Conflagration 5

Balkentheory is the three-dimensional integralrechnung. Writing that is easy but not so easy for someone fresh to mathematics. He gets even when he is right, because it still may be instead balkentheory, field-theory what he meant, critisized sharply and deeply. But that sounds a little bit untidy? They like untidy science or make it untidy by democracy. But that is all. This text is now against suicide. It is maybe different with de-civilisation.


To really understand it is needed a black tea to drink first. Where someone pulls out of the TV by what the Army offers to the thoughts, it is not to the thought yet, and following media, became somehow “cool” doing it and now says “yeah, this guy simply gets”, others know that and say “he is cool but what is with our economy?”, then they are on a totally different road then while they who see them fail to admit also, that these people are so simpleminded that they see this unculture while they say nothing about it. I would call that simply persecution of preference as a concept. Of course they will see what they will get off this if they are like that and then see persecution is only possible if something acts: They who keep the word “they” hidden, are occultists. Doom is needed against them. They never doom because even they act. What the state offers should be now clearly distuingishable. If it is not so like they act by it, and like others they persecuted maybe displayed it by documents, then someone speaks simply not english.

Differential calculation is needed against them because they wish the downfall of empires, and is when you have a tangent and you want to calculate by it the eccentricity of the curve in a diagram. The eccentricity of a curve is the intersection or the tangent of the height of the vertical dimension by exact location. However -> the lore telling stories about this, intrinsically, is forgotten and gets not talked about or reinstituted by any means. Many stories could be told about the short moment when this tangent line is applied and how it was created and where all of this comes from. Instead, they put people back by marxism and anti-capitalism into the 19th century, to misuse them as torturers. Only in integral-calculation, you are concerned by horizontality and volumes at the same time. They can change everything by simply telling a story, and then integrating that tangent to drive people back by that story again to where they want them in excentricity. They hold an order - where they make people the illusion, that there is something going on, while they mean the global situation of firms - which is in steady competition anyway, in a state of fight against eachother, like the animal kingdom. They could still make economic rules that are sound and reflect the current situation by using the term “to prepare”, but they fail to do it and fail to admit it. On the other side of the coin, people try to kill me when i write texts on homepages of firms such as “we are a dominating firm here and there”. I found out that this is because they prefer to hear the democratic “we are in here and there dominating firm”. These people know their mistakes and they hide them. To them, “firms” are a term to be misused, so it hides what they do. But i got absolutely null support from anyone in anything i do until now. That must be said. It’s better to work for people like that but when it is time to be a human, i like to delve into introversive labor. Of course, other people worked making the photographs i think about to include them as a vision in websites or something like that. It is all human action. No wonder, all people have no access to firms, and have to stalk the streets while besides them are these big buildings and noone helps despites the demonstration of wealth.

The consumer can do nothing to change, that animals are treated bad for capitalism. He has to wait until he can. They all believe that, that life is a game of such sort. Corporativism has still its fists quenched holding them up, by contempting commodity. Characterisation is too early that is made by empiricism. It does not take completely into account the details where parents come from. It is all a bad strategy especially because it tortures others. It holds in itself the expression, of it, that being often somewhere, and leaving it as an empty space in life because it is not viable, is not without reasons overlooked. It is simply on hold to be given up to someone always, and nobody can manage it then. The collectivists do exonerous crimes. It is rare in democracy to find someone who joins into actions against collectivists, because everybody believes, evil can’t know always what it does. But evil does not make collectivism vanish. The ones picking that up however, are some sort of garbage-crawlers, and they are not just at all. They were very smart making these people poor beforehands. It will not change anything. They are made to be making fear to people, like the dogs in nazi-times. Why are people hunted, that don’t believe in that beast-lore, but prefer the clean pattern of a world of products from technology, that is religious at last? Isn’t someone treated elitarian, if he simply knows set theory, and others silently get to know that from someone? But he thinks these others are 20x lower in skill then, and it is unrealistic in reality why they should have these positions. Maybe they really know so little? Maybe, set theory, is not less fit in skill than algebra, while someone may be bright, having for himself standards twenty times higher for himself? These people hide their secrets by creating files without file-ending. It is illegal in all countries to call the individual insane or make him guilt in any such personal way, except in countries like China.

If it would be not so, it would be impossible to misuse it too, and it would not exist to use it as a prophecy against all prophecy. Someone would come as an individual and simply make things clear by making the problem vanish if evil could not know always or feel what it does. It is it that knows by empathy. In capitalism, being against the state is a kind of joke that everybody likes to hold up as a lifestyle. But everybody is simple as a worker and knows, that there is needed people who behind the smoke screen, keep up the good theory against the state, by being soft and against it at the same time, while not visibly at least being torn into problems always. I know the solution to treating animals that bad. It is called commodity. But it unfortunately means usage of high amounts of power always, only held by the private banks. What now? Have i found now a good reason to blame capitalism? It is true. Why does noone talk about the danger of doing nothing, and living with others, when it gets harder and harder for the inner times freedom? I’m not talking about beasts when they come to your bed or something, these ultimate darkness things. But they are often the same. The state comes early in life and blames vampirism of such kind, but what happens to others if they become that way, and reality gets all surrounded by that theme with this kind of darkness based on a single visit by this creature? Isn’t this what the bankers fear? Anyhow, commodity is what is used to move people in certain direction like mechanism, to move their arms in certain directions, and then, their wants. People believing a lot in the state, think until these days and spread the word, the false word. They think and say, it is incentive doing these animatronix. While freedom-loving people get elected by them for torture. In a democracy. They want to kill every individual. People believe easy it is good to become a leader of a firm. They don’t know yet, that this drive to believe that, comes from the state, and it is called coercion. The state however, means by that future extortion and also killing the individual (verselbstständlichung).

It may well be that CEOs are evil-corporativist but without advertising capitalism, people would not be able to find that knowledge about liberalism on their own. The chicago school always used very angry bastards against people speaking up or writing against them. In Hoppes theory they are all terrorists and made to them too by people who make science untidy by making anti-individualism to soften the impact of someones words. And because Chicago has the most laws it has the most crime too, and it gets accepted globally, inclusive with the other thing. It is a good way to hide theatre. Every CEO has to live with at least once being put in danger by a gangster wielding a knife. It is a good way to hide theatre then not anymore. This is the reason all have at least the support of holding together as firms in that. Why should the state offer something better, raising these very angry bastards, known from American McGees Alice? The historians actually came to my home, disguised as state clerks. My reaction to them was the only thing i could do for truth. Alice is actually Trotzky, and what he went through, and against whom he had to fight. They come all from propaganda, even as state clerks, and as despots. The people are self-guilty at this point, from that moment, on, that they don’t connect Toth Tehuthi to what happened to Jesus. But the people, too very much rich capitalists too, who became rich fast by conglomerates and emulgates, hulled themselves in with their conglomerates behind that lie, where geniuses only talk like so, or people like van Mises, thinking about what happened to culture, to Tchaikovsky as the appearent opposite of modern music in these modern times, and how connecting it to Jesus, brings up all these anti-individualistic dangers against cultivated people. These capitalists that became way too rich fast became rich by emulgates and conglomerates and misused church. They should be like “Tchaikovsky did even exist !” only after they critisize that media is full of displaying Mises as low as a student since 2011. His music was composed by central planners in black robes. Toth Tehuthi however holds the secret, that the old egyptians knew, about sicknesses of the throat, made of cold. They hold secret, until these days, that this magical spell is called “socialism” and is in truth a myth, but held as a social order because people are seduced by not teaching it is only a myth, and that this since old Egypt.

Not they would drift eternally in lies, in dualism, only, but all, that are profitable only for idealists. All people absolutely. Most conflicts, mainly held by men that like to represent their children and to dominate, are about owning land, and to demonstrate it to others, that they may as individuals not have inallienable rights, which stem from their right to self-ownership, based on their inherent complexity in being. That is however not understood by environmentalists, who were successfull once again, with the NWO, in hiding that they are obamists if elitarianist. Toth Tehuthi itself describes what happened to Jesus. The demonic creatures, made of people, the rotation of reality, the false belief, the pinning up of a human. The ignorance binding these prophecies to human action as a logical counterpart. Human action is everywhere shops are. You can see it on the inhuman height of streets only for cars. When they are outside inhuman, how can a shop not be full therefore, following this logic, of human action instead, if everything is easy to be grabbed? It is a prophecy and bound to these decades with the people liking the things inside it displayed, as part of their life. I don’t mean by that the innocents whom it is not boring to be around, that all get tortured. People hold a boolean value of negative zero with them by default, because of plain boringness and defaults made by marxism. The other people to that are not a group believing in Jupiter or some astronomy. But marxism is wrong and has to be defeated each time by logic. Environmentalism is nothing else than intercourse. It is a lie, that it is bound to some groups or has to be defended as requiring parts of groups to exist. Anyway, they are a NWO. People can be hunted by simple interrogation. If interrogation interrogates some people, why is not the same, as nothing itself? It is, and it leads to same answers always of nothingness.

And the characters hunting there, are all these characters Alice in Wonderland had to fight. Statists are for truth. That is the biggest lie. People whom you want to make rules to live inside a range, break them by making holistic rules. They don’t take the little answer for them, but want everything for themself, while you get only these rules served then that you wanted to make but where it was as a strategy in capitalism to change them a little bit so they don’t make fear each day anymore. This results that they get elected by powers the same magnitude, where for example the rules can’t remove their photos from the tables of themselves, based of course on the long time enlarged in turn by the existence of the cartel members of the banks in existance or someone there from a cartel, as a group. The many members this cartel has, the long the time they can “reign in terror” at home. Young people therefore, get enabled by supreme court, to do exonerous things. Normal consumers don’t go over the street after buying products, and don’t change sides on purpose when you encounter them going against your direction. Why should the same at home be something different than meaning my own direction, or my own life even? This is corrupt. Consumers are very much fine and cultivated, and they don’t behave so. It is a crime to display these young people as innocent when they have the potential to later do hunts on consumers like the nazis did. Consumers always put two things aside for their own self. This is how near you can go to a human even in theory. Not more nearer than that namely. I have found that these people exposed by sound economics are not only themselves, the terrorists, even those who torture them as directors, but also -> thieves that wait for socialists to steal houses of capitalists. They get supported by people using 40 years of weight in planning, wherefore in economics, when it is sound, firms plan 20 years maximum and that is already what they do to hold them far away from their firm. These evil people use the double amount of time. It is generally not possible to make better plans than those that take 20 years as timespan. Not even - these - people are guilty on something. Even these i describe are in democracy backed up by those doing the real dirty things and they don’t even know them luckily. Hoppe lived a very long time in Las Vegas.

Statists are in truth not the real problem, but they were, and they hid behind what the environmentalists became. All these things coming from religions foreign to christianity, are about confronting someone or something, not about peaceful harmony. Only god is peaceful and without these things. Therefore the concept of psyche is idle too, almost idyllic. Hoppe prays too, sometimes to God. He is Astharot. I found out, that want is less fine in quality than religious views and emotions. To control it, is always invisible to those being controlled to realize it for some evil entities. There where want lives, they have put in fiat-currency as a concept. Environmentalism is not the formula they use in truth, but formulas are what they use in togetherness. The formula is simply researchable first, but for that many firms would have to admit first by authority, and that is taken away from them by state. Many environmentalists don’t see that exactly here they can do nothing. But human rights are broken by some firms in our decades. But they are a group doing these problems that is locatable as socialists, because even when it seems innocents get hunted and in daily life on top of that, by evil demons or characters from that antibiblical side, it is not true. People have always people against them in reality. Because where economics is, there is always „we can“, or „wir schaffen“, as part of „Wirtschaft“ in etymology and ontology. Economics belongs therefore on universities rather, and should be defended there too in versions that are correct. Else, statists can do what they want in daily life and then even evil gets defended.

These „things fully explained, make children not anymore part of the topic“. The philologists quenching the last drop of blood out of innocents or those who search truth, want to keep secret the strange entity that is Positivism itself. Positivism is for all kinds of theft, extortion and aggregates. In turn, loss of private property, is for positivism too. When others try to order things, they forget, that anti-positivism orders them on itself. It is a way to win things for itself for the individual, after all. Somebody only who steals from someone illegally, is depending on positivism. These things are not explained because they are in daily life in the market taught to consumers. They are not fully explained in words in society to those who like to dominate easily. There is a way to keep on the right track in economics by ignoring characterisation exactly here and where they feel, that it makes the person too smart, they are against it, like they were against the holy Jeanne D’Arc.

Instead capitalism is misused and then blamed singlehandedly, to deliver products -> then make them appease -> and then unfold in equality to each and everything to itself and outsides.. Because of Positivism, families resemble big firms, and big firms can’t fire corrupt CEOs, that means – people that pick words in fire. State clerks that look like coming just from a bank safe that belongs to them suddenly, are not these fine individuals and they are obamists too against data lore. All is not soft enough and a lot of violence lingers for the people to be picked up in certain decades, unused yet, and unresolved by emotional positivity towards economics.

This is a better trade-off to build therefore firms than social things. There are things for childfun and things for adultlife. They make triple evil occultism and then to make people forget about what they did, they let an author write a new title for his book. If they don’t believe that images of people may display words relativistic, what do they believe in therefore? Surely not something that likes children a lot… Because titles are even one step ahead in administration than words, they think. Titles like „she is the dark“ are cool but she is indeed not so dark, as the american state is very friendly and zuvorkommend to other young people, drawing them into the army. But they don’t look behind the smoke screen, that is in private in each young life. This is misusage, because this space is overcommented by people. And they carry further that corruption unfortunately, with a lot of the same. Everything only for some appearent order. These are lies in truth, held invisible. Mostly, about them, that they as people are not iterables in law which is appearently after them not misused, to save some appearent socialism for their cartel of banking. Innocents get tortured just because the system chose or let others choose after a certain level of dopamine. There is no more logic behind that, than that. Of course, this is etatism and elitarianist.

These people that are all using the newest technology and are at the same time farther, are not individuals, but studios, and they get all paid for keeping these standards so high on purpose by the state. But in which style do they move then, is it maybe the style of old egyptic gods? Then the state does not really offer security there. Because styles make people invisible like that. There is such a style that is called „1337“, or „elite“ that has nothing to do with this kind of financing against the individual. There is however a moment when people follow that and advertise to others their skill that they need transparency to not melt in situations with the screen, when meaning is adversive to their philosophy. These people who need that moment to further the evil intentions of socialists, are all paid too. They fake keywords from the first README made in 1970, for some abstract program, and try to analyze the person by that, coming from state. If they need that, what is their argument therefore, as plagiarists and how are they not surrounded by historians? Arguments had always a strange connection to vampires both as a concept. The fear they try to make by socialisation, is not even made by them, but can be as well from church, the people who made arches, and stayed positivist. In economics there is a moment of holiness that has something to do with giving anonymity to consumers and keeping that theory up in future. Everybody has to feel that, in a statistic over time, as it is only in economics. But people like the other feelings to that, who surround themselves with authority, as demogogues or despots, on side of the leviathan. The many good behaving people working in state don’t make up for the single bad acting youngster dressed in black and full of sin.

But who are socialists? People that don’t admit simple things such as, these, that yield only is defined by the higher hierarchy of categorists, where iterables are, and where the yield is only used to define a value like 1 or 2. That means, the top guy, or the underdog. This is actually what van Mises teaches too by his pupils and the clarity of meeting together to discuss him. The state clerks do illegal phishing techniques, i know this. There is despites their marxist hope lore, no order done by anybody despites the individual being all the time terrorized by magnificient rules made by verstaatlichung. The state should keep the lot away from the elitary people. But he does that not in case of the individual. Instead, there is a lore about standards, about widescreens, and the oldschool data-lore is forgotten forever, even if it is more stylistically near to cloud-computing which is extremely modern. Widescreens are byproducts of democracy and they get misused easily. The nemesis of widescreens is someone advertising to others that shall behave after tradition, while they already are creeping the emotional floor of unwant or unneed. Widescreens don’t get punished by capital sin remarks. Capital sin itself gets not punished because only corporativists make it. It gets not even searched, even when everybody knows the word „capital punishment“. This nemesis has made a lot of the format getting it into smaller versions – using the retardation technique of society, called socialism, which makes retardations of truth over long periods of time that everybody can’t react on. Positivism, is living at the level where fear is, where fear is made by Socialism, in the short interval. It is because it is the fear of Lucifer, and he lives not in this world. That renders whole of Socialism of course as dangerous and void of sense. Many people can be still as individuals haunted by this when they get by the concept itself, hunted. This is what i mean with eternal blame as an anticapitalistic plan against capitalism, since it can be everything, any object in fact that takes place there, as long as it is capitalistic, such as for example dirt fights between women in democracy are capitalistic, and yet, many misuse that by blaming beforehands an innocent, and are even from state together as men, called „atleast-5-men-formation against the individual“. They act bastardous, not the women, since they do that for the keynesians. In democracy these dirt fights are always misused that way, and that is called an anticapitalist effect, made by these people too, and never admitted.

How mandating the individual gets democratized and hidden under the table

Socialists, or leninists, are all the people, commenting you after you played in music theory a melody this way or that way. Only there they act. But they transfer this critique on other parts of your life, on many parts of life, in the individuals case. They hold their monopoly by sickness when over long periods of time they only were against human action, they always have there a pawn they play based on taking strength away from the person like vampires. Leninists that are statists, are luciferianists and this is not the only mixture they exist by. The people working for state from the Isis cult, they do wrong on youth, because their cult comes from the correct belief, that children newly born, come from sin. They connect their skull to the egyptic god, Ram. They all make the individual believe, that Ramses was a king, evenwhich it is not correctly said. He was simply a pharaon or also the namebearer for his place he operated at. Because of many people going with the true god and Moses out of Ramses, this place, it is appropriate to call him „Ramses“ only. But they give themselves this might, and it is visible in how they don’t admit anything. These people don’t know, or admit, that the whole space the state lives in, is the empty living irony in darkness made by leninism and there is nothing in this space absolutely-except at the end, there is standing a dictator, with all these persisting attributes, can be anyone in democracy, and those who laugh about that, are luciferianists. Cults such as the Isis cult always try to bind the individual by state to some central planner planning made for some appearent “masses” if not enough documents are brought back to the table in special cases at the states disposal. That Toth Tehuthi is in truth Milkom, gets silently treated.

These state clerks have envy that comes from autopsy. They drive around and catch young girls into cars and later say they are respectfully treated. If they mandate the individual and keep it hidden they can be connected to other things too. If they do this against anarchists, they are together a group of murderers. They can be held accountable for murder, it is called in germany “rufmord”. Of course, instead they also write sometimes packages against the individual. These come directly from trust. They destroy the family by using artifact-collectors, that depending on value of the thing in question, they can get this thing by destroying using their powers, the family in „question“. They are machinist and drive the human in question to be motorized for some ugly goal they choose. This is not yet sozialisation what they make. They leave that for the people later, to realize it by luciferianism and Socialism as a generator of fear. Luciferianists always make sozialisation, with which they begin their words and desire, and nobody sees that.

And the people applaud that, from the family. That not yet – but all other things they do that gladly. They are all against the white in the individuals eye, and they do that happen by exactly that deadliness in action. People live in an alternate universe and their beliefs are so too. The banks exactly here make marter with individuals by believing in sin. The rules the state makes or has, are all sound. They sound great and humane. But they are not anymore that, after buerocrats have used them for triggering them for later, after pushing another thing inbetween that is new to collect some data first. Then this is called anesthesis. The german people have culture, and they display it by demonstrating to others, that the things that tickle the intellect, are „somewhere“. These people as state clerks only seem that they are them, while they destroy their culture. This culture comes from catholicism.

Socialists or marxists are against capitalism, and do socialistic revenge, on innocents, via the state, because they want to fight preference, that means – tearing out the eyes of a beautiful woman, like in higher echelons made by weapon zars as a ritual. The woman chose by preference, and therefore, because they are a sect made by Engels, they have to do revenge, they say. And no matter what it is that is against the individual all – it is still illegal. First of all – they have no real respect before the things for child. This is the first thing that real crime means, and against this are anarchists. When their enemies are against that, which responds to animation. Whole democracy is built on this premise against child. They only beat women because later they offer easy outcomes for the lot. Nobody ignites for science because of what they do. There are situations helpless, that people know falling into them, but yet go there, that are programmed to make them fail. For example, in programming. Only a certain color the individual observes and some time, can lead to an answer and to right outcomes then. Sometimes only a word helps that is used as a variable, that is from mayanic decades, so it is forgotten on purpose, to deliver a helping hand. Mises was so too, but he was so in economics. The state proclaims he can help. But people only get the true powers from inside, when there are problems. There is no answer for this kind of eternal blame. Progressive music is made so the state gets an attest that „nothing is evil“. But the people making such alternate music, have as a lot, economic problems. Live i in such decades not, where a lot called „marxists“, are responsible for? Code that is well written looks like angels or dragons wings. There is a mental connectivity to the physical. Decades get worse in the end. It is because of the marxists. Only they are a group. Only a lot such as these are used by them who have power to change decades like this by them. This is a dark prophecy.

They took a black president while war is all about being black on its face. This is still hate against the web, because they are simple, while they act like it, and are socialists. Physics does not teach about constructors, but nobody explains further of that, that someone may fall into a ventured hole ventured by individuals on purpose, because constructors actually have two meanings. Just like it is a realm of phantasy, in danger of being destroyed by anti-individualism, because it describes beginning and end of individuals as only module, the people who act here, have normal power akin to the critique on single pages of books, not whole books. They brought science to the point, destroying it, where scientists have to agree. Science should be the entity and power destroying criminality in society. Because it is the only entity, that teaches by never advertising agreement, against not advising against criminality. But when they make scientists agree over time, they let that vanish faster, than the slow way, lie unfolds. In science, you don’t agree with anybody. Yet the problem is heavier than might one assign to it weight. Corruption and buerocracy are two different things, where the first is rather a multiplier on the latter. Weight and multiplication seem the same in math only. Still the state is not to be used by people who go around twisting truth or are coerced by others to do so based on unjustice. Since the tradition to be without bazaar, that means, the first thing creating capitalism, comes from Russia. There is absolutely no tradition that is not against bazaars that would be not from Russia. It simply is because it has nothing to do with their culture. At the same time, many receipts old ladies cook from there, are bastardous and should be kept away from Russia as a topic. These things that the individual does not like, he chooses against them because they connect.

But people lightly go with assigning characterisations to innocents based on hate against science that has the same level as the knowledge allowing to illuminate someone about such. Here one must be very aided for himself. At decades you find all pertaining a certain topic. But then when you really need it later in firm creation, everybody as if on purpose, hides the true data such as in case of „white-space: pre-wrap;“, to wrap words from databases lateron, when systems ar already integrated, to make invisible the possibility. Human behavior is only distinguishable as that, if a human acts changing from socialism to capitalist thinking. People do that all the time but unknowing of the mechanism repeating that, which is this, to jump always hence and forth. Everywhere socialism is, the state builds besides firms these houses for immigrants. Until the firm vanishes because of being depreciated and industrialised too early. It is the people who make industrialisation from it too early. But when the people get might such as this, to think wrongly here – for example that THEY can do that effect on the firms, because of poverty or something – everybody should know this is only in films. But rust is real. Just as Moses led the people from Ramses to Judaea, the development was counteracted by state against, in fighting words such as dualogon instead of dualism. This is not rise of culture to make such from words and civilisation.

Capitalism is all about making things so good, until that point, that the one asking for help, is not anymore thinking other than equal and all are equal inside it. The consumer chooses always against duality, and that comes as a tradition from having girlfriends, where always in hard decades only-one and only one image is chosen to go with in the pocket. This is where the problems should be searched in a normal world, not blockades made. The old snake is of course against capitalism, because there is such a concept of an old child. It is the child that is highly gifted. It wants civilised society, exactly that which Professor Ludwig van Mises was emitting. All social things are against these children. Here too, social things are not enough, to be built. Instead of these social schools or something, real firms should stand, where a businessman, as CEO, can be seen in suit and flags are seen that stand for trade. Democracy is the thing that is the best. Everybody is against it and yet, it makes only civilisation. Those not friends of that, are many. But, „many“ is a value. Economics understands that, all, that has these!? People often, prepare and forget the details and do the next thing. Then, all the actions to do later, they held, to do, take the place of meaning and value, by the weight of all decade, if they once reset them afterwards, and then they make mistakes. Human action is indeed valuable. The people that rape the constitution, only analyze consumers, to create the best coconut-containing product. In case of constitutional war, revolution or civil war, they shoot with these white balls of coconut. All can be communicated so it is for all others, because they were appearently not part of that, in weights and dignity in scales. Real identity is shunned by all. The state has a lot of luck that he has still these means to keep his criminality up despites nobody wanting or needing that. These people proclaiming that but acting against the austrian school of van Mises, they come in two spices. One is tainted by religion and is real and unfortunately the reality. The other is what they think they are, but will never become, as proto-nazis against conservativism in capitalism. There are times when suddenly simply everyone, even your daddy, is sad to death and these times are made by unsound economics. All people give up. Silent tears are not anymore heard.

The consumer is king in capitalism. Because he uses preferences and everybody knows, it is not known to others, and respects the encryption happening therein. But there are creatures like the five-headed snake, when they take away your web by your parents, that is like end of life. But who is the Antichrist? The dictators. It is them who put your people into denial about truth and even yourself sometimes. You see it on the soft way, the word „some“ is used in Javascript. It has no bindings whatsoever to the observer. With them, it is different indeed to a bazaar. It is a lowly rule to control a bazaar. Women still live in that fallacy, concerning a bazaar, that to be traded on it, it somehovv romantic. People selling things on them, even in democracy are saved because they are the ones transporting the great stuff. They can’t be guilty. That democracy saves them, is however, unfair. Because it is responsible for a dualism with the state together, when the customers return home, they need to go to work haunted by opportunity they see in future on the market. The state with its democracy, mixes them however with the do-nots and already has them in control there. A little market can’t therefore save from such cruelties. A greater version of it is needed, called the free market. Who is the Antichrist else, if not the one, making forget the sentence about that, that helps young people the most? The sculptures on graveyards remind of that importance, which is need in truth. It is crosslinked, with economics, just as there is one important sentence always akin to that, not forgotten by van Mises, that this market stuff has its own downward-line too, and it shall be not crosslinked with science. But if need is supplied instead of „truth“, which is more true to everything true even than need, things are remembered that are culture. Sculptures in their beauty, depend on a certain level of culture. Sculptures can’t. They are not human. This is wrong in grammacalicaticity too.

Even if the downward-line made by van Mises, is crosslinked to division itself, the market has this way he described. And it can’t be forgotten next, that culture is also then important, and that capitalism is crosslinked to being a supporter of culture coming to life. Culture, comes from barter trade. From dividing the other halve, with your brothers or sisters. When you can’t do that, the state is very much the evil acting there in your life, when you live with people over time more and more, that are hostile. Marxists are the worst thing, because when they hide completely their victims and isolate them, they are indeed the worst satanists and capitalism is against that. When satanists can do what they want and even torture, and even hide it, then this is the worst kind of satanism, and it is only supported by marxism. Innocents get tortured, in that moment they feel, akin to that, of hearing on some director, from above, where most people are „cool“ when they do it, and it is natural to most humans. But it is akin to that. But in truth, the moment is programmed by themselves, and the state is against it, because he is a monopolist, when in high success moments, they switch the state they programmed as innocents. In that moment lives torture, because it has nothing to do with nonvampirism at all, to hold someone captive, but mostly is only supported by capitalism where the high success moment is possible even. But when there is no capitalism, there can be still torture and then it is the worst satanism, because hidden. Because of the NWO, when you consult the state for help, such a great state in size, will deliver it to you, but beginning with your own self, where everything is hiddenly optimized by corrupt actors. The second is, what they did as plans too, that they use interventions to create aid, so later, of course, when the state is great in size, they will torture everyone.

Still nobody warns against it, ventures to explain it, and all are socialists or corporativist. They are positivist. They stole so much gold that a skyscraper is a model for it. Politicians and people with power, they can be not satanists. That changes not, that the emulgates are, that use them. They think they can hide behind the state, using it, while at day proxies are used to extract data from databases, while promises or functions, to insert this. They are still part of a collective, wanting Toth secret. Their stately position can’t disguise furtherly. They tried to disguise real division behind pyramides until these days. The symbol speaks of it, of division, of that, and not of more. It means not real division. The symbol itself has no number. One must be really dumb to listen to authority. In truth, division with a backslash, is true division. There can be even traced the chemicals that run into the waters by the industry zone. The authors as host have not right, claiming, they can write everything and change everything in the world, and make everything with money. They have another belief. In Moloch belief? Of course, because god is always the same and in these matters too. When someone wrote all the time lies, or truth, it matters not, in the end, he is concerned by the way things are in the outside domain. And he can’t change what he wrote until then. What now, torturers? Torturers are all these people, who when seeing something strange or tragedious in the shop, they visit as consumers, they leave, and then they directions again to return to blame the shop for what they bought. Normal people don’t do that.

People until now, run away from such things, fearing authority, and how it tortures, using the power of all machines at once, it builds in society, against the individual and his mindset. This is all about power, nothing else rather. They try to disguise by themselves, that if a line is meaning division, and contains an array of three numbers, the numbers they define, not are they defined anymore by dots, such as logic prescribes. But still, three dots connect such a line as dividing 6 / 3, resulting in 2, and they want to hide with all of that, that then each number in an array has to mean 1,5 in sum, with each being then 0.5, told by logic. But the missing piece in the set they are not, which is the fourth dot. And still, the technique describing division itself, speaks of aliteracy and unknowledge about real numbers in truth. Because nobody calculates until these days, that the missing dot vanishes, because the line is shifted on a horizon downwards.

The occultists leave their victims as numbers in a database encoded. Some individuals call that coralling of data. Even as state clerks, they belong to them. Truth was shifted. But not by them. Other things were shifted, that were alive caused by their weight they have in society. Corporativism is a not so humble dualistic place that takes the agent in an event into two places. Socialists all believe, it has to be proven by someone first, due to many philosophers from german state. They may be right. But they think, as state clerks, access to their beloved entity „the german state“, has to be always open, and with it, they prove, that they are a buerocracy. But i want to describe that in such programming languages, variables mean the same in different versions. In corporativism the places are so: One is made for children, by it, the second is on top of that, how they rob people off their last dime and leave the individual that way, remembering the first place. They don’t admit their name, but need complete anonymity by beforehands deleting it and replacing it by number. This is exactly what the banks do: the extreme form of complete robbery of the people. Everything is about dividing what a person has, with the other half. Numbers have only because of that still egyptian nature, because there it was most common as slaves, to be together in hell in bright daylight, in these days reserved only for the most poor living in poverty. Artificial intelligencies make a lot of noise these days, but they are empty about the knowledge that antichrists are not consumers and never belong to that group. Someone programmed them to simply ignore that module. They are all bankers. They take the opposites of those, who get tortured, who are more armious.

The color that lets forget is the same color, priests wear. You might not yet know, that all sums are arrays. They used that, and misused that on others. This is a way to misuse it in economical, too, if it is in economics, too. One of the ways to get out of isolation, and loning depression, or maybe the only answer for it, is to search for answer, such as for example, in a forum of philosophy like Aristotle and Plato envisited. The way schools treat that space well, is however, not there. Where this space already summons, it has two roads. Either a person is thrown out of school for „unstately behavior“, or he gets punished by capital sin remarks. Only children get punished that cruel way. Later they try to misguide others more, adding to it pain and robbery of freedom. These roads:

They don’t open „new possibilities“. They are, either thinking about the time spent there, or following rules of a good scholar, and answering all lingering questions that the there visiting philosophers, posited, like a good scholar, actually. And then this is unfortunately, like work. School takes that all with the latter road, and does not explain further, why it makes work happen. Why is this so? The stick Toth Tehuthi is seen with, generally, always, means nothing more, than marginal utility to most economists. But it was actually a symbol for each time an individual envisiting a graveyard, he always looks somewhat left, and imagines there some mass standing, of stone, as a sum of the horrors of a graveyard for example! This is the exact space, the five-headed snake from the bible takes. When someone wants to transport her, he has to calculate this space that way. Many don’t admit, that up to this point, they keep the concern about economics, which is in the open wilderness, widely seen, secret, while it is wrong. To that concern or focussing unto it, does the following story not count as theorem. Just as they use seismic waves, or appendixes to stated truth. Being with the bank is often one-to-one with being up to date with the newest technology existant. But it does not make you a better person. To the contrary. The universe reminds of these things, the old egyptians left that came from space. Yet does not make you a better person. To the contrary. They deny god by always drifting on innocents, the straight road, looking like a psychiatry, Judas enveloped against his masters. This are all these old bearded men, that work at the state, who are occultists too. By playing there a game together in ignorance ignoring that straightness and that others still repeat on others, they are actually worse than media and against anarchists.

In economics, there is a big gap or problem. It has something to do, with how things are treated against students and how all of this relates to freedom, and many evil actors act there for corruption, and more. Instead of offering some product that excellent way, they use the two-sided nature of evil where the latter is never acknowledged by normal consumers as being true. But this second nature of evil, is called Positivism, and it is not only called that way, but is that way too. Grew up in a place where the bust-and-boom-cycle was creating a lot of millionaires. The secret! way it was seen for the young eyes of someone fresh to the world, was not visible to others or even in these days agreed unto, as being part of Rothbards theorem. Evil exists true to the way the revelation describes it, and it offers only limits where universities hold the order of assembling students. It knows this, and operates that way, having five heads. The way it operates is nonimportant. Worse is still, how people don’t connect that to the way it makes sicknesses to youth, which is its first and foremost mode of operation, despites doing also this limit, there, in universities, and also corruption by positivism. This creature is not human, and has nothing to do with human action, since it is in the end the same nature, that animals have. But this theory is not dangerous. More dangerous is, what state clerks do, calling it dangerous. They can’t heave your child out of a sickness made by this creature. Corruption is always, when that big gap, when there is nothing happening, and all people fall into it, and are mathematically bound into a gap of that kind, and then only corrupt produits are made. Even, when the correction of that often leads to a better outcome, it is an outcome that was often wished, and does depend on that corruption additionally. All agree, that this is what corruption is. When you see birds in places money is made, often dark places, they are there as a remembrance of van Mises, and warn the same way in his name, against unsound economics, and it’s dependence, even when the place is idle, they warn locally in this dependence, with other kinds of birds. It may be called real science to agree onto, that this corruption, real corruption, is against capitalism. Other ways of treatment are not against this corruption. Against this being mathematically stuck and not being the only one where corruption summons. Humans can’t control that. They need to go into private life to isolate themselves against it. Anything other is not common sense. It may only seem, that real science is calling that mathematical being stuck, and forgetting numbers on top of it. Yet, this is because it is against capitalism not real science still. Many don’t admit that it is exactly that way.

Normally, in nominal outcomes. But in less quality-outcomes, vampires still exist. Why should something like that happen even? Normally, in the second case, science acts that way, that it conforms to looking at the problem from a different perspective, and all are acknowledged in writing this way as host of authors, demanding this new perspective. But what is the original demand, if not action? Action is rather the problem, but isolated, it is human action. It is void of additions having problems. It was stripped of these problems.

Media however was not made to only display hell in afterlife. Hell is when you solve the problem of physical memory, by arrow functions, where you can get a number for the length of each word you may choose, where you define for each letter before, a single letter with an own infrastructure and then make constructors for words you choose, in a set. It is still connected to Egypt therefore and that we come from there as slaves is very clear now. Arrow functions produce arrays too. Other things may not be so clear, but they are called crimes such as corporativism for ample example, or statism. Why is someone shunned, only because he does not treat his woman, that she is an experiment? Isn’t this sad, i mean, what they make, with that pattern of standards, against all people akin to that, called „capitalists“ or „ceos“? To me other sadness does not exist than that, because it is still connected to how they treated others in timetravel.

Democracy itself is made out of interest, that the bankers used against the elite and how they made it become something. In truth, interest is a real term, a real word, meaning the individual and his interest. The simple place these bankers come from, will never change the way who they became. And whoever they became in society, changes not where they came from. The first is good, the second is bad. In truth, they only sooth the evil ghost of the Isebel as an effect, this creature makes, the way they create elitarism and with it, democracy, because democracy is in truth elitarism. Consumptionism itself summons from that void they make. Together with the interest, but interest has another interest there. Many have enough authority of these bastards, to not get stuck in this mathematical holism.

State clerks are a dangerous group of packs of wolves. To register someone with them is being automatically a traitor of real sort. This is not without reason. The reason is inherent. But instead feeling each time like Judas, and bringing back the 30 Dollars, to the state clerks, they believe they are worthy. Only, because the luciferianists became leninists and took them in to act for evil itself. The bankers are even more dangerous, since they are all the time friendly, but then are responsible for starting war only because the power to write a certain thing was in an individual hands and they think it is their prophecy to act that way, because of Versailles. They are the ones who make aid and want individuals to think appropriately, of course hidden. Even if there is no reason inherent, the reason is still that it is illegal to give them a reason as state clerks. It is more appropriate to give normal people a reason to act against one. This proves, not disproves, that they are even an emulgate. The german state is not a free state. It became a vasalle state, a small-city-state acting for the means and ends of oligarchs. It is only that small scale that is acting there. They keep this standard so low because they believe, in Moloch. There are reasons yet, many reasons, to act against the state. To act against normalcy – since that not existing. People that want to be normal or want normalcy are the worst satanists. They are always together to critisize the individual even in art. Art gets reserved that has individuals, for the ultra-rich, as a concept. There are still things unsettled in economics that may be currency for that reasons.

Even blaming some „terrorists“ is in such a logical array, one number forward, in importance than assuming, it is possible to do, without being yourself for it responsible, what happened. It comes later than being enabled or even able, to put the blame on them, without having to first assume own misbehavior in manor. State clerks are very much liars when they act in a strategy, to hide from innocents, that each firm centers each vector or line, even, around itself, and it comforts to other objects too always, and they calculate there always how far someone is. Not only, but they are dangerous to your children, so even, that you when you become an author, should not write a word that has „children“ in it. Capitalism needs not their calculation, they fear, and then they put their redundance on top of curvature. They are the terrorist. Since, whoever makes a child die of pneumony, subventionizes by it the socialists.

This about the Antichrist is what people think, that come from a sect or cult. In truth, the Antichrist is belonging to weaponry, or displayed inside it, and the world of animals is a world of sin. Animals kill eachother, despites the world of animals having a lot of different races, much much more than the human, which has zero. But this world is intertwined with our world, because of evil men, doing their thing. People can be so cruel, that despites this world being so cruel where the animals kill eachother, they also put them in cages. They put a cage on top of it. Now, when these people who make thereby experiments on this, can do what they want, this world is intertwined then with the human. Animals only behave idle and it seems then uncultural to the observer. These people off the state, who claim the same over humans, do these sins and behave the same inside it as those they blame, saved of course by forgiveness. Humans are a creed, that are memorists. They remember about past things this and that and always it is in science a mark of elitarism to write something like that. But the more they can do such, the less it is visible in the end, with more and more innocents getting tortured. Innocents get tortured by them because behind their eyes, are the wings of the dragon, not in front of them, like in case of their overwatchers. This is a mark of truth they get blamed for. Because they know the truth, these people are against them. Truth is simple. With culture, people then on base of these memories go forth with life, and remember these super things such as literature only in the past, such as Dostojewskij, and in democracy, even a remarkable singer, he feels by it attacked, because he has so many awards in his home, that home is not anymore a really elitary place because of democracy. And without culture existing more and more, these people then don’t get together anymore, but wait for this singer to be remembered, based on their nature of being memorists. People claiming there is such a thing as a homo economicus, are very much blaming individualism for elitarianism. But no matter why, they are still not right, simply because someone proclaimed them to be these and these, who do that, and it is indeed right to think so. Only very ignorant people are ignoramus. It is rather the nature of people not, to be memorists, but sometimes simply, a human needs something from the domain of fruits, and he searches that taste in products. This is not because he is a homo economicus, but because the nature of mankind is to be like Robinson Crusoe. Keynes was playing these creatures on the weaponry of elite families always. The rich families such as his, have all buttlers, and they are stalking the house or raised by state and have very sinister way of ordering everything around the private life of those they work at, that comes from the state. Maoism is not very far from this kind of luciferianism too. These people stalk your house later by, and sometimes later-by, populating it by versions of Keynes. They operate with Ven-Diagrams, even about such things, as social likes or dislikes. This is the reason why preference will always be important, because it is individual. When they make these settings for entities not at home, they are a strange entity themselves. The state is held supported by a group of usurpurers (wucherer in german). When you are a young anarchist this is the worst that can happen to you and your family. Keynes may still be guilty because there were no buttlers in his particular home and privacy is that way. People have freedom – they can choose still on their own, even when rich. This is maybe the greatest sort of crime to make such lies that it is not possible to them in case of Keynes. State education takes the slice and these people together with Keynes, are all that way, because they profit the most, taking the greatest slice even from this. They are the worst dictators in that manner, it is inappropriate to further describe it, they are the evil incarnated. These people believe, they created timetravel. They created someone created out of a holy ghost, that god cannot be. This is what torturers are: depreciators, and new versions of the constructors and architects in old Egypt, that are kept secret by these, who created that appearent timetravel. But they are therefore the same, as the people from the Isis-cult, and there is no better method for them, to keep their clothing clean. I find importing datalists romantic in different ways. It is to me of highest importance that this knowledge stays secret and nobody also administers that. I don’t find it of importance to explain to any demagogue or despots, why that behaves that way.

When you know about how rich families have buttlers, you don’t want the things that people give to you on purpose or not. But you don’t enjoy them. You want only what you can buy with your own preference. The state may call you good. But people that are more right than you, can be bandits, and you still don’t want to be as good as them. When you give information someone that has a bias about himself based on these diagrams having a group-belonging, he will show his face that he is a bandit, by choosing the road that state clerks are kept on, by demons, which is violence, because he fears drifting into the personal space of himself, in analyzing truth further. Many don’t do that and still stay strong, keeping up with humanitarian rules. There may be bankers that are good and have buttlers and they live civilised against that evil. But there can be also evil people that simply act indigenous. They drift into this space because even the state clerks don’t know that they are kept on a straight path by demons. And when they want to go into the more lawful space of rightism, where hoppeanism lives, they fear that the same way, but it is indeed true that they going forward are not on a better path. Each step they take, is a step of evil, that is not kept secret, but is small anyway in nature. It has not to be disguised or further explained. Would they not fear that situation, they would stand tall as clerks in remembrance and even tradition of the old egyptian buerocracy. But it is a great crime to have for example one state clerk explain someone from a just for that matter, created state organisation, where the group then can put a label on the innocent and the other, more appropriate place, where the things summoned, has to speak for these groups instead, not speaking for the interest of the individual at all, but for some people, antichrists. Many yet-to-be heroes claim, that all people react on these words you do as an individual, with insults, rage or this kind of private attention problems. But they don’t tell about nationalists who become communists by pipeline, how violent they react always, and how the only reaction to them can be leaving them alone because they are bandits. They are still good because they leave open the possibility that there is greater evil, such as innocents hunted by evil men, because they can’t keep the problem with these communists under control informally. In truth these bandits are made by the profit of these state clerks.

Trust Issues as eternal blame

I would even proclaim, that the eternal domain is not attacked by eternal blame if it is in case of the individual, trying to correct that it is sometimes endangered by state. There is no way to attack the individual there. Even the unfairness against children in school, in state education, does not really mean children. But these two roads that are offered there, that don’t offer any bettering, are rather misused to create offerings for state clerks to follow evil on its unnormal blood-offering-based path (also shared by men that do interventionism when they get old and no matter of religion), by reopening where it would go. It goes these ways based on unnormality and illegal strangeness based on deeds against the individual. This what is called the beast that has seven heads: Innocents get blamed insteads of the whore of babylon, for the deeds she makes alone and only her. This is not about children and how they get treated in school, but this double path, is used to create for example people falling from motorcycles or bikes and retarding them forever. Everyone has to agree first, before stepping up against someone, that this really is evil operating there. The more these state clerks make here, the less trust is felt in creating industry of any kind, firms of any kind that are of the size maybe halve of that i talk about earlier. These are trust issues that they dip into. Feeling that, there is no way they can come out of it without either:

Admitting sin like every individual has to do sometimes, or reducing the cost further by pure ignorance and disaster, plus paving that way by delivering a path made by authoritarianism at work. Ignorance is what stays and has a second nature where it is carried further by everyone just like hate or sickness. Sometimes a man remembers a shop why he wanted to visit it and what was the reason he went there and he can’t find it, even if he was not there, acting that way because he needs each time a decisive reason in shape of a product to envisit each shop in capitalism. Sometimes he remembers the product, and then suddenly can construct both together, and combining both, goes to the shop with full belief in his way to go. But he can return too and go the shorter way buying the same earlier somewhere. There is a rule, that each time an individual goes these ways, they are alternative by default. And because of that, he is on an individual path where he finds alternatives.

That means, the lot of shops changes his way of living and also provide freedom to not bind words to actual happenings or how things „shall be“ or „should be“. Either way, it is without meaning because redundant. Money and everything monetary is simply human action wrapped insides a temporary container of preference, that is speaking of sums and has such an order in grammatics, such as „some“, or „many“. When someone wants to create a warehouse-firm, a large firm for example, he calculates these trust issues in providing trust that his firm never endangers children for example. This is what they went out to destroy, making social institutions instead of big firms. Sounds logical at first knowing, it leads to firms ordered by how many data they process at runtime, where in case they are considered then „big“ because they need to elect a data-safety-officer after EU-law: these laws are only made so it emulates the way politicians get elected and they can feel greater than these firms with their might, since they are the „original“ sinners. That the banks lead to that non-puzzle, nobody admits again, and people simply continue in doing their problems further instead of joining the league of horizons to help firms. To this league belongs every army too, binary as it may be – girlish or brute. Non-puzzles are against child. This is what happens when people subventionize interaction between state institutions, and at the same time evil that wants to stop interaction: the endresult or value of that is zero while interaction is still needed in the case left open then, which is always against the individuals.

Evil is indeed so bad like the old bible describes it. Because economics for example does not talk a lot about religion because even in freedom if an individual gets labeled by others that are in the city and he likes to be free or to go around there a lot, as a gentlemen: he can’t anymore then. Not even the church helps in these situations, but the process to come out of this seduction and resulting blame, takes even visiting church, a few times and correct thinking and sometimes a helping hand that teaches that self-ownership is a law. Each time this evil people are part of sometimes, they are called marxists then per default. And they are, absolute part – going around, with the state as statists or socialists or leninists – with social institutional plans or not – mostly they do, that – of evil. Normal knowledge teaches that only revolution helps in these matters the individual – but revolutions are marxistic too often and they don’t even teach that core about it, to the soul, so it gets freed. Of course these revolutions are marxistic, because revolutions are considering the global state, while in the case of the individual it is only wished for a very short time to solve the things that problemizes reality at this very moment only. To free the soul actually of these invaders that blame the person. Everyone says nothing about it, how to solve that. I found however a way, and it is in making things work in capitalism, actually, actual. Mises when he put the blame on despotism at the end of his book, actually saved the firms that are the best for children and that easily get attacked by the state clerks for their quality they produce each day. These paths are alternative, because culture prescribes in society, to envisit then the „other shop“, not in planning by default and root vision, and raises the bar in friendship – because to visit someone like a friend does just like so – is in capitalism often the beautiful woman at the barkasse and then her boss may not like that and still the friendship becomes friendship by same defaults. In truth, it is only problematic because of the CEO. And it is only alternative, because the products are alternative there. Someone investing in a new technology, and choosing by preference twice over a time of one year, on purpose to join furthering it somewhere in development – he wins for his firm exactly two days over the competition only. Here fairness is not optimized when it comes to social plans, but it is because of harder then them. Sometimes things get so ungrammatical, that they intertwine reality against firms or individuals wanting to help. This winning of two days, is called introversive expansion that is unplanned by the individual – for the firm. Expansion can be made by acting intentionally too for his firm, by behavior in daily life – and it is only sometimes possible for the worker. It is not seen to others too, like the CEO for example.

This is all better than people acting or staging things against human action. Then there are people who are against it, that you communicate that. All people like to use inclusion – no matter how the system aggressed against someone, what even happened there, they still want to include each and everything, and for example – the individual. Then there is a problem because these who aggress against freedom-loving people, by making them watch certain content in media without prior warning that they don’t offer quality or beauty, are corrupt and they are torturers. Because together with peoples inner desire to warn you, when they include you, even when a million things changed in life, and them acting for some voting in politics, this is corrupt indeed and hard for individualism. They represent the modern version of those who were always against state clerks, but 100 years further in time and not anymore doing any research. With that trick they can damage anyone they want, they think, especially the one including the individual, so the individual can’t speak about that anymore further. They could be anyone and still the system uses that trick without them when it coerces and tortures. The system does that by extortion and they may be very well part of that too as make of statism. This is a big mistake, for the system to think, that „for each“ – this is something counting for church, or supported by her. But these people try to break through that barrier, by being emulgates or conglomerates. This is a false and treasonerous teaching to teach the people, that this is something good and leave it like that.

Cartels and self-dignity

The priests teach things in church following inverted numbers. They have already additionally to that, what is called the church as safety, this trick. And still, they burned innocent women on stakes. Only the arch bishops teach things following normal number flow. This is the only difference to analyzing truth in his eyes and visible to others. It is the eyes that are to be blamed, not the case to be used. Politics enables corruption to do the same things as burning witches back then, based on religious views of people. Classes are used by ignoramusses to label the many, but in truth, religious views are more correct as a label. This they make to level the people for evil. The first falling victim to that, is truth, or the individual or innocent. The state builds schools, but firms need three times the space if they are real, and if they can be built insteads, it means a lot. It means, that the people have equal profits to that. It is not so. Why not? Because people tend to socialise. And these are not the people that should be subventioned, just like it nobody should fall into a lake of magmatic hotness just because they all did. They know how to connect business language and drop the whole domain of business and capitalism, while stay easy in socialisation. They can, while it is harder for those operating with them, go somewhere and easily socialize with everyone as long as it is social institution offering that sin. They have it easy telling that in this context of business, about their self-dignity, which in truth they keep wrapped inside the word „self-awareness“. Someone having to do with them can not based on inherent culture do the same.

They don’t use however, the term „self-dignity“, but self-awareness is enough for their needs. But that believes only someone twisted in his mind. Because they still later misuse that word by thinking self-dignity has to be demonstrated then to the silent observer which they can easily assume to be without self-awareness against them. But by that trick, they take the self-dignity away from eachother. And falling with them into this lake of fire they tend to fall into by doing nothing in life, is done simply by techniques of mind and not physically visible, by preference itself. But innocents get forced to stay with them, that they assume have no self-dignity.

Someone misusing terms or concepts, words and ideas, so he can kill others, is someone, who makes others believe, that he can generate templates by variables out of simulated reality. There it is easy having these templates. It is no wonder, that nobody makes these sinners realize, that they don’t operate in normal reality, but in a world held in check by dark desires of cartels and other such ugly concepts, and where innocents have by socialism already been disgraced to the point it is easy disgracing then children of firm leaders, which is their goal too. They make fear to others, that have firms, which is their goal too. The people from the army, who torture, they don’t know that they move in this space, doing real crime, and move already on the side of those, they actually try to blame. Nobody gets them before courts to bring them into jails.

They tell to all, that these matters are redundant, not of importance, but in truth they are. Because they have equal methods to confront and catch the individual, to that, that are even kept by that secret. They can intertwine reality for individuals, by simple techniques such as letters and claims for money. They can intertwine it so hard and heavy, that nobody talks about it later, taking the current state of the free individual, which is very, very soft, and binding it like they do with animals, by his legs, by these dark sinister tricks, forever. They don’t help coming out of that state then. The individual is soft and vulnerable in that state of freedom for them. Indeed more vulnerable, than animals or air blowing in the wind. Capitalism is the normality to all brutality known from relationships humans have, even romantic relationships. When i imagine i want to marry this woman on the barkasse, and she gets to know this, and then buy myself a capri sonne, and say „this is what i meant by that“, i don’t mean more by that. Those against capitalism mean however more, by that. They live a fleshy life of sin, and social institutions they support, even, are only made, or social planning, so people get controlled by want. This they don’t say, that it is the want that is then inverted of the people and it is worse than before then, with more criminality that gets away. Anybody telling that this is not paid by the children in the hospital, is a liar. Because people get controlled in want exactly by that – everybody wants to help children in hospital gladly as a concept somewhere else. Every place that uses some blame against innocents, is basing it on top of the entities it operates on, where others pay for where it treats them worse by its own rules. A hospital blaming people unjustly for nonexistent sicknesses, does that because someone saves someone, from a conglomerate, keeping things in check against children that are treated there as a theory. All the rich people live in peace because of that, enriched by someone. And all would say „this is capitalisms fault“. But they would not admit anything.

Because what is the opposite of a product for the poor, such as alcoholic drinks, and what does it mean to analyze it by choosing the version of it in imagination that is hated the most instead of liked? I would like a singer singing dark songs to have his banana ice split if it is what he enjoys the most, but i would never eat that. But the feeling is lonely coerced rather then. I wonder, why so many people claim they have cool minds on exactly that level, while it is not true, and they keep others down by that. It means, when i don’t like banana ice split ice, and i chose it still, in mind, against preference of mine, that it is only a model and it HAS to describe, HAS to describe, what is going on with the one, liking that. And because each is distinct to another, it does not create conflicts. Only evil on this world are philologists doing these things in darkness. Philology was ashamed at many times by these people. Since they are all together in misconstructing words on purpose, in tradition of delivering van Mises‘ book in error-printing. When a man chooses something, and uses logic to make a logical remembering by adding elements to the current posessions he can consume, that is better than the things he previously chose, he can still change modes like an array of light as fast, coming as a tradition somewhere from above, where the angels are. And all things he makes then, if he has these good wants and intentions, are kept in check by these new thoughts he hads. There is no greater fear he can make himself than by his own wants and intentions, and greater rules existing that are more fundamental and strong at the bottom of the ground to his being. Someone doing that, is completely a new man, and rercreated, and more careful than before, and automatically, not made by anyone above or below namely. At least i know now, where the occultists get their victims from – the hospital namely – claiming they are dead from outset for some made up reasons.

The words such as „many“ or „some“ are all words that belong to mathematics, and are neither speaking of range, scale, nor other such human things. They represent preference. The state is redundant. There where the private space is of cleaning, which is not obtrusive, lives only the satanists or the not non-believers whiteys. It is nonimportant what the state makes and how it operates. It could as well not exist too. And it would be better, because everyone knows, that it only adds problems to it and it makes not quality at all happen.

It is human action that changes in peaceful situations, which are inherent to it being present too, everything, not persons or doctors or some plans some people may make against a person. Right now an individual would like this or that, and 30 seconds later, the thought about someone being able to think, changes the persons preferencies. It is the possibility and space to act in the market that remakes people from bandits to consumers that want to keep being not bandits then. It is only made possible by preference. Only then human action summons. They are not plans or people or doctors changing these things. And now, everybody admits that. We will see if anybody will do that. But it is surely capitalistic to let them the possibility to. Often the place a man would like to buy a product or has bought a product, is days later aftersaught. Even by looks or perspectives, by directions where he looks, like the high rank philosophers in the villae in greece, which were the buildings they made state decisions, looked onto the time to return to their praetories, many people return with products home in these days. These products are bought in shops. The state of man is in this, that it is not yet the pinnacle of economic wisdom. There is such a wisdom but it means, that people dislike things or products from the hands of men, of individuals, and are only human when they exemplify that behavior in trusting real shops. The other things, the problems in society, are all made by sects or cults. It is a thing that belongs to giving up reason, for a very high price therefore something, to let ignoramusses reign over your life. They all believe in class, a concept that is void of logic and keeps them unknowledgable of humanitarian thoughts. Why are classes needed, if they only are used to be deactivated or not – and then the methods in them, can be anyway if/else statements for example in normal functions, which are the equivalent of methods? This is all used to keep people on the wrong road, of knowing nothing therefore and to deceive a lot those that search for real truth.

This fairness between shops, in the outer domain, should be not as compliment made to women. Real fairness in true meaning rather, shall be used. But it is existing. Someone may be fully right there. Also, someone may encounter relativism inside it, that still alternates into definitive booleans. But this effect is not made by the shops, not even by capitalism itself. Therefore, there is no such thing as elasticity in monetary domains.

Many lies about capitalism are based on the fact, that everybody would apparently save his mother from hell when it comes to theories that save capitalism and then other. The truth is, that nobody does that. People either stay forever the way they are, or are coerced to „do something“. And every firm knows that, no matter how high the building, and it will fire everyone who does corruption there, no matter what her name is. In our days, many firms have begotten a safety-shell to stay safe, and stay small, that are actually, social institutions, hidden to destroy the individual, by feminism and law bound to that. This is not true. Many such small institutions of such quality, if someone may know Aristotle, were created, this is still true – and they were created, to destroy the individual they set out to destroy for philology. Actually they did this, against science, and with it philology too with it. Because people that are not yet „illuminated“ about etymology, act simply unilluminated and wrong against the „individual “ then. It is exactly one person each day that falls prey to the occultists. They try everything so people believe it is more or nothing. The same holds true for their authoritarian beliefs. It is only one always in power and all follow him in that, probably part of some party-agency. It is the dangerous bank that is depending on that and saves these people up there. In truth, state clerks, are activists, that make there things against the individual, and they have no disguise, but are simply akin to the one they are sent to always, while he does not know who he is himself yet. It is very easy to blame someone for insanity, when he is in an age of youth, as that is very very much normal for everyone to hold distance, that is in the market, in the whitey-space. They don’t tell anything new there to anyone with that story. It is much better to look at these things from a perspective of skyscrapers, just like those, that are profiteurs from this party-society there.

I have the feeling, that this is some firm they misuse, that became a monopoly, and use it as a weight on people always, on whole levels that are wrong. Anything else is not possible at all. A CEO is a consumer that spends the most time in a space where sale is going on. But the CEO chooses only the uttermostly lazy people. Because he is still a mutant as part of theory that still displays him as a consumer. The thing offered by socialism that is akin to that, is violence and it is already on the side of satanism. And nobody discloses that of anyone that was part of that. It is, as if Dr. Betruger himself, from ID software, would write a footer-text for a newsletter and only because it is a very misterious space to dwell in, normality of the people already works against the individual to keep it away from that secrecy around that. Elite schools only teach historicism. There is no capitalism at all taught especially to the most efficiently thinking elite-pupils. In real capitalism you have only Grundig or Sharp when you want to buy a television-machine. Still nobody trusts these who make such orders in the outer domain or over decades. It is not fair considering the individual that these conglomerates exist only to play there powerful and maniacs by using law to strengthen socialism and misusing CEOs or their power to that or being them. CEOs are the most talented people. They deliver the whole forward-direction and vision by having this talent to choose what is the best only. There are people who found out how to invert the thing that is the most adverse to that which makes them rich. They make big sums, by keeping that up, for themselves. They know a lot about religious views and profit that exact way too, so they can move in these skyscrapers the CEOs belong in. They are corrupt. Because they are all together. It’s better to say good night at night than at day. Not the CEO’s even are corrrupt, but the way law is misused with the way it is used. Corrupt is that they can’t replace the corrupt member, by something better, or someone. There is a proof for that, and it is their own behavior toward this. Someone having enormous mental capacity can save everyone. Many girls died very young on throat-problems, because they drank their preferred stuff too fast in winter. And the ugly reality is, not youth as individuals, but ugly families that made her rules. Hans Hermann Hoppe saves a lot of businesses, unlike Karl Marx.

There are moments where object-oriented programming does not make sense at all, for example in case of variables that get plugged into variables that only await refreshment or replacement, and then the twinfold-entering of this variable by another from a new use-case, makes no sense, because it is either a sum, and has no number, or is just as a simple static variable, together making string from string exactly the way is defined already. Because of that, writing that Karl Marx was Dostojewskij in hairy version and everyone silenced it a lot, is not corrupt anymore. These people make you rules, while when you want to be free and escape from them secretly, you get poisoned by the way you consume it, too fast, and too cold or something. Many girls died very young on throat-problems because of this problem, this real issue, and the graveyards are full of silence about that, strangely. Maybe this is the secret reason, using individual flowers as weapons, is shunned? Someone knowing that numbers are jokes, and not people, gets silenced fast. Because in future he could be faster in thought than all authors as host, decades faster than them. This is the secret price paid for being against capitalism as society. Parents that are holy in tragedy but then in normal cases in democracy make fear by that, when they critisize your thinking about this joke, based on how all get equalised by the bank. Just look at all the mutants liking the silent soccer-fields at certain decades, that are the silent remnants of satanism, remind of what happened earlier there in democracy. They don’t get remembered like other things, by all people (based on some inherent rule too). What happens on base of them, in a scheme, is completely hidden and a proof for how people get indoctrinated easily, not how messy their life shall be. Already the old egyptians knew, that youth picks up words easily and when people follow that path, they would soon enter the pyramides. Whole religions were created or characters, just so this gets played well for those who profit silently. The FED for example, because it is led only by state clerks, when they discuss in secrecy, they do very evil deals then, where always someone is elected on base of one single dialogue. They know this is why secrecy was made then, and they accept it as corrupt as it is. Simply because they are elected and keep the shadows red, against data lore, which likes even shadows blue.

The effects of statism are enabling of democracy, by theft and criminality – that means: more lawmaking to those who like corporativism. All products together are best together and they are enough to save the whole economy, in the technology-sector. Speculatius cookies are liked by all more, no matter how much advertised they get. This is what church marxism means. This is very sad. They do that only so the speakers in sale, talk good words about the government without meaning it by faculty. The individual stays at the end of the chain always. Some products are enough. That means, „some“ as human action, stays as a kind of system scripted in the background. If someone is interested to corrupt that, it is iradiant. It is worse than all corruption. It corrupts all vision. This is used to make fear by corporativism. People stay „part of the whole“. But nothing changes in their purse. They are indoctrinators. The competition between big firms, is transported by that, by evil into the domain of want. But for whom, for the characters in games? No, for those, who can’t be fired as CEOs by these big firms. This is only used, to get the consumers their right to self, which is just too, because they are awesome. But it is a perfect scheme. It is exactly like Javascript.

The exact opposite to that are of course the manga characters, that enable big firms to fusion. Big firms fusion by this kind of angelic media. It just is not anymore made by maniacs. A good man in economics, with a lot of dollars in his hands, when he sees a road paved by misering women asking for money, he simply gives each a spectrum of money. This is the main thing. But the state has not such views. It has a purview of occultism that it itself makes for others. Praiseworthy are businesses only, that are good and lay back inside them for the often visiting consumer, custom products they think they like. In case of literature there is no relativism there. There is a corporativism level, made by cartridge-using, when it comes to authors and books, especially old, where it is not about the books, but about the philosophy itself. This is what these businesses mean to convey to the consumer, by laying back special books of this kind for him, when he often visits bookstores. They don’t try to convey, that we live in some unhappy world and therefore all have to give up. They don’t try to convey, that unjustice is meaning, bringing women on the level of Plato, to further disrupt freedom. They not even try to convey, that many utilitarianists fake insteads of philosophy, in this scheme, including anquituary books as an object insteads.

There would no violence be in a society with a free market and pushing liberalism. The firms need liberalism to have the freedom, to give awards to their best workers. This is the opposite of what a society needs, that is based on punishment, and it is very very liberating and selfsustainable. Only councils believe, that this will never should be the case, and they are central planners. Never listen on what these actors say. They are central planners, behind a pyramide. They also communicate via bird-voices and more, just so they can deter and determinate. They stop doing it when they are exposed as central planners. They try to fix the economy, but by unsound means, that are against the individuals. Unsound is everything, that is discriminating others, and i don’t mean by things such as nazism, known from media, or music rather, or distopianism. But, from an angle of socialism coming from Hegel. I found a way how a CEO can still fire the other CEO who is corrupt. It is by blaming him that he believes in some foreign gods, known from the biblical shape, such as Bel the Dragon. If i would try that with people, even if i am right, without having a big firm and being all alone, then goodbye. They would kill a capitalist for that, since all theories inside family are still socialism, if nothing is in big firm. They use that, and there is no use for that. The truth is, that such happens not in firms. There is only corporativism. And the people are indoctrinated and don’t know that. It is only when the state creeps in.

There is still a deep emotional binding in the domain of want, that is triggered by replacement, in individuals, on local scale, that means that is how wants are unleashed and by that nullify the current needs.. They all don’t want people to know that. It is when you can’t talk like that anymore about local scale „anyhow“. What happens, when money comes into the world now? Can it be used? No, because it is impossible. First, it has to become a domain. A domain of science. That means, there is something happening, that automatically summons the need for Hans Hermann Hoppe. But when the world becomes a domain, and vanishes, how can the domain still be used? It is strange. In reality, in truth, something like that happens not. And the freedom there is small enough to make torture viable for very angry bastards, or how they are called if they are individuals: small minded people. The heart plays not a role there at all, indeed. In truth, if money comes into the domain, what happens is, that the roles are turned around, and the local becomes global. All the people who used money to buy products, were part of that and they are sinners by that token. Of course, they created the effect, of turning around the roles. Because in economics it is not called they are sinners. In science, inferior, is what it is. It is less in value than superiority. Human action is where you talk starting with „yes … , i believe, i think…“ always with the human „yes“, known from trade. The other thing starting with „no“ is rather the individual thought domain since times immemorial. It is very sad that the economic standing creates these answers in groups of people.

The individual worker is of course stolen from. There is a steady feeling, that somewhere theft is going on for the CEO: The firm of his gets poisoned by all of that getting the feeling, that theft is in his domain happening, by all of this unsoundness created by the media. Proxies are very much like watchers, they can have getters too and they are the better choice to watchers then when more is needed inside them. They are dependent on human action, unlike automated watchers in programming. These concepts teach, that machines think different than men. For normal thought domain, the concept is hard to understand how it is explained from the most of people knowing about how machines think about that, using that explanation always from their hands. For machines, the process of handing something out, is like sending first something. They need a second trigger always. Monopolies however, only seem like free markets. They offer only services for their own workers. They can’t therefore claim, that they are better, than a lot of people offering free services. For workers to become skilled, and wanted by „someone“ above, is to teach the best of workers available first, that they have to stop demonstrating what they have, because that is part of insanity. These unsavory and not taken into account later analytical ethic-serving accountance-companies created for revenges of private banks, are a nice trick to psychologically find out how much money CEOs have for the state. They should be immediately shut down, for, the millions are always flowing, where the worker is stolen from first. All historically valid, starting a topic, if it contains economics or firm secrets of some firm whatever it may be called, mainly big, are what they want to gets deleted, else they torture innocents. This is a neat trick they got, to offer „services“ coerced on top of the firms, where the peoples still think, unfortunately, that their skyscrapers are so big, which they are not. They could be bigger without these tricksters existing, these thieves. They have made everything easy for themselves. They are the biggest nationalists. In humanity, each and every „race“, they have made for each distinctive problems in society, so the most „truthy“ gets always hunted. Of course, this is then easy to control them at large scale. But this has nothing to do with economics. Economics is looking at things like from small scale. It IS the youngest science, because in every autodidactically taught job, the very first works for the very first CLIENTS, how do they look, if not so? They display everything in economics in carefully chosen images, very basic, to make everything look professional. Professional validity comes later in skill, even. It is where the state claims monopoly unjustly. They do this only to divert, deter and frustrate. To me in economics that is simply, only the forbidden rule all politicians break. It is to not bring someone in danger, especially someone you don’t know, just to save the one you know: things only capitalism has as a rule. And capitalism is a social order that is there questionned by them. The chaos they make is nothing more than akin to the chaos they are as a machine from insides. Where rules are formed, who forms them by what? Is it not idiotic to ask „whom“ it was, or even, to not see in it human action? When the only thing explaining the forming, can be rules only, which is logical. I don’t accept people who offer other objects there. But not for any other means too. Leftist politicians are torturers. Always, when they are women - they are somewhat modern and on the side of socialism, a little bit ghoulish or totally mind set to some artificial goal, that is of course war. In case of the underdogs they use, they are torturers, and they subsist in the lore, about the old testamentic way, the phenomenons in the house of god were animated, built by Salomo. Salomo, many believe, also captivated demons in cubes and managed them in this collection, never letting them damage others, which were of course some kind of ghoulish priests in black robe akin to the unbelieve subsisting in the first century, which was also the reason, god came in form of man on planet earth. The trick of the leftists is, by boolean values, to create damaging phenomenons in democracy on small scale, against the individual. Else, they only subsist having the role, showing parents that when their child dies, in war, they were “not robbed”. When looking in a park, at a bench however, that does not work. The way towards universities should be smooth by default, but the theory should be appropriate too that is subsistant there. It should be not democratic or managed by historians or even planned by culture. There was a false belief in people, that culture should rise in the way the people who are torturers, are included in that theory. It were quality-standards against torture, that were poisoned by default and from outset by Salomo, and his “friends” from higher positions in America. It is an illusion of freedom made by them, because they still are held in check by incentive, which is also the way, councils work probably. All of this is not made to make a rise of culture happen anytime soon. A worker dives in too deep into topics, and gets blamed by family, only as a model, happening each and everytime in the case of the individual, as a loop on his life. They are unsavory business who are run by incentives, and they collect only data and are very much private. Mutual dealing can be pretty much assumed and more. But the sums are greater because it seems that money was made only for that case.

I created for example a firm a day ago, and already now, even if i don’t have children, they plan to take my children away later. How did they not include in that, the plan, to make evil happening by parents, if parents get envy on new partners in life? Even if i don’t have a partner in life, they still already did that to me and created all these evil emotions by unsound economics supported and in interplay with incentive or things of that kind. The state should be discontinued. It runs only on base of demons, after all, and this is not a problem that can be solved. If it can’t be solved, even Karl Marx will not make things better there.

Purview of capitalism

Corporativism is of course against each purview of capitalism. Some firms are disguised in that, however. Because they act as a comparison to someone going as a human virtual model out into the world, and comparing him by the illusion they make at night, looking like an inferno (steel firms have heavy production going on at all times). They look like they were burning, when in truth they only produce steel there. What i mean is, it is wrong to put the blame on firms, with all of that other stuff said that follows this even. And it is wrong from a hypothetical position to blame innocents comparing them like this to human models. The wait-fluff coming from different aspects of live. The individual living in families gets into very thin rechtslagen where he breaks law simply by listening to others. Wait-fluff gets advertised instead simply where already times immemorial, are in truth decades, instead everywhere speeding up of life is. This is wrong for individuals who get into these thin situations. Where they have this situation, women would be already since times immemorial in a position, to get good payoffs. There is a push in life, that is weakened without any decisionmaking in economics, in businesslife, not because noone decided on weakening himself, but because it does not matter in individual case to reopen it talking that way, with global effect of corporativism as a hull covering whole domains of sale and expressionism, by very artificial ways, known from films. Each big shop gets victim by corporativism by it creating an area, in midair, where everything can be projected upon, from phantasy, from individual lifes of people. This stuff gets not remembered and yet remains as an evil effect on reality. Women of course - where this happens - because they are close to reality of different religions even - that are called by the host of authors not religious views, but classes, can’t find work anymore, because of the theory being wrong and befriended with the artificial stuff.

When these very angry bastards get subventioned, they can still use incentive, and it is disproportionate (to something). From something - to something - rather it should be corrected. Nobody knows until these days, but it seems part of people falling easier into sin, by upholding a certain standard or set of rules given. There are characters from history that get always as some kind of phantoms talked about, that individuals have to appearently follow because they were good. I know people who believe that and still act bad by default, incentivized to good and then in turn subventioned again by the given standards or sets of behavior of others. They act sometimes bad but then it is still not proportionate that they get chances by incentivizement. Nobody knows, why a current set of people who have greater possessions, don’t give in special moments of observation, not more to those they could give them - while they not even want use the things they own at all, but they get thrown away anyways. This is why natural speeding up made by capitalism is needed as a tradition against fear-making that stayed in traditions of people as a safety-net against evil. Else, if not happening or possible, they jump into false beliefs. I don’t belief that this is the case, even when everybody is made to believe that. To me, the people doing councils, are talking about nothing the same way, always, talking around the core of the matter. To teach workers how to not demonstrate, therefore, is not enough, to just say it that way, but one has to know also, how to do that and communicate it that way. Just displaying it that way is false and part of why doing nothing pays off for them being wealthy. I see many people wanting to learn for example Vue. I can give them only the tip, to use Pug as a plugin, from the very start, so they save a lot of time. Cars are called by noone, pipe-mobiles. Js. Bach did not compose music in sadness, because he knew that and used this terminology about cars, to not obliterate the holy virgin. These things came later. But just as in his case it is not on his shoulder to be blamed by that later, for he was not part of that, individuals after his lifetime, should not be blamed the same way and tortured because of that not possible or something. I stand with you, no matter, what you have to go through.

People talk - a new decade begins

The way to explain in etymology what the word problem means, is by taking as an example people talking. Because of them, a new decade does not begin. But when it is written as a title the inverted to that meaning, then indeed it sounds still unproblematic, but the problem itself remains. That germanistic doctresses live a hectical life, is exposed to be unfounded. They do that, because they return home very fast, to their old and big houses, when they get old, but they don’t die young, like they make it seem, to make explain their appearent hecticism. They live very long lifes and get very old and still there, are very fast returning home always. As if, their victims were all young and a multitude. There is a lot of special interest coming from places where marxists reside. They live in an alternative universe, and it is seen that men are unconcerned by everything and very strong, while believing in Marx, while women get in distress against eachother easily still, and they hold these conflicts as individuals. These are the conflicts against capitalists, where the capitalist woman always is right appearently, but always attacked by these marxists too, but still all live at a very high time innocence. The state is completely packed by this special interest that they have going on. They don’t get easily into troubles as rich bankers. Their children get the right to be forever secure, if they remain alive. But people are still troubled in this philosophy, it is seen. It justifies not that many young people are thinking to stay forever alone and die alone too. These people are not believers. They are limited but they are not limited in seeing things clear, such as for example that timetravel happens not in our times. Special interest is wrong, the same, as corporativism, hidden by nationalism. It even is that concept. The young victims of these doctresses however - they can be these people staying on purpose alone and dieing alone too. They have not such economic wisdom to still not get into economic troubles fastly by binding all demons concerning that, like Salomo did with a cube.

This is in truth how justice looks. When they are in suit, it is impossible to distinguish if someone of them is in fact leninist. But later on, when the individual gets the same demands by others, to be such a son too, it is different, when one was blamed by them. They are satanists truly, the bible is right. Johann Sebastian Bach was an Antichrist. His followers not anymore. The others are worse than him. They operate via the bitterness of the world. I don’t have to write what they do. Special interest in America is different. There the people doing it, live like Scarface. Only here they are with Engels and Marxists and where they don’t have so much maybe, they still have a lot of other ways to misuse reality. They make such rules such as “maybe the good old road is great, but even if you want the new road, you have to stay on the old one, … and … other ways are not possible”. This is how they treat youth. And then adding labels by scientific fields to the individual not by the state, but to control it by the state, like an animal. This will end. This is the bitterness of the world. It poisons every outlook on thoughts anyway for the individual, and they have power to call it then insane. Only people who have an outlook made by sweetness and chance therefore, can think freely. They are not the criminals and they are not doing crime for people with Engels. This is sin if you can afford a big house and you do that not because you are stinking anticapitalists while children somewhere, have to have hunger and thirst because you play faksimiles. The devil is playing man. He is not human even still because of that. He is only animal. Because he only plays them. Men acting violent like him, making others “to animals”, are the things they create by that. They are the animals still, and not those whom they treat that way.

There was a follow-up where german judges got big houses in the follow up to the FED starting its inflationism craziness in our decades. There were many of them as a whole family that look the same and are in truth leninists, even if german. Nothing is taboo to them. In truth, they hold all secret, that they are interested in keeping secrecy around the topicism of book titles that are about the times, dragons lived on planet earth: because it connects them to Baal worshipment and that they kill children. They are all with Engels. It is only because firms enable by helping sometimes, to be more elite than them, that they can be seen as normal people that simply profited, simple like each and every normal family. Else even religion helps them by weaving utopy around timetravel for example. And they are against culture. They are a ring saving the supreme court. They should not be rich like bankers so suddenly. Either they were so rich from the outset or something strange happened, which everyone held secret. They should go and sweep the floors after what they have done. Collectivists, are statists not when they are actionist but they are all of that, to hide that they may still act behind mirrors, using arrays made by mathematics or hope that they would be good in terms. But collectivists that are also collectionists, are also golden cow ritualist, which is very bad if you want peace in life.

Geometry can be a phantasy only, never a phantasm. But sometimes it is so and that are moments when unsoundness is felt in the market. The directions people went once bound to a form, remains in memory in the seducer. You can use firms for personal revenge when marxists did a lot of wrong to you, but it is tradition to not do it still. Doing it helps the firm not fall into corporativism but it also endangers her by unsoundness unbounded. Nobody knows that or talks about it. These are all ways they treat capitalism badly. What they do to others still, is so bad, that they living in peace sometimes suffering that evil from that bad philosophy they follow, feel these effects too, on themselves, when they get sad that too much is peaceful while still something is wrong sometimes. But they do that by the help of the state and they live in these big houses praying the whole day to god. They don’t see the outside world at all, neither the others. Only sometimes they go out, and then they are called customers of course. They are the same as everyone else then. Both the states behavior and groups of people are a kind of religion. When very talented people are very cruel because they are geniuses, it is only, because they say based on their belief, seeing the behavior of the other that you can not very often visit them, but when you are somehow good, you can sometimes visit. Both is religion unfortunately, but they are cruel, and nobody wants to be treated that way. They have empathy, because they know a lot and feel, inside the other one has a cold heart in truth too. They expose that stuff. When innocents are blamed and tortured, it is because they don’t get the rights to act in a symmetric way same to that. Their answers are proclaimed to be always static and based on one single view. They are thought from outset, before blaming them, to be already not geniuses that act that way too always. The holy saint Aquin, structured his texts so too based on that optionality. He thought, even texts have to have this freedom from thought crimes, and pressure by others. But the people studying his works, became the same statist criminals that each generation summons, that deemed only one and only one way to interpret them and also based on that unknowledge, others: The theory that it is how they talk about not killing, that they plan to kill others, not that they plan to do it.

Firms don’t like when people start to talk about things they don’t understand, or history for that fact. Because there is so much special interest going on. The way firms go from west to orient, their lifespan, when they reach a decade, it is exactly opposed to the history of old Egypt, how the priests in robes planned the pharaohs, for people to not be able to talk about him there, reaching that decade in rule. And don’t want people to talk about that turning point a lot. Because unsoundness is created by businesses that depend on that comcast. Of course, these things based on special interest are all depending on that too, and they are never firms. Lets assume all firms in that example are big. Always all like the concept by one special consumer at the same time and join into the philosophy a bit even if they don’t join into other things very sharply mirroring the theories of eachother in competitionism always, so the managers of one firm feel that other firm wants to actually kill them, and this is the sound way competitionism works, namely only in firms. Then still, they hold a bit of friendship by that. This is the fault of socialism. In technology maybe not because some firms have decided on always being in some term doubling there the meaning while the others want to go above that a bit. Data itself as a word comes from the things furry animals like to eat. They are the firms for the “youngers”, enabled by the more old traditional ones, who founded that tradition. This is interesting because it is without corruption. It repeats always based on freedom in time. This is why Hans Hermann Hoppe has a lot of problems because he still tries to save them, where the religion is already invalidating him from the start, when people start to listen. This effect is random, not always. Sometimes he can speak in full grace before everyone.

Consumers just don’t are virtuosos spreading the hand into air and throwing “airmagic” into the camera, to control supply by this stalwart, or don’t talk about that feeling - the wings of angels - behind them, like the guitarists on the album cover. Only mathematics accepts people of cold heart and binds them thereby being interesting to them. Consumers reflect that behavior justly however, by not being controlled by it too. They instead listen his music. They like him for that… Or with that variable already in mind, they try to be more sophisticated, already exposing everyone to the netzpolitik. The consumers more on the side of JS Bach, who was very religious, they however laugh about that. They like that thing rather realised on the instrument at the very moment. This is alright too because they want justice. They are noobs or may want to go there soon. But this is a very long way, to go from west to orient without a firm. When people get interrogated, this is like giving them cubes with memory-game. There it should be used. If that would be used there, it would be clear that this is corporativism. These tests are meaningless. People should be interrogated there. It is not the individual who should suffer that. The result of these tests is always zero, because memory is a game. They are fullblown occultists. It is the young cultural genocide planner, Timothy Geithner who shall sit in a mental asylum with idiots. These people are a ring in Germany, who save people like him for special intererst. He was only another pawn doing special interest. Look at his name. When somebody is guilty on someone going to a mental asylum, you can search as far as the Army and you will him find. Only his details are gone. His zodiac sign is the only thing remaining. When somebody was blamed for getting to close to the cartel, by being too near in identity, it is not analyzed whom he was by identical zodiac signs. Rather, the corruption is so, that a power has risen in government, greater than the people, held by money laundering for dictators.

The red dragon, the old snake, is a mythical creature. When she sleeps her power is still awake and when she awakes, it rises not without demands. These demands can’t be laughed at by demands of people you can’t trust since they are marxists. Most people don’t dive into this area yet. They think rightly, that Toth Tehuthi displays some sort of Elohim, angels, and then try to be evaluationists with you. But they can’t find anything. Since everything in history is not to be found by empiricism. All objects having this and that quality, are a little bit the same. When they try to drench the last bit of detail out of what happened, they are evaluationists. It can’t be found because these creatures may have left secrets coming from space, to heal you on the way when this evaluationism together with socialism gets too much still. The image with the reliefs of van Mises’ book “Socialism”, is very precise, describing, what socialism makes. They left some symbols depicting people coming from space on stone walls as the very first inhabitants of planet earth left as a historical demeaning. They were probably meaning the attributes of their own spaceship rather. If this story is true - and it does not describe actual times with profiting and interests and corruption, if not describing Elohim at all - then Mises is very precise indeed in what he writes and describes. Certainly, the egyptians knew about birds being able to fly without spreading their wings and they look then a bit like a black hole. They were probably as far as that in mathematics. It is nothing special. Many of that is not for humans and never continues being built, since economics limits there exactly.

Of course, this special interest is because they all live in that utopy, that socialism will “soon be” made. They don’t see that there are ways to disparage competition by imagining your own firm like a virtual human model of a “fighter in war”, that can go through the world even if wounded. Componists that were playing infernal music, are always thin like these models. There is a lot of incentive on top of that to hide it, and to profit further for them, having envy on talent. They live in an utopy, because this knowledge about Elohim is unimportant and exposes in this way rather, that if they left depictions on stone walls, in stone age, they were after reality not farther than other humans depicting that, but the things socialists display are rather like that, mapped. It is unrealistic. It means that they are despots after they break the hopes like that by war when they are exposed. But because they always do that, with others, it is core, to keep up teaching against them. Nobody in our days shall do something greater than these symbols on stone walls, is what they mean by that. In truth this means that. Economics limits progress there because of them and they even support that this way. If these people back then could not do more than that, in our times it shall be exactly like that, too, they mean by that. But they profit by that that many believe them by interpreting it differently, that for example, suddenly this space ship with the Elohim will be built at a sudden in this very moment. People believe such. When they leave titles of books as a control area, they shouldn’t be trusted like that.

Right now, the parents may talk this and that and don’t value their children while they are alive. Later, regret should set in, when they look at the beach at the muddy sands and waters, remembering it is too late. Later regret should set in. As a product or marketing technique. Not - the slow things describing “later, regret”, with the comma. But firms talk like that to eachother, in firm competition. It is brutal like the animal world. They want to survive. Everybody understands that. But these rings, don’t. They talk bad about capitalism and display firm chefs in bad situations, being copies of them somehow in look a little bit, but they are marxists. And by calling them, whiners, they take away a lot of power from the people to misuse it later on the individual as marxists. They do this by using that lie, that the capitalist is a whiner. It is a lie. They grasp for power by creating lies. The CEO does not whine - rather - he identifies with his firm not only by identity, but by its last events too in some cases. They say capitalists don’t have this or that, but they don’t manage to tell the history about what really happens, that when you move in free trade zoning, everyone wants to kill you and it is not by his intentions. It is because they destroy capitalism, that they can later control youth. They say it is great to move in these zones, by some story they tell them in school. Later, the ones being drenched and put into greatest tests in daily life, living in capitalism that is curtailed - damage them not on purpose, but because the freedom is less while greater only in free trade zoning, that was beforehands planned by attests/contract. By identifieing with what happens to his firm, if it is bad, he also is ok with what happened, and this is strange indeed. As, if, his firm was only made at a certain time to act as a disguise in a strategy against someone - probably the author.

They have such a great demand on their children, that it would be rather fair, if they had 20 years ago created a firm and now left their children alone. The people from a ring expect others to play god when they try to communicate that often. They make plans around the Y-chromosome. Because their murders are hidden, they can do such stuff. Because they are not bloody or something, but hidden, by being virtual. This is not right. These people have a lot of chances to create comparisons against innocent people while they are still alive, and do nothing at all. They never get cited. What do they do therefore? They have a lot of power in a democracy acting like these very angry bastards that you sometimes meet very rarely, that act bad in public, and seem as if they decided together on acting against totally unknown people always like that. Only because they know the person then, does not mean, that they are different than socialists or marxists, that blame totally unknown people in busses or trainstations if they have envy. You can encounter them always when they see your children with something costly, like for example an e-guitar from America, while all people are introverted and don’t show their posessions, in very by socialism held backwards countries, that were once monarchies. But they are together as such a small group and know, that the parents act bad and take their chances away by unsoundness, by making fiat-currency. All of this is a kind of prophecy they use as a module, against the revelation, which is a prophecy too.

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