Demons of the dune vs. victorianism (EN)

Throughout capitalism, there is led a filament, a red line, that you touch things only by the back of your hand, with the nails, softly and finely. You don’t want them to be damaged, forsooth. That is how it teaches to treat people too. They as individuals are not treated that way, but tortured by rules made by nowadays what was beforehands the union workers, and are now called, environmentalists. But the real problem is that they are public-goods theorists or advocates. In truth, torture is called nondiscrimination. In a democracy there remain the influences brought about from the past, from old egypt, as demons such as Asasel, that calls for another and so forth. They are additional to the mirroring from the states immigration policy, that makes nondiscrimination. Individuals are treated like (even if future - ) owners that would otherwise secure their property and discriminate sharply against public-goods theorists and other visitors. Nondiscrimination is therefore part of the mirroring and immigration policy. In schools the multitude behaves the same, manipulated by them and emulating them. The domain accessed of torture, is nondiscrimination, since everything needs to have an intro, they think, to create that universe at all. Marxism at its finest is what that is insteads. The domain, accessed is accessed by something that has to have the same quality, such as old ruins of churches, that remain as monuments of cultivatedness, where for example young people meet for dates at night. Therefore, the only thing can be nondiscrimination that comes close to that, and the only thing mirrored by that is war, which is not qualitative at all.

There is a theory set forth by the old economists that there is something lurking behind private goods and the dichotomy to public goods, which is just not true. Private goods are blamed by the people then too, and public goods via democracy advocated. And then, these demons can do what they want. Even if in torture, discrimination may happen, all of that is called nondiscrimination rather, since the victim is often wishing for discrimination not happening, and is 50% part of that cruelty program. The people don’t know that Ludwig van Mises was not belonging to the satanists. These economists that brought that about, and more, much more, are called for example “Molinari” and he is generally not advocated, but has to be accepted since he monopolized that markets have to be the root where goods are propelled to the consumer in his theory. This does not mean, that there is not a mirroring going on about nondiscrimination too, that Augustinus already talked about, and that is only because of him pinpointable to these economists, and this, before they were even born. There is rather to all of that, a lore where guitar solos can be inspirated on, that is also happening there. All that seems “great” to the multitude, the people, is only reproduced then in markets, by these things. And the simple man is not liked because of that, that can’t play that way. He would be only liked by a monarchical ruler at least. Even young women, behave sometimes like a monarchical ruler, and due to democracy, the wrong attest is made already by the way they are treated mirroring that highness. In truth, monarchical rulers were in these moments only like that, since they had to write something.

The bankers wear that masks of birds, on parties, in their castles, because of the “leninist women, that spread socialism”, class under their guise of “relativism”. Where a shop dies, another shop rises, and the old shop is remembered by the requirements that product awaited about the customers. This has a reason, because preference moved someone beforehands, to think about that product or shop even “however one wants”… It has nothing to do with thought. The old argument was for free immigration: work goes to highpaying zones and firms migrate to low paying zones. Even that has another continuation that has another hidden method, Professor Hoppe saw inside it: Input and Output. However, they are special there, and finetuned by “future input and current, output”. In my opinion it is a great mistake, that Karl Marx and his followers define industry as bound to a country: local industry. With this the problems of youth begin, where the first lie is made. That, for example reviews, can be, and other texts not, since the author is requiring that by using intellectual property law.

That, means of production, land and buildings are not together indistinguishable. Everybody owning something is much too early, even when defining it his integrity by contract is absolute human right of every human, this is even earlier and the next topic to solve is rather: the decades when these means of production are becoming ownership-ridden by marxism. They are corporativists and misuse the state as a rendering engine, to get their will done. These means of production are called more precise “factors of production”: and most conflicts that can be greater, are displayed intentionally that way, so people fear them. In truth, the problem is only, when means are translated to factors in other languages, than english sole. Moreover assumed than is assumed, moreover, and, moreover, they can control a lot exactly here, since this is where they also give loans to visionaries that want to create a firm, and the same is true for all that want to get them: their current credit can’t be made forceful. This is how actually inflation increases ownership or wellbeing: negatively, and nothing moves there, even when some may claim, it moves because it is liquid or something like that and so. It moves not a single inch, and is monolithic rather. Free trade with ownership of these things, should never be muted intentionally or unintentionally. It should be free trade to all. These visionaries should never be muted or put into a class with others, so there is no displayable “great scheme” that can be advertised to all. They should all know, that this comes at a price, very extremely high, that this comes even earlier and can be advertised as this great thing: having parts of monolithic ownership about these things by free trade, open to all, and not muted in any way.

The people hollow the house because of that. Having an individual find out the reason for all of that, is part of torturing it. There are no reasons for all of that, than that single thing. Things become egalitarian and one single thing becoming too much egalitarian is enough for people to be able, to trouble the individual. They trouble, torture, speak evil words, block the path of preference, path of live, and much more. Where they should only consider that. No matter how far-sight a man getting a lot of credit since he knows niches is, he claims there are many niches. In truth, niches are called domains. There are two domains. One is of the individual that is obsessed and can’t see anything by that definition, and the other, and these are the innocents tortured, is the domain where they have open eyes and are innocent and these are the tortured.

There is a lack of freedom. Families fear that they will be poor. All have to be poor since they believe the state, they don’t see that. Again there is monopolisation of the next lack of freedom by states coercive apparatus. “They” want to be the hapless taxpayer instead. Together with that, all is against the individual from individualism, and also philosophy, where it is the subject observing itself thereby. And everyone can do his hypnosis on the individual before that even is realized. Just like they give titles to nonexisting entities, while being an entity, or a state, that does not want to appearently, appearently - by resigning after admitting its continueing existence, resign, instead becoming here idle totally in truth), the young people believe some myths and grasp for straws. Straws that are in truth, imaginary total. They can see that things can be seen by younger ideas, such as that older people like them but young people dislike them and they don’t see that, and blame all at once. All only, since economics seems not a young science to them.

”So many people suffer this particular confusion that markets only work if they are “efficient” and work like the “perfect competition” model. Little do they know that it is the other way around: it is because the world is far from perfect that we need and benefit from markets.” Per Bylund (Austrian Economics)

Communication is key in economics. The fairness is that: if someone is not part of the discussion anymore while still agreed on dividing costs, he has to be informed if the same thing requires other costs to be added that are of the same sort. Else he pays more for the same. But this is against liberalism and freedom and should be avoided, since the person part of that, could be environmentalist and it is not fair anyway. Why should some individual, secure every inch against their involvement, to mimmick the kilowatts of each machine, since they want everything filled manually that they do, just because the books some despots are reading which they are defined by, are a gaping hole?

Buerocracy is highly inefficient there, even if insurance regularly is almost used to be a system of law, to which it could be used at least after the state vanishes. They still bring with them the inefficiency with the state existing, coming from that, that people are not part. The costs are way too high. The costs to be paid for making high ranking decisions against corruption done by an individual, are the same high (of the quantity of the word “at least” in that context). Offspring gets treated by that belief called socialistic social democracy, as a belief, very bad, very. They regularly get labeled and set on a road to believe the same, on a health-pact with the state, which is the wish of some cults or something, based on too much subjectivity existing or managers existing. Evil exists. The rate of giving everything to everyone, if it is “always”, such as is described as required by that, means, that these people don’t respect private property at all. Since you lose everything by holding that rule, or give it to others. The state regularly auctions and sells. The common good is not the theory on which that is made, even if it sounds logical at first. The theory it bases upon is that the state has to exist and set forth its useless existence. Exactly here it is required to be a warrior against others and their constant wishes that you have to make a health-pact with some group of people to propel your inner health to new levels for them, for some “future”, which is of course “socialism”. Just like they wanted to quarantanize Julian Assange, they want to do that and do it more easily thanks to secrecy, with other individuals, while he dwells in his prison cell.

The state produces nothing. It just uses the parents to put the blame on anarchists.

There is not a law to hold a law. Laws are therefore arbitrary and illegal in truth. When they say war is needed, they lie about the development place of competitionism, that is killed by what they do, even by that single concept. Preference is the closest that one can get to holding a law. It is the best choice too since it gets very personal. Depends on knowledge of course. That is why universities must be top tier. But there is an individualist carrot to that: moreover, any people that are environmentalists should not be accepted, that want to control your preference or are beginning to make rules, by acting first of all statist, with support from state, blaming someone for being a firm that can’t migrate to low-paying zones. Why are you acting else, in the market, in the economy, if there should be someone always, that changes certain things? But how can you make pupils top tier, if the place they study upon, is already top tier, and monopolized the carrot as a champion in a horse race, where the investors and observers, are not nice at all - but are despots and historicists? To reach a level uphold of seriosity freedom is needed. It can be used. But a sound economics is better with a fundament of individualism, and capitalism is even better than universities, since it beats medicine by a full replacement of staticism. The criticizers of truth and violent ppl don’t have a valid point. They are empiricists where they should first of all, recognize the reality that sound monetary theory is not a safe haven for thieves.

That is equal to trying to reach a healthy economy. It can be called communication too. Replacement of ppl is always a mode of hunting or correcting by statist critique. Either that or reaching healthy economy by reaching seriosity by freedom and crushing the ice. They don’t have a valid area and are supported by authors who keep the people in topicism, and they change the set of truth by despotism easily, such as plagiarism and a monopoly on geometry in philosophy, such as a sphere that is held by Atlas.. Which is pure satanist. The set of laws to hold a law is called a “constitution” and it is not one single country each having a different, but the state in general who has no constitution, and therefore they try to localize everything by LED zooming to local countries and what they mean. Preference is used so one bulb is blindly bought that could possibly function on one thing unknown and ghostly before the eyes, laterwhich. Unknown earlier (just like security in industry).

When the economy breaks down, someone depending on the state, breaks down much earlier than someone depending on capitalism. The latter, has still an elegant car, that he can drive, and a running firm he can return to, whereas, the first, has to do everything by manual means. Someone that has to correct what people do that are depending on the state, and gets from the state, breaks down with the economy easily and he is expected to help by the same impossible energetical means of the same kilowatts, as the machines have. This theory is true alltogether, since cars they own, still are horse power maintained, and to own a luxury car is not something else therefore, than owning horse power, and there is nothing special in style about owning a car, and changes not theory at all. But depending on the size of the building the person has to maintain, if it is big and maintained by big machines, someone breaks down easily with that. Therefore a need is created to only deliver things by at least a certain amount, not only single things, but many at multiple.

Conclusion? Communication is not equal to reaching a healthy economy. It only points to that, that it can be used as a means to an end by LED zooming or something. LED zooming is still something else, since magnitude is often critisized. Capitalism is better in the end. Because someone who wants to copy what i do, and be a follower, must be against Manichaeism, by romancing with the market, to become a dogmatist, while what i do to emulate the kilowatts of the machines, is still something different in each case. The might they get by shifting decades or other statistical constants, much finer, is greater than everyone can warn against. To be earlier than others, can be used to freeze them in time and is a great power misused by some people, where they don’t admit that even. These ppl are therefore against the firm “Braun” not only, but against all of capitalism, the whole thing at once. And many of the things they do are even if they are materialist, such as universities, or marxism itself, too close to Anatomy, and therefore is marxism too close to Anatomy and should be critisized. I have always problems with the people that i live with. It is astonishing that nobody brings up enough ghostliness, namely, which is ghostliness first and foremost, that has to be brought up, and not something else. I can’t admit that these people therefore don’t kill children, because they hate how i think about marxism. I hate the people that spread utopya exactly here, since they are all torturers and corporativist crooks.

The hegelyanists were always defined by the people, that search with knowledge but search for why they don’t know, that things should be bad. That makes them the same, as the people living before the industrial revolution, and dangerous, when they want to encapsulate by state. Nobody reads from them that they use the word “rendering” a lot. That has a reason. It is since they search for evil, they are with Engels, and only since they have knowledge, they need all of that, and hide in all of that as historicist anticapitalist scum.

They are not doctors it seems. It seems, they are from the elite sector rather. They are not as innocent since nobody exists of them that would create a firm called “Liebestraum”, since people already agreed that it is wrong and illegal to misuse that word probably (ice men). But they can be doctors and they can be state clerks that are accustomed to 5 star hotels, and high consolidation, which is hard to reach with the skills they don’t have without a state and they can be dangerous and only concerned by changing statistics. Omitting that all sounds canadian. Certainly they disavow people, that are hapless taxpayers even. They are not capitalists, then they should first and foremost, warn before their methodology, that every methodology is positivism and that they never gather as anticapitalists, but garner around people, rather. They bow down the market, so the wish of the historicists gets fulfilled, where the jobmarket anyway acts as a cushion since it started there, where they want it to continue (with slavery then unfortunately).

Since where it really came from, there has been slavery too, they want to paint that picture, with the egyptian walls and for that to reach that, that they reach the pattern with the cushion, they need to bow it down constantly, so slavery is created by them.

All people know, that there are things non-negotiatable. That is why inflation is evil - since democracy has the multitude-supporters. May they be, parents wishes towards poor youth, that is then sad, they coerce, or youngsters hungry on streets: democracy has to vanish.

All people having trouble with non-negotiatable things, are in the end patients with multiple sclerosis. Is that really a coincidence? Maybe inflation makes these things, as a constant price raising mechanism, despite the many tries to fix it while it continues?

Women, especially jewish ones, are often against big industry, since they are customers with special behavior, and they can react by sweeping the innocent individual with them by wishing bad that something happens in an evenly rotating economy.

Coming back to religion and belief: Now, all women are against an evenly rotating economy. My mother for example did not understand the levels in Banjo Kazoojee, with the animal usage, that are prime example of that. She looked at everything, but that did not refresh her views at all. Many people have the same reaction when the thing that introduces innovates by these old tricks only and they can’t critisize it and were the investors in that as a gift or something to the individual. They simply remain viewless on everything in reality too. That is why they remain viewless: they invested in it, without future profit and therefore introduction into something new that gives them new views. Evenly rotating economies are made by design, and usage of design in these decades. But game levels are not like the rat levels raised by the devil in the sewers always, when state clerks are finished with their behavior against innocent people.

”An atheist believes that a hospital should be built instead of a church. An atheist believes that a deed must be done instead of a prayer said. An atheist strives for involvement in life and not escape into death. He wants disease conquered, poverty banished, war eliminated.” Madalyn Murray O’Har

When do monopolies arise? When business men with correct thought, or thinking, start to draw from inflation. When do individualis suffer? Where Engels is believed, he is the reason where. That theory is getting hidden too by them. Luciferianists and torturers wrote that. By what mechanism? That has to be rabbatts, loan structures, and at the most highly precise, cost overtaking, which is at least against the hapless tax payer. But nobody discusses that too.

But i think, the part with the war is included without sense. Since, the prayer part is really forgotten by many, it should be magnified by LED magnifier too, and the rest should be not mixed to that importance… And now the people come with their good faith and also telling, that sanctions are not an act of war. They are, and they never stop. The innocents are on the team of the xmas decoration. People become decoration for others that want to blame the innocents for they require all to refresh their eyes. Everyone comparing collossal tables to food, lives in that past. A wonderful dress loses its quality by socializing with others by uncultivatedness, but here by objects of thought. The worst despotism hides too: critisizing politicians and then jumping individualist to religion. If things get idle, that is sad, and remains a proof of the capacity of theft going on by that and remains a store of might, just like everything against cultivatedness, and capitalism. The people are tapestry upon that history gets imprinted. That ruins everything is not the collossal shiny wooden table used only by one member of a capitalist family, in their elitarist standard home, at night. It is the people that are doing that ruin by not being able to love the next. Do you want to be an atavist?

If a table weighing 1 ton is not enough to ruin what the leninists do, why do the people not help, against that, if it is so hard to decide against that anticapitalism, and why do they prefer it then, if it is already that twist? That ruins everything that has life, is not the little statue of a bird, from brass, that stands for decision making and should teach how distancing from people and private property are in line, and in line as identity here respected…

Things follow from that in science. In a social democracy, all become philosophers of that sort: that mere observe police arbitrariness. They only observe therefore, police arbitrariness, and are driving authors around them, who are willing to speak nothing about inviting more people to create legal instability. And that is why capital accumulation is not happening in the first place. People believe, they have to make the state vanish, and take that fear to be with it, and wrap it into something else, so everyone believes, the state has to be since they wrapped that into something.

But the people don’t mean the state even if they say it or mean it. Their enforcing of that, means nothing, and they see that easily and everyone who watches them easily sees the mistake, that they mean that about something else, and not the state at all. It is exactly there where Friedrich Engels is the most dangerous as indoctrination, where security is delivered publicly by state agencies, where the cost of everything is arbitrarily shifted to private profiteering by state clerks, to innocents that can be very unlucky then.

Always then. Bettering something financially is not of the highest importance after these theorists like Engels, Molinari etc., were able to make your thinking halt or you are freshly out of a worse situation made by them being one and the same always in bettering everything economical. They don’t bolster the importance of anything, but when it is important to deliver something, they deliveer something only, since they are not clean of cults or sects, alltogether, and act always together in deliveering rather, for these people then, rather only.

The place is not important, since everything can happen in a shop. The worst is the thing you see shortly before the day begins, when a humanitarian break is done against something capitalistic, then be sure about that - that the shop loses at least one customer because of that. Many people call that clubbing or lounging since there is something evil in wishing evil for others by critisizing that it never happens. It is true. But somebody has to critisize how the state mismanages by people the events in the life of people, by making them victims of faith managed by people that read the Deuteronomicon too little. And are of course “hapless taxpayer idiots”. Those who are mismanaging and used by them, are perhaps.

The historicists are not really helpful in solving mysteries of sicknesses, that can’t be cured. It is the same, as with the term “since”, relating to reality and reasoning, and furtherance in actualy writing then.

This is a phenomenon only in capitalism - and is seen on the neighborhood only and nature, how it reacts strange, like a physical phenomenon. It is rare, but it means something wrong for the shop certain. It always happens no matter when, somewhen soon always. The people react poisonous to real truth. The communists can take everything in a blink of an eye as their own property, and they prepare that possibility or what that is really, by differentiation which is called “marxism”, against truth and just trade always, with blindness.

Since, historyans hold the key to manuscripts often, and various texts therefore, historicists simply, since the interest of the reader, if it is really a matter of truth, is to get the manuscript or various text - deter from the real problem of research at truths crossroads. Since the people that left the original manuscripts or various texts, are not the original authors - but simply people that live in our decades even, and had problems with people blocking their freedom already there, it is a blockade they do to research there.

When capitalism is not sound or free marketeer, it is bad. Women start being used in arrays, to bolden the emptiness happening, and the original meaning is lost of using them only in array, not arrays (since that is multitude, and chaos encapsulates everything). It is the greatest innovation perhaps, to say that the state is rather using people in array, with a lot of ordering, and capitalism rather in arrays, and the state is therefore full of cults and has its roots there too very boldened - just to turn things over by innovating them.

Innovating them and putting people in array and order in capitalism suddenly, is innovation and there can’t be anyone monopolizing that meaning there, against truth - while they do that constantly against individuals by attacking. Ghost itself gets summoned by summoning Friedrich Engels by using politicians, that summon him by making their evil game. It is their rule to summon Friedrich Engels by politicians in homes, and “ghost”, which does not exist in truth, hides every demonic behaviour of others. This is the level of oligarchy existing too, it exists only in that form (metaform). Laws are not about private property. A private property owner has the same problems as someone who inherits his property by his wish. He perfects the stance towards these conservatives.

Magical Aspirin (called Myshkin) was advertised in the 90s by the boom-bust phase and the socialists. Someone knowing, Aspirine it has the effect of making the imune system stronger in cold environment, had to accept, that suddenly Asprine can’t do that, even if it is not true. This is how the belief in offspring was weakened by socialists, via the 80s boom with its 90s bubble-bust, earlier to that, made only for that, to reach that against that product. It is the sad reality that capitalism has to accept, that these socialists can’t be trusted. Maps are made by marxyans, for the cost of industry. Everything, that Engels makes, is destroy hi-tech, where the boundary is, between delivery where an eclipse is closed and opened for new discoveries, and still - they advertise what they do, as discoveries. They lead astray. They need data, since it produces each and everywhere, an infinite loop, with someone managing that, at the end, to search by preferring one variable or quality. Since, it is not the individual having that preference. It is the script having that preference then. There are american who display backend engines that make cloud data management can’t do certain things, while leave that lie unsolved, while it is not true. Javascript can do these tricks, even if it is tricky a bit.

All things made by politicians for the people to control them, are in realisation at the end, only bad for the economy - since people will still act not like little mammals, in using the new techniques introduced, and will keep on acting strange to eachother. There is no sense in making things social - just so there are these easily created social-management people, that are all applying something in an environment, almost without an owner, as is always the case, and syndicalistic principles applied on something, is tested in its syndicalist quality, or heaviness, on earlier created corruption, since they change something that is hard to change in individualist spheres, against someone individual. It is better to own everything, and change nothing - that means: to have culture. To have hunters, not free thinkers.

Not really culture - but cultivatedness rather, but culture can be called that too vis-a-vis. It is better therefore - to own everything, and change nothing - so cultivatedness arises individually. Where they say it is god who creates sicknesses, outside they plan on individuals. They start pinning, not planning on individuals such as orphanic offspring outside that sphere, and call it everything they like, without real meaning - such as if - they would hold some other thing dearer than that, than cultivatedness. And then they start delivering picking in shifts of decades. People never change during millennia, as single individuals. The duration is much too high, and overthrows their preference to change something. Exclusion is really mobbing and dangerous. It returns as everything returns, if the Deuteronomicon is misused.

And this is the reason, why: products must be really good, really really good, among the best, in line, to be harmonious with the terminology of saying “someone comes to Jesus”. People often do a leap of faith already pinpointing to Jesus while wanting to say something else. These products are not made in places of uncultivatedness: only in cities, or industry. Elsewhere, they fail to summon in production and people try heavily to know eachother to optimize what they possess always, trying millions of friends, with unsoundness lurking everywhere.

The valuations changing, can alter the things in possession, with evil outcomes that are earlier not preoccupied in vision. This altering, is not absolutistic, and since that is true - it is already a domain in a market. It does not alter since someone wishes it, or as a rule. Until now, domains are used to place products and alter their life intentionally, how long they are in the mind of the people, with the consumers not really caring for that. They don’t see, that they can’t alter anything and therefore, there is a lack of innovation. A little shop does not alter domains, and people spread the evil lore about capitalism so all people think even, at christmas, that little shops use domains with the uttermost precision and quantity before everyone else does it. In truth, these shops die that have no customers. Arabs for example are very talented in using the secret of trade, in practice. Everything that is marketeering a high-profile product, that can stand on its own, is then, after it was marketeered not with due respect, before the singularity of the single existance of it, hitech. It is not high-tech since it really is that way, but that it can be high-tech of highest quality, in potentiality, is put forward by the process, and hidden again, and makes it less high-tech, hiding that quality, if not marketeered that way.

And that is how theft is created. It makes it not only less high-tech, but completely makes that quality vanish while the market runs further and the people have to find out on their own. But there can be and is a lot of effort made to hide that secret, and crime done sometimes by groups, that act for someone. They call Arabs easily terrorists but i know, that this is therefore based on a wrong economical analysis and is a seduction of other people. Sometimes when stupid things happen, even loud machines, stop to make sound in these moments. It is a strange proof of domains existing. But the state clerky are bricklayering scum, that wants to change that and monopolize there its own field of rules and laws, and ordering, made for greater freedom in holding the bayonet at gunpoint while stealing from the people for example their offspring. To me that is deception. The Arabs are not terrorists, and they are not even part of that group that uses domains as tricks, but the deception rather - hides genocides done by socialism in earlier decades of doing what they want. It is death itself that uses domains as a magical trick, in a fight against the individual, and the innocents, and everyone is in the same situation, against unsoundness economical and deceptions made by the state. It is death itself acting strange. Many young people believe that is a good theory, since they never hear it often. But even compared to the Exodus, it is old primitive thing. Death is not strange, but twinfold.

Scholars get included into old latinic schools by consumers that have them as offspring, and their decisionmakers at home of this offspring, that everything has to end there, since economical all is sound - to the contrary yet. No matter if they think it is to the contrary or not, it is the same effect - and soundness therefore is not enough at all to claim, it exists in that field. Something has to be done to correct that, since they try to sanitize lives by that for people without financial freedom.

Everything after that plan can be said but not Ludwig van Mises’ theory advanced.

For example:

Rational thinking animals - people - make changes of decision that are changes in valuation, that are not even known to them at first, but still they happen - and they change what they possess or not. This is why it is stupid to cut down their freedom. To cut down financial freedom for an individual, that has to then constantly admit in moral relativism is simply something the society, that are people mostly in groups, does not even try to help out of. So much for that threshold, the people were brought unto by all of that. The only possibility to get out of moral relativism for that individual is to participate in the market with freefloating values, that are replacing that inside domain of the individual, with real economical thought and gameplay. But to actually make people participate in that market, it must be a free market and for that, unsoundness has to vanish, that poisons the freedom in that market. They think they can participate earlier in that, and have to admit that the economists they trust, know nothing. The proletariate thinks it has to advance some metathing, such as a ghost moving. They not only are idiots perhaps, but in truth, people know nothing, and they too. And they don’t advance that they know nothing in that.

That is still while they can utter changes in the life of the individual. It is criminal to cut down its financial freedom - since the next mistake happening there, are the authors - in that chain - and they are only 1% of the misesian school, and are not trustworthy. They have as their followers, cults, sects, and historicists of all sort, that only wait to manipulate everything in unsoundness, as long as there is access to services of the state. While these effects of banking play their game, they get always their wish completely fulfilled as rational thinking animals - but against the individual they think they are helping. This is called sodomy in the end and leads them only into more regression. While they want to sanitize everything about the individual, they don’t know that the individual is already concerned by that in its artifact-attain-reality and make desanitisation instead, to which socialism belongs too, or leninism. Evil never admits, that the things, that it does, are all hidden and that the state is always misused as a producer of ungoods, that appearently should compete fullfletch with the happiness of industrial puppets. In modern centuries, the people that have NWO firms, are in Tunesia forever. Where are these people, if not there, and their firms, total balderdash, not proving to be useful in modern decades, where they would be else at home? And the state? It even proves as a generator of it. They are with Friedrich Engels exactly in that. Look, how they destroy fantasy.

They told the people from the 80s bubble-bust, that were randomized winners of a map of luck in a market claimed to be free by all, with a grasping government, that their firms are inhuman, and dangerous, and then government gave them sums and started wars by the US empire. In truth, their firms are not dangerous at all, but useless, because they did not develop them further where the trend against human action proved to be best suited by wars made by a state, that gave them sums, with which they vanished in Tunesia, leaving the people that.

It is urgent to help there by admitting, that the problem lies in economic soundness that is not enough developed in the market. Instead what happens:

The support-domain has been submerged into another domain, that is the same within with little value, like the products that the support domain was supposed, to replace to profit there. In capitalism, there are no surprises, such as known from “mobbing”… In a domain with inflation going on, all domains can be submerged under it, and that domain is a domain of historicism. Offspring makes suicide, so it waits for values to emerge afresh - with inflation going on. That is really the problem why that happens, and firms die too. Instead what happens:

Historicists, in truth the people other important books would call “baal servants”, are depicting the life after a capitalistic family has died because of the banks - and writes their life story where in truth, the about page should have fresh information without death. Instead what happens:

If someone goes to heaven, since he passed away, he remains displayed by capitalism as a product of some sort, not really as a name or as a sad story even. Transformed to a product, with people poisoning it (capitalism; they poison capitalism). In Japan there is no violence towards women or men or boys. They have something different that is replacing that, which is called “socialism”; and is equally evil against individuals.

The dinner table is constantly endangered in our hemisphere. It should be there, where things should be harmonious. In Japan, that is not the case, since youth leaves home for capitalistic ventures each day somewhere, that are replacing that still. There can be only one reason why it is that way: it became a model hovering in midair, and the dinner table itself, became absolutistically ruled by someone, since it is not at display of such, in other cases, but the same source applies of logic or view.

A capitalist view. These thoughts don’t help when the state puts you in its environments as an individual. All you feel is coercion and total negligence of will or power to decide even over simplest things. Things unthinkable to individuals used to be put in culture. The problems are not corrected by that, and the people still inherit the intention to leave the individual as a model of Engels, in a lonely forest, as a final outcry against logic and peace. The problem is the submerging of the support domain as a metaphysical talking point of discussion, while it is already existing in truth, and was already created to be “support” in companies. Since, there has to be someone to be blamed, for reality not working. The state with its final logic has to vanish. They can say the problem is war, but the companies replaced actually the empty space these products should be used for in to profit, by profit to in for or something - by support itself rather as a domain. Now they profit by support centers. The people despise Mises, and the order how things are behaving is so: the ignoramusses desire pain (they should try sour fruits such as kiwi), while others display the people as ignoramusses, against the constitution, and everywhere you go, you visit a Menger cube. What is it, that socialism really expects from the person, really thinking about being a good socialist and wanting to join socialism? At first, it ignores the individual - since it is impossible to construct a sentence expecting from the object without the subject missing.

Being a true rebel is more important than it was before the state expanded during inflation. It is not important as a factor to retell information during writing it, but it is rebellion, true rebel, that is important in these decades and there is no change in sight.

The economy is severely damaged and rebellion is Hochzeit of deepest romance for all people that fell in love, and means the same, as it, and is rebellion too that should be seen important as something to execute. Nonrebellion is what they hate, even if they say otherwise. In truth it is so. Because they hate reemerging that follows from that, in their opinion, but in truth, re-emerging is very carefully made by planning. Be very careful about these planners.

It is better when the rebellion is in the hands of the individual, than in the hands of satanists, statists, or other scum, that gets triggered by the state to do it, against peace and integrity, and if it is therefore, without the state as a leader. The state is not without these things and torture is actually executed by these groups of people triggered by it and socialism too and other things of that sort that triggers these groups always at first, that are already fallen into the wrong hands of control side. So no matter where you go as a consumer - do a rebellion since the prices can’t be so high that you can’t pay it. Do a rebellion against some other agency - if you think the prices should be paid because of fairness to the producer of the product or do a general rebellion.

To harness some things should be already everywhere possible thanks to capitalism. There should be not so much power to harness granted to other people than those, that actually teach harnessing of power in an innocent way for capitalists, and not other reasons searched. But this is where the mistake lays, in too little freedom. That the wrong people - harness power - that precisely are those, that limit that freedom then further while the setting is already bad in general for these people because the situation in truth should be inverted there.

The people with Engels are not innocent. They are what they are from a procedural setting that can be misused and is constantly misused for creating viruses or something like that, which they always create as people with Engels. It is that way - not holy at all. All of that is already yet, against the hapless tax payer, and therefore, against immigration too. The managers of that logic are not hapless tax payers. The monsters able of upon torturing people, they can be with that, since they are politicians, very evil. People need less, yes. People need more, yes. They need both relative to the current situation they are in. They need less because they are not gods, and have to save and get the exact things available that are good for them at that instant. But they need them too at that instant that perfect and cultivated. They need more in that way.

And since my site is generally written german, here a foreign text:

“Wer diese meine Abhandlung über die Dreieinigkeit lesen will, soll zuerst wissen, daß meine Feder wachsam sich gegen die Verdrehungskünste jener wendet, welche es verschmähen, vom Glauben auszugehen, und so durch ihr vorwitziges und verkehrtes Verlangen nach Verstehen in Irrtum fallen.” Aurelius Augustinus

And, since live is eternal, here i have to write further. The english version of the fifteen books with the first book starts so however and shows against whom exactly it is written, by counting the three emulgations they use in their extreme love of reason: “Chapter 1.—This Work is Written Against Those Who Sophistically Assail the Faith of the Trinity, Through Misuse of Reason. They Who Dispute Concerning God Err from a Threefold Cause. Holy Scripture, Removing What is False, Leads Us on by Degrees to Things Divine. What True Immortality is. We are Nourished by Faith, that We May Be Enabled to Apprehend Things Divine.”

Therefore, people need more always. They need less only, of the sort if it is propelled by some mechanism. And they need more of that, which is consumed by them, not propelled by them only. They have to own the means that allow them to change that or add to that (“that”, can be understood as precluding perhaps “on the fly”). Nobody shall ever arise to debate that. Not only since that is not leadership of priest, or extremism, but since that is not something a consumer shall do in a church or elsewhere then too, especially. That would make him a populist and a young follower of Hegels, who was the inspirator of the prime architect of the KZs in WW2. Very wrong, indeed… The people should rather to that, find ratherly out, how to tap into domains of the market, or go to hell instantly.

People need more of that which they prefer, and less of that, since they are not gods, of what they utilise for toil. But they don’t need anyone deciding that for them. They don’t need the anonymity that comes with that. They don’t need to be delivered on a silver tablet as victims of murder.

The marxyans should not claim that capitalism is bad, because the people are bad or the market, since people are raised to be that by state schools. On that it is visible where and why they do that disastrous thinking. They don’t teach that to youth anywhere. Their overt operation has to end. Over those that still are not critisized by that, that capitalism only produces either torturers, or antichrists, and the former seem good because capitalism is idle there because of support domain submerged into that creative sector…

Don’t be stupid idiot: armed to the teeth and yet nationality-dependent: it is rather, that the latter seem good because of that, and truth can’t be shaked by ignorance there if it is exposed like that. It is state schools that produce these “still good persons” and the state when it introduces more addon to that submerged domain later. Are the armies promises, not only explanations and the people downgraded to expectations systematically? Are your promises you do to all people of certain nationality, not only for certain people? Why are you then still doing human action, when you see that clear?

Do you want to know how the economy feels?

It’s clear, that these people that make our currency, don’t know anything about economics. The values they produce, are all not the value with the currency at the end, and the only people who know anything about it, are doctors, they listen to them who make the currency. The socialists offer you something new, and then with the state you have to know, and they know, - it is for the price of restarting what you have made working already, and overtaking it at the utter most. It is a tacticism to provoke the person. It is imminent.

The innocent, all talk about demons being all together and seeing that as the root, of it all, and they who use that to go even further, attack them constantly, and without remorse in their innocence or “capitalistic” meagre, that only capitalism can bring about. You have not a heart, to claim, despite being menaces against owning gold, the old egyptian god already meaning “the heart”, something shall be imminent. In the Toth Tehuthi wall in the Ramesseum, are reptiles if you rotate it, overlaying the layers as duplicates, in monk dress. Nobody has admitted until now, that birds look like them too if they have monk dress, and the big figure acting as the root, is a bird too.

Their followers, in case of the people that make our currency, all fail to be thankful to the treasury, and then they feel, they have to get back on the train, they were ready to jump onto, and while they do that trick, they invest in costly procedural tricks, against everyone. You have no right writing historicism.

Corporativists are always defined as the people, that leave after doing something somewhere where everything is traditional, without any comment and in suit. Everyone can be them when he does not critisize chronologically correct, the decade while being finished like that. Before this decade started, there were corporativistic effects, that were used to underpin people in their communication, with no appearent reason. Later they somehow managed to advance in that field, and it can still be only called history. Let alone the followers, those of the demonized innocent, they have no followers at all i think. There is an advantage that can’t be talked about that capitalism advances towards. It can’t be defined, by anyone, and should not too. It is a holy grail of theory. Hoppe is right about historicists? When?

All was in truth only an effect, made by values in the market, if innocents got tortured, as was thinkable by anyone possessing logic too. The loss coming from the feeling remaining that it were persons doing that crime, was never repaid by anyone in that economy. The failure of the state is herein, that this is a domain where you have to call it croniness, and they shouldn’t do anything in that, fearing corruption too, with focussed eyes against buerocracy rather. Instead, it is the other way with them. Real mathematics is not about all of that. It is for young people, that want to learn it. It seems the first thing they tried to monopolize and they were not really successfull with being able to display it as something good, since there was no good in that rebirth into dumb. A trade deficit of 3 Trillion Dollars is worth to them like 20 $ and the explanation, even if only in the US the deficit, everywhere else even greater than that together, that there were a lot of socialists spawning where nobody really cared about it, taking the topic up. These people become torturers, because they give them a gun that they have to hold to their head, like Hitler did, and they point with other guns on them, and coerce them to say “i will kill that person XYZ”. This is how people act against Mises.

The market has moments where they are ineffective, and they are not exactly of the mythical or mystical sort. They are based on that which is evil. And they can be part of a product, but in the end it stays ineffective, and the domains that are inspired on that, are ineffective. For example: a dragon is much more precise because it pinpoints to reality, than a passing in the sky, F-50 jet, in evening sky and nobody can do anything with it. These worlds created on that foundation, even when only in capitalism possible, are not leading to anything. That does not mean, that they are on the fly, already against reason. You are at fault, if you have enough might accepted for yourself, and then even proclaim your elongating of the mace-sort of text is not the failure. Torturers are all luciferianists, belong to them too. It is sad, that nobody talks about these worlds created by capitalism only, that companies choose if they have a lot of profit and it is unimportant for them therefore, to only make profitable things, since that is sad.

Companies don’t make that anymore. That was a time when they made this and used this, that is atleast a decade old. Do something. That’s why you follow your own preference. They want to define things by their own standard, in their own special capacity, with a global standard. This teaches, since it is warming you up automatically, that all rules made by men, are part of luciferianism. As long as companies are making this, it is good, but they can be without guidance too, not knowing, if centralisation or decentralisation is the current trend. Hoppe and i would prefer decentralisation, since the things made in Mises’ wish are long since not possible anymore. But Hoppe is not enough. It has to be “Professor Hoppe”, instead all of this. This teaches contrary to that evil thing, a lot of more things, that are important there. More people should read about the origin of Chiliasm in Ludwig van Mises’ book “Socialism”, so they can help those who fall into the traps, made by conservatism, since they often don’t survive these attacks against integrity and life. It is the girl that is important that you meet in the market, or also in private life. The other things can be traditional and known/idiomatic. Especially with marxyans being against bourgeoise, that is against individualism.

But even if other things don’t hold true, the important things are not subjects or objects. Grammatics can be very akin to philosophy, in that it makes here a lot of mistakes in teaching that as a theory. There are a lot of esoteric marketers that are that only because of nondefault shipping procedures. Everything becomes esoteric and evil even about these procedures, and the alienation to that as a quality or quantity, is against philosophy and the market. The people creating that alienation, are not too late with helping in saving someone or being a good consumer, like the state is always, one day too late - they claim, there is this tradition important especially when you work for technology companies. Everything that is human, that is not a puppet, likes to act economically (calculate with eachother in a market). These differencies if something is that or that, are distinguishable inside the church, by its theory about how things behave. With puppets, there is no help - no action and therefore no reconciliation or optimisation of anything. And social democracy does not help with that, trying to optimise it. Things are even so sinister, that they abandon the means of production and they become public property. The same holds true for torture. There has to be no torture, because everything can be found out, how it was interacting in the market, by going back in terms of theory, things how are categorised. They make ppl poor, so they don’t feel what the sum of all the products for consumers is about: purely against the state. Because they want to hide where pain is happening to individuals, where the places are exactly from others eyes. Poverty does not give that insight, namely. The individual is much too soft, to not be damaged completely, despite thinking different by any others, and even itself after it had to accept it does not intervene with others wishes, that coerce it almost. But the original preference was against being damaged completely. The state even makes this damage by default, trying to make things better. They get not better: even the slightest soft action in determinism, can damage a soft person completely, after living through certain things in the economy. Soft things such as, saving while purchasing. The sum of all products is the factory that they are produced by. Factory is part of human action.

Private property enables automatical sorting of things. It has so much strength, that it can filter automatical and no work has to be done, anything existing that is called “belonging”: these words are called not without purpose that way. Better than even searching for faults of someone by analysing prices of certain things, in current places, the private property allows by its strength for these things to not happen in the first place and always there were people, groups of people, who corrupted words by reality. Reality: When the state does things by way of certain things, he can’t make truth vanish, that the people doing things by way of swiping certain things away, are always the same, that do it by that way, and that then use the state to hide their traces then too. Tragedy: They are ugly deeds. Else they would not belittle others, to call these ugly deeds by others “traces”, then too. Nothing should be added to that, despite that Professor Hoppe calls them part of the welfare state “servants” that get their pay from that egalitarian tragedy. When children are born, they are up to 80% similar to their parents, and the rest of 20% is their individuality coming from god. Suddenly after one year of live, something changes that similarity to 0%, and that is by socialism, suddenly. It has this negative effect. The people advertising socialism want it to be realised monolithical, while in truth, it was never realized yet successfully. They are evil dirty tricks, and evil effects, that are an intermixture rather, of murder and corruption, coming from multiple sources. The people try to fight these effects and called them later too, “marxism”. But this is evil therefore, as a concept then, it seems, at least more like a plague. They try to create harmony and wish the evil away by peaceful things such as preference, or at later stage, coercion. It is always the individual who gets the blame, while these groups change and stay in existence vanishing and then reappearing again as enemies of truth and economic wisdom or truth, or good teaching or good schools. Any topic the church makes, and it makes them a lot, that is made, is not enough, to make up for the mistake, of anything being not good enough when these people, scientists, that measure level of thunder, come, and try to erode freedoms away. Some people maybe keep that as an experiment, but i found out, that the way things in the economy are, they are much more than a young girl could take, without making suicide in some situations, even if it stays always a mystery, if the limit is reached there. Parents are allowed by social democracy, to set things via a political meaning and then by determinism, and let everyone follow this determinism, even when they want to change, believes in indeterminism, since not everything can be managed by other people.

This determinism is not allowed to be questioned, even when it is the problem, by others, that of course have a more the less negative impact then, because the political meaning is used by politicians already, that fight to set that determinism by interventionism for example.

There are two things here: interventionism, together with corporativism. Nobody can tell me, that they are creating wellbeing for others, even the individual, and that they are not the reason or even mechanics why torture exists, together with the state. People, parents too, pick that minor meaning somewhere along the way, a way that hides of course a lot, since it is not really a way, but rather, it was a decision they made to get the state to help in some financial things back then and the places they were sent to, had that.

They picked that minor up, and made from it something major. Things that are of course decided rater by these people, that are historicists, and can actually change there something, which they always do, against the individual too. To be with the state, actually here, is to give up, as a human, and allow others, to create death rituals with the own self, and be a puppet in their hands, for rituals and other things. There are no other outcomes to that.

People do that for currency because they are hidden in a social democracy, or politicians that can be muted soon by media when the people they work for, wish that. The individual can’t mute these things on its own, if they are made running, and is demonized by these things. Inside the bitterness of the soul they come with that. Then it is ok, because these concepts do not really exist. But economical speaking, so to speak, nothing is made by that normal, and there is a host of sinners, misusing that setting, and they don’t see anything there too. The state running things is a lie.

This host of sinners are called state clerks, and everybody knows who they are, when they work and do their thing. Everybody even “know” who they are, by coercion, and much more. How fast was even despotism constructed there from that? Lightning fast. They are warming up during that thing. They do something evil, since that is called either a death ritual, or foreign god worship, that they therefore make, and warm up during that period against the individual, always. This should be made illegal, not other things. Everybody “know who they are” even by decision, they can make. All of this is made to hide there traces for something that has no fundament at all and when that warming up is illegal, other laws should be made illegal then too, since it follows from that, that it needs nothing. The people that work for them, paint with a idealised double pendulum, always a trajectory, and they mean your life with that, that you have to wait always for it, to meet the center: a concept from determinism, old as 9000 years already. You have always to snatch from the monopolist the things it steals that are belonging to culture, as a meaning of life, and fulfillment, to be better than them. But sometimes they use the trick of historicism, so the things are not even available, and only metadata is available.

Nothing is available, then the state is not anymore a lie, but very real. In capitalism, morbidity is materialism. To have zero tolerance to these things is normal. The problem is, when people get it and there is still something running against the individual that then is made by coercion and that zero tolerance is not accepted as something good to accept in a group.

They always get you into the mode of theoretising about this, and while that thinking is happening, they test for your obedience to rules of harmony. Especially in torture that obedience is always awaited by the others, or in other violence they make against the individual. To have zero tolerance to these things is not normal, and therefore used by the others normally, but it is needed, and it is needed only from the individual, not from others, such as, them. If they accept it as needed and apply it, it can mean something else, and that is historicism. The historicists only wait for that, that they can put their dirty fingers on capitalism, by misusing individualism. Others get more practical and do it with actual persons or other subjects they make objects, of misuse. Each single attempt of others, to get you in line with their conduct, is opening illegal doors to be controlled by concepts, such as from determinism, the double pendulum, or other artifacts made by other mechanisms. They are dots in history. Having concurrent actions is enough. All of that has that sum: it is against being chosen. But they are still deciding there what you can buy? Shops were not created from other fundamental truth. There is not a single shop existing from 19th century. The FED follows the stance of those, who are zionists and against life, and against Israel, and for war. They are deciding that infinite war, and it never ends because these people it listens to, are philosophs, and bought under their own meaning, and utility. People can be from model agencies, and gather around a fashion designer, who is very well known. It is therefore criminal, to be against private property, like the socialists, or like socialism advertises. They understand it, yet they never try to admit it. They misuse it. Groups can do occult magic with amulets, where they make the whole life of a person and all evil that happens to it, manifest inside that amulet. And the innocent person can’t even become a manager of that, since communicating it means losing dignity, and that is something that they want. Even heavy metal music that is top notch can be much better. They have not enough investment and make a fast product in music, and get violent in voice as singers since they can’t change it. But theoretically, they could sing that way and still make that better product.

Moreso, because all can be misused at once by them globally concerning an individual, it is important, for a sound economy to exist. Since you don’t have to mention it, because the problem seems more deep than economics can be ascribed to solve and you acknowledge that globally as a problem by that. If individuals are trapped like that, moreover, it is important for a sound economy to exist. But communists exist exactly of that.

Drug abuse is that way, that these groups of people that do this dark occult magic, get the might by it, and get into positions via it, of authorities, and of administrations by the state. It completely hides what they do, when the state is mentioned, strangely. These groups of people are called leninists, and they don’t let you alive, when you know it and before you can write other things. They prefer to furtherly use the others and the state gives them that might, unduly. That is why they get cloaked in a double way even to that. Private property was developed in old egypt, and it was only for the pharaon, sole. Only he could do something with it and own it and display or teach to others, that he and only he can, no other man, and this was teached too, later through the decades or more. The state goes more deeply in these days, than the pharaons would allow to ever happen, into private they want to label, while nobody knows from start, all is viewable more into past, than the sandbox of early days of life, for play. The state goes earlier than that into life. The days are always more progressive, than that decades, not because there exists no function, that is in physics, that counts them into one set, via waiting for decades to pass, but nobody has the might to amalgamate them, from the future, living here together with others. All currency is like this in that. In old egypt one decade was one week long, and that is how fast spending is made until now too, with the currency managed inclusively. In truth these philosophs are therefore, bought under their own nearing rather, than “meaning”. The people critisizing that you have a glass of wine, they don’t admit exactly here. It is Ben Bernanke who brought that up against Mises. That is how the FED takes away your freedoms. Because the people don’t admit that mere against van Mises. The state subventionizes the monsters who cripple womens sex organs in Egypt and elsewhere too. Their criminality comes back as sarcasm that gives way by an emulation of freedom for others, to statism and torture, including belief in black US presidencies, and social services. There act never more than two monsters at multiple.

”Have a good glass of wine” say these people that give you nothing and where they offer it, they are subventionized for the price of innocents really tortured somewhere. To the group of historicists, belong the aesthetics, who speak softly about torture in golden words. These people simply, it seems to everyone of them, are not criminals, but they are good, even if they can’t prove it and proof is not even found in places, they assume. They make everything so Babylon does not seem dangerous or something. It is dangerous.. The monopolists meet and agree in corporativism, that one is better than the other. This is how they make profits appearently. In a free market, there are no relations between businessmen, no trade, if one party does not profit by the trade. Only mutual profit is accepted. With Engels, and hegelyan almost or complete. They are not entrepreneurs, and because they are against entrepreneurship, all shops must close for them, so they can write more dark occult magic initiations, that btw. are all exposing the jews unduly, as root of their teachings. They display christianity faulty in its moral concept, because it displays morals globally at work. What is more true than that, that this is the reason why people get tortured innocently? It even is the description and entrance to it, but all written at the level of Mises. The teachings of the Qabbalah is meant by that. They teach that Lucifer and Lillith are in another domain, Thor and Hapocrates or something in these lectures at the level of van Mises, or almost at his levels… This is why Professor Mises was against Keynesianism. They are very uncorrect, mentioning that domain of other version, or other stage, or layer, as only existing by the name of Qabbalah in another locale, where it has a different spelling too, and connecting the importance of the concept of will, to free your mind of torture.

Imagine the corporativism spawning from the realisation, that luciferianists are the people that compete with van Mises in writing, and summoning logic or conclusions from that, to create a surprise, that they therefore print van Mises’ books with errors in the print shops? Citizens think it is correct to call some innocent a terrorist: they do that not thinking about society and the downfall of culture going on where they stand, since they are splitted by the missing knowledge from the missing correction of the way historicist things get labeled. After that, the word of a single monopolist in another industry, is worth not a single penny. They should know that they are all thewhile competing against preference, since if my preference are castles, they should look at them and watch who lives there. The doctrinaires are all leninists, and they tell the youth, introveigned by a slowly dawning vision of a in reality, really slowly warming up market, their indoctrinations, and make them torturers easily, by modern visions, of socialism how “it looks in the future”. About people about can’t be said a word, despites them being torturers, can only be assumed, that they need to be defeated strongly, because if they get freehand to operate, they will close each and every shop, being with Engels, as people with Engels, that they are constantly. At the evening always begins the (game) level where they start treating you like a piece of flesh, that has to get butchered. Where they send you, begins there, and the whole state is made to support them holding their criticism dear, instead of the other way. This is really evil. Everyone has the obligation to not support a downstep into barbarism when he can stop it happening. In a democracy unfortunately, moreover a social democracy, all at once, can support downgrading to this level, and then everything is hidden and can happen for them. The floor on which you have to find purity, is a realm of love, that you don’t want attacked by anyone, and it not even can be called a realm… A domain of love rather… And they don’t understand that, that coming together there, at special occasions, is villagehold.

Villagehold begins always at noon. Since that is what makes 12 o’clock happen, it is the same that makes houses stand, and people and much more, that can stand.

Without treating this as a denotation, people are like the cold rain, and everything antihuman, that has no empathy, and they stopped having it too, toward the individual, to say even at evening, to the tune of “stay home, it is stormy”. In reality, storms hide behind rain. Being on terms with other people is always false trade, that the individual did with them, and does not even happen in the worst sort of trade, that is against the interests of the individual, that had to join into doing it because there is no free market. All of that is unsound. In fact, Qabbalah was created in 1300, by satanists, and to understand what happens today, have the centuries and then from them, interpolated the decades, be understood, to get a date from that. To give the thing meaning, contemporary songs need to be used. In fact, that is what proves, this the state comes from dungeons rather, than heavenly places and the people always because of that, to hide that, were against anarchists, or people playing songs very good on the violine or something, like back then.

It is not only to give the thing meaning, but to actually get a date by that using that sole, since what you get as dates from history then, is pure historicism that proves, that these people do all only for war, and hide it because of that, that they are satanists there. They are state clerks, since the normal people, the conventional folk, are the ones, playing that game with blaming the musicians for helping getting the dates by being constant in what they did against historicism. In church music, there is nothing possible to be excepted, yet it does not mean, rather to the contrary of opinion (opinions rather, since they are “Manyness”), that creativity is kept down under by this. That means rather, that many things get hidden under its umbrellyx. Amplify as “all”, all things in reverb. But i think, these people playing that game, they mix on purpose the sense here, by defining strict difference between exceptions and excerpts, which gets hidden very well behind the veil of ignorance. Then, they can amplify all. A fresh new hunt begins by that, like was presupposed to happen by the game levels existing.

The upkeeping of the personal rememberance of preference, is upkeeping always attacked by the other people, because it is reminding the other people unknown, of what happened to the beheaded martyrs. They are upkeeping against preference, and don’t admit it even once. Everybody knows, that it is “their loss”… Their loss - is a very capitalistic and very rationalistic logical term… They bankers know, that fully extend this lie, is to be dependent on what they think or say. Others exist, that have other thoughts, and should not do that. The socialists don’t understand that, that their “trials” lead always to enslavement of the individual they mean. They don’t know, that their directors hate preference, because it teaches, a given set of choice available, against any evil, to answer in a logical way. In a church hall, a monster stands, an end boss - and you simply answer “my preference is this and that today”, and it can’t answer and vanishes, or the evil vanishes. Of course, this is the standard reaction of women, and they hate it likewise, that they can do that. Socialism hates women, children, and logic. The enslavement they lead into by their ideals, they create blind as an endresult, is against the choice that gentlemen receive, when they don’t live in a holy way. Other gentlemen, have to have this instead, after them. But that thing they display as a monster - is depending on that: capitalism is the belief, that there is no messiah. It could be depending also, furtherly, on the observer, that has not enough tolerance and discriminates too much someone innocent, if that is really a monster, and not for example an innocent angel called “capitalism”, that stands there, to communicate, that it is “hurt” by the socialists, and ingredients available won’t help, since the product in the end, is part of capitalism too.

If you go into a church, and go out of it, and go in again, and out again, this is a rotation, and how would it be possible for others to be able to claim, that you are the one twisted by it? There is no rotation. Cartels mix with that rotation in capitalism, and leninism too. In the end, always a person stands, there, that you can speak with, and this is not only in churches this, but everywhere. Everywhere at the end, a person is seen. Always there is to the end boss, a protagonism, that is “antonymic” to the other, and it is not anatomic…

The state wants to seem nice to others, because he wants to be seen not by the corrupt present, as a corrupt government, yet by his past, to remember “history” by it, and to give might to the countless historicists. The laws of the state are not coherent with the laws in the holy bible. To block someone from playing a “brutal” game, can coerce him to stand before the gates of Jericho, which is a trick the state misuses, and it is illegal to stand behind it. Later, it multiplies the evil. They think, to do a definition of “nothin”, the same, they make in economics at the end as a sum to the people that are not them. You don’t write that. You write the state does torture and observation. The other things are not important. It is not “nobody” who makes that. If you don’t write that and write “the state does not torture, neither observe”; who does these things then, firms, brotherhoods? Rather not. This is called corruption in government. They make two roads, and then say “because we torture, we have to do observation per default”. “Because we observe, and are alphabet agencies, we have to have a reason to exist and therefore we need to also observe, so the whole state, which is not us btw., btw., does give us freehand to operate”, is what they use as utilitarianists, to operate. Policing, coercing, and equalizing people at the lowest level, while making think, there is a higher end to that, with shiny things standing. The state is a corrupt bastard called “Nebukadnezzar”. Without limits, they experiment on squirrels, and on high-end bunnies (humans). They even by that description get away with crimes. Because: what they do, observing, is like standing at the line in McDonalds, with terrorists or not? It is like standing at the line there. Lines are ok as long as there are no foodstamps because of them. The way they exist as lines, everywhere you go to shop, even there, even imaginary only, only as a description of what they do, is wrong and a rememberance of when the jews hat do stand in line, for food in decades of war, when they had to get foodstamps and were killed. But while the people standing with you together in line, talk their things, they don’t talk about you as an individual, while they - do - talk about you, while talking and while being “somewhere”, after their friends thought it was a good idea to install somewhere sound devices. But the important thing is: you don’t have enough patience, to continue standing in line there after you hear them without end talk their stuff. You go away without the good you wanted to buy, and have to accept their existance further, as enemies of sound economics.

Their impending “good” they promise while exercising their existence, never comes. You don’t have patience, to get it. They get away without competence further, and never end their thing, for which they are paid i assume. These corrupt criminals get away. Even Assange, Snowden, and they use also co-hosts that are NSA-chosen or something, are part of them. These people are all against the agents that were still good and able to critisize torture in their agencies, and then they twisted the story. They use parabols to communicate. Would Assange be the Messias they ascribed him to be, or Snowden, both of them would know this, acting the way they acted, and looking the way they looked at the exact moments they operated, with all other things happening too. Only in a space isolated, where things are idle, other things are even completely, others should have the right to ascribe to these people normalcy and full trust. These people acted, as if they were so busy, that they are in a war or something, all “other things are ignored”. Unfortunately, these people all belong to the state, as the tacticism of the Leviathan and don’t share something true with anyone. But about Assange, i heard that he is good, and can’t really tell otherwise therefore. But nobody asks me, because nobody wants to know the truth.

Statist torturers always are on the uprise via hidden nationalism, based on socialist propaganda and they are ignorant. The problem is, statism fuels globalism, and people attacked by globalism, that were against globalism too, are back again where they began at first, with that. Bankers are not only against the good people, that don’t drink their thinking away, that see everything clear, but they are also, against people, who are normal or who drink and have economic shortfalls because of that, and moreover so even. A banker can always generalise on all. Someone thinking he is friend with a banker, he can die and the banker will say “he was like all the people belonging to this group”, and cast the history away, the man thought, was important or enigmatic to him. They can do that and they use this trick too. Leadership against the bankers, is a lofty concept, full of emptiness, and mainly held by the dark angels, the characters rather, or the creatures that are evil, from the bible. Normal people can’t hold that leadership by financial means and socialism relies on that as a trick. Blaming people to catch them for torture, is luciferianism in its fundamental form (shape is more detailled). This is not disillusional. Hoppes theory is building on top of the mistakes made by letting people stand before Jericho, which the state makes as a mistake always. Professor Hoppe. His theory is more welltempered, than statism, or anything, the state makes believe the other people, and this is the problem sometimes with luciferianism existing: it changes people by temper, to accomodate by equalisation to this standard. The true state, is not made to accomodate with its wishes, to virginity at all. Even if its real scale, globally, is only seen by this margin, it is hidden there, and not true in the end, in a technical way. The state is not cute. It begins with birth. And it vanishes for the life that was born, until this life is old enough, to be hunted by the state because it wants to reach some elitary goal, that too much remembers the state, of monarchy, or capitalism. They tell the people, that the dinosaurs will, if they believe the state, but the people who win because they use the state, in the end, are always dictators or making a war, or selling things in an unsound economy because of them. The state is alright, it the people who are not. Hidden communism in a democracy. Where everyone lives in a single iglu, there is always one, who needs to go and buy everything for all. And they do nothing and the state of course with its rules, does accept a mere iglu of it, not something more strict and ruled. Roles made by financial differences allow the people who construct things, funded earlier, to use individuals to the tune of straightforwardness, that is decided by them by using that word too “straightforward” - with everyone thinking they are not scientist. The tune of straightforwardness, is however, not soundness. It is a wholly different mode of trade and handling things, where a lot of stupid actors get authority and might, instead of the other way. On two springs must always follow a winter, before a true summer can begin. Else, the following summer, would make the universe explode or melt down, due to the additional heat from the first multiplication of spring, without the peace of winter. Nowadays, agents spend their life, torturing other people, that are innocent. This is because in central banks, that have a big corruption going on under disguise of giving premies to visitors, they visit regularly, as staff, so they can give that exact might, to their collegues. The might is transferred, which is almost absolute, and also concerns the presidency, via the buerocracy of the bank, in a way, such as, in the old egyptic pyramids, from pharaoh, to prince, to next prince, via visiting simply. By torturing innocents, they can control presidency. Presidency of any country they like, even the biggest and most commerce, such as the USA. The wearing of a suit and belonging to the same buerocratic position of agent, is enough, to make the might alter into the hands they want it to be. Allthewhile capitalism suffers strongly. The USA is the biggest issue, with its monopolies. They spread via airports, into other cities, and create criminality for cultivatedness that can see that, and discuss that also. Other people talk about them and are uncultivated. The USA are always at risk of being it rather, and that has to be admitted, that they need to hold it at that level always, so everything runs smoothly. At least it seems that way to many. Others, such as Mises, would paint a dimmer, more real picture of reality.

When they visit there, and leave, the effect is the same while the might alters into leninism unfortunately. It happens only around the central banks - while the spreading of the monopolistic areas, or zones, can happen because of skyscrapers in the other cities.

Numbers are not only able to create physical phenomenons, but they are couples with traits as a ghost as long as people rationalize them. But with conscription and equalisation that go hand in hand in sets, less rationalisation is wished by them. There are unjust people acting in monopolies, where they take some part of the product and analyze how much people use that individually, while ignoring the rest of the product. These people do not fear. The state does not want to be exposed here. The people are boastful, about what they create against people. They are proud about what they created, instead of thinking a little bit more.

Christianity in capitalism is empiricism at the higher most. It is after the trade was done, where people give you blessings, not before the trade, for which merely, economic theory is needed. Painting things black and white is wrong. White, a color advertised by mangas, that come from countries where it symbolizes death, is the color of paper - which is used to wipe away dirt on floors. Advertising this too much is wrong too. Historicists drive around with the evil socialist symbol, depending on innocents who fall into their tricks they earlier let people fall in by dualism. In truth they have the evil spirit by being socialists. Other people then can make a layout based on what they did, and repeat what they do, which is just a duplicate of them. All at once help, by being with the state, luciferianism be established constantly, since it has no other root. This is the same, as keynesianism by the way.

They trust on that, that the people think not otherwise, and when they deal in a private way, it has not this lable, such as a firm name, “HP”, and therefore, what they do, does not make sense and even if a state exists, they still act privately only and only for capital. It’s important to offend what they do, and them too, because they don’t deserve trust, neither as bankers, nor as a state, since it does not summon anywhere, and manifests not in a legal trusty company name even. They should not believe, they get trust for that. Writing is powerful. The way they operate is the same too against freedom, in this style, stopping here, in this exact domain. It is like being a rancher with unlimited might that just recently plans usingthe state for his own satisfaction. Freedom is the other side of the coin. It’s not clear in how they operate by state clerks, that they are historicists, but they are them, and nobody should be happy to live in a state, where they kill women because they have no heart and human reactions to the other gender, because they are despots that way. My stepfather was an alcoholic and they called him that way too, and later me too, but i am happy i found out, that drinking is not it, because still being that way, happens without alcohol too, and he was simply a historicist therefore. They constantly have housing and misuse. Historicists misuse the state, have own property, while the other people live in poverty and youth gets nothing, and has to cherish the state for resources, and freedom. They are the first that park tanks on their property and nobody knows why they stand there even. They are marxists. They don’t use these resources. They do that so youth gets the same blockade in the end, where freedom does not go further than that. Capitalism suffers because everywhere are hypocrates, where someone wants to defend the idea, of expo booths, where firms advertise, that could already have laser lighting and such. Capitalism could be that strange way too, but they make that impossible to reach by keynesianism.

It seems that torturers are against the fashion of Pokuttya, with its bridal robes, full of flowers, only for women. It seems buerocratic what they do and void of reasoning, full of earlier provocating by Marxists. You are not a train wraggler if you like ice confect, board games with snails from wood that make a race, river cola, or even door oiling. It is that harmony made by capitalism they try to destroy, and they try it by blocking the path of the one, trying to get there, to serve the customers so they can have that harmony too, or even the own parents can have it… The people have not without a reason created a need for all these things. They created it, so it vanishes and is replaced by real preference for example not only, but so that others that try to destroy it, vanish by it. To have that effect of competition, there has to be a lot of capital laid back, which is felt by the customers, and it has to be not a rare phenomenon too, to allow for tolerance in the market towards newcomers. Nobody has the right to tell that people are right, statists, that want rights for unions. Unions are darker than luciferianism even, since they advertise protest against belief and give might to little criminals. In a social democracy, the reason why torture happens, is, that the innocent individual, meets a lot of imbeciles, imbreds, and all get equalized. The original old imbreds are then duplicated by that, and this time they work for state and they help only the original imbreds. To have tolerance towards newcomers in case of immigrants, without the business part - that is a specialty of preference only. The problem is, that the domains of peace, where this preference comes on the table, are immigration itself, and tightly connected to it too. People leave, whereever they make economical human suffering visible, a smell of wolves always, of a wolve pack, a pack of wolves. That is with all environments so and therefore everything and no matter how far back in age, is hidden, and therefore these things can’t be accepted. Because all people are wolves, and they are a pack of them, and no matter how recent it was where they operated, it leaves a smell of wolve pack. Therefore, these people that hide these things, have an interest because appearently, they did something wrong actually, to someone. If you are as an individual bored, while others think you have to do something and don’t see that, this is called as a group, luciferianists.

People are completely lost without the number 1 in programming. There is no constant defined you can get a default on, that’s why. For that, to vanish, it is important that these people stop being against competition where it is dangerous, because it yields bad reactions. We live in decades, where the people are against differencies in competitors. They hate competition in a steady stream, feeling they can do much more, which they know, can only bring capitalism, at all. Not everyone is so elitary, that he likes to live with the elite. Numbers are not only able to create physical phenomenons, but they are traits. There are unjust people acting in monopolies, where they take some part of the product and analyze how much people use that individually, while ignoring the rest of the product.

When your parents are from another country, from the countryside, a crime that happened there, is connected by the state, therefore the state is guilty on the next crime too, because the state is rather defined by a city, than any other possible construction. The guilt goes on a different path there, and it is possible to follow others that used there a symbol or something, or believed in symbols because they were part of something that has this symbol too, exactly. This is possible with any geometry possible. There are not so innocent people, that create paths for that, to go mentally there, and they remain there, as guilty actors or not even, but a sum remains that proves, that it was not the ISIS cult in any way possible too. Instead, there are many sinners that are historicists in religion, that belong to them, and they like, the way the truth is turned this way. They don’t enjoy, the full scientific truth, that they were from the ISIS cult, and people against a seraphim (seraphim are angels). Psychology is “guilty too”. It is a far cry from “cynical”, to “cyclical”, and the state does not understand that difference there, with its anticapitalists and corporativism against innocent families.

The state with its antagonists, does not respect the individual, and it is the difference to be torn into sinful thinking or not by that, which produces always new socialists, that follow the state blind. Many things in economics are cyclical and can be inferred from egoism. In truth, and on average, by verticulation, the state with its companions, and antagonists, is the problem. The big problem. Where everyone simply looks away. Everywhere a multitude is only misused as propaganda and propaganda is the main mechanism by that they work when they manipulate managers against the individual. Later there spawns a politician that is atheistic or female even, somewhere by something that which seems to others randomness. Everywhere marxism is, it can’t last forever and that is what every female entrepreneur knows and acts against if it is not corrupt. More is not wished at all to be done by anything existing, than that marxism put outside private property where it can’t seem endangering anymore. They never verticulate something real, pertaining to optimising, and are abhandengekommen of logic. There exists no influence in capitalism. Influence is always replaced by something better and more effective, which is for example a product. Influence is only important for the people, where they are made poor by people who fail to admit everything and who are also often thinking they are really elites, even when they have already this “status”. People who write in such a way about them using the influence from etymology to cast a spell, fail to admit too everything, but with the addition of “when” it was. Tantamount is what they expect. It is what they do. And where they agree and then make something new, thinking, already having big firms, that is a good foundation to seem nice then. In truth, nothing has to be proven there, since the foundation is corrupted already from start. Even that is something different in capitalism, than with the state, for, when someone expects nothing of you, it is because he trusts you, and changed into that mode. It proves that there is nothing logical in jailing people for example and that it is ignored by youth and manipulated. They try to update that logic, and fail. They don’t fail. They actually seem more logical in that other thing then, throughout using it to jail another human. They fail miserably in being not profiteers of a silent way. This is what they should update beforehand saying anything or writing anything. And it should be done by the exact people who did not use own logic in what they do, but relied on state laws, using them against the people. Simple as that. And it should be done by the people that actually did that too, while they admit what they did too. To allow corruption of such a level, that it makes state clerks, lie against truth, and mix the boundary between psychology and law or economics, is unthinkable even to those who are able to not admit it while they are guilty of it. Cynicism is not public. All agree. All of this can not compete with freedom. Freedom is much better than all of that. Many lifes are snuffed out by the state, while all don’t see, that careers even, together with all things, begin with a journey, and it often begins already by a myth not disparaged. They say that everyone, starting his life with a myth, has to be subjected to the rules or orders they don’t like to apply, yet socialism is great, because it really applies, and they have to do nothing about it. The things created by all of that are myths too and never get new. The banks make, with the help of buerocracy which is truth-expelling, dystopian realities (exploitation) in the purse, full of emptiness and murderous nothingness, later appraised by murderous greeks, that are called “authors”. This exploitation is made real by the CIA. Every CIA agent is from Skull ‘n Bones, and the Isis cult, and the first has the meaning, of keeping people that have enough terminology learned, by self-education, into these agents, by “emulgating them by bones with the state forever”.

This bond they make, is really the mechanism by which they keep these authors forever in control and as part of the state, and why the state really can’t be dissolved just like that, because of them. The other side is the Isis cult, which is the sinful side of fleshy reality. Buerocracy often is so corrupted, which they are part of too, to a degree, of course, that the fear it transfers is the same exploitation of banking, and the occult despotism of anonymity that it makes to innocents, really is kept to magnitude by it and upheld in criminality. It is simply occult and despotic what they make as an effect of fear to families, where often families burn in fires, and their house burns, and they can’t pay for another one just because of that, and they have not real property therefore in the society. The problems of today are that in these families, and the anonymity of literature is really magnified into negativity until it is occult, by buerocracy and the state. Because of it, these families have to live through this, and then even expect more of personal terror. This is the cyclical side that still is not connected to the individual. The cynical side not connected is still the other side and still when letters arrive to an innocent living in these families, because the buerocrats want to find out an attribute easily about a person and they have it easy and compete by these evil dirty tricks therefore, like buerocracy does easily, to innocent people, then this horror is really terror they make, and therefore, the state is really a terror agency against the individual and against anarchists too. Sometimes, they find something out about an individual, fallen into debt, they like to upkeep against it. Often this is part of a bigger scheme where they later make by the historians, war so the people forget. The exploitation by these agents however, is called “torture”.

It is different to the other exploitation by being physical, where a lot of these people try to define also, that there is only one single universe existing or something like that. The person fallen into debt, they find out about the individuals in the family everything they want, by every utilitarian means available, out, with any evil dirty trick, that they use too, or misuse. Often because of that other person fallen into debt, the innocent member of the family, is defined by these bastards, as “insane”, so they have an easy attribute later. That is against Christianity.

Yet, exploitation is often the same, physical or not. Because the state always wants to urge a person, and when it has to switch the side to the definition of using “individual”, it can’t do that, because appearently, too many silent profiteering exists inside there. By urging a person, living in a family, that is still a young person - the marxists actually as a sect, steal the child from the family already by that urging, through the letters it sends, in a slow but steady process, in the end to steal its soul somewhere, recorrecting it. The leninistic spell of “doing nothing”, that democracy likes to upkeep and advertises it, is nothing more, than wishing death upon another innocent member of the family in a state-driven economy, where they know also, the “overlords”, that the state “has to exist for them”. This spell is not anticapitalistic, even when it comes easy to define it that way. Therefore, labels at all, in any universe existing, do not help anyone, and it is illegal to advertise them, no matter, by state or by any other agency having this authority. Innocent people are taught, by the individual side, which is mostly the same as defined by being Dostojewski himself as a person, since it is him only, the individual - these people are taught, a shorthand-version of the state-driven economy, that is “good”. From cyclical to “lexical” it is another step, which they advertise as a long step, but in truth, it is the shorter step, to that, which they really make, by dissolving the distance of the personal to the lexical, living appearently in this “cyclical”.

Persons don’t live in any “cyclical”, neither are they satanists nor something, anything else that likes for example to summon in something like that, unfortunately. Even then, in latter case, they want human action silenced there, that someone made it really beforehand. They want to show others, that the cynical, the personal domain they have no access to go into, is really cyclical, in a sort of “remembering the economical side of it”. Something getting a tune of it, is not something that attunes, and anarchism exists therefore against it. Thereby, they create a shift, a truly illegal looking and being too - shift - between the personal domain, and the domain they wish to exist, a proxy, by which they gain access to the individual to label it by their utilitarianists the way they rely on, really works. The state is a conglomerate consisting of social nexi that are shaped in a cyclical way, around a tree, and people are not right, not blaming the families around the FED, for existing as such a tree too, corrupting the whole state by themselves. Always the state is urging people to “still” do things. Nothing more, than what Siemens prescribed for the jews, and this everywhere, behind a silent cover with Lenin. You have exploited the people enough, now it’s your turn to admit everything and do what Hoppe instructs to do. People that in group have something to fear, they hurt the economy and then heal it again, always for their own satisfaction. It is unlikely that they need any profit. They simply do that this way. And nothing of that is about capitalism and they know that and are criminals. They do that, so other, more real (not as bitcoin, which can mean a turned off economy by turning off electricity generators for all, by will of the “overlords”) crimes, get hidden. They hurt simply the economy, and heal it again. The state clerks do what they want, inside the state. The state does what he wants. Things in the market stop being crucial, then remarkable, and then everything gets socialist. Earlier, they already attempt this and start in private. You must know, everything they have, is like is described by the documents Assange released and they have this equipment everywhere, even where normal people live, and it can come in many different shapes, as a means to secure future needs they say, or make not even seem. The people, who are a group and “to be or not to be”, are a safeguard for the real criminals, such as those who meet at Versailles, that are like the mathematicians like Leibniz, and these safeguards are always around the rich billionaires, surprisingly, and they play a game.

They are sinister. They lead astray the public there, where they should think, “torture happens” and they are mere satanist silent profiteering, and these people do nothing against them, still living in democracy, even social programs get added for “normalcy” to eclipse further. In truth, the places where all of this happens are sinister and full of unjust brutality against innocence/justice, where justice is really coerced beforehand it was corrupted and culture was broken down on purpose, so it seems “unhypocrite” to others. Torturers try to push their victims, into a domain, and domains only exist either in mathematics, or economics, and they don’t know how to choose that, but both domains are displayed as property, private property, that was stolen beforehand, and appearently has to be “awaited”. Nobody fights against torture, because even then, where they try to analyze it, they get discriminated by the interdisciplinary situation, or simply fail to admit or see it, that they gave up there, and became authors, that mere way. People can trade a single value, by alchemy, by twisting its meaning around and shaping it into a variable, or, they can use arrays, and then they even don’t need the outer architecture of categorisation, but have to rely on only logic, for which they are too lazy often.

Anyone who ever worked with special print shops, knows, that businessmen were their clients and in default print shops, the prices you pay in the end, are inverted, and make no problems. They had many problems with being torn into business, and were unable to serve individualism. Working with them was that way, the only variable that was thought of them always, while doing business with them, was, that they were not good enough in serving special demands by fidelity. In the end, this image changed about them, so they are the “victim”. In truth, the state is the real guilty behind all of that. When your parents are from another country, from the countryside, a crime that happened there, is connected by the state, therefore the state is guilty on the next crime too, because the state is rather defined by a city. The few state clerks that do these heavy crimes, they really do them against the freedom, because someone had too much freedom possible, because his skill allowed him that in composing music for example, and they don’t want others to feel there this possibility anymore. They don’t want this, because it opens a new world where all these evil creatures are too, from the bible, and they are against monarchy and such, as bible monarchy, as they think they are, as leninist. Torturers too: they try to coerce where the parents come from in an instant…

The fight of the anarchists against bankers is the same as calling it “the fight of the holy people, who die often and call themselves or even their firms brothers in arms even, against those, who are the only ones, who are alive while knowing demons such as Azazel”. It is only opinion that matters in certain fields. Such as: someones opinion is always easy to describe because it is easy like compatibility. My own preference is to put a candle into the corner of a church, and at home i duplicate that likely, thinking, this is a cool scene.

When the room is dark because it is evening or night, i would prefer other, less hellish looking scenes, and form an opinion based on that, and still keep on describing “someone”, not myself. It is hard to teach that compatibility is measured by economics that is sound, for many. Birds are likely to catch fire if they fly against a burning candle. This is why it is likely, that evil has some connection to these creatures. It just comes easy to understand it. People like to put candles everywhere. Preference is easy the same way. A wooden bridge connects two sides of a river, that beforehands had to be connected by singing of talented singers, that sang lesser-romantic songs. Still, the wooden bridge connecting two skyscrapers, is an upgrade to the bridge connecting only the river. I still describe abstract things even when opinion is a lesser concept. It still is right, to treat people that torture others, the same way, as the people do, that actually get tortured by them. And they have this exact justification inherent too, without knowing it. But if i run with that candle everywhere and connect what i see in shadows, or shapes, and only with myself, by going around with that candle, i can actually connect all these concepts by using a tool called a candle. The candle became a tool in my own bare hands and used for that was: capital-less production. Later everything written, in that way, is connected by that candle: the shadows were used as inspiration, and the places i prefered to put the candle inside. Otherwise it would be disconnected. This is why internet connections in primitive shape already existed way back then.

Everywhere you see, especially as a woman, that greenish light, even in a small saturation, i would say, keep attention to that because this is a sign, that there are historicists somewhere, and they are really dangerous, ugly and evil. It would. It really would be disconnected. Nobody hunts for ideas writing something as an author, by connecting it by a candle, and using it, to paint fun with shadows in writing later. Places where people get tortured, are places, where the cheshire cat drops the oil lamp. The places where the ruin happened, why Alice became alone and without parents, with a fantasy judged by historians everywhere, assumed by the readers. A truly revolutionary weapon in space. These places are like that biotopical byproduct i talk earlier about. Many things in these decades, are biotopical byproduct of this sort. Justice added on justice is not really torture. It is moreso, injustice added on top of injustice over and over again.. Birds are likely to catch fire if they fly into the candle. They are however very good thinkers actually, treat objects that are hostile, by attacking them and are therefore too solid, to really catch fire by a candle. Yet, because both is only soft in realisation, it yields. Leaving persons simply to resolve that or by that, is pure evil, and done by certain monks or socialist sect. Not writing more about that, is torture for people that rely on furthering of that information, because they are helpful on themself. More precise is to say: these people don’t know economics. The rooms they send people to, the environments, the future they make, all is because of that, that they don’t know that, and it gets shaped that way, against logic.

The environments they make, are shaped by the way they are, and that they don’t know anything about economics, while claiming otherwise. Only then, one can see people as an individual, if these statists, don’t succeed in silencing that truth. It is only opinion. Ludwig van Mises often writes about preference.

Preference is important because it holds all the secrets of factory against the concept of experience. Assuming someone buys for his employees many devices: it is more correct to call them “employee”, in singular, in economics, still. Mises knew this.

Assuming then, someone buys for his employee a new device. The employee is so skillfull, that he has to take care of not buying the devices too exotic, because monopolies exist, that want to outcompete him by tricks, due to his higher skill. Many people against preference, still have to agree, that there is something higher in capitalism, in economics, that has to be called by some name of a concept, that is still in the same way, exotic and easy at first, and primitive at first.

Assuming the manager buys for his employees this new device of base preference then, with which they do their work. He still cannot expect someone to lower the prices and make a better sale. Preference remains a word, and they are important, because words matter.

One of his employees has these problems with tricks in competition, that is criminal against him. Therefore the new devices for all, are much better as a choice. But the one employee cannot work with them, because his skill is much higher. Therefore, even if they are primitive. There is a concept that is at first primitive too in the same way: preference. There is no other way to call that by any other word than preference. Factories, that are of high skill, of single employees, only excellent economists advertise, such as Ludwig van Mises. In fact, capitalism is at a very low level, that can be displayed by these low-skill devices too in a social democracy. It is full of buerocracy, where it is at the default generalised or defined. Defined by buerocracy even. They began destroying it, being against the individual.

Capitalism is at hand. It is always at hand. Evil works that way: it has developed itself to outcompete the centuries where industrial revolution was not yet revolutionizing the wellbeing of individualism, by delivering capitalism at hand by sound economics. People still call many things, that are in truth, egalitarianism, communism. They assume, evil lives in primitive centuries, still as a monk, or not even as much as that, much more primitive than that even. These centuries were revolutionized by monasteries against evil. Already back then, centuries were highly developed against evil, by delivering monasteries with monks, against evil, that knew, it operates against sound theory. With the industrial revolution, revolutionizing the wellbeing of individualism, everyone was placed in modern decades. People don’t believe, that evil has even grown to live there. They called it in case of monasteries, cult worship, and in case of modern decades, corruption in corporativism, which is still wrong because corporativism should be enough for all to remember as a label. There were still many people not helping and even acting hostile against improvement of these conditions, by always making problems there, where they are hidden, where sodomy is still given freehand to operate, where it is called the realm of ideas. They did that for sodomy. This space is full of fallacies. Since it is very hard to write exactly about it, it is this way. Evil even outcompetes there, where these monasteries are. It has grown with the new things, to trick people everywhere, where their authorities even don’t assume that. Where the second unilateral nature is of the state, nobody talks about of these people, that the state fights there with ideas, since a concept of terms is not the same, as a term of concepts, and many people exist, that have there an easy field of thought against an individual. Where anarchists are, people try to fight sects, and then the people from art, tear them easily into the mode via art, of violence, while they still think, they are helpful to other creatures. Clearly, the problem, are these sects, and lack of human action in numerology. It is a lie, that these “helpful” people, choose the road of violence against humanity, without full mindfulness and open eyes, and surety against an human. They do that on purpose, and returning is hard for them, once they chose so, while being helpful, in “art”. For the sects or their members, or cults, it is easy to get the people they want, into this helpful mode, and then it is even easier, to let them decide on their own, to be violent or not against humans in the future, which happens to everyone then, since it is not inside a firm. Being against torture is not the same. It happens without oversight or diversity or the state with compulsive manners. This is the problem: being against violence includes choosing to be against it, while can’t be omitted, while against torture, it can be omitted. Yet they always cast this. They think, saying a better definition makes them not part of the violation. They do that all based on validation, by the state, the state, who undertakes and renders this violation, collecting identity by his opportunity cost.

These lifehackers are accustomed to treat women bad. When do women signal their screams? When the economy is down. When they have nothing. There are no other reasons why this happens. And these people want that to stay that way, or even worse. Where the individual only takes as an example, the first human, for example Adam, there are not anymore any conflicts, all is clear. Relationship becomes important, to the others. My assumption is, that all conflicts are created, so that is abandoned in the end, because in that suggestion, there are no conflicts, and the economy becomes clear, as an important relationship. As it is, not as they paint it. Religion is not really good in economics, because these groups of people still exist in reality, they do not summon anew or even fresh. Their life is an ellipse, and they try to eclipse. In a soundly running economy, they carry only paradox or metaphysical, where even philosophy calls them too high. Then there is the default economy, where they carry problems. In a economy of war, where it is destroyed by communism, however, they carry real things or die. The opponents of a sound economy, and freedom, ignore the default economy. They however are able as authoritarians, to render the problems of the default economy, in a way of “soundly running economy”, so as to “be able to heal them”. They do that against individuals, locally.

Most technicians fail to see, that this is the space in economics, where backups are made by users, where also keynotes or business presentations find their finale always, to sell more products in economics. This is where the state misuses it as a weapon against individuals. To this corporativist spell or effect, that some elite scholars at the higher most, developed, of the opponent side of the free market, many things belong: jailing, hostage-holding by marxism/statism, and torture in general. This is an elitary concept they think, as elitists. The only solution for capitalism, is a conjuncture, and capitalism is always at hand - to help there individuals, hunted by the state in these ways. Because they can’t change that, since the other possibility would be, the free market, and that is too farfetched. The reaction is only this by capitalism - a reaction. The reaction of the people however, and nobody thinks about that, is even much slower, or even not there at all, as if they were part of that “conjuncture”.

Buerocracy really flourishes and destroys everything capitalistic, with countless state clerks, living in wellbeing, hidden by that possibility there, where nobody critisizes that truly. Buerocracy is not only, as they make believe, paper work. It is actually the reason why persecution of Christians exists. It is a concept to catch humans and persecute them.

Evil cannot be wished away. A sound market must exist where evildoers are punished by being sent to the domains in the market, where the evil likes to be. It must be. Else the socialists will not be punished for torturing. The domains must exist where evil is key. People should not be made members of that discussion. Religion is disinformation. The torturers become part of that discussion against them and nothing is connected in these domains, and things go through easily. The church socialists simply make everyone part of it and then everything is disconnecth and meaningless against the innocent. They make topics, that are tropicism. Yet, if something is disconnecth really, it is a “bonafide-erzählung”.

They coptoloin into the future or something. Funny words are everywhere, which means, they quit waiting or something here: coptoloin. The trash i often talk about that they produce or use, is also described by the beginning in Alice in Wonderland, where Alice sleeps, and her cat sets the house on fire, making the oil lamp crush to the ground in a stable way to all. In reality, statism is evil too. Would it be good, they would use it, to police their own statism around, and control it that way, so it vanishes. On average, in tradition of Nash, is still better than “in reality”, which is a default by the “authors”, that kill the individual. They still have to admit that. In truth, on average, one agent of the state kills 1000 kids during his career, while the innocents, they torture, on average, save 5 kids during their life. This is much more, and they hate that. Would statism be something good, they would sell it. Appearently, they don’t do that, on default. And the value of teaching about it, is low enough, and they don’t admit that, that everything as a word has these values that need to be torn out of the ground. Understand: that i am not the one, selling these things, and this in different domains, and such. It is them, who try that, and who are racist. That they have no right, telling someone and mixing it or coercing to buy it, is what i mean, and that they are biologic byproduct. Do you remember things, that are evil, how they are not mixed up, and then actually automatically by the market, are corrected? What is, about the evil characters in games, that always seem to turn around (in freedom!, ahh), looking around, always to mexican melodies?

Or what is gently the people, that say in games, “f*** it” while getting a freezing cold reaction, behind the wheels of a truck? Are they treated right? What is what they want to do, with innocent people? They belong in my opinion to a more appropriate job, or marketplace. Do people really think, they will be part of what happens in Armageddon, or if so, if they are not too weak, will not only angels take part in that end game, because i think so?! How are the businessmen that make other people poor by corporativism, remain justified?

There are people who turn the knobs based on it being disinformation. They conjoin into a comforting tropicist theme or topic and dissolve truth by that antihuman act, and talk about finances to make it seem meaningful, which in truth is illegal. Because there are two modes.

Professor Hoppe attunes in that direction with his importance, by describing Alaskian bases, where people are excluded, that torture others, or seem not alright to the others: cities or bases, like on the moon, but only for Anarchism, and in places decentralised, such as Alaska. This is still not enough to describe the need for evil creatures or something like that, which is still in need of being described meaningful. Until freedom is satisfied, truth must be preciser. Many people are not calculating there enough in thought.

When someone spends his or her savings wisely, he or she can keep them evenly, in a certain unknown sum to him, that is always at life, like an equilibrium. Then: with logic and truth applied, he can get future spendings in line with returns, so the value returns again later. What happens to spring itself, if then at the next step, the state can do what he wants? It can end in unluck too, for youth, then, if spring is seen as something that has life, and individualism detaches persons? Then, “spring”, is attacked, which means: science itself. Where a big firm exists, unluck is not great enough, to not exclude it totally as a concept and don’t play this game with it. Unluck is evil and demonic even. Spending profits, is helping the demonic side, and not capitalism. It is a greater mistake, than it sounds as. In case of capitalism and entrepreneurship, luck and unluck are not opposites. Many members of this school of thought, advertising unluck, are leninists. They don’t see, that unluck always happens and individual suffering is always at an blink of an eye for the individual. And it carries with it, the forgotten value, since it was not needed back then, and therefore, things are a source of income in saving mode and work that way too, if someone wants to have it this way. The value returns because when the work expected is constant and needs to be done this way, the machine of base preference, is always resting in line, in the relay of preference. The moment it is bought, its value is “forked” from the past, as a number, which can’t vanish simply. Paintings can be alive too. The people are accustomed to stand behind paintings and look with their eyes through them, if they are made on purpose so, with two holes for the eyes. They think this is something good and society likes that, that they play this game. Later someone always arises that says “i am this profit” and “and listen to me”. No matter if it is the military, or a dictator. The people don’t see, that there exists no firm, and it is still a very big lie. They are misused by that constant and can’t see beforehand the truth. Only when someone has a firm, he learns, that spending (wages for example) can be only done from capital, not from the profits of the firm. In a democracy, no matter if a firm exists, the people are still spent from the profits, and judged based on that, unfortunately. This is a sound theory. Nobody that continues it, has the skills of Ludwig van Mises, to elaborate it further, as an economist. The people are in a constant mode of “profit” in a democracy. They are judged and held to an account on base of that, which always someone misuses then. Of course it is a thing, you spent on, like machinery, with which work is automated, and that is less in value because it belongs to the array created from the base preference only, while you still hold it dearly, because it was chosen wisely and nothing is clear. This effect is reached by creating an array of preference, for a single thing that was made years earlier for example, and where the true preference was used only marginal. Then, when it is remembered and applied in its true shape, the real value returns, and practically like so. In case of a second source of income, from savings made, he or she can do this. With mathematical skills, it is easy to have the exact value spent, return years later, that was somehow lost in the past, and never expected to return, even beforehand the thing is planned. When someone spends his or her savings wisely, he or she can keep them evenly, in a certain unknown sum to him, that is always at life, like an equilibrium. Then: with logic and truth applied, he can get future spendings in line with returns, so the value returns again later. I hate leninists, because they help the bankers. And all of these things go unmentioned or even unnoticed, not only because the people were slavery driven back then, and they are too poor for that…

People are half of the person, they are together. Are they not sometimes blamed and analyzed for the crimes of this other person? And if when, what sense does it make to torture them, and hold them, if the crime is theirs, and the deeds are full from the start completely that? If the other person made the crime, or it is possible completely, how did it happen at all, if it has to be 100% made by them, first, and they know that, in the first place, why do they not remain silent? The tortured, mostly because of the state, are defined by being innocent completely. And they never get rewards for being honorable for themselves, from the state bastard currently acting. They are chosen, as victims, by taking all people, that are very careful to strangers. There is a game concerning attention, where a 0-sum is wished by one group, and by the other, attention is generated, such as through writing about historical events by the marxists from state. This is mostly the reason, why things get further elaborated against the innocent. All is still very much in truth, living in the field of economics, while they corrupt it, by being against Professor van Mises, constant and for own profit, since nobody wants to be poor, and there is a social pressure group always demonizing the poor, by default. In truth, it is taking the bitter pill, to remain poor, and content with it. Because many people want to be rich and they base their argumentation on ethics, that completely make no sense. They think, they can live long and secure from disease, while being poor is the same. In literature this is called utopya. Nobody, except the church, analyzes these things and there were dark decades precluding the decades i live in, made by the same people too, who try to summon something against just people. Everybody who plays the 0-attention game, is automatically surrounded in live, by the Marxyans. Because of all the people living, 98% are mostly them. Anarchists are never without attention, because they observe them starting with that 0-attention sum. The Circus Maximus, the concept, St. Augustinus warned against, is full of beasts and warriors from the start, and there is always some kind of beast, that makes these special signals, “Vivaldi”-style and that in these decades, this holy father warned everyone by calling it that. Many young people get on the false track, because of these statists. It is, because they observe the “game”, thinking untransparently introvertix, and subvertix to the state, thinking, that. The marxyans don’t hide in the 0-attention-sum game, they are accustomed to think. Due to that injustice in them, the Marxists are accustomed to hold with them inherent mode of blaming the innocent people. They always blame someone before he or she makes an action, may it be for them or against Karl Marx. This is unacceptable, and yet, nothing can be made. If the crime is alone theirs, it is rather a sign of the higher corruption of the state, to further blame them. Every correct state clerk still not corrupted, would agree and no matter in which decade he lived, or century. They don’t exist anymore so often, it seems. The people chose earlier, earlier even, to the big factories, by own factory, they use every day. Nobody, and all state clerks try to force that on innocents, has the right completely, to coerce this monopolisation on individuals, no matter how high he thinks he stands. They chose the following thing: questioning nothing, answering to nobody, and thinking as an individual, as the the ultimate right before god, before anyone else, that is existing, or before every other concept existing or model for that matter. By default, and this is normal in society, the individual first has to write something that is seen negative, before a group calls it “insane”, based on own writing. But with the state, they simply call you that, without you having done anything, and before being able to react. Completely keeping their own thinking to themselves, in secret, and the reaction is not possible too, and they can do whatever they want to do, as state clerks. They drive their own brand of selectionism, it seems to me, that is inherently anti-human too, and unprofitable. Professor Hoppe was blamed that way by them. But he was in his older age, already, and he was not only 18 or 17 years old, while some of his students were, they chose, to select that way. This is a criminality of higher order, just like throwing Napalm in Saygon on innocents. But there is noone to blame there. Everyone gets automatic forgiveness, even from them. Because, there is discrete dynamics going on there, it is that way, and noone is to be found, that is really guilty in the end. It remains unacceptable. They are acting in canon for democracy. There is a discrete reason, why everyone thinks, the eternal is “holy”. It is hidden behind the 0-attention group. It is the Marxyans, who write that false lore or support it. Many follow this illusion to the bitter end. Only capitalism discloses, the meaning of “eternal”. The difference, the “ethereal”, is rather the holy thing. The eternal is rather unholy, and found rather deep down there, even when all believe different. Ethereal is better, than eternal always, and innocent, and full of truth from the very same moment of understanding. Even the ethereal can be further divided or found to be ungood. It all ends in the conclusion, that preference remains. Giving people attention is great and time, even until they monopolize the terminology completely and you can’t use it anymore. “Time and time again” is marxist. They can completely have this word belonging to them, if it comes to me. Completely. But the people calling products for young mothers or girls, a slippery slope, have definite looked at these factories too often and made themselves close to impulses. This is their might: to end conclusions, so the person writing about them, believes it. Conclusions have not to be ended. They have to be led and they lead to themselves always, because they are already the product of thought, of ends and means, of factories of the human. Thought can not lead astray. It has to lead to an end, called “conclusion”. Questions can be ends too, but they are ineffective, because they are depending on others, and they are bound to persuasion of the other side, unfortunate. The big factories are built from previous roots. A professor can’t be blamed. And to write that or realize that, even without writing that, is to feel its criminality - and therefore: socialism has to exist? People really believe that. But the people who keep backstage still know the true word meant by “ethereal”, which is “ephemereal”. With ephemereal things, the other things just keep them hidden. And the very first institution is the bank, that destroy these soft things.

They are amalgamated and conglomerated, and together completely where the state makes these rules to monopolize. They are built from socialistic means, it seems, but all land they are on, is holding together business by providing the cultural source they destroy also slowly. These buildings, are manipulated heavily by state, and they are not respectful in any way, because Big Tech is under heavy artillery because of all of this. It can’t even be discussed freely. It is under attack because they are already feministic as buildings. They are not respectful because they are not based on shifting optimisation of products that are innovated and Big Tech also leads there astray and it can’t be discussed freely, and it is heavily manipulated, while Syllicon Valley is what they crave to mirror in shape. These things can’t be discussed because of the following: keynotes are not farreaching enough, products are not human action and make that conclusion, and conglomerates. Nobody should believe, that they can’t be still discussed freely, since it is a tactic of the Marxyans. The good thing about all of this, is, that ideas can still flourish and more, much more, and even more than that. Things, that were previously thought to be unimportant in capitalism, because certain people hold there a rubikon about fantasy, or authorship or something, and so. Demand just slips away because of monopolisation. It is what they never talk about, and yet, it remains more than true, that the state holds there a great guilt indeed. Individuals have problems with mercantilism there, which is strange too. Strange things come from somewhere. The doppler effect is what drives these state industries. The people are against philosophy, that use that to get impulses. Christian Doppler seems to me, like a high-end version of Arthur Schopenhauer, and the combination is purpose in pure shape. Knowledge is a pseudo-trap misused by social science freaks.

This doppler effect is what drives these state industries. The people are against philosophy, that use that to get impulses. Christian Doppler seems to me, like a high-end version of Arthur Schopenhauer, and the combination is purpose in pure shape. This sedating effect for business seen recently, is very good actually. It is against bad decisionmaking. There are bad decisions in business too, and the shortfall of all of that is, that they get discussed more and nothing really happens because of too much sophism. Thoughts can be at moment motivating to do more in case of entrepreneurs. The thought about providing demand for consumers is solving that problem. People with Engels all fail to admit, that the solutions provided through thought are finite and don’t need further researching. Who created the state, are crippled in hell, if not these black knights, that were together? Yet the original idea was from such a brutal fat man, with black hair everywhere, and stinking. He couldn’t come up with anything better for that matter. But the consumers can’t be made up of corruption, like was the case with many elitary capitalists, where the consumers simply were consisting of invisibility and corruption therefore, and he was a kingpin basing his life on that illusion and lieing to children that the state is signifieing something. That is always against only one individual made by these monsters.

The mistake of the people with Engels is proven in their own error. If thoughts are jiggled, they have to be first neutralised when teaching some group of students. It can’t be that way, that the teacher is loaded by experimenting or other trash. Offspring is raised in single-parent family naturally. Because there is everything replaced by concepts from the outer world, since the mother is gone grocery shopping, and no father awaits her, with self-correction at work, constantly, that later is inherited by the offspring.

The acknowledgment of this fact does not suggest that victorious
wars would really do away with those evils about which the aggres- sors complain.

Mises (Human Action)

The offspring, still not a physical concepts, missing, from machines, inherites as replacement, a solid foundation of a wish for capitalism, against which, all the state clerks constantly are at work, throughout the whole existence. These people don’t advertise deeds. They advertise always a path, and the parents believe that full-throttle. They never stop acting btw., and all the other people are a constant of eternal behavior, where the father can be also either holy or not. This domain of belief, is hovering all the moment of live, constantly, awaiting them as a constant, to act against the individual invisibly and in full effectiveness. Other things don’t hover, and this is where van Mises is completely correct.. The parents one believes in, are not the real parents. They are part of religion or so. All fall into an ineffective trend, that delivers no known outcomes, and there is still an individual, innovating, without capitalism, but it is always the individual, and they like that. The state clerks all work for the socialist claim, that there is no individual, and therefore, individuals have no right to self-owning, or can’t discover things on their own, and no own fantasy, that enables them. And they try to simulate that to later have “right”. It is the opportunity, the historicists control, or like to control, by the people in a democracy. May it be your parents, that want you to go somewhere, to research this opportunity, or someone else. The opportunity is not full of wisdom or eventuality even, with exit. Chance or opportunity even. Where the individual has to take part in, and find some fulfillment of itself, where the opportunity was beforehands dimmed by multilinking, and is not anymore in a domain of freedom, additionally to where it was before, and how it was defined as opportunity there. Beforehand, before they touched this holy concept of freedom with their bare hands, and dirtified it, where it was only exclusive to the individual and for the individual, it was in a domain of freedom. Laterwhich, has two version, as a word and not everyone knows how to use it, while rather fast learning “lateral” as a term. The dragon may be good but is not. But men are not good. Women had always to persuade them of different things forever, had, to persuade them and it took forever, because they don’t believe them and continue their evil game. This is the problem with that and with economics too, forever. He is good only in that, that he knows how to misuse in a social setting, the people. Economic wealth and living standards, are not 1-to-1 mapped to creating logic in how a society needs to be. Socialism is NOT morally defensible, yet it gets always turned around as a truth from the outside domain, by the socialists, to change the environment and how it suits their dark visions. The father can be only inherited if it is a product of a firm.

Historicism is faulty, too. Freedom is not only there cut, but in school already, by the historicists, there. Remember that: historicists books are full of the “second choice terminology”, that acts as a replacement for preference. And teachers advertise as against freedom. The ring called “we”, is in truth holding the keys to the meaning behind their own faulty actions, because the etymology of fear is “we are”. And they never disclose that, while taking the preserved right, to do anything they want, that is always at error with truth and logic. Writing literature was never for freedom. Writing was always made by individuals, to strengthen and enhance or avow the limit they can go with someone and they liked to accept it as a form of slavery rather, wich is just not true in the end, and they maintain invisible things. The people are without end against chance - a word that comes from the german “gans”, meaning “geese”. The statists are conglomerated in a cartel to cut down early birds there right from the start of their live, who start their adventures thereby. Marxyans are simply not right with their good. Because you can have medicaments on your teeth too, and that is dirt on your teeth too in the end. They put the individual in this submission exactly: they let it think, that “goose” are singular, so it believes it is not “geese”. The young people get tortured mainly in christian orthodox families, because of the state. Christianity is hunted by them and they have fear and take authority for granted easily and believe everything and fear dissenting thought easy. The word “crime” comes from progressions of any kind. They are seen as handling some movement and therefore a crime is a healing word to call it so, while the true criminal is rather the one, handling it that way in his mind. The USA employs the same angry people from Rome. The planet is a bird and the people are its wings. They are enslaved wings. The birds living on this planet are a species of worms, or bacteriae, and lesser in scale to this greater creature. When someone drops out of school, they don’t call it “out ‘o school” and hang it as a firm logo or shield on top of a salloon that they call that way too. The individual they don’t blame by higher words from elite universities. These schools themselves use that low terminology. Mice living in churches, prove, because they are not living in salloons at all, that they are good. Conformity is here wrong. You can’t write “the mice living in …” The mice may be bacteria too, but they rather seem like the brain of this big bird, thinking about paths. Accordance and conformity are often muxed by socialists. Even the allisolating isle of Crusoe, does not teach about socks.

They teach about the deep importance of not using in the humanities, the example of Crusoe. Because he simply had no socks. Now, how can an individual be good to women, if he creates her surroundings, where she is going in socks, and still can’t use shoes, to secure herself from violent dirt? She simply can’t, and therefore the humanities don’t deliver the demand against torture, that economics does. This demand can’t be misused, because it is also indivisible, to use the example of Crusoe in these topics. It automatically gets summoned as a product. For the victims of course, why are they not using this example, to deliver them outcomes that help them? It can’t be misused, because it is only helping the statism. They make laws so the state runs well. The state is not a system. Other things run well based on that, such as the maximisation of the dirt on the floors of these surroundings. They fail to see, that each is different for each individual, and laws can’t be good because of that. They are not elite enough from nature, to make laws of the wisdom that can be defined under the prerogative of goodness existing, that they can manage it until someone calls it “so THAT the state runs well”. They are uneducated and void of any excellence. They can’t, too. Therefore, because there can be elitary people on the other “religious spectrum” existing, that plan there well, there is a need for the state to stop existance. Because they are the only ones acting there, and their actions are dangerous and secretive, and elitist/statist. Not existance of others, but that of itself and solely, and forevermore. It has to stop existing by this merely. The jews are not thieves. Theft is the problem because it stays undiscuss. They took a different path moreso, and ignorance likes to elaborate furthering. The lonely isle of Robinson Crusoe does not have socks, nor ports, and they also have numbers, when they are not existing: they can be inside documentations, that teach others, predefined with numbers. They don’t have to be severed from logic too in that, which disabled them. This is the problem. They do that for status: they assume capital is elastic, because everyone is rich because of religion, and there is such a thing, and then they test someone for the strength of his religion. They do that only for own status, and that of their group members. Ludwig van Mises was the best scholar of Platon.

When a daughter in where she was attacked or excluded by a group has to be hidden since she was compromised, being a corporativists daughter, hell is brought up, to make that happen really, including torture on innocents. A fathers mother dies and the sadness is still greater than the respect he thought he can give his wife. He gets into conflict with his wife often because of that and it is not true, what the keynesianists and environmentalists say, that there is something elastic, because he does not take appearently his values from the values in the economy, that are remaining to him. He takes them. And the tax he needs to pay, from that, is paid not for what his firm made in case he has one. It is paid just so, for nothing. There are people lieing that Asasel is a demon, and not an angel, and they are supporting the corporativists. It remained ok, to believe them, that Asasel is a demon, and to know, that for example Michael, is an angel. But because of banks, keynesianism and the state, people are poor at all instants just like that man, losing his mother. Only a very few select, have elitary incomes. And they never help. The full group of the people claiming corporativism is not the problem.

Hans Hoppe is not against immigration. He exposes even the state, as spreading there arguments against individuals, and that nobody tried to assume it yet beforehand. The people are cruel that are treating immigrants. Since they don’t admit or don’t assume that the state does by all of that a double shifting skewing of the natural inclination of the individual, many things get embosked, that are unindividual, for example, that there is nothing in economics defining what is “rich”, due to everything rich being automatically embossed by morbidity. The inclinations of the people acting as managers of that single person, are really blaming the person for that blurred vision they use. The violent son of a passed away woman, now brutal to his wife, takes because of the empty meaning of a brunch he remembers in identity, the worse economy has left, the values from the market. Why? Because “Jesus is the problem”, they want people to know and then to have might, to create by that a question in them such as “why?”, certain. They do that to catch offspring, like a embalming fluid.

The thieverous states answer are state borders and documents, to demonic behavior of some policemen, that they let people fall into traps such as for example made by the revelation, which are in truth also personal attacks and include the lie, that the state does not have other answers than forced exclusion, to mobbing in schools, but against the victims, not against those who do mobbing. That is all together not as a king would act. State borders and passes continue what the state contributes to that exclusion called mobbing by making the concept existant of forced exclusion and forced integration perhaps, by making the earlier good friends, turning into monsters by environmentalism, which they have to follow. Things only murderers do of offspring. And the double- shifted ambition of the individual, is very fast forgotten as concept, and as long as it lives with others together - it can be many decades at multiple, he has to do what they say, and live in that skewed world where also immigration has the same - even if not double - shift making the effect unfortunately very great against preference with predefined schemes and other traps against freedom, even if one wants the ends, to others then means seem good and they reach other ends which they don’t want unrealized unfortunately. Professor Hoppe is not completely right, that kings would always act that way, choosing someone by talent only, since they are as kings talented to make double valuations. Sometimes in history, kings acted that way only towards women, and only on special occasions, where they needed to school them. It is always possible to act by doing nothing too. But at least it is good enough as a theory, as a start of thought to make people start thinking correct that want for example to know more in logo design for companies. That “for companies” comes not so cheaply as they write it and nobody is there to critisize it, just as war is never critisized as bad, since it is the same place, of animal care for example, with the real creature not god administering it. There is no sense in what they do as group. There is no sense to being destructive for clerks. In a democracy there is noone, who can change when things beget that quality too. Freedom must be earlier used to open up new possibilities.

All is still better, than the family members standing at the root of the tree, where Kane is always going into, to search for meagre attention, to search in the magical place for the witch, since they start there where all Marxism waits always as a difference, and then - when they can’t catch up, they exclude you into marginality, and simply repeat the earlier problem, with a new set of leninism constructed, while they are leninists at doing that and not holding the rule, that something important has to be done first by birth from a virgin. Instead, the remaining is replaced by statism, since they play managers, that are without belief in only themselves, to solve only by themselves - but remain dependent on someone in that, in a tacticism, which is the state. That is where the state is violent to the individual by psychical damage, while on the other side, the profiteering is done in psychical values by some group. Everywhere you have to listen to what some other people want of you - the exact margin of that is not known - to what the thing needs to become that has to be done. It is not certain, in the opinion of others - for example - that if there is required for everything to be done and to listen to their ends they want to reach, subordination, always, or if not always, to what extent. But it is always, and that is not known to people, while always they existed, who searched for knowledge and had to get tricked by holy individuals, since they couldn’t stop at all in searching and always hid in despotic hideance, being a danger to freedom. Surprisingly, there is still everywhere economic suffering measurable of the exact margin, that literature advancing subordinate beliefs for example to leninism, was read, by real measures in reality. There is still not a single optimising of that anywhere. The love of knowledge and to not neglect knowing more, is different in literature and certainly has the same, and books have to be defended as knowledge rather. Two things that make literature different to reality. Where the scholar errs, he has to learn, and sometimes they want that decisively, and that is something these despots only require of scholars of Mises. But if you neglect that requirement, they show what they can do then… Freedom at its best is shown here. But they not even belong to his school, what is happening there? The explanation is: there is relativism. Everywhere interventionism or silent profiteering was used, there was made a diffusion of truth by letting authors write in different sets of belief, which are called “religion”, to confuse one single topic, while staying together at all still, even if that means enemies of truth. Certainly for sure, belief stopped by being introduced, not the relativism of the Qabbalah, and knowledge was more slowly furthered by that trick, than the confusion resolved. Perhaps that is the true beginning of philosophies such as socialism, or communism. But “that it was a word of the Father only, spoken to the Son; although the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, as they are indivisible, so work indivisibly.” writes Augustinus. He writes in the next chapter, about difficulties arising from that not only, that it could be called another set of truth, or another belief, but, that any belief is seen by others rather like the knowledge about algebras being possible to be created. They at first don’t understand it, since they could not like socialism - or at least ~ relatively speaking, not enjoy it, or simply are unknowing people that have difficulties understanding Trinity and therefore such beliefs can be not practiced blindly just like so by anyone, while they are often used that way and misused as might. Bouncing to the beat of Augustinus, therefore, the single individual can’t simply be left over and is more important, than possible an outcome where all the misusers of that unknowledge, would only laugh about the individual. Other thinkers connected that domain to spirituality. It is better and good therefore, to prefer the individual to any social order, since the social order can be misused by un-naivete.

In my opinion, that is as far to touching products with the back of the hand with its nails, as can be, unfortunately. To realize that is very important for others that still claim leadership inside that domain of management. And it is better to free the individual by doing something else, than management. Since, every set of thought can be advertised by it and it is even not real economics anymore, to have anything to be made required to be made, and there always remains the unfamiliarity of the concept to capitalism, young people have a lot of trouble to free their actions there. There is no shop inside that tropicism existing in reality. Only naive people would believe something like that to be profitable to all. They ask, how to understand this, how to formulate this even also (which is the might begotten from that), but certainly it is not sure, what that is, inside that realm with managers acting, that is never introduced as methodology, and therefore it is never sure, that it is authoritarianism. They don’t know, that everything that is an instant, such as hours or seconds, can be chronological. Everything that is appraising god, is still not λατρεύσεις; but λατρεύσεις [latreuseis] is a warning against cults, that try to appraise god, by using others to “handle” the individual for them. It has to be after Augustinus, that ghost has no existence and everything has to be λατρεία [latreia] instead of ghost existing, to be really true to live. Certainly, if one can put instants as is here viewed the case, into arrays and into nothing more outside of that, why is historicist data at all needed and chronological or not chronological, and not something different at all together? Have single groups the might ascribed to themselves, to struck the individual, by making its logic vanish, and create ghost on purpose from that, that they treated for example set theory that bad? In my opinion that must be the case and the planet on which that is happening is the domain of the individual it uses it to live upon. What creature stands in that church at the end, if not, Azazel itself, and they really think that, while their deeds, and the topic rather points to some other creature in mythology, called Cerberus, which is Lucifer without cow-shape? The state does not critisize what these groups do. They make fear to people, while the only bad thing is if someone is put into confusion by false misleading knowledge, and then the tax payer itself, who does not see that he is not part of the research requiring the individual to have therefore something else, than self-study: called fear.

Capitalism is superior to capital-less production. In capital-less production, as was viewed earlier into, everything is made by bare hands and has to be upheld by that which is not based on that which needs to be satisfied at all. People just don’t see, and don’t help and that can happen everywhere to everyone in a social democracy and that is simply a chance taken against individualism. People suffer under these circumstances and the first to die are the idle people and the much weaker of course, women, and capitalism is of course too anonymic to help in such case. But it is not made for survival too of that case, not use-case. Liberalism is needed and humanism and less state. Capital has to be used in order to trade with others. There can be no mouth-solvers that reach out for a high price against that purity. Capital-less production is not enough in quality to deliver the consumption goods even in socialism. Socialism is an inferior social order since it is useless in that, that it has only more of capital-less production and that can’t satisfy socialism, not even capitalism. Someone satisfied in capitalism and satisfied by that is a puppet in a suit or a yuppie. The people raised in socialism make you work very early to reach capital-less production, no matter where they live - may it be even a castle. They will fill the empty spaces of this castle with old memorialia in order to satisfy something in the future, which is now a vision against the individual already. Later without that capital, i talk about it is important to save in some manner, all is too late and all the cultivatedness is forgotten they were set into as environmentalists. Later it seems, every work they did to advertise and save by environmentalism, is working against the individual in that deadly situation. What they saved, is becoming of the value of say - gold - but as a weapon against logic. Subordination to stay with preference is what they mean by that, which is not what i mean at all, or which is not for live at all. Because all that tom-foolery is at the end leading to loss of live of the weakest living in that economy and to have them as these murderers, is not a price they even understand they can take without being some sort of provocators and environmentalist-hardcore-socialist that everyone has to keep uttermost silence about. Always what they did to ascertain that title of being that, is made much earlier and there is no toil at all upheld by them. Toil is more important than superiority or subordination. It is not an illusion that these things draw some might from that which they are defined by. That is exactly called capital-less production. It is not without reason that the most dirtyfied places in illusions, are filled by creatures such as that, that use toil there and it the lack of signature cleanness of that environments style, that includes an easy-to-reuse recurring pattern always, of including no speech about capital-less production. Many youth thinks it is despised, while it gets hated for being undespised, or for any reason, by the effect created by unexpectedness only existing in capitalism as a good, nonexistant in socialism, which gets weighed… Toil is the only topic that leads to discussions with terms, to yield something not in the domain of literature, but in the domain of philosophy - and there is a lot of relativism - to the conclusion, that tasks are more important than lack. How effort is deconstructed there is destructive enough by any science. It is not surprising that workers such as on farmland have a lack of calculative skill in typography therefore in documenting their work. Atomism is great too, since it is able to make ends meet for people. But they can’t do that in socialism, not only since there is everything idle economically. Since there are tendencies to turn everything naturalist, and into primitiveness, by wish of someone outside that planned this. And by every other trick stopping by the castleburn of the evenly rotating economy, which is there used and here used too which stops often by not being remembered exactly. All together is not so great for development or for sudden surprises in live that are only optimistic. Surprises in live get less removed, that are faith-driven and the economy suffers by less production possible everywhere and lack of replacement possibility of old machinery. Things only historicists would like. But far from what they should get by that - they get not treated as the greatest sinners by all other people if they summon in real. They summon the people from the chinese communist party, who are sent, to only disparage true economic analysis of all the global market. They never stop, since they are the outcome of weak analysis. They are accompanied by these environmentalists whom they use to later grab everything and call it something.

Capitalism teaches, what a man can and cannot. Without these orders, that are based on freedom, nothing would be known to the consumers. And that can or cannot was called possibility not without reason and has a predefined limiting of uncultivatedness. Many authors, Professor Hermann Hoppe writes, describe certain public goods they don’t have a knowledge of, with uttermost detail, and take away from that the illusion of enigmatic virginity for knowledge about it, that then leaves empty the authors that have to follow them. Only from that the ambition is drawn for the others that they want to be drawn there. In truth, only conclusions should be drawn, if there is something to draw. Germany is a very cultivated country because of its capitalistic history. Therefore, should be the conclusion drawn - in this country there live people, who often say, that one should not stress offspring. In countries void of that, less of that, there is such tradition not (already now). Still, in countries where there are protests or revolutions, only 1/7 individuals, are here against the state. There is noone therefore, who speaks even here in such cultivated countries, that something lies to him as a capitalist and therefore he needs to draw these further conclusions there. Instead of that, the state monopolizes that positure and uses for that, the ambition and toil of those who are the remaining 6/7 that are with the state in order to besweeten what earlier was done by buerocratic means and to make a good clean slate made for buerocracy in general while applieing by identity the process on the individual. Neither are these people a multitude and can’t be called anything else than the individual, nor are these orders not called actions rather where they are not orders (for example in textbooks when they are inclusively written as “in order”), nor are the remaining 6/7, people or multitudes or a group, but they are emulgated or conglomerated authors in a cartel always. They don’t know, that the only thing to be drawn in economics are sums, and that such things get not discussed, not even by letters, concerning terminology and who knows it best probably. The other people, according to the state, shall die, since they are individuals, and probably future entrepreneurs with ideas that would only support preference in the immediate future. Everything that is immediate there relating to the distant future they paint, is used as pressure against immigration. Immigrants simply don’t have a right to have “preference”, since it is supporting capitalism, and therefore they have to play that game, where they hunt for it more and more, and become visible more and more therefore as prey. In my opinion, the hobbies of these people that support that, or are hidden by that, are very shady and akin to occultism rather, more than anything. That are the most ugly towards truth and the individual - that critisized the virgin in these fantasy books always in one certain story - and are certainly, are against fantasy too as these people the always “not yet martyr” fights. They hate offspring, since when people are young, they feel, that these despots are really unjust against truth and order and are hidden behind that mirror, that are in these stories told. Instead of teaching the naive folk while leaving other things undone, they assume it to be “ready for them” and do the same ugly deeds that were earlier feared by youth, in full bright daylight. They believe in class. People that think that you are enslaved by them and therefore you need to search for mercy at their hand, actually don’t know, that even if things are still that way like in older centuries, the place the individual has to have freedom, is the place where capitalism has to have freedom too and all the people don’t understand, that back then, on these traditions where all the people were part of always, was always a ritual with animal sacrifice that was rather a change in attitude and barbaric and dumb too, to assume being part of that is important in a global context, and the individual is right, to critisize that not only for itself, but against them, since “you shall not call anyone your master”. Else, democracy gives them that might to require good behavior in all such situations, based on class.

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