Conflagration 6

The people talk, but nice informations cost a lot if dealing with real issues. They don’t cost only money, but sometimes mainly only historical shortfalls. They are historists who depend on marxists liking what they do with telling the people, teaching them, that historical events can think or have something alike to human action. It was this day, this event, there, that delivered “the” foundations yet, before something could act. Everyone would be welloff if he could following that rule, tell such stories to others freely, that “something acts” or “may act”. Indeed, the jump to “may act” is too easy for the bankers using special interest on certain individuals awake. Because of unsoundness and what they do, Hans Hermann Hoppe does deliver the life, that women give to newborn. This is unacceptable, to misuse literature to save own life only because they control times like that. Because women have still a tradition wearing robes from satanic lore, based on what they did in paradise. They like to wear these details spiders wear or use, when robes have them, and these robes liken these events that are often from down below. It is different to men, who prefer to do business. Still, they give life to newborn, not is it god. Therefore, what these people do to liken that, is indeed without work done by them. There are people who say to eachother “this there with the thing is not good, but this there with the other thing is good concerning this person we all hate”. Often, they mean by this that to summon demons is great close to someone somewhere in NWO prisons is bad, but torture at home by agencies. They move on very shallow waters. State clerks are all handlanger (talking heads of the business of the NWO). When they show empathy, it is by feministic ways known from the whore of babylon. People don’t get analyzed while they are these sinister terrorists as long as they sit behind screens to program. They could all the time as well say, they analyze air by that. In Venice, there was no culture. The griffon-claw was considered a religious symbol done by all, who were into theology, when they misused the buerocratic toolset on those innocents who moved attacked by the democratic “majority”, everywhere with the bible, as outcasts to search for secrets why that happens to them. These people as a majority lived a lavish life, where nobody was attacked for living it. But the single individual who behaved so going around with the holy bible, was. This is when historicism is always too late. In the revelation stands not as an answer, that in the english language, noahs flood is not a very popular term to be used. Animals like the crow, move differently than other animals. They are in being a predator going for humans, more hidden and soft and invisible.

The state poisons business. And then life itself. In first case it poisons it by the need to keeping it dinstinct from what one does in business, where things are often so important that others don’t accept the state, or it is a big mistake appearently, because they want to be alone. But the fear about things jumping into own life is very much speaking of the true data happening then too.

How business contacts work in capitalism

Business never contacts work in capitalism. It is the people who decide to become capitalists, who become part of the firm, who contact work in some form, given to them. There is in the capitalistic domain, seen from the reference point of scarcity existing, only socialism derived as a distopian future worldview, where only punks live and they have each as individuals random chances not equal in right at all, and war is random too, and not plannable, but chaoticly happening at times where it wants to happen, in ranges even possible small like a soccer-field. There it is great making fun of words indeed. But given the real domain, it’s different. The current moment is never introversive, but only a reference point - only in grammatics, saying for example “at the current moment”. The things happening as collectively held at such current moments are not right for the individual. They are not filled by some divine right that has to be respected deeply, and even there, downfalls happen.

Business contacts in capitalism work as a currency to drive the value of the capital up for everyone interested. The tradition goes as far as to the philosophical forii, and this is all that should be said. From a viewpoint of normality not scarcity, capitalism stays capitalism. But where behavior is analyzed to analyze it in a domain of scarcity existent, then socialism is exposed, together with a distopian worldview where only punks live in socialism and everything is random, with chances not even at all. When you drive the firm up as a manager - you want to do it by taking instead of one consumer as king, two consumers instead that are alike to eachother, and that are nice too. Still it does not guarantee that they will drive sales up twice and then in a steady stream as profits that are more large each increase happens in something. Still the single consumer is more important. Only capitalism delivers the tools to handle conflict resolution between people in society. It is indeed the only thing existing that delivers them. People don’t talk a lot about that. But it is true. When there is investment in a new technology in industry: there it is unimportant to discuss how that industry became, or the technology, since that historicism, is self-explanatory. And when you do invest, then sometimes in special cases it gets different for you. If you learn a lot like a good man or scholar then you can take the beta-version as the only developer for example, and have a special bonus because it looks better (a family is made by socialism) even when the current thing has newer versions. You are the only one who is so far like that then. To me that sounds like a cruel. In case of two people, they of course would agree by some sort of invisible agreement, that future updates are indeed more important than that other thing. But why, if the system is already working and horizontal in structure for example based on components? Both can be developed further. Both is cool. The consumers are there in a harmonic cash flow. The currency of that planning, is far from utopyan. If other firms would indeed choose always only one road of course, in competing with other firms. This is another reason to love capitalism for delivering stability and normality to life. Indeed, without capitalism, there is no life at all. This is even more true. But people should act here exactly like firms, say the socialists from being indoctrinated into social harmony. They follow a path contrair to timetravel. Indeed, there is a family made by all they do, by socialism, which is living in another universe completely. It is young like ours, but never forgotten and much older at the same time, and evil. But nothing they care for. They are in truth good. Others should be evil they deem. What now, is that, if not the meaning of that, which is undying, that means, something that is a vampire? Marxism is therefore vampire family-upheld. Normal looking but big houses they are so boring, indeed, nobody wants to know.

The nameless gentlemen live always on top of the innocent. Because for themselves they have a name, but the old ladies, display them not knowing them, as nameless gentlemen. And where that lable goes around deeming an individual that fights them, then goodnight for that individual. This is how they operate. While interventionism does make all the time such things happen unfortunately that never end, elite families are ordered dislexically too. They don’t get ordered alphabetically, like normal people. There is a group decidin that. Each time, the state makes packages against innocents, with paperwork. They, mean nothing more, than the opportunity of the dragon, holding and shaking someone in his mouth in imagination. When something really bad is written there, this is what he does then. And, they help him.

To be on the good side

To be on the good side as a directly capitalistic term, is constantly misused in planning families and what happens in them around the world against the individual, by central planning and very mighty people. Socialism as a way to control peoples minds, beginning with not reprogramming them again by reteaching them that it has to do with how they were taught about the achilles step, is a trick. They began there with this streak of thinking, to be on the good side or not. Every consumer depends on the achilles step in some way taught to discern quality, remembering who taught him that in the past and not when always. There he needs his own personal space and concept called preference. And people use that too. These people who don’t know that, or don’t know that on purpose, are dangerous elitists making a journey to binotroi. Capitalistic is human action. It lives in the details, where thought is, not theft and thievery. It has something about inventing but in very fast version as a philosophical quality. And the people against binotroi, decided together. Big firms are really inspiring when it comes to strategy. Always it is hard to talk about that, because it concerns very easily the one creating the firm, due to human action. When the state clerks ask around the daily life, this is what they ignore. And this is not yet illegal. Illegal is what they make as elitists when they talk about “ansatz”, which means asmuch as “concept”, at the state. They misuse for that theology because it is only in Germany the case, just like the american style in products in technology, comes from teaching stability, the style that many firms that are big search and were outsmarted by their bigger competitors and driven into a child-sector. By taking this ansatz for example “to make from somethng developed into backwardness, something in reverted time like a timemachine”, they do socialism and are directly against capitalism by that. It can be analyzed by that, that they program by that the easy giving up of products, known from pure hate, and not the selling of important books on bookshelves, known from teaching great friendships in business.

It is great to be thankful for having a great state. Being thankful to firms is great too when you get close to them. But then not anymore this with the state. Now, it is not anymore so great when they use that griffon-claw against economists or people learning it as scholars, and turn them into the claws of crows, by state clerks, searching the miniscule in the visionary. The horrors there are invisible. Because they are all about that. Illegal it is to take someone freedom away, so he can not further observe these natural phenomena on his own, no matter how that is made. The state is not really something that produces tools against this. It fails miserably. Thorsten P. asks:“Democratic socialism—the ideology that dominates the world today—aspires to become a world state. The route toward it requires a single world currency to be created. That would undoubtedly create a dystopia. Might this become a reality? And if so, how can it be averted?“. If he can’t ask that anymore, that is not yet criminal. His need would simply be not there or someone elses, because democratic socialism would not arise in first place. Something would had happened, that averted that.

People should leave the individual alone. If it thinks so, it should stand on its own. This is what capitalism means and this is where they hurt it too. But they started limiting there by the angle they created, for their monopoly of money in the banks, where after them “only products we make have to be great”, and other people not have the right to rise like that above that. The people should not fill in the void in an individuals life. It wants to always over its whole life, keep up the good belief, that interventionism even in writing, is bad. Other people should not care, for they should live their holy life and have freedom too. Because where a philosophy or theory against interventionism is held up in writing as an author, things can be described by very deductive means without a lot of problems that arise. Where only arrays are described very exactly, this is always very strict and limiting. The ones writing like that, are often rather a group, than an individual author. Their style of writing is a lot like spreadsheets made by such firms that act as groups and it never resolves into something precise.

To have from and its limitations concerning the outer effects

To be on the side of goods, is however the choice of the consumer. Choice is not something very holy. Preference is better than choice. It does not limit at the very moment it is constructed as a concept the individual, by making it unimportant to decide on itself. Also, contracts are not made against choice. But that it is not, is a theory or philosophy many liked the people to not believe about them. When contracts were made against choice, capitalism would not even exist. Firms have a kind of teaching effect on human behavior. They fear ownership. The loss of freedom to produce only what they think has to be produced, is critical and very evil. The outlook on life for youth starting to become CEO’s, is strictly limited by that too. They get sharply treated by the outer domain and put into bounds. Firms like Philips come from the name of the guy called Phips, probably, who pardoned the witches hanged at the Salem witchtrials in England. Historians are always about all topics as a neutral group, as if nothing matters. And these state clerks look with a critical eye on everything, even though women get from that discriminated and held down, by simply keeping the dude who pardoned them, as who he was, unknown to most people. This is not fair, because they create by that the effect again and again. Despites families being already ordained around, by making these socialist families, instead of these nice and knowledgable even when witchcrafting families like they always were not marxists, as a faksimile to them.

Faksimiles is what is used by the church socialist historicists too, when they copy religious books, mostly it is to get visitors into utopy or positivism. The only thing strange is that everywhere in their shops no prices are seen, everything is marxistic, not like a real shop with calculation. This is very unsound and very bad for people who want to think normally and live without the state. They often depict the faces of still living state clerks and medical doctors like these products as a hobby, in faksimiles when they are religious books, while in truth they are evil in daily life, while it puts them into the progress, that they think they do things that are good. Historians are these neutral people, even while they can change the theme illegally, in court, against the person indicted or to be indicted. They are always these strangers in the background there, like rats. These people shouldn’t be pardoned who support the state. The people these statists put into hold in the witch trials, were often poor, and it was not needed to additionally put them to death as witchers. The states life should be over. There are enough corrupt makers of theories. Theory is only leading to soundness in economics, when it is not theory always. Keynes invented a “method”, while “many” methods exist, instead, and there is not method after errors like these. Many foucaultists existed as once-to-be state-clerks, that were elitists, that tortured others in daily life, that were holier than choice. Their masters used them against innocents, because they were from theology and led people to believe, that they are not led to believe in any way possible. Their world is not so clear like seeing it in particles. Would they see the world clear like that, they would not generate violence to misuse it. Anticapitalism is the effect they use to make people disinterested. It works each decade.

Do you remember the place, when you divided? Maybe it was some sort of room, without numbers, and the division is not possible at all? This is exactly what sets mean. Theory itself is important of course and may lead to sound economics, because many things “were” in the past, and a method that is singlehandedly used is not anymore important, that is made by Keynes, because practicality is not important anymore. Even all, this is real science, with hyperreal numbers. The cake is a lie. Mass is witchery even. There are no such things as being event-next. In school even, you are side-next. These are places. Nobody transgresses these holistic rules. Everywhere i go, i see only 98% of people are marxist, and believers in the state, in law. The people who really want to be with law and good, of this 2% remaining, are struggling with it not as the only ones.

Nazism and things like that, is made by nightmares people have and they get like that to secure themselves from them to live in safety in times where it is likely that dictators arise. In nazi times, jews were blamed, like van Mises. Even when it is a very long thought process to search for it capitalistic/theologic, like normally derived too always, with no other outcomes, acceptable, in short time, limited by humanitarian ethic strict too, than that, that they are not guilty as people, as jews and where the real guilt is found, it is also by ones own self likable rather and also indeed existing. All of this was misused capitalistic as it is, against the jews, because it was held secret, that it was this way. In our days nazism is, holding up by slow processes in games for newborn. This is also the only way they get damaged by society, and the only way how adults create opportunity cost for them, so they make them this pain. Groups later take off with that in mind. Where it is first seen as mobbing by the individual, later torture, both done by scum, later it is nazism done by this scum too.

The real source of distress and pain comes from different angle. There are creatures so dangerous for which you need the bible. Pain is not made by others, but it is human and comes from this angle, and each time it is realized, because people are often stronger, that it is made by some child. Mises will never get a noble prize. The men and women are against that, don’t know, that people who go through life wanting him to be respected like that, have to fight these creatures by these means. If the buying of something looses that distress atleast for some short decade, they think only for themselves, it is human action, but “we will not admit that”.

Things most hated by them

There are elements in design that in a boolean value, only an individual knows that is very far there. It is that some elements need special by default extra-attention and that it is not care, due to how they differentiate themselves in a way that is special to other elements, and it looks okay because it is only there in special places and the difference is not seen at all due to that. Often, they are a little bit reminding of roman style, but it is okay because the style was beforehands for a long time researched, and they need this special attention for the one who designs them only. That does not mean that egocentrism is needed there, but that they look teaching about the pitfalls of socialism, because van Mises’ book points to that style too there, that was written against socialism only. When does one get these nightmares, if not, when he does not a day earlier describe further, how firms laugh about themselves only in competition? But the softened situation the earlier research delivers makes it good again. These elements can be occult and still they don’t like that twisting the complexity of the whole down, like normally, and in design are everywhere in airports only, and it is a litmus test to reach that style, in design, not anymore, but a hallmark rather. There is no licking wounds with this style, and nobody needs to be there, also, who makes them better. And the system hates that, because it wants to better everything. Exactly here it can’t do nothing and due to the way how it is communicated, it means logically being “finished with everything” too, and the goal of the state would be therefore for a long time already reached by doing nothing. Each businessman feels a little bit occult: the style comes from there a little bit of suits.

Thriving to set forth

Many young people thrive to set forth. They have a boon. And everything is spread. Often, the things an individual gets out of it, is only for himself. It is rather their parents, who strive, after biologicality. There is not more to derive there, if the premise is, that many firms make media to laugh about their strategy while to help ethically the youth by it. Sometimes or always, you have in business opportunities, not. They are rather prophecies, that get fulfilled, for you, and where you are not at all important as a character, and still it is alright for you to feel that, because the weight of the prophecy is so, and everything is in time (what time?). Indeed, the moment, time is taken into speech here, everything stands still again, unfortunately, in business. Even, this is a world, when darkness sets in, like torture. It can be found there as a concept. Nobody sees that until it is too late. The marxists always have a strategy, to display in the end, misusing that namely, that forthtaking time, for their goal, these characters firms make, in a bad light, always when they are female, and weak anyway. This is where the state clerks operate too with their media about nazis, in truth using it for taxation. This is the not anymore the domain of torture, one is accustomed to think, accustomized to categorizing everything, but in truth it is more such a domain indeed, as the background-story to it even always. Poetry is the world of human action. The people who are immigrants are often feared, only because the opposite people to them, who make poetry, are occultists, and make this fear so people fear muslims or arabs for example. For example, the very deeper version of polish peoples, may seem even the agents, known from economic theory. Where the people here live, not these ghoulish monks or something, objects live too from philosophy - indeed because of that “something”, they don’t know, that corporativism is dependend on them, to stop business itself, and profit, where the individual is not anymore instead of them. “Instead of them” is a very nice theme in games. They who make such things, always ignore the word “they” on purpose. Sounds very much, akin to marxism, if someone would ask me. But noone does so. There are people who depreciate words, with “aufrufen” in mind. And there are people, warmongers, who they help, who misuse namely that invocation, for some dirty goal. In economics, would be sound, this would be described and used by what it is - namely the offering for himself made by himself of course for the character who buys with full intention only for himself. They don’t admit, that they destroy by that thoughts, the next concept, that is derived here namely, without that not possible, without it, it. The big buildings my theory describes in full blossom of what economics enables as a theory, are rather akin to the buildings monarchy lived in. But intelligent people know, that the poetrical world shrinks them a little bit down, where it is more real as itself as a concept. The whole dead people in graves made by dictators, are probably the space around these houses, where these “mothers” live in, these dark mothers. Probably, they are the same monsters, that hunt as marxists private property and the individual. To create a level-up system, always a database is needed. 1 as a number is enough to have as a state in the whole login-system that exists somewhere, when the user is logged in. There are no interfaces needed for that. The rest of the system is anyway provided by cloud computing providers. Of course there are better topics to choose to fight these evil characters there that are older. It seems, there are people, who choose their whole energy to spend, on this task, to find that magical topic. They seem so good like angels. But it is kinda unrealistic, that they make that happen. Cultivated people don’t cog. It is them against unsound economics was always. Where you describe historical times, you speak about others as strangers. Someone who knows exactly where to get always things, against him are people because of unfreedom. They have found a way to lock persons by the word “inasmuch”, in truth, meaning “to return”. They don’t want to give these rights to the people. They want them only for themselves. They are advisers. They are a black group. They run around the state being leveled-up programmers, that misuse the state to put blame on innocents, they deem are not so far. They are all shrouded. It is as if, instead of a heavenly father, they had always a heavenly fud, a fight or something. Only decivilised people act uncultural.

Calling something and using words, are two different things, and there should be no monopoly there, describing it, as if this was exactly that stuff, that the other thing is not neutral to. In that calling something is uncivilised and unculture, is a whole world, and domain. It is this it is akin to. I, from business, come, to connect these domains, so they are together again.

After ten years of studying van Mises’ economic theory, this is where the other theories they teach people in economics or business, begin: with accounting. As if people knew all of this suddenly why they do it. And it is keynesianist and made for the silent profiteers and deniers of word. I mean, without having these theories of van Mises, of course, just like so from fresh air. Both is not connected. I don’t know if they are such good coders, but the dragon sometimes hides in program codes, and it is seen, that it is also at the same time as itself, man at the same time, looking to the side or something. But he is dangerous, and often makes people bad sinister fates when they don’t write that too.

They talk a lot about being cool or having skill. But nobody posts in a clear way always how exceptions are in logic. “Consumer && Product != Endresult” means nothing more, than the consumer at this time does not prefer doing anything with his product. Consumer && Preferencies != C means, the consumer with his preferencies does not count for C. Both is often what they use as marxists. People who are stable here, they lie. Because these statements are only in a human action domain, because they are used as “if” statements. If they are not used as “if statements”, then these are the groups of evil people, that torture, when somebody is drenched into this sphere, that he explains them so, without their original “if” statement domain. They are corporativist. Even if not, it is only appropriate to call them so.. Nobody has infinite energy to write infinite words or to think about that, since the things people eat with, have all the length of the stick of Toth, where you hold them. Someone forcing someone to work, has to work himself first. This will not change, even when the person he forces, is against the bankers. That this individual wants to work because it always wants to be good, does not mean that someone has the right, to introduce his theories that display it as not individual.

Sets as ideas and not “habits”

Therefore, if someone dwells in that world, he is very realist. But still, the opposite to that domain, is, because it is a domain as a replacement of the word “world”, a one of phantasy and ideas, where the most colorful things happen, not known to mankind. And it is there exactly where a businessman is most needed. When someone offers you negativistic then take the last thing he is known for, and that he offered in the past, with the greatest effect to others. Don’t take the person, but only take what she offered. This is what capitalism is all about. It is not about human trade there. Big firms display Lenin as a demon, that young people can fall into, via Leninism. When i was young i couldn’t remember all my life the product someone who was hardworking bought for me or to be good to me. I remembered myself as a different age i was there. In reality, St. Augustin is of all the most right, saying from 7 you remember only what happens, because you think you had 10 there. But it is almost reached that one can remember these times by remembering how the person was seen to be evil because newborn still think so, and they are right with it. Because in the end they only repeat good visionary things about the future. The word “child” has to be blamed stringently. It is not the people that are newborn that are. I couldn’t remember at the age i was in, how to call all the lucky things happening to me, i would call today “ownership” or something of someone who wanted to give them. I just dwelled in phantasy where slowly beginning to accept it is part of reality. But the effects on newborn are heavy made by historicists. Because when adults act strong it is wrong and made by them. The books findable by the saint Aquinas, should be called not “library of the churchly fathers”, but rather, “library of highest culture”. Even there, low culture is findable in calling it that. The habits of the historians are more important than the habits of the people they like to hunt. Innocents get tortured only because torturers don’t want them to plan Jerusalem with others. Moral virtue does not seem to observe the mean, but the means indeed. The nature of a mean is incompatible with extremes, and anything that is extreme. The nature was not chosen as a furthering topic to describe by the host of authors, including him. It was left as a kind of eternal blame against innocents. Nobody would guess neither choose, that these “young people” would become so powerful by becoming statists, even seen from a hermetical closure. It makes other people respectable by any means and not “discussable as a topic”. Always, for some demonic goal, they torture. Also, do violence. There are many people who exactly here say “that’s good, i will do that!“.

Regret on itself

They are marxists, who put youth into mental asylums. Not only - but they have also ties to religion and they go around loathing for information about this and that, in the end wanting to destroy science. When there is an extra waiting time at the barkasse, in the shop, for only 10 cents, this is what it means, that they again did something against science. People are sometimes together distress. They deliver that grand scheme of misery to talk a lot about what happens historically. But this is not economic at all. It is only in decades when they are in misery. But they also make sometimes regrets or always to sensible persons. This regret has to be shunned, sensible persons think, or used to better themself as individuals. However, this regret is unfounded in arguments and reality. Spending for himself a lot as an individual is better than caring for others, always, from a perspective of habituality. Sometimes there are newborn or individuals who want to be left alone and someone who spends only for himself, caring not - is a genius in that situation. Any arguments delivered by the marxists are completely unbased from that root or endresult on. There are angels like Sepulchre, they serve. The newborn you should not care for and the persons, they live their own life. The marxists who serve Sepulchre however, differ to them in certain thing. They don’t live their own life for example, even if they should. The word “however”, binds them like demons. It is easy to misuse speech to program others against innocents. This will not change. Concerning these domains seen as worlds, they are rather infernal, and down there below, where the Lillith resides. From 100 books you find only 1 written by woman. This in mathematical closures is written as a division as 1/100, meaning it twisted around a little bit, like the other thing too, invisible yet, while here it is sound and visible, there it was made by ignorants, since the subject is now 1 - it is called a ratio, and this makes all economic calculation in mathematics, void of sense. Many of these books may be held secret, and are shared, that are mostly by women written. Still it is true, the same, as the other thing is true even if there is a twist made by nature and then ignored by them as belonging to it. If people are in distress, it is because they don’t admit or don’t get taught by others, that bookkeeping is a small subpart of accounting. Accounting is what modern business is all about - it changed from merely bookkeeping. It is not about the sums, but only about the style and how it is secured by contracts and soundness is needed in business without the parasites of the state. It is very solemn to correct it to bookkeeping. So: this is where the other theories they teach people in economics or business, begin: with accounting, becomes - bookkeeping. But this is not distinct to business, but both is together ratherly. When business becomes in style bookkeeping, it gets sound again. This is nothing in meaning more than that. There it was made by not anymore ignorants, but merely ignorance itself, following their deeds.

Marx is actually the followers of the Lillith. A codeword for her. The followers of Milcodian, which is in truth Milkom. But Milcodian is an author. There is a pull in economics when someone tries to rob you. Nobody writes that because it seems less important only. But the pull is only in that moment the thieves try to rob your ownership.

They want to hunt individuals individually. The majority has nothing to do with that. They as historians move in the space where they cry about Jesus’ death, but meaning the individual because they still go after him in historical meaning, following him where he was most in danger of losing his life only. They hunt his steps. Only to discriminate the individual by that or god, who created the creature. They hide behind god as a concept when he is taken into terminology.

It is the church who teaches capitalism, the agents misusing it, only saying:“It is the church that communicates …”, doing appropriate to that lie, propaganda. The church together with marriage, and capitalism to free the bounds, communicate freedom best, however and the many groups speaking out of it, are propagandists. Because not all that seems capitalist is not nazism. Sometimes it is nazism disguised by capitalism. Every group that has no cause. But it proves the individual existing, at least in a way like going through many problems first. Firms when they are big, need the same. A mother of two is not going to buy her daughter a game where mushrooms are taken to enable life. Neither her son. First has to come the media, then the marketing to buy the individuals interest. There is a ring of power, consumers live in, just like the knights around Lionheart met at a round table with swords. Maybe she is still interested by taste she got on the way in a bistro and intention to act well arises. Maybe the ring of power is away and the products get her into a buy drive. But in any way, the ring of power is considered only by the observer and this time for law to exist. But the woman will still not buy it. What is therefore the matter, why can’t be simply the goal to have simply sound money? Someone who teaches that directly is shunned they want instead. Most people don’t analyze the pull created by all the theft they do. They think theft is a sin and are part of theology anyways even. But it is possible by keeping that secret, to get the woman to buy the product by making her in this only this way, empathic toward the firm. Because the firm is else sad, and the whole topic is of sadness. Because of them torturing innocents. This would be never a world of sadness if it would not be the good of her after buying that. And now she is a little confused. If that relativism exist here, they would not be so powerful.

That she buys the product is random, but banking is not. It is still promotion only that comes to mind in this topic, not book keeping like corruption thinks insteads. The negativism is created there too by all this sadness. There are so many elitarists working as state clerks who don’t think so and do crimes. Everybody is still an individual and there are acts against humanity. Nobody has the right to enable statists. They are torturers. Not wanting someone is murdering him. Deciding like that over someone. I thought after all, we live in a democracy? Sometimes someone is a star and all surround him in that. If not, he is the one individual and is concerned only by his own attempts. Because the bank attempts to do away with his privacy, it is not made legally to surround him then. All wars are conflicts about theology. There are state clerks, often women who think even if they are conflicts about the american constitution, that they can proceed. This is crime because this is not about human action and also is not about romantical interests even when, this is only crime what they make, they are part of that. When soundness is written, it is never on plan. It is in the domain of correction rather. The ones critisizing that are critisizers of the misery and writing. Look at them, torturing innocents. How easy that is written. And how their true critique is on the word. And how they support you in that taking the magic away from you.

Metal guitarists that play like Bach normally don’t challenge anybody. But sometimes they make exceptions, in a very special place namely, dominated by the state too, where it is about political views almost, very personal place namely. It is exactly here where they did not like that at any times and always did crimes on newborn such as taking their life away. The state is a monopolist. The place games are bought is a melodramatical domain not because the newborn are part of that, but because the adults are often state clerks and don’t deserve to have part on the products. This world of newborn is not to be touched by them, if everything is in right, it is not enough, but the view must be more strict even. There is a wall here created too, probably by the same quality like in the outside domain earlier described, but this time it is that newborn often deny to say they can even buy them, but wish them dead rather too here. The state can never be so big, that they are called for their very visionary word, insane, or something like that. It should be not made possible by others.

The woman would still buy the product, if the room she went in, is a little bit colder than others. Change in temperature is a good way to make consumers buy products. Every firm is the same. Each wants to describe his products or items or characters as in the finest quality they are too. And unfortunately these characters are in very bad situations only because they are so fine. Big firms that have these domains, in their products or games, made their games linear, and they decide over the other firms there in their country. Often, that they are chinese is only seen in the very last detail, such as an individual number. They are millitant, with eachother, in competition, but it is different than here. These mothers however, are the soprano voice in music, but diminished by the special rhythm. The system tortures innocent women, taking all of that as an example, from media, to capitalism, to set own rules and redefine these persons by that rather, even when in truth - they are evil ghosts. The system therefore creates out of evil ghosts, the clean reality. For example, many nihilists are still positivistic. But they are nihilist positivist, because earlier they said something or are generally in that mode of behavior rather. It is not because someone defined them they are. Such a person may believe in reducing everything to each components of chemicals, concerning defining something that belongs rather to humanitarian ethics, such as many firms in abendlandic domains, are rather following a social plan instead of millitarism in competition. A praxeologist will call him rather a hypocrite and question if he pose a threat. To me too, things that are bogus, seem to be less and less critisizable with the state expanding in size. This should never be forgotten that it is the biggest threat! Yet, the products the state makes, are not bogus, but unqualitative.

The silent citizens, are not made from adult age, but by it. And the more they believe in it, the more it gets intense, that means, from younger age. I don’t know if it can be called after scientists, speed or another attribute. It is simply unneeded. Only very cultivated people get away always while the innocent getting the blame, are more simple. And i mean by that cultivatedness, those who know the claw in playing guitar means sometimes griffons that were built on churches. They made a whole culture of egyptian architecture around their profit-scheme and secrecy.

This style i am talking about earlier, is nothing more, than describing the things precluding, coming earlier, to collecting something or choosing to collect. It is always a remedy for the consumer and the individual. Other things may happen that are bad in life, still the adding of another element makes it clean. This is what they search, because they put their own remedies by the owl. They leave the person not alone by it. They not only want to have a monopoly on saying that darkness-based “earlier is what is earlier to us”, but also more. They are uneducated themselves, since many people claim that to follow the state is to follow god. But, to follow the state is in the end, following a ruler. In old Egypt, the rulers were coldhearted and held secret to the peoples, that they are in truth in rule, the rule of the snake. They held secret that it was that way and what it means, and who it is, who stands behind that. If you limit the members by some sort of limiting of some group, you create also a conflagration by that because the place or dimension is unimportant it happens. This on local scale with innocents however done, is very evil. This is what the people of the owl keep secret. If you exactly here don’t take the offerings sometimes made by capitalism, you display them as a consumer or someone, as if they were done by you with a strict binding on for you. This kind of luxury is what people often do because they want to live, not be in distress. They are a bunch of people who want to hurt others exactly here for them. They want some sort of thinking about the things coming earlier to that, why people act crazy and why they land in bad fates, but never lead at that exact location, and in the end, they are with the state too, as part of democracy, the problem here, that they act on base of authority and violence. They come from the army not, even when hidden in secrecy. It takes a long time to find that out. They want to make you 2nd grade by using torture just because you are with the Mises Institute. They are against liberalism and humanism and the angels and they surround themselves with partners and they torture innocents. They are against Caravaggio, as little versions of Franko, and also they are coming directly from Engels or Foucault in a kind of relativism. And the score of their crimes is never revenged by noone strangely? Since, everyone is absent. Their true mission is, to make the eyes of innocents smaller, to hide the true proof, that humans are made by god. This is why they say, their crimes don’t get avenged. They are against the free market, and also leninists, because in truth, they were against the russian female fashion model, that was very beautiful and i was looking a bit like her but i am male. Therefore only, they are leninists, too. In truth, they do that only, because probably they killed her in an occult ritual. But they are from the Isis cult, in truth. This is not “aufbegehren of the people”, but deepest sin. Someone jumping there levels, is already with them. They are satanists. People act crazy, they don’t know how to react to that. But this has to be precluded, that they are, before calling them that in a democracy too. Because else, people might think, the individual is insane.

Only leninists are the group of people, who are leninists, because they think the womans death should not be avenged, because “they are a bunch of socialists”. Peoples standard in justice is very low when they get leninists only to believe that. People sometimes use political cruelty. Parents, torture their newborn. How does a mother get the idea, that her child is insane, if not at the barkasse of a shop, hearing a child talking like that intentionally? And yet, i have heard sometimes newborn speak unintentionally like that, in the exact moment they are done paying at the shop. These things are coming from some kind of manipulation, someone does, evil itself. They have no right calling that a sickness. Furthermore, they also are those, who were beforehands putting their dirty hands, on the american constitution earlier to that, now changed in face.

”With regard to economic goods there can be only relative overproduction. … Consequently the result can not be a general depression of all branches of business.” - Ludwig von Mises, ‘Planning for Freedom’

When people start to code Javascript, they mix functions as belonging together. Back then my parents called me that, i was doing that too. Javascript is not counting as very unpopular. It is more popular than Java, which is a standard that was overthrown yet. All state clerks are mummies. If someone searches the one who made a crime, it is possible by the technique of the griffon claw. But the ones leaving the information in case someone searches not more, leave it as “jews”, the same, that stands in the bible: we are all jews. Blaming someone for crime is therefore not possible by the state. But it hurts culture each time, using that technique. Therefore, there are two groups one can trust in such things. The ones who say it is possible, the others, it is not. The first ones are trustworthy and heroes, the second are those who give up too early. This is the secret reason why they like to count all people into classes. Because then they can enslave them.

One can be a griffon too and this is moving in normal justice spheres, and being just. The change back is of course made by something, that is human action. You see, a griffon behaves not only by claws, but it is his whole that is different. It is possible to overthrow the state, or live in peace, in war. The consumers have expectations that are the most extremely high to all that can be found in the whole universe. They don’t want someone leaving a good game to someone who is one of the second group and then wants to rise again for personal gain. This is very harmonious as social order. The other agents to that, act toward some other goals, or rather: means. They act to reach means, which is to hide, that they want violence in a physical domain where always more than one person is available, so one at least is the victim. Violence is nothing more, than exchanging a future preference for opening a wooden door by making it sound. They know who they are and what it is, when they each day remodel that on innocents, that known scene from known books. How crappy the system is, can be really seen on how they involve. They don’t offer them anything, but they from the start, seduce them, by involvement. Involvement is called “integration” too. And they act then like them. Exactly these people, who are anti-cons, imply your reality like that. Who were the soldiers in Vietcong, the generals? They were normal soldiers. You all don’t know what’s up…

Children are dumb only as a word, and people don’t have the right to say that too, adults who use that word don’t know, that from too much freedom, is like offering too much, like the last offering or something, where only the rich dine. Corruption thinks that is a good theory. Later they close the door. Their rules are based on connotation and creed, with the elite beginning that history they change.

This is a big sin what they make, when someone is using vanity. There are agencies that torture, that are specifically against the fashion world. When someone uses vanity the time has to be turned back too together with all statistics. So that a line that goes straight up, is in truth meaning straight down almost. This what they make with the pendulum, is to manipulate the free market. To shake away big firms on a good way in economics, with which they want to do that. They can choose that. They are stupid. The line downwards in economics is beginning at the perspective all the spending makes, and reaches down as a line, to the observer. Hans Hermann Hoppe’s statistic is much better. Each time someone tries to save a big firm, there is a victim made by the marxists, i know this. Somewhere in the domain not seen. Where they maybe make fear to someone or something like that. This was how i was all raised. And leninists try to save them, i know this. That is how in truth, unsound economics made by fiat currency inflation, makes decades happening and economic wisdom is made by it. A firm might think “ok this is theey skewed the situation due to egyptology or something” - and now we jump there with the flow. But - the pendulum can make anyone part of that chaos then and i don’t know what good it makes in the end? Van Mises always made fun from here, calling that unsound, that all, to not do it.

Firms give you chances. But they also make you limits and they are for your own health the best. A big firm might not take you if you don’t stop smoking for example, due to the risk of losing you in these times. Not many fantasy-books begin with a creed of man, that is called “wi%e”. Before you blame someone, you blame first the people that live there. That is how things get silenced in a city. In the english language there is no corresponding translation for “Vorzüge”. This evil was there since times immemorial. Liberalism has nothing in commonality, with science. It is a prerequisite to science. The people are completely robbed by the bank. Where they live together, are houses, where they live in flats, but they don’t get big in size like the houses individual families live in. Still, the children of these families live in that fantasy, that it would be that way. And they get first grades and doctors with 18 years of age. The occultists completely enable the persons around you. They take everything from the person, including their clothing, just like the police. They can do what they want in likewise fashion. Met by the rules of the state, only you have to pay for it later further and further, already drenched by them. And the newspapers even applaud that silent profiteering by the Club of Rome. These Club of Rome schools, they make such equalisation and silent profiting. The state is even the greatest abomination, living in palaces, that are 30 times bigger, than even these houses single families live in. There arose a creed of secret planners, that repeats itself in times, and plans silently in bed, what happens with the world. They are all with the Lillith. Times immemorial mean nothing more than a demand for the word decades. In truth, real churches have griffons not anymore, due to that dark reality, but gargoyles as a replacement. I would even say “unfortunately”. This trademark of secrecy, is indeed not only limited to fantasy. You start with lie-algebra, and suddenly they are all against you. But you start earlier studieing a bit logic, it is alright. All the time the standard in these schools is as low as the drenching of the people they enable. These schools have the same commitees like the FED later. Completely from the start they enable little pharaons that tell you what to do in life, that later all join into Vril. Even rich people know, that life is too short. Their women know it best, but they get attacked first by despotism. And it is nothing more than beginning in the own household. The little animals sometimes on walls in “dark times”, have a true correspondent relation. These silent planners they are in bed relativizing positivisms and negativisms. They can do that enabled by old money or the chicago school. But the people who really wait for that technique of thought, are drenched eternally until they find it out, drenched by the low standard in school. You can in programming relativize things and then they get physically accurate.

They relativise these things and they go from dot to dot on a net in thoughts, in a circle, akin to the rotation in Toth. And a young man saying the state is redundant, is a fool they say? Away with such a creed, to the darkest places. Look at the preachers who seem to help. Their speeches are still with a taste of socialism, of positivist fashion. Only because that they sound so comfortable. Would they be hard and uncomfortable, they would be also without socialism. Don’t claim as monopolists, as group, that you know god best, when since times immemorial people were called fools, that said, that god is exactly because of that turning, unfollowable in thoughts. Because you act there exactly like the nazis, and you make by that already that relativising unneeded, destroying peoples fate, of those who really think like that or are drenched by the low standards, and you destroy by that thinking itself, logic itself. Correcting of wise words, so they are not always not final, but drenched by your buerocracy you make. You are the biggest nazis. I can call that only socialism, and i am not sorry. Economics may be the youngest science, but humanism begins with something different. It is depending on absence of positivism. It is just like a church, like in times of Martin L. . It is really satanistic, to call people by such a name. You all do that and you get subventioned to wear suits. Is it wise to die for a creed of men, that are generals, if they can’t even bring these people before some special court, and are therefore together too, marxist? With all that said, capitalism is better and worth fighting for, but not if people fight for socialism and that other goal instead. The dragons in the revelation tapestry were meant to keep the secret of making options to the people. That means, keeping as elitarists preference secret so people can’t think like that. This is where they come from, from that angle, state clerks too. They are not at all better than witchers. What they make is a very fine sin against capitalism. Someone is not a relativist, when he relativizes by taking two negations people make about him, both concerning his life. He simply follows nodes in thinking. How will someone convey finally, that this is criminal, if made by the state? This is only great to place it inside institutes, and then expose them by it. But why does nobody do that?

Consumers think freely. They need freedom indeed. They don’t think familiarly that someone is, like a CEO does, for example, behind that background, insane. They have a background. But they always use it in a mode kind of way, else of course always so thinking. They don’t have a special title or entitlement, that upheaves the whole topic toward some goal, too! Someone may be a radicalist, but he will always return not like a CEO and everyone will know it is in order. Only institutes twist that, with the background. Everyone has to be seen in what he is, behind the background that is twisted or not, at the particular moment he stands behind it. Nobody can capture reality in its whole perfectly so it is captured in a single moment completely. If the background at the particular moment is some sort of rainy twisted business-scenery, like Xen for example, with the G-Man, then please bare with me, but everyone will look like a critique-doer behind it standing, if you move in these backgrounds freely unchecked so often, it is your fault. In business you have direction toward Xen. Xen is of course like liberalism, but has its own problems too. Sometimes the problems are such, that a fighter needs to go alone, no matter how grifty the others are. He needs not to prove before others that he is some sort of vending machine, since that is only dependent on position. Marxists only destroy that magic there. It is unlogical to ask for position a vending machine. It destroys capitalism from the unvenerable start. The other proofs are much more important to reality, and still you are fools, expecting them. Torturers would talk like that like me exact. But they don’t do it - because of secrecy. Everybody fools himself by random things when the time is over in life, and he needs to pray to not go to hell.

Indeed - the state is too big exactly. Too many freedoms for those who realize that economically there. Because churches, and all religious stuff, this is still the emotional sphere economics is concerned about, but that has to be noted too on some sort of device first. Everyone has the ability to be a good citizen, even as an official. They ask in their rituals, but they are against human action. The one they ask are some ghosts instead. They ask for “where” standing in a circle. Will you believe that? And they eliminate thinking people for some Kantians together as doctors, just because a shop sells a special kind of cheese they need in big amounts for their buffetts on their satanist concerts. They destroy a whole life by that only for one single event. They could say these things are echoings of society too, and not attack the individual by it. But they choose to be the other way. Firms you give some chances. You give these people more chances than these firms. This is not just. Some people ask for where is the shameless sin, and where the nameless sin?! Always they display sins nameless. In truth they all have a name.

The relativistic domain - the territory, was always counteracted by solidifying concepts of reality. The games were not made by noone. Not even by a plant or a tree. Everything has its distinct space in life. Where something is relativistic, the adverse to that, is the most sure thing possible. It is knowing exactly in the latter case, what to get and where to get. Only in relativism, therefore, there is a terrain, and not a domain. Soundness is almost belonging as a rule from god, from above, as belonging to reality as a hardcoded law, that everybody has to deliver. This is what the G-Man believed in. Trying to analyze the state by trying to helping it, like Hans Hermann Hoppe, is uncritisiable. It delivers already the distinct everything as an element to everything dreams may deliver. He somehow helped them admit. At least a song has to be composed for this theorist. Many of the practical wisdoms Johann Sebastian Bach left for me, are still manichaeic. Young people learn culture from him but they don’t see that it is still this way a bit. This is of course a good space to find business. More people should try that. Most people think that. But to have a bit, is already having 8 bytes. It is better to call it “this way it is great”, for making business sound. Because many people try 8 times, and have from it only 1 good outcome. And then still the sums can give zeroes as an outcome. In all awareness, needed too, now not anymore, firms are still part of the aufbegehren, as being led by people too. When people change, toward this, they too.

Territory was always marked by them. Still never it was seen. People got a tendency to fight this simply even by counteracting the territory. And it was not seen to nobody. Counterstrike is at least virtual and does not endanger the life. The action happening there in daily life is counteracted by markets. They are good. There was some sort of tendency to play Counterstrike in other people. You don’t know what kind of the misery that sinners make to the children, these marxists, when they don’t want all of that written. You don’t know what big smile the children make from getting a large present sometimes, that are from orphan homes and how the marxists completely make the situation bad for everyone, including them, when someone gets to know what they make. They literally as marxists want people to live in coldness, and their children to get fever. Already in march, i feel a kind of christmas fever because of them. Not reading that again and leaving it against them is what they are against, and dwelling in thoughts. This is exactly what they are against. I literally miss Mises. Most alarmist groups believe, after seeing laws passed, then looking at chips in shops, that being a consumer and being a fighter is combinable. They say after seeing these chips “we want revenge now”. But, visiting the shops and buying the products is the remedy. They can’t change in any way even as fighters, that children need a steady amount of such things, if they are seen as amount of something in wealth or something, to survive even, made by others, atleast to guarantee their preference is saught by others in a positive way, such as parents. To guarantee that they have still enough to eat, one day later, atleast two packages need to stay over from another larger amount for each large amount. Therefore this large amount must be bought by others for them. Or at least symbolically, someone, like their parents - has to buy gold or something that stays like that for them. Therefore they act as a kind of watchers, over consumers who buy chips so they get that certificates. This is possible too to write that and mean something different by that. But both is connected somehow. The interests meet where they are in fantasy, as a kind of concept called preference. This way a good cultivated outlook on business is created.

But riding a horse as a horserider in Zelda is not a sin. Especially not, to come back to the tree at the end of the game, and also buying on the way or later a christmas present for someone you love. All these good things are happening, at the end would the player want to make the ending even better for others. For some of them would be needed a shop not only inside the game, of course, but generally too. Capitalism is part of adding good and trying hard to be someone better. Look how animals hold what they have dearly and demonstrate it, in a triumphant way. In decades made by the state, it is complex not more, but completely the other way. Don’t play the philosophers if you believe a false theory and are sophists. All these things from capitalism are needed to add positive things to the end of the game there. So even the lonely girl there in the later versions, who is often alone, will not be so alone then. Why does nobody see, how they hurt the memories made by these games, if they hurt these characters, and even the memory in the calculator? There are in truth two matrixes. One is for the consumers, the other, secret. And people live only in the secret one. And the matrix is red, not green.

The article precluding a substantive, is always negativistic. Reality can’t provide on itself the way people arranged it, by binding it to language. Articles have therefore to be bought by people, and there is no other way to order reality. Most people don’t yet know the sweet meaning of others buying something in time if it is just in time and this. They have to buy single things and be glad or abstain from purchasing at all. “This” implies always context. It can imply being near, being emotionally attached, or nearer at hand (the one nearer). The people blaming them, don’t yet know, or already know, that they are innocents, and still the same way they progress in blaming them, the same way nobody discourages them in business-skidiving, they do only to alert or make other things that “boys” make. This kind of skydiving is highly discouraged in normal thinking people. Where “this” is bought, it is never some kind of thing others critisize, such as a steak, or flesh generally. It is most often only made in very short amounts of speed, bursting through the domain to buy it. The depth or z-fog is completely in such innocents anarchistic, and they have an own fog of war they carry with them, as innocents: their products they buy, are only bought as articles. Not catching them implies shortfalls in reality, for statists, that want to seem innocent to others, in what they plan here furtherly, including worse things, since they can’t do that then. Big firms have not without reason such high amount of sales. They are invisible in this domain too. They are often 2000% on the side of soundness in theory and more. They demonstrate by 400% more than others innovation in strategy. In truth most people lie when they say, that strategy is so important to them. It is, but they also know about the next thing the customer would like to buy the next time, which is most often nothing, because the previous thing was already in preference planned. Someone is a genius who plans to buy the next previous thing. Such people get damaged too who live that way. That is a super strategy but it still implies cheating. The firms exactly like that communicate to eachother. That is funny. It was not only but in the way it is repeating and still festgehalten, good. Now the time has shifted a little bit and is in retrospective a lot. But a firm who has products for the young, plans to also in future decide over each and every firm what they are going to make. The people in the supreme court are marxists. When they get subventionized just to take away the pool someone swims in, just keeping it up, they are. They damage a lot younger creatures. Animals are their first victims, that want to live in cristal winter morning, and the same counts for humanity for them too. Karl Marx was a populist.

Games depend on firms. The firms are poor too, since when they launch their products, they hold them back in this time and that is a good strategy while they struggle wanting to release them, with many pitfalls happening that are all human. Keeping a product behind closed doors is a kind of authentification scheme. Freedom has a kind of strength that never vanishes. Only people that are very egoistic are not interested in products firms have to offer regularly. They know everything better and let others struggle who know the meaning what happens in that release-time. For example equilibrium was displayed by all in science as a kind of horizontal weight, without the true meaning of continuation of a machine. Many fields had the opposite meaning, of rest and peaceful behavior of material, in a way correcting the old etymology for physics. They don’t care. People speaking up in media are low-quality versions more and more of the real interested consumer, who is for example seen as a single and strong angelic man.

These kind of consumers are ideal, that means, they never prove preference. Because never anything escalates in their life. Escalation is what preference is against. All creatures in the last moment something escalates, choose the best for them or what they know is the best. Sometimes based on earlier escalations and handlings of reality. Someone in normal reality, who only lives after preferences, he finds other people count the way he lives until they escalate in crittique, but they never address the issue technically, as being part of them and how they are used by greater schemes. There are examples in writing, and there are escalations and normal writing. Mathematics has sometimes examples where a corn farmer goes with a turtoise to a shop, and addresses her grammatically in a female way altough she can’t talk, he still wants to buy her only what she deserves. Keynesianism has a lot of this tradition to take this further from there. But examples are the opposite of escalations. People have a lot of tradition that was later made to socialism, in language. Many put the weight on something in business, while many in using words unknowingly, such as beginning sentences with “Sometimes …”, where the weight is on sometimes, and the further explanation, is less in style, while both is used to explain something they wait for in the future. But they never explain what that thing is and if someone in economics analyzes it, he knows, it is rather socialism they wait for. It is possible to talk without this and then people talk like pharaons. There are many undue supporters of keynesianism, that are part of the people who still belong to those, who killed Tutanchamun because he was the only one against slavery. If someone has such friends like Tutanchamun, indeed, he has powerful friends even thousand years later. But it is hard to explain to them with their hardcore belief, that other things are more important still. Often, consumers escalate because they think they invested in mortgages, as simple people, and interest rates are suddenly up made by someone, cutting their investment in halve. This is therefore better to release articles pending fast in such situations, and that is all made by the same fear. Because not everyone is a game developer. Actually, to bury the truth, they also by that silence, that they want hinder people, become that ideal consumer, and that they do it against capitalism. This same why people escalate, is done because the remedy would be to accept a common truth or that it behaves so, and they have no clue about it unfortunately. Clueless bandits are very dangerous. They are socialists. In the domain of literature, everyone is such a clueless bandit. The more scientifically valid, the more. Everyone making fun in science, damages real science.

This is the difference to the real world, and this domain connects humanism to all of it. But exactly here when they have demands unfulfilled by future expectations, they act not as these authors there, who even when hardcore capitalists, are clueless bandits, but as real clueless bandits. All these people that are these directors, are talking like these pharaons. They never articulate words that denote timelessness. Here they exactly have all future expectations diminuated. Marxism is a kind of concept that kills these future expectations in a domain this is simply not made for human life. Nobody knows what kind of scarcity and cleanness people need. Most things built by stone like in our times don’t deliver that on purpose from outset. People get sick by dirt. People don’t know, that being for culture does not mean these architectonic things, but culture is beginning within, with sciences and the individual, they are bandits. All of them drive enthusiasm of these simple people up in timeless things, against science, so they turn them to violent bandits. Changing enthusiasm into something else, is what all socialists make against the individual, with others. This is when somebody is all alone, indeed. And here he gets saved by money, he saved, indeed. Here begins economics suddenly because they want it that way, again.

These people who turn others to communists, which is done that way, too, are not yet communists themselves. They are specifically only diminuators of truth working for someone above. Communists should be put to death most people think because their crimes are intrinsic and diminuate the truth against humanity. But they also test again and again the way someone thinks exactly here. Because even if someone is against death penalty, they should be treated that way. But then these directors get away innocently. They are unimportant because they get turned to products in the market in these moments. Communism is therefore a group of bandits that later when everybody does not critisize them, and often supported by banks that put in that situation forever an innocent, transfers their preferences to the nazis, who take over from there from this moment, and they turn them to nazis too. Nobody of them would drive of them to the outskirts in extreme weather, while all of them are grifty. Why are they sliding on snow even when they themselves would not go there to a shop, in extreme-sport conditions?

Soundness in economics

Big industry such as in future space travel, or packaging, is depending on soundness and also set theory. All that is industrial like that and clean gets damaged directly by unsound economics. Unsoundness is everywhere cobwebs can be found, which stand symbolically for it. Where torture is, the same holds true, but there the cobwebs are in shadows. This is why they always pick the rainbow-loving people. There are many twisted people Hoppe does not call parasites, but who are those, who like children-things, where in truth, the things for children are the same as for animals, and they are not those they like in truth, which have this quality of being sweet to all creatures. They only are artificial and made on purpose so. They are liars. They have the same rights not knowing what is right in a democracy, as the people they easily can put into blame of attempted mutiny (meuterei). When innocents get blamed so they get tortured, going to the root of all, it has to be assumed, that they get these guilts because of attempted mutiny, on the way to the promised land, which is America. But this time is long over and it should be updated like that too. If they take innocents like that, then justice normally tells that they very much should take account for that. Otherwise, the second amendment is concerned, as the people, rightfully think, by torture too. When they torture, it is all about the second amendment. And production of big firms as a remedy, is always taken into thoughts by the innocent, while nobody helps. There is nothing worse than despotism and historicism. The people talk about artificial problems. In truth, the despotism is the worst thing (in culture). Yet if no culture exists, then despotism itself. This is too how terrorism is created. It is not created by coldness, neither hotness in atmosphere. All versions that tell different are utopic. They don’t want you to find out certain things, they did. Sometimes the old egyptic things as secrets. The pain they deliver by social tricks, is impossible to describe, and the coldhearted diminuation. And when they torture others after someone wrote that, that is always the only reason why they are guilty. It is a game, right after they start doing it for these means. Because to reach ends is something different, it has a future ending. While to reach means is kind of ungrammatical and what they do by it. Often they are directly as state clerks from the group of sinners, who build museums, who unveil them. For example, they tax the people and rob them by taxation, and then they unveil the garbage-looking American Civil War Museum in Richmond, that looks rather like a lincoln-shrine. But in truth this means nothing more, than that, “that they are soviets”. Often to find out where to do spending next, they observe or interrogate, and the circle they as torturers turn in, never ends. Because there they do it because somewhere else they wanted to be secret while using interventionism as an excuse, which is a bad evil thing on itself too.

People already don’t know, that finding out where they like to spend, together with sound economics, makes the whole look like a domain of bankers, seen from above, like in Sim City, the game. When they teach unsound economics, people never find that out. They think, there is already everything fulfilled and complete. Indeed, the fun is often too early over, when they don’t know or don’t want someone to know, that knowing where to spend next, is to talk with somebody who has informations about that, and when they keep not doing that, but observe, they can be invisible friends here. The authorities are not the true authorities, even in sound economics. The group of people who tortures, are part of the invisible team circling around them in a system. Often, the people are right, not believing they are authorities, and not labeling that part of economics. Often, all have to have a reason why they are up above authorities, so the individual gets not blamed easily. Evil operates however, only through big firms and that gets forgotten as fast as other things, such as that, that the knowledge about the old snake is entitlement to some sort of elitary circles, that means: knowingst she is in stone and without movement, without animation always, and always only in modelling. Sometimes they create an automobile-firm just to torture one single anarchist, as an excuse, and for future profit, like 8Ball in GTA or Hyundai and they do it for a soviet dictator, or - because they remember Hitler and want him forever to be the only individual remembered.

These entitled people who search for “truth” about the old snake, they live in a lie too. Because in truth, it is the red dragon, the old snake, and they belong all to that circle, as torturers, no matter how american, as long, as there is a cartel like the FED. This creature is very much alive and animated, not like they wish it to be, living as elitists, and it has to be always like that written, with the connection, not merely as “old snake”. They are all satanists. Always they are some sort of despots, because they don’t shun away to come very close always. All of these people are scum, because they leave you in misery, be it economic, social or else. Only where soundness is you get something for something that is good. They are satanists, because economics displays there, a pointing to theology, as a scientific field. Their sole purpose is to redistribute land, like the elite, and conquest to create new borders for the elite. All they do by theology like that, is getting the people they earlier damaged, on the side additionally of Engels. Real economics is not concerned by all of that - but it is about following the path in humility, where the monetary pains, not sins, happen, on a very small scale, like a little mouse for example, needs help because she is trapped somewhere. All else is despotism. Not only therefore, economists are a little bit like managers too.

Many pluralisms are empty because of that. They are evil concepts too. When they get definite made by someone specifically who wants them that way against someone, in his ideal world he lives in, he will use that murderous enthusiasm even there, only of course - to lie about the accent account. And, they don’t take account at all for anything. They simply assume, their life is much more worth, and when they die, they died for the person they tortured then, many years later. Their behavior is simply made by the pyramide on the dollar. It is the edge of each book an individual can read, and stands for their ignorance. They are all about blockades and later when society rolls over, all that acted damaging to freedom, get away the same way, egyptian pharaons got away, as misfits, only they are. Those who are acting up as statists in these times, they will not get nazis, they assume, but the real situation is different with the state. They will get wiped out in one single blow by the state, while the innocents put into custody by them, will wait for “later things”, all enabled by them earlier, and against them: the ones having nothing, will be taken away everything, and the ones having everything, given everything additionally. What they realize right now by making these things by blaming individuals that they have sicknesses, and therefore someone invests there in them a lot, will not stop the way they keep that secret. People will be wiped out in the next world war completely, while the weak will stay as cannon fodder of those that will be randomly chosen again. There will be an evil option offered by the state with these people wanting that, put into custody by the state, that will be taken by everyone who wants to survive and earlier decided by some random choice already without wanting it really. Nothing what they make is new and is only made to drive into pain because nobody denotes anything not anymore. Some people will be crushed in the very next moment something happens. Violence will not simply stop with such a machine, such a state, against which the true fight should be, instead of being against persons made from flesh. They will be never unraveled in what they do. People will go freely into their arms as offerings for statism.

These creatures like the dragon with the five heads, and crowns, they are made against culture by Satan. They are not only against culture, but also against humility. They are against deprivation in case of evil happening, of those, who are without culture, and keep on doing it therefore. The red dragon itself, the old snake, thinks like that:“Maybe it is better for evil things to continue, and i like them stay that way, just like torture is such a concept too, and they help me”. All everything else, is not his nature, but the result of that thinking, and the expression of his nature, keeping these evil things happening. The other creatures when they get discussed in normal reality by people, the state takes the next innocent as martyr and does with him what he wants. Therefore, the state is for me, synonymous to that creatures and the simplitude of simple people discussing these things, is part of the crimes the state is making against innocents, which are always only the expressions of ignorance toward speaking the truth as an individual against these things, or describing them simply. Just for describing, they jail people somewhere and destroy their lifes for the bankers and their keynesian scum, just like they did with Jeanne D’Arc. These were the first beginnings of the marxists there. Where she was treated like in linen and metal powder, from swords, they made additionally to that the same amount of metal powder in wars. These agencies with the three letters is where the terrorists reside. They drink blood. They misuse everything. The dragon wants people jailed because he wants them conserved for later. All they do by theology like that, is getting the people they earlier damaged, on the side additionally of Engels, additionally to that evil they did. Until democracy was created, everyone who described these things with a sure standing in life, was respected by the elite and was on the side of weaponry, that means of some elite not, but generally on the side of weaponry he was. Now the world is filled by people who think there is a domain they can or a way, they can damage others and they often do it because the state seems a thing they can damage by that. This is how they were taught right theory, exchanging a queen in chess, for a peasant in each case they sense this game. They are not the good preachers, but they work for the theological caste that is made up of elitists. Often they work not at all for those, who deserve the positions elitists have in universities, who have because of that group-belonging to Engels, the position of a dark angel, while teaching mathematics in old universities, high above everyone else. I don’t know what these people do but it is synonymous to blood-drinking. People have additionally to all of that, a twisted sense of reality, made by Moloch worship they keep on doing. Keeping evil happening steady kept up in steady quality, is what is a prerequisite for this creature - the dragon - while still alive, to be itself in its nature and expression as animal. Only the gliding through air is optional to that. I am not talking about some toy, but about real things how they are. As long as they do torture, on innocents, they will display this prerequisite as the toy and the thing not needed to be corrected. While trapped by them, there is no outcome always, while in freedom, all is calculated by them appearently by outcomes then.

The truth they don’t tell is: from two persons, always 2 believe in the dragon. Else, there would be no need for churches, if that would be random. It is always the individual, who does not believe in such combining with others. And they are against that, and like the state to not be. There will be always possible a panic in the market, and people whose parents died and they get collected for some better life option, and who think about people so low, together. They don’t know how often that happens. The ill is not in the quirk, but in the reality. Innocents might be displayed as losers, beshadowed and begotten by the situation made by making them losers, by making a lack of foreign competition, where they wanted to resolve the problem from buerocracy, while they get tortured by those who make the ill happening, because they can’t accept that there are theories that others can’t respond to, because they are too logical. There is no pardon for this kind of silencing. Why should there not exist 1000 tortured innocents, and 1000 Hyundais were created? In similar fashion to that, which is fashion indeed, and not something else, namely, each time preference is not lived out by a person, a child dies in another country. I know Mises never wrote that but pointed it out. Else the slave-drivers are still the traditionalists and many of that still wrote for some group profiting because they can’t step down. They don’t know what kind of panic they make by that. The hens are sometimes more intelligent, than the single fox, and behave exactly like him, designating what they do each day, displaying it to others, by taking the fox as model. These people take what is good. They in exchange for that, display Marxism as these ballerina-toys, from porcellain, in truth they are marxists and do that for Marx. If someone wants to relativise about freedom exactly here exactly, he feels only ashamed because of them. The strong people will survive and the traditional people will survive just as they survived economically by education in their beloved countries.


It is no wonder that the topic gets so silenced - since displaying the quality of how something is traditionalism still here, while being nationalist and by it still like that, and still traditionalism at the same time from a distant perspective, is different than applauding or not applauding creating 1000 firms. Both need different methods and they are only here allowed to be used on humans. Else, the people who don’t know that humanism and uneducated methodisticism are the same, will have the power in future. People even when they were raised in unwelcoming circumstances, still create them later, when everything was corrected, again. How can that be called of some kind of nationality? I mean - this is really unsound to think or make something like that. These people who critisize capitalism like that, seem not to be pondering a lot themselves what they do and how they act damaging others. Even the danger of things becoming oppressive, is demanding a lot how is needed a true definition of how that is still traditionalism and nobody correcting that void. If you are in business and even concerned by economics and offer others goods, and therefore can’t leave reality, why do you leave business then as a domain to discuss these things and then claim, others therefore rightfully because you think in a chasm, two negations are still nothing, because of some function making them nothing too, don’t discuss in reality with you habits? To me, hey, these people are the same strange as a strange entity. So many bank failures and only people talking about if they raise interest rates suddenly, they make the banks fail. So much logic in how that gets treated when demands are made to socialize with others, and the individual is the only one realising the size of the problem, by the state. The void will not be closed because it comes exactly from theology. A church is in economics nothing else, than an accent account. It is it who got always silenced for showing others how to produce things, and why it was always romantical, because everyone thought it has to be silenced. This was never admitted as a mistake. The countries that will be forced to give up, will get these changes. New people will come and as long as there is a state, statists will continue the hated conditions against freedom. They will not change being statists because they wish science who titles them by that ism, vanished. Therefore, set up by this possibility of being wiped out completely, the human race will begin the same horrors again, thinking it has to fight together with others. Because they will anyway happen on the weak if they give up. Since times immemorial, christianity was the remedy against this and the only reality displaying how nothing of that sort can be changed. The state would in future generate only one individual, and always be in a state of war. Only to hunt it through the whole domain by machines that shoot lasers, in tunnels and such. There would be no humans alive, else, only the individual and the state of war if the state can do what it wants. Most people think, what these people do, is only concerning banks. But, in truth, that is not all that they do. The shame must be put to where it belongs. I can find out the middle road between a big firm or a corn farmer. I can calculate exactly what they do, in doing these things too, like talking to some statist authority. They follow an antihuman plan. People need exactly it may be - the things on this middle road. But these things can be and are most often in a psychic domain rather and they move there unfortunately only. This is anticapitalistic and socialistic, and most authors don’t add exactly here another trademark of it too, which is murder itself.

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