Engels are not right, that are not critisized for their mindset. Firms don’t know too, that trade comes from human action: everything comes from human action first, and is awaited, and only then it happens. Since trade has as its part, communication too and to communicate is to have human action. They don’t know that everything starts from there. From the domain of the mindset. And really, to not know anything in bad settings such as that, is the same as going alone at night as a woman, or going blind somewhere without knowledge. One is in the same situation as the poor women, they torture. It’s actually quite true, that the consumer does not get anyway his full demand in these situations and that that negativism made by bad weather is quite mighty against tradeship. But unions can’t be part of tradeship. Communism is the “holzweg”. Actually it’s quite interesting to ask someone about that. But they don’t know too, as consumers, since they have no skill at all. It is interesting to not pinpoint and rather have a good theory, that it is interesting rather, to not be redundant and find interest rather in how the market clears there, which is too late if it takes so much toil. It is 2 days lost of profit for every firm, with so much keynesianism existing always. That can mean a lot, really for some of them. It can be a loss of 500k for such actors. More interesting then, remains, to assume progress, which is already 1 day earlier stopped by the amount of Marxism existing and does not at all exist in a real model. The market has to clear and then everything is fine and that can make that simulation of progress. A state only decides, how much unemployment there is, and the keynesianist tragedy lies in that “there is”, since currency is not really individual as a denominator of market values. To know that it is right to decide for something, and to know that which is right to use to decide for something, are both coming automatically with the clearing of the market. The only mistake made by violence is, that it ignores, how much in truth was ignored there, that still was made up as an illusion, which is a lot actually. Society is very guilty of that, and authors too. They are the mob supporting unemployment made on purpose by the state, together with the owners of universities. It’s very important not being offended by that. People are a short duration in the life of individuals and still can decide full circle. That someone can lead others to prosperity by owning a firm, is an illusion. They took that probability that it was possible from capitalists and monopolised it for themselves and use it now to create unemployment on purpose. The more state expands, the more it is possible to do that for the state. They create economic shortages where Marxists play the holes in the matrix and keynesianism is the same there and all is murder. A consumer returning like that can very much expose who is a murderer. It is only not easy when they make involuntary impoverishment, state stops everything that can be called emancipation from scarcity with these people in regress doing tactics, since they know that regress is the worst and worse, even, than involuntary impoverishment for an individual, and still ignore the impoverishment doing the tacticism of Marx, Karl Marx. Banks hurt the market more, than was supposed ever. They hurt it, like little offspring damaged in war by cruel bombing. The economists don’t know anything that are honored by them deeply. They write new theories in second parts of books or later, that recorrect older theories, such as case within is with Marx or Keynes. Capitalism needs brevity, and that is not part of keynesianism with its long lasting explanations and beginnings with false assumptions that never get correct. It needs a lot of brevity to claim that the gangsters not do autark coups with the state. The people start with oneness and have a final goal. Preference can change or become redundant for the consumer, insofar as it was the reason why sets that contain multiple products were chosen. Insofar as someone can’t claim, that the preference leading to that attaining of the set can live further somehow, as it really is of that quality. And he must not claim too, that it was not replaced by a new. It becomes redundant since the old preference had multiples and things are simply easier and better without always meddling with that. But people prefer to be against the guiding star of an individual even while it does not realise that. There is no greater moral decay, than someone being with the bank. He can’t talk with others insofar as they are completely innocent and even if he wants to resolve the problem inherent fastly, they add to that their false theories, such as in case of Keynes. There are so many good people that don’t see in preference for sets, some historical background with Hypocrates and Plato and are simply canon fodder metaphorically to the seriosity attained by that. That is how progress is not attained in capitalism. It is still possible to be inspired, insofar as the individual exists, and has a guiding star, to be inspired to new concepts in capitalism, however, such as encouragement explicitly of laborers. The state can easily create unemployment by introducing minimum wage-rates in business domains, even with normal consumers that plan a future career and the laborers still are deciding if they want to work there or not, as they are not inheriting it as identity from the past, as their private property, and that is the reason for torture too, they are unhappy, and only make the leader of the firm, a compliment by that. Why should something lead to prosperity if it does not already with the firm leader? A clearing market becomes impossible. Keynes claims that there can be involuntary unemployment on the free market and, that a market can reach a stable equilibrium with persistent involuntary unemployment. It can reach that only by leninism. Keynes meant that actually instead of exposing the truth with preference with sets. Hoppe is right, since there can be no employment where capitalism is used to the best attainment of happiness even, and instead of the other people totally being happy by that luck of the individual, they even make it eject from its reality. Democracy is that. It is rather so, that they coerce the individual, to do capital-less labor and an economical shortage is made where the most sincere individuals die in a setting of leninism where namely the lack can’t be anymore furtherly replaced by darkness more and more takin g over, like at night a sky full of stars, but that without human action existent, and therefore, full of death for humans. Keynes, was not an economist, and there are no long views, since either there exist businessmen with farsight, or not. These however should know; that Keynes was a nazi and that they are not part of economics as a science where they are only emballeteching Keynes’ case for war, by not making a difference between farsight and scope. Torture has as case too and base since there is no “only disobedient and uncontrollable psychology”, Keynes’ case and the hell is real for which they make an illusion that only they are making it as a demonstration of might, where surely no human makes such things - while they want to euthanize rentiers and capitalists too.

There are monsters that are in constant disagreement with eachother in religion. But theology itself gets used the moment Keynes is finished and relativism sets in with his ambition so to speak for the state and he is the guy they emulate too when they show how banksters behave in dialogues with capitalists when they infiltrate their families. Without human action there is only stagnation and they do everything to hide it while they torture others. They are against science and veterans. Since 18 years they continued their corporativism and drove it deeper and deeper more each year into individualism.

In using sets for preference, it is possible to imagine when ressources are abandoned, if they are in sets, the domain where the small mathematical creatures live, of the scale namely in math. If things are closely standing to eachother, they surely have to be preferred again, that single instance, by another person, and for another use, repercussive, such as transport, which already was used earlier too. Domains change by sets if that change takes place, and that without any human force preferred also, since that they are manyness, implies, that they need machines. In math, that binding to reality is not possible, except by introversive labor and jumping to business, therefore also to economics again. Actually humans emulate that scene therefore teleological their whole existence, insofar, as a visiting of a shop takes place and they consider that later. It is here that everyone starts to believe, that tyranny must vanish finally, and the state with its literature and letters is a terrorist therefore. Of course, there is another view to that, if one wants to allow the people to profit in other domains, they find somewhere interesting to analyze where it is possible only once, to make a research in a specific direction, but i am very unexperienced and never tried that research… Still, there are older people, that don’t understand, and younger people that don’t understand or may be used by utilitarianists at all instances in life, and the state acts there occult. What is with the danger of young students, that go into evil groups? They have to keep silent their whole life and deny truth, remembering the sadness of what they see. To be really in that situation is to be helpless. And corporativism can deny that truth over 18 years if not more, and keep on provoking by the state… Socialism is a doctrine, and that is the difference to capitalism, that analyzes everything clear as it is, with no answers left unclear, if there are questions or even not. It is much further than the most modern mathematics. Of course, it is, since it is a concept. That other concepts of same sort but different still can be in the hands of control of other people, is worse than everything, and that is a stronghold of corporativism too unfortunately. It is against inner peace, inner processes, of all sort, stronghold, and against safe havens, ending finally with everyone indoctrinated and in regress, or the individual forced into capital-less labor stronghold. Buchanan always danced there above the truth, with his position, only considering contracts, while the poor individual depending on state, hating it, had to remain sick from it and planned into worse. What they do by euthanasia in both directions against older people AND capitalists, is an evil trick, that is speaking of where they come from, and how empty they are and with Engels and gangsters. The state can talk a lot about wealth redistribution, but to really give the poor people a chance, wealth would need to be distributed, not re-distributed. In the case of the state, by that nothing is made and the rich people can continue in that what that is, which is nothing too. Milliardairs don’t help for example. The problem with them all is that they as public good theorists, become independent as authorities, by making claims where they cannot be defended, and hoarding under this umbrella, falsehoods. Wealth re-distribution is one of the greater schemes they lie by, which are in bright daylight so to speak organized by gangsters, by doing nothing. They can be actually defeated strongly. People have just to use wisdom - that for example they explain to these authorities, then, that there are in the market, forces, at work, they don’t understand, and that are forces dark and mighty. Certainly it is true and they are part of that discussion always. The dreams people have about tyranny are the strongest when storms are outside. They need someone that enables them reality, and not people that keep falsehoods. They need to find the objects they lose in dreams, in reality not only, and have an economically efficient dream therefore, where they don’t lose anything and find it fastly, by changing domains, but also another entity, that smooths what happened again for them. Where the belief is lesser, everything becomes hard to do, even prayer itself. Then a sound monetary situation must be existing then, to enable the people to be able to calculate again and come out of that doctrinatory state. Soundness becomes more important than anything else. A lot of that is indoctrination and empiricist if continued in broad daylight with imagining labor and it is more true to make it seem rather like, if people wake up, else they get a sound monetary situation and wake up, or if finally, they apply sound reasoning, until that is reached, adding to that or multiplieing the toil that is not acceptable, there can happen everything to them, and that is Marxism too and not anymore sound, to wait so long. But every labor sort can be imagined as coming out of that disagreeable case of unbelief that exists here and there, and every imaginable scenario can be imagined with people in the economy. As long as they come out of that religious scheme, and start moving in economics, that is. There is a lot of disagreement to spoiling that wisdom to others, since nobody would anyway trust with his currencyuary situation an idiot. They would not give someone who is like that their earnings, even if he doesn’t expose that theory. Certainly, since everything earned is rare. Socialism is here a doctrine. Firms could make all that the state delivers with the same toil and efficiency known until now from production of other things, all public goods, if one can call them that. But these millionaires or authors don’t want that. They do euthanasia on people who know that earlier.

Sometimes, a student in school early in life, looks for example like Stephen Hawking. And later all the people you meet, seem the same, since all people search for the characters living in the galaxy and he was one with that theme. It is only an illusion that they do that on purpose. The topic of the galaxy however, mixes with economics there and can make interesting thoughts possible. The topic of the galaxy is at the higher most in the market exchanging-warping in free levels in games and they are not always lasting long, and the only thing that is invested there is the soundtrack of the levels, that is like these characters living in the galaxy. But silent as the galaxy are other evil things in economics defined, for example silent profiteering, which has even more shortfalls for the consumers, such as being foucaultism against capitalism. They still do all of that on purpose rather, as it seems. Since the consumers can come out of anything without long lasting damage, since things against economics are that way, that they are survived. It shouldn’t mean for them, that it should be easy for them to do that anti-good behavior further. Further, and often. Since in the end they hide their cruelties, by getting no penalty, and it seems to the author as hardcore-crimes are treated likely to that, akin to them - and is it too, if they hide them by making topics about foreign goddess-worship, and do that by themselves therefore inclusively, to hide that. Again, like the things described at the beginning, it means to be a hardcore-corporativist, to be supportive of that. All is hidden behind how many normal consumers work for normal firms and not anymore for the Leviathan. Instead of long lasting as consumers further of newcomers, they get intermuxed and vanish. Could be an effect created by immigration too, but it’s about authority and might, and how torture is safeguarded. All gets hidden by more than that.

In case of single individual, use cases of set theory in capitalism are only used to drive new readers into reading new certain books, to gather readers from the populace by this. It is not anymore the other person, but the same person, required to transport the components of the set, by machines. What does it mean, to call a faculty member, a dustice? Certainly less evil than calling a capitalist a dustice. But they call capitalists by envy, greedy, and then put functionaries in use, that look as if they could generate an overall verdict, instead of the consumer verdict always. Consumer verdict - where the capitalists is turned into a consumer by them of course, by envy. The more it is maintained, the more it is contemplated too, and the greater the probability, that the readers will contemplate themselves into historicism. But the maintainence is better of machines.

The state is used by a lot of backdoor-hardcore-socialists that want to keep the state in power, and its members with a mask painted on their faces, which is maintained by their belief in socialism or marxism even, and they are during being that, against someone who plays a bad movie-actor on purpose and supported in that by that state. That is why they collect trash and divide it in support of a communism and against the wishes of the individual constant, to not have socialists run around the roof of the own property at night, that want to kill everybody. They call innocent people terrorists, that are still looking like they remember Adam, as a first human, and remind others of him, people that are innocent like Adam in paradise was, and that only are looking like him there, since something bad happened to them, which is the state. They can’t be terrorist. They have been hurt and are canon fodder for moral relativism. Nobody has the right, especially working for the higher class people, that all break the constitution, and make dark planning, completely denieing what they did. When a woman called by others keynesian, is married, she is only married since she is black, and that helps the managers of the state, make these anti-industrial programs, that are against the consumer. In industry everything is the other way turned around. Doing something social is there, asocial. These things are against black people. She is not keynesian at all. It is still people with Engels, doing these things against industry, and Marxists, and they shouldn’t hide themselves in that further. If what they do is so good, why do they wait for some special moment to emerge in society? Someone does not feel good if these things are made by historicists, that others from the state use to be together by, and do these things where some special thinking remains about that, and yet nothing remains, since they are all together in that, and the individual knows from the outset, that it was historicism. It is simply not based on soundness and has no other connectivity like is known from free trade or capitalism, where everyone gets labeled by actual trade, not by social enigmas. These things against industry are against freedom in truth, or free trade. Words that have something to do with fairness come from soundness existing because they are not fought against by. Headaches that are cured by Aspirin, can be cured by a mindset, by special thoughts, and how they are resolved in a certain atmosphere. That should be possible for other medications too and things not so easily coercable on the individual. But with state clerks wanting to monopolize the old definition and make something new out of it, of inefficiency, it is different indeed and groups that do these things should be labeled gangsters.

If you plan on visiting something, visit that. They call people insane that play the marketing professionals. If you plan on cleaning the cage of your animals 24h earlier, or last evening, that is economically a difference of great magnitude. That is real economics, there, if you see the next morning what you have to do and what is left of that, and what you needed to save until the evening was ended. But who ends these evenings? Night itself. Why do they torture innocents? Evil will anyway continue in its characteristic path and have to dwell somewhere. Why does it have to be in accordance to what they want, if they are so transparent? And then you still have to update yourself by doing something against everyone appearently, and then you see how things really stand and somehow all is not a domain of finance, but it seems rather, to be a human action domain. The state is a rich case, having nearly 8 trillian dollars in gold reserves only in the US, and by that ignorance they keep as Marxists, using the state, they use that sum as a store of might, a magnitude, against people telling the truth. They know very well, that big industry can make non-existing re-emerging of people that tell the truth, impossible, by always giving them the opportunity to be a safe-haven for them, and be good. But they want to damage everything, which has a definition. Others don’t know how strict capitalism has to be defended against socialism, and how consequent and with how much non-partnership toward the state. And they can be helpful, and still what they were, is still too late to act as a current state to make something depend where they could be part of that with being that. Socialism is an easy-to-get outcome to tell to everyone there. In truth, only excellent. The new-age persons with politics that are social, are not right. A woman will rather spend on two handkerchiefs, even if she has already 30 of them at home, in another sales domain of the big shop she visits, than spend her evening meeting such persons. She will rather invest in that duration staying in the shop forever, than to be safe home, and the moment she returns is decided by what she wants to make with that new product, not what some other persons would think is best. That spending is really new, is not really true. No matter who rules somewhere, the situation would still be the same with the persons, only the names would change. With the normal cushion of having additionally saved for another person for example, to create a margin for the missing soundness in economics that is happening, expecting so much from another consumer - she would certainly have new ideas then to perhaps think about social matters in the next stage of events. With a cushion simulating that other individual, she would had created inflationism for herself on herself by herself.

The evil capitalist is the SkaarJ in Unreal.

It would not get so far, that someone would have to handle other people at all if it would be only her doing that. But with people getting more and more into these things… It would imply other persons would try to spread further doctrines they picked up somewhere. Not all consumers are liking that, and it is not a domain that expects blind labeling at all, if something is good or even bad and it is not sin. Consumers are considered soft like that compared to customers, and the woman can’t really change something - as she is too weak. A customer can be local, and use support, and a consumer can rather be seen global by others too, that like to discuss. That all is different for dictators - they are more like consumers. When they act having that cushion for example, they could very much do that same behavior on big scale, as is seen recently. They invest in these handkerchiefs, but they are much bigger. Probably they can cover the whole planet with such an object. Scientists believe, that if a single person, such as the female consumer exhibits that behavior on big scale, the planet would explode. But these handkerchiefs - are called soldiers. They look like handkerchiefs and they wait for some rain or even reign. They shouldn’t do that, since appearently, either they are not real in being a handkerchief, or simply too late to belong to any reign. And that is why they are left for dead. Many persons misuse that and on purpose don’t think further. The handkerchiefs could be parcels, such as in case of egalitarianism, and it expects itself and consequently too, a ruling class and a state. A consumer knowing all of that, would leave the shop earlier, being corrupted or not wanting to get into any fear or something. Not since his purchase was made a case, but since there is much more to be expected of the inner domain, and schemes can’t be supported further. In my opinion, such consumers were discouraged as individuals more and more. The consumers would return home full of stressing thoughts, but they would returning home, certainly rather try to search “friends” that are “social”. There were attempts by corporativism to make a cushion for that consumer sort.

”Egalitarianism, and the compulsory redistribution of income, wealth and social position, i.e. a policy of divide et impera, is part and parcel of what it is and requires to be a ruling class in control of a State” Hans Hermann H.

A consumer leaving the shop is of course a customer. A consumer entering the shop sees persons that are discriminating her by strict case. The persons she watches entering the shop are her. When they are not her, but leave the shop, they label her as user with the case even coming from current economic situation unsoundness makes, and the prices they saw. They have no empathy in this. They don’t see that even, just as the individual leaving. They render some mathematical number in that, which is or is not known to them, but is certainly one more, than the opposite of consumption. The big shop has for example a market share of 60% on the street. The new customer gets added as an individual to that number, and these numbers are added to the market share, and the zero counted away, from the 60% which is the whole size of the shop, dominating the other shops, and the market share is the same percent it constitutes in size would it be constructed of the other shops it stands open against. That “open” can’t be too metaphorical, but is made so on purpose by globalists. There is a misconception arising from misconceptions of truth, made by lies. Thus if something stands open, it is militarist, and speaks as a whole of competition, but it is not decided, as people think, by the big shop. The competition model is used by everyone - from the small mouse, to the car, that drives as an obstacle. It is the authors who want others to believe, that it is not unsimultaneously driving, and also: all label the capitalist greedy by that. It is wrong, by logic. But the state is not a purveyor of peace there. It is the opposite, in truth.

The economic situation of the people is seen on the length of the streets having these shops. The leaving consumer too early, is interested in literature, and would most likely think about reading something, more, than the satisfied consumer, that stays there as long as she likes. There emerged a disacceptance by evil persons, that was called very fastly “discrepancy”, to decide that length she could spend there. Roger Waters is only here correct with his attitude, that all of that is corruption. It is the ambitionism not of the authors - and not defined by them, which is a term developed by someone earlier, and still the products have to be moved. There are no sinister groups that are more sinister and more hardcore-socialist and marxist and more authors. It is ad hoc the ambitionism of the consumer that is important in capitalism and for theorists at the same moment, that strikes everything once. But for authors it offers an outcome where they can continue work of writing for government. There is a reason van Mises calls the workforce not laborforce, which are both not graphics cards too. There is nothing easier than creating out from that, a default behavior for any sort of individual, that it feels as a guilty person, which is only a model, a concept. And it is not empirically even correct to label a human by that, since empiricism proves much earlier than that, even, as impracticant to any deeper thought.

It is dangerous to leave home and go to shop after 18pm. That criminality, if hardcore-crime-ending or softcore, and both seeming or threatening being that, without victims, which is never the case fearing it, comes from anticapitalism, which mainly is found only in Marxism. Anticapitalism, that is spread like a virus at the morning dew, by theories from Engels, where the shops start, and the leninists go to shop, with the brutal atmosphere, against capitalism itself, only found there in the morning and made or liked by them. Later, the same is after it was purveyed by Engels in the mind of the populace, activated and turns into criminality. Marxism is the root there, why the criminality rate is generated. Where it is generated is in reality, of course since it is against the capitalists, against capitalism, where marxism is not, but where capitalism is always. That is the unfreedom generated by anticapitalism, that here can be everything global called. Only then the hierarchy comes with the realness, and then the individual, that is always degenerated.

Ambitionism is not tendency and the whole story is event-driven with these natalists and the socialistic threat is very real. Ludwig van Mises was right, that people, that are a threat, are a menace. Most of the people are believing in Moloch, since even if you should once be in a situation that is dumb, and luck happens to you by something good, and just, by serving justice on your own against these mistakes people make and against the natalists, you feel the cries of the babies they kill there, since it is the age of them you think is your own outcry, but the justice made it different group. But LvM never wrote that. Menace and threat just are the same in translators. He wrote much about machines that other economists didn’t. Machines have a function where both functions are not connected to eachother. The function they run, and the turn-off switch, operated by a human, by human action. They have to run always, and many economists don’t pinpoint to that ever, fearing the moment they have to write about the off-switch. It is always not known to capitalists too, and a big problem, if their machines are decided from outside then by buerocracy or other scum, that has to be defeated strongly by blunts. Even they can be nazi, that want to monopolise the function part, that runs, since it is part of thought, of theoretical physics or Mathematics. Even onto that they may try to that uponwriting. And they have skills of course. Not even a scarabaeus can decide about machines that are run by capitalist firms, since law is not the centrifuge or focal point of self-understanding, not even of humans, and it is always made for destructionist purposes, to destroy, not to build up, and they lie about that, destroying the incentive to create new ventures. There are different polygon. Not each of them is original and for example prefered, or even a phenomen such as a menger cube. The topics they make are the same in how they may define, some groups, and yet, labeling them is part of using destruction against capitalism - which is called anticapitalism, and which is meaning belonging not anymore to human species, but being one with the beast. And with plagiarism it is so, that it is when things are undiscussed and still hidden, that social as a label hides that groups were hidden, by that, not by the despotism, that they are undiscussed, but that the despotism still comes as a topic earlier in production, and that the people at old universities, where there was a scandal about plagiarism, leave them as presidents, when the price of 1g of precious metal (leet) such as 999silver leet, is corresponding to 1 in german euro exactly, thinking they made equilibrium in economics. The civilisatory downfall is the destruction of cultivatedness at the same instance and the same reality is upheld by constructs such as concordance thrown away and then called “buildings of babylon”, that stand solely as the state for the person, since the person believes in fiat-currency, which is only an illusion of safety, and the places it is distributed are that too and prove recurrently that as unstable too.

Totalitarianism is base generator of empty spaces that take away freedom, and the person confronted with it, does not know, that they are all that. It cannot misuse its might after already not falling into the traps of religion, easily circumvented by dogmatists and then say “totalitarianism has been defined as non-heresy”, while materialism has been dethroned multiple times as void of use by them, against capitalism. Totalitarianism is the main reason for all the problems until now summoning in reality. Capitalists are optimistic, and it is an absolute number, such as identities in mathematics, that is never “very optimist” or “just a little optimistic”. Behind that optimism hides all the correct base of the behavior of pessimist persons that help the state make euthanasia on the capitalists and renters, in how it can hide the base and also display it correctly as negativism. But the pessimism summons many new problems, and they are based in totalitarianism. It is to make the capitalist ventures safe while in optimism, and other problems vanish in secrecy, for the individual, while it is against the capitalist ventures in the end, when the persons have to blame them for “universally profiteering in these decades” by this optimism. Something is not sound. If it would be optimism, it wouldn’t have to be displayed as negative. Strange things are called “that”. Not everyone knows, that stagnation comes with the downfall of cultivatedness. Dissent being called bigotry is a very old concept, and was mainly taught, to persons, against parents, not authorities. That stagnation comes with the downfall of cultivatedness, is invisible, since the architectures having these lecturers, are very advanced and gothic even. They make this to make things “just”, but they are not just from outset, but the invisibility of all of this, makes that the opposite product. And only the state is a producer of ungoods. Therefore it is good, to save precious leet, in a manner of objects that get stored and forgotten somewhere, and can be reused later after finding them by randomness all of a sudden, and it is optimal, if they are then of the quality of a precious leet, instead of lower quality. Then the person is opening ears and eyes to the dream, without a state. Instead it does that. Precious leet can be books too, such as literature. They can, be, insofar as they are from the austrian school, valuable to the same degree, as precious metals, and collected by the same primitive persons, that are lateron, more complex perhaps, in such a way, that they get more detailed in descriptions of polygonal characters and the character melts together with the now profitable person not only. But the person is certainly more intelligent then, and looking into thought, is still not creating any prospect for anyone no matter how much they may try, as they tried. Because it is because of the global situation that people are this, that they prefer the same they have. They get more brutal then, because they see similar to what they can do being primitive, that the individual is not rigid, a rigid model in communism applied only, but is moved only by virtue, not by virtue of. The mode of behaving hoppean, is recommended by anyone critisizing Hayek for his including of the trade cycle that is a socialist concept, not his. And Professor Hoppe does this. Not many persons are awake to show sympathy or even alive, with that mode going, since many people not only start their thought by destroying cultivatedness, but after they do it, they leave work undone for others that make that real into dreams, or are sometimes misused further, to show brutal twinfold regression of behavior, where biblical lore calls it “they shall not behave so”, twinfolding their old transgression. But they don’t see that, and nobody teaches them, which is the only sort of technique too, teaching them to behave better, which is teaching them that anti-catholicism and socialism followed, make that into dream. Later, the single note played, is the same, but the two other notes, played rhytmically different, make the whole manipulated and differ, the whole melody and soundness anyways. This rigid manipulation of thought, by playing the two notes rhythmical while starting with eachother different, suitable was, to Nash only, to showcase their manipulative sphere, in game design terms even… They can tell a lot, that other thing that is suitable is theirs from outset of earth. In torture, they place an innocent person as a model of the antihuman they do on humanity, as a figure skater on an ice plane, with ice skating, that skates before the high society there, in his unmoving stance, as a demonstration of what they do antihuman. And instead of making tricks like the free persons skating in world championships there, he skates moved magically by something, while crumbled into a contracted position, that demonstrates what they do for them sole. Groups however don’t like, that the individual is afraid, that knows this happen. Thereby, power and market topics are here always against the individual and a group claiming that marriage shall be free, while at the same instance, there has to be freedom to dissent to anything, are the same, as for example teaching violent individuals, that they can’t behave differently to Martin Luther King for example, in first of all, introducing their own set of beliefs, and accepting that there is no contract of any social sort with it? Then from that follows, that prices are living in a domain and it is empty plus even outside of the market. But people like to live at home, and while that makes them no problem, there are outside forces that like to plug into the outside factor of this. Then both together, means, that things can get more refined. They can have a scale running both factors backward, and being ordered benign by others, while at the same instance, be wrong and suspended from base indifferently, which is implied by that, and even there can be falsehood, and there is no reasoning in it. Classes only introduce the possibility for the individual, to become invisible, by delivering an empty space, - vanishing is possible. That is done by invisible domains. And further, then it is only suitable for anatomy/marxism which is still anti-catholicism. From that follows, that instances have to be unique.

Both together, in a form of Sysiphos, are transgressions that are set onto eachother, and therefore are them, against innocents, because they live here and there, and are here and there while it is wrong to not call such phenomenons, transgressive and therefore wrong ideas. There have been many innocents punished by batallions, exact. Since to say, that the groups who were like Sysiphos, are now as persons turning in lava, for their transgressions, is to imply, that they had been made on innocents and in every sort of decades. Therefore to deliver the ends is a construct made by someone. Friedrich Engels is anti-capitalism and its base and is the same and means it too, but in a sort of character, delivered to the groups (which can or cannot be meta). They believe in an anti-capitalism by that by being introduced to Engels and they don’t know this. The groups that debate thought are all very much against freedom and laqueered, and it implies Quetzalcoatl. Lenin was a false-teacher, and groups are still led astray by tokens. Nin is the egyptic snake. The face of the feathered snake Teotihuacán, Gods enemy and the individuals enemy itself, is built up by these meta anti-thought manipulators, and by armies, so evil can exist further for these gangs, and it does this by these marxists. There is an introduction made to young scholars, that are interested and a reprise that makes the dramatism vanish of being introduced to interesting stuff. It is wrong, that they get torn into various false teachings by that technique, of delivering interest inside literature/wisdom, and they pave the way to further other “interesting things” then of course with this. It is full of life to claim, that Lenin was like all of these false-teachers. The love of wisdom and literature, is the technique that gets used, to introduce to young people the ideas of Friedrich Engels and Marx, at its root dramatism, or dogmatism that tears the young students into believing they have to study it further. And it is not historical while good at the same time. But if totalitarianism is the main reason for all the ventures until now summoning in reality, it makes vanish the problems. All problems have to be seen as capitalistic ventures, since it completely helps. It is certain, that they make all that euthanasia on capitalists and renters, to turn the people in their hands, to Teotihuacán. With the philosophy of these people it is uncertain, since that is their religion and it means religion of highest depth and quality to these groups, how they behave, how they keep that in secrecy. It does not mean that they are capitalists at all, but only, that they search value. If they search value, else they do not, they can manipulate logic in the same tokens. There are no cost-effective cheapenings of prices in effect by making price controls. The people react that evil to that from that onward. They blame the selfish/mean capitalist by scorn. They stay uncritisized, and make rigid rules that stay uncritisized, while mean misery to the innocent caged. They don’t want renters to live more than 70. They kill and mute them, and the global problem is not seen in economics at all, since all stays local for each place they keep making that euthanasia in. Ludwig van Mises also described in detail how capitalists have to produce the perfect product. By the right mixture, exact addition of ingredients, that has no leftovers, that seem unqualitative, someone can indeed set free effects or even special phenomenons unknown that are unknown or even special, in liquids, and even electrical fields on top of the surface of liquids, known only from thunder in atmosphere. Others extended that method, and created Aspirin.

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