Conflagration 2


Where restraint shall only be in economics, people started to critisize the individual in our decade, by the way how it isolates itself. The underlying critique they mean however, is on taxation. It is already enough for the individual to be isolated than for evil to use that, to put restraints on the individual that are based on lies and result in torture. Since, the individual never did evil to the economy, and even illuminated others, when time came, that the depressions one has, are created by similar lies, where the economical effects simply are like they are, but some group of people there is, that displays these things way down lower to earth, to the individual, and even makes-believe, that these problems are not economical, but part of the individual even. People start to believe in these things in how they are raised by populism. These liars who make these lies against even youth and children, from the very start of life one can feel them, they are directors of even these sects that control presidents. They are socialists too as bankers. They sell shells in war-zones and then they build houses, big villas, here, and then the individual has to be silent because of their wealth. This secrecy is so and starts there, while those who make it formal, are just puppets. These state clerks are occult. They always catch people in the moment of indecision, while they form their life, and on small scale, it is disclosed by the moment between becoming a socialist or capitalist. There when they do that, people see they have not enough time to learn further, while prescribing their things, while acting, daily, and then they form them to become anti-christ. This is very much different and on bigger scale than any other word describing it and it comes much closer to being true. But these moments they like to catch people in, they are demagogues in them. There should be put five times strong restraints on state clerks. People don’t have the energy to deliver that blow to them. The state ending its existence is much more realistic to that. Consumers just want to live, all people just want to live in their uncorporate world, which is in truth the lower version of corporativism, and they put enormous effort into that, to make life better there for eachother. It is enough that one occult state clerk comes and turns around that holy grail, to make from it an occult scene. The crime the state makes, is really enough, by other people, called socialists. These are all crimes, hidden. Heavy crimes, against individuality. For example if the child Abelleary meets concerns A, B and C, then he must call them a, b and c. If both A and B make him concerns as products, A will be most often of the times a more popular product that costs more too, despite what all may think. If C belongs to the set, and else is natural in the state of being connected to D rather, then here often it is coerced into another category that puts all of the two first elements into the same business. But this doesn’t mean, that D wants that, or that it is natural to humans or nature itself, to suddenly have D isolated. The state never adds D then, but jumps into ugly observation of groups, where he counts people as these numbers and then makes these groups magically, like Aleister Crowley. All have to forget, especially the capitalists, that the choice between being a capitalist and a socialist, is then the choice between socialism and hedonism, while capitalism gets attacked as the uncounting element. This can be observed, because D is most often of the times, an animal and products for them are rare. But with all of that, E and F as a set or array, are then the consequencies, that children get bad teeth, because there is no doctor, since all of that is natural to observe for people who claim they know many things, while it is all against culture. That jump to the ungood, to F, from array “E, F”, there is because E is some kind of otherworldly thought, a doctrine, that gets made to an ideology, by really bad people. And they use it as a magical effectum, to intensify that against women for example, when their highly gifted children get attacked. The state clerks do that gladly, because it is against women, from the core, while nobody prescribes it (previews it). And then they are a lot of steps closer to doing torture on people they claim act bad. These crimes i call heavy crimes, made by them, are because they want to destroy the market. They do this against the individual, because while in capitalism, the people in advertisement, are natural even doing stupid things, because it has a purpose, they make it for money, they have a job, this exact job there, and they are united in that. There is no hill you have to drive upon with your cart in supermarkets. The easiness must come from easy credit, which is made by soundness in money and the hardship and effort must be made by fun and easiness in credit, made by soundness in money, not by crime. These things called soundness, shall not change, for example by elasticity, because people already don’t avenge that there is a bank that makes that complex.. Because in truth, it is not so complex, and this is exactly where torture lives too. These people want to tell me something. They want to put restraints. They display capitalism as something bad, while you get 300 cookies for a 10 dollar bill from the best company, which you only prefer in that moment they take everything away from you. And they lie, telling that preference is wrong. Preference is the most natural state to use, when purchasing products. It is not being on cost of the american tax payer, and they destroy that possibility to use it, by taxing them highly. The evil these people do as socialists is really one level ahead of normal evil, it starts where baby murderers act too.


The opposite of perfectionism is protectionism. Certainly, someone going through a natural reserved park, remembers even in history, economic shortfalls, but it is wrong to talk about “certainty”, and using the word “certainly”, because even children, and especially them, have this feeling there, always with a history to what happened in the dark places, and fearing that a little bit, even when they later as harvard students may not have this exact feeling, researching a particle system there. But not even them research particles in natural reserved parks, this is for sure. Someone researching particles in such places, is way too much for them in excellence. Whoever researches there averages, by taking this sample or this scheme, is a torturer for sure. But the state does that, and hardcore-socialists do that, because on average the perfect thing to place in such places, is not them, but rather a wagon selling consumers chicken fries or fish ‘n chips, in an optimal way, where everyone wishes it, where beforehands only people were murdered in a sunken waterwood. Forests are a kind of mega-corporation. But the tradition kept going on, not held by culture, but by fall of culture. On a beautiful woman, she wants children, and smiles only for that, follows always the cool bearded darkness-prescribing popular man, who shows the children “where to go”. This just became the normal way to see things everywhere and to have this choice. This comes still as a tradition from Moloch Worship and it is not a revamp.

Many americans talk about averages as champions because they think, these people against cardinal numbers, don’t exist:“Average American, Average Chinese, Average Indian”. But averages are not a revanche, or remuneration, and can be mathematical too and also attributes while non-bindable to else than that they are used in that moment in a championship. Just like want is diminished, when supply and demand are replaced by demand and supply, so is the individual by economics. Only certain individuals can count as deepstruck. But many things are based on households. The corruption is so, that while banking should be used in China, and here should investments be financed by households, it is turned around, just like the economic optimization that would be possible, would be households of leaders more stringently put into account in certain things. Even a 5th grader has to be the morality-codex for women. Places where they dwell, playgrounds, are little versions of the horizons these certain individuals make when there is not enough freedom. Two days are sometimes enough to dwell there to know it in future. All shortened by money-supply. You can have money-supply by small scale too and that is then on small scale, and counts not as theft. All divided by banking, when children see they can’t buy certain things, while “the elite” can (and “will”), and it makes isolation happen. Just like only adults pass a bank, run by children on the street, and completely ignore it, since they have no human action, apparently, no memory or remorse for children insides, so the evil a certain group of people does is funded by a certain kind with the same lebenskarrierestil. It is important to note, that evil creates certain kind of people, and these who work for money have indeed no human action. State clerks are sometimes sent by a sect, where the woman plays the Isebel herself, not the evil ghost of Isebel, from the old testament. This means, that they are only against van Mises’ work and come to murder children and make some pressure. Sometimes they are leninist, because they are a sect while using the word “reparation”. Sometimes they come to avenge socialism and not even the one who knows what they came to do, writes it, simply, because things get forgotten by fate, that evil makes as a mechanism, which is often against the children and to make itself known. They come to make havoc against youth, because they want to monopolize their leadership-position starting from early belief, that has still hope in it else, the problem is, that the state clerks still may seem better than the things the leader of America does, which is also the commander of Germany, but not many believe that, because there is a lot of polarisation in this topic, and many televangelists control that commander in rich countries.

They hide very much by evil, that economic theory has to be concerned by the height in thinking, where trade actually is always an effect that science calls global. But economics is that way, while not concerned by that. Economics is not about statistics. They have not manliness to speak the truth there. They already had it not in case of being mute. In case of making socialism happen. Because socialism is against capitalism and the austrian school, of which van Mises is the leader par barometerix, i only come to say that, it came because Menger, his precursor, critisized that the historian school around some anonymous author wanted to destroy the world by saying there is no general theory of economics possible and only sometimes theories in economics shall work, and only with some institutions available and controlling them in the world. This is wrong, because it is against the subversed children, the retarded, because economics is not concerned by the world at all. Nothing goes beyond in economics, the world is called a domain, it is contained. Only theft creates some kind of flows. The austrian school is much more bright in being closer to this clarity than keynesianism. Not only is that the way to unite people that have no job in capitalism, but the truth is unshakable, because scientific worlds are called that way too, and not scientific domains.

Even in a game, there is not a single mäusestrasse with someone living in a house that calls himself “Caffeine”. However, someone like Catherine may indeed be found, but what does it disparage, else, that people were always marxistic and only displayed their wealth to others? There is no workaround to certain truths. There are the most talented people who speak simple language, while a big gap exists for all that want to follow them. It is mute, however above them, not, as students, since the ones with the advanced terminology, scientists, are even above them, even if they have no talent. It is not always sure how to come out of this tragedy. Sometimes only division helps, for the brutes. There is no optimisation. When we finance war as households we do it by paying too high bills on heating for example. But all firm chefs, are called CEOs. They are all optimists. While the true standing of the economy is so, that even someone like Professor Hoppe is less successfull than, let’s say, hsi father, when he got as a capitalist at the instant of going to the west, new work, and Hoppe had not such success. This is repeating itself on others too, because Hoppe is very well known, with this little success. People are by demons set into shortfalls, where they all their life work and then get diminished to the past, to someone they knew, only because they try to find out the truth.

There is a secret to each thing. Even to the secret itself. The second sentence always makes by assistance the first sentence an average where a path has to be found. A secret is therefore while individual, still democratic and still pluralistic, while individualist. If a country A aggresses against a country B, both by being a violent monopolist of aggression, then this is always because someone profited from a dark plan in the background. Because big facilities exist, and they were considered always only capitalists, while then it makes not sense anymore that they are led by a capitalist suddenly. That signifies, that someone acted exactly like the capitalist there, first taking a thing away, from correct profit calculation, by having at the left consideration, inflationism, in country A, for example “his country”, and then letting it expand by different means in country B, so as if to hide then what happened. No single situation is more sad than this, because it is paid by the life of children. Sounds more like socialism to me, than capitalism. Sounds like an army-truck waiting before McDonalds and wanting to drive into McDrive, while the space is not big enough.

To bar plus none not, since great banks exist already. Bar plus none may be different to a slave trader, than it is to, let’s say, a corporativist. The law of giving the brother the same that one wants for himself, is only a law concerning groups. One can live in a naturalist setting like the knight in Skyrim, by simply eating eggs and drinking biological tea. People don’t know, that each single concept, that is an ism, against which one should be, like an alchemist researching it, like in Skyrim, different is in what it results in taste at the end. Many have the same endresult like math itself or economics. The water that remains in the end of the day in the glass somewhere, gets in case of math more blueish, while in case of researching economics, more greenish. But only in case of leninism it is completely turned around in meaning at the end. People don’t know that and think being against it is wrong. Banks are all the time concerned in hiding the true source of profit, which is knowledge about how as a CEO if you shift your hands for the money supply to get it, you apply the knowledge of left or right. But after they change one known source of profit, why are they then doing this, if it makes all poor by that, taking away the opportunity?

The division of labor

Sometimes it is smooth, to be such and such, but sometimes it is impossible to be so, because things must become marketable (easier to sell). This extreme smoothness is possible always but in economics only for nonhuman entities, such as money itself. For example, empirically, it is possible, by keeping things secret, even these, that describe these things. And this is called “real division”, of everything, not only labor. These next three or four paragraphs is what they don’t teach to people, it is where new life begins, in society. Young people have after them to not know these things and simply be consumers in the market. But toward truth they change then by keeping to socialism by communism as keynesianists - then suddenly, they don’t want consumers or markets or anything. But people simply don’t know this text until it describes equilibrium, it is where they start a new life as children. This kind of division is also the same as in the old egyptian, keku semau. It is made by nothing in thematicism, and again doubling, nothing put on top of it, again. This doubling is often not written by historicists, and therefore, the whole importance of capitalism, blindly shifted to other things or topicisms, of course all against children - because religion is from the start against any kind of egyptian thing. These things seem so wrong then too proven by this concept. The less justice, the less available possibility to put weights on certain truths, with statism and communism, making the deeds there, against “change”.

Sometimes you went to be part of a new thing somebody offered, and then you get coerced, because it is over time only and then ends. But this coercion is not real coercion. It is only dissolvable however, by how A and B intercommunicate on a triangle, which is much different, than the first things in decades, it operates on. It is a different mechanism… Capitalists only seem over time, like products, with respect before some word like that - length of time or something, i don’t know… Women both of high beauty where one is poor yet just and the other elite and less just, the second is still true over length, while the first will only bring shortfalls. But just like in the times of Adam and Eve, where Eve was seduced, with Adam, and the snake took her, to create a pitfall, so is it in our times with the NWO too, and she uses the elite for it, to set a limit for others by displaying humans by it, as products and thereby creating by it this pitfall. From the way how this triangle behaves can be even laws deduced, why it is good to have them. But the question remains of course, why they are made against freedom, if without freedom it is impossible to apply laws. And, besides, laws are anyway only important like that, for that amount of decades.

The individual and the multiples

The root of the mechanics of beating, come from human action. People get manipulated towards aggression, by daily right, not things, for example, reading letters in newspapers, and then being prompted to do input, for example with letters or thoughts, that they then get into this aggressive mode. All based on democracy. There are many good people that were once alive and helped a lot of children for example that created music where the voices of a dragon are in female style in the background, to keep these “others in check, that aggress”.. These others are not them, but only the individual. Violence is always created against timelessness. A competitor is never a producer. A product may be bad concerning another competitor. Concerning being less worth than a meerschweinchen, not anymore, yet, that everyone loves. The same change happens in other spheres. Clerks don’t research - they are only about “of research”. They work for a thing which is only made to be corrupt. This is exactly what the individual is. Someone may announce, the baroness is always in the business, “of making life hell to an individual”: and may be right, and yet, he knows not, that a baroness is spoken to by using only her title, without the “prefix” of “the”.. All is different with the group, the multiples, and yet still individual. A baroness gets power only btw., how in the market prices work as duplicates of eachother - between this domain and the individual itself. Her power is called a facility, and that only observes god. But this is exactly how from it is deduced anything as a discount. Many scientists research exactly here the truth by warning about unforeseen consequences, which is true: it is an interesting style of going further into detail in researching all, and keynesianists are not right, in advance hiding the truth that it is right with the baroness. Someone may live like a viscount, and yet don’t know that. Certainly - writing about these kind of things, creates unforeseen consequences, because it is wrong to write about them, since children get not discounts then. This is true because there can exist a kind of taste that coalesces with that truth, and be the same way as the multiples, individual, with its magnitude. Things can be soft and hard. You still say “baroness, good morning”, not “the baroness, good morning”. When i would describe what they do, and how they then don’t want me to write how it still is metropolitan to be described, as the reason for why metropolies are made, then they are corrupt and it is not my fault. They hide corruption by hiding virtuosity, behind human sacrifice, dressed like businessmen sitting in their cubicles in towers their whole life. These “are the good people”, they say, as corrupt bastards, educated towards such, by their parents, who taught them this. In truth, people search their whole life for virtuosity, while it is only a copy of liking islamic people in how they speak in their language when they plan murderings, violent for example, and then making the same on the instrument. Believe me, this is the way a genius plays music, and still uses “the baroness, good morning”.

The one and only pathway out of equilibrium of any kind

The one and only path out of teaching people to live in equilibrium of any kind, is to teach them first and foremostly, that nazism is bad. Because there are people, that are glad in ignorance living, accepting the lie, that the individual has no problem replacing individual things, hidden by the multiples, which is not true at all. And that it is a shame, that such work in administration and manage people. Because things that are not seen or altered or replaced individually, take less time, than things in multiples, if such multiple exists already. The less one is for the individual, the more he will lose time managing these things full of blindness. The only pathway to get out of these blind mistakes is preference, following it blindly. Because - how else will you be detached from it? And even if not - how will you be detached from anything such as it, too, if you don’t try to?

No matter how much you may observe, even in obscurity, you don’t really observe the person you mean by it, but rather, the moment of purchase in a shop of products that get not purchased, since it is not a shop, and in that moment of purchase, there are no products, the person may sense someone else too, with products still in the shop, you don’t even think, because you fear the truth. Observation has no scope. Capitalism enables individuals by firms all kinds of things - even Monarchy for businessmen. There is success sought, and yet success is only the thing sought by the scientific method. There is indeed no competition there, if all goes well. If something goes wrong, then not - then chaos ensues and the individual falls prey easily to others using the scientific method. Suddenly, someone, begins something new. A course may be not anymore of course, which is not true: a parlor is not parloring. They are some kind of fractions. But they decided to not coerce after it was more known to others, not someone other. They are still messianic and a fraction. Still the obscurity is made toward the value of monies in capitalism, of being ordinal, not cardinal. The child i describe as running away from the logic, would only run away because it knows not all of that. They are illuminates. They may be fractions and it is known only after they decided to not further coerce people, after acting as a poet. There are sicknesses the people fear, that they fear may be over in future, and they fear them, yet the moment they were meant to be meant to be over, is already gone, and over. The message warning them was meant only for a short time, while their emotions blamed them, giving them the illusion, that the time will be much longer. A shop may therefore put such things up for great quantities and small in wire, as small or big products for sale, and probably children will not profit from that, because the first who will buy them, will be an adult, who senses the small price, and lives not very well against others, has no culture maybe at this moment, and purges the whole quantity from the sale. Children won’t profit from that, even if that is what they else would prefer to buy. Many people try to fill the void here, for others. Since, if someone may not trust this situation, it is still an empty void, and it is very much questionable, why it should be questioned, yet instinctively it makes sense. This is also a very small millimeter away from going too near to a child, as an adult, and concerning the market, someone like that taking then something individual out of the pallette, available, this is practically the definition of unsoundness itself in the free market and every other diminished version of it, like in our times. It is the reason supermarkets close at the evening, because too much unsoundness arises. Unsoundness itself is the reason they close shops each day. In my little example, if A and B are two trades, B is most often of the times, most often, a kind of retaliation for A, where most times relativism plays itself out still. There before A happens they make people fear and they don’t get the plusses from free trade anyhow. They cap the market there. This is not against anyone, than introversive labor. When a new day in trade begins this is how it sounds. Sometimes behind C hides something - something morbid - why it has to wait. Sometimes this change is so wrong, that it barrs all doors from emptiness.

Quantity and the nemesis

A capitalist must profit over time, by shifting his hands out for the money supply currently in circulation, and planning, like a manta, this great fishing in space. Inflationism does not help, and is also therefore created by competing great corporations, or at least wanted with them. Wherever a man does something in seriousness, he wants to save someone. Money was always made by the rather different kind of people, to be shunned rather. When one parties, he wants to save less. When he goes shopping, he wants to save more. To find there the middle in normalcy is not possible because so many are on this road, toward socialism, even if the goal is different there to them. But this “goal”, is quantity always. Someone feels still, deep down, even in categories, that to be good to capitalism, visiting shops, is saving the young girl you would imagine, being rich, being alone, while her rich father is away, doing business. Van Mises was of course right, that human action exists. Because only in Theologica, may not be described human action, since for example sound economics is not always made. Theology may not describe how girls can’t feed their newborn child, but economics shall. Because in case when sound economics is not made, then human action is not described and corrupt actors can act upon that premise even further planning. They try to ensnail you here, by coalescence, which is wrong, because the girls who are the models for that behavior, who only are consumers, while somebody loves them, mostly an anarchist, an individual, are mostly already not living, because they were victims of social behavior. These anarchists then go through the graveyard and feel they are somewhere. The FED is a strange entity, as defined. It can summon local panics, by corporativism, that then are used to kill its oponnents. State clerks and also utopy is misused for that.

This is true, and they try to, and is a third deriding in logical harmony, of these church socialists schemes, where they let even new eras explained, and where individuals are not at all present as important, despites their own writing when it has to be read by someone. The great problem with that is, that these friends don’t act bad, and may help in certain times, yet still they are considered by even van Mises the nemesis, since they don’t change anything by that, and it would be never prompted would it not be seen by someone against it. Just like now, nobody would help Jeanne D’arc, in the same way, even if that is a first try at behaving that way always, just like these girls, with all these socialists writing and communists/anti-communists acting. Nobody knows how great the might of the church is, and how because of that it is misused there. Leninists often make theories instead of living life, by describing daily routine and making it up as something harmonious, and there is the point in the social nexus, where another network is created by state illegally to aggress against the most innocent (most unknowing) individual. Unknowing because of knowledge often. This is the exact space where liberalism is the most attacked with the state, by even acting against science, against math, against choice and personal liberty, by leaving it in the rain. Many young people are against science in these days, and nobody sees that. Only the capitalist sees that, because he knows, the distinction between shopping and shipping.

Am i a good economist? Capitalism is forever there. If you take 40 minutes out of it, it is still infinity minus these 40 minutes. I encourage every reader, after reading this, to continue with van Mises’ book “Socialism” for atleast 40 minutes. There will, however, be only lies found then about the state, since the state has only lies that it produces. This text is meant to explain, how controllers work, and why theye are mostly not only characters in games. The state is always in need of being rounded. It is already rounded by bankers who steal then from the person again, and they do this too: this is an ongoing process. Just to exemplify grammatical truth here between need and things already inherent. Things already inherent to the thing at hand are more basic needs, in science, than are the things not following in that way. In truth, the state has nothing at all to say - since people can’t accept a situation where sentiment can deliver a blow to the head. A dog however, when early cries, the person, that it will fall prey to human traffickers, and they always kill him first, and then the oldest member of the family, by some means hidden, and mix. Mixing is practically when the blanket is the person prepended, thinking it must not cry anymore, while the dog was the one. The nucleus of truth is much too solemn and sad, than for anyone to abstain from writing a little bit the truth about capitalism, since capitalism is the only concept that exemplifies. The value they steal from humans, is intrinsical. They work for someone who is not only objective. Capitalism is the only concept namely, with which sadness can be displayed if it rests in the world, and it is always by having empathy with it (not the person), that this kind of solemn depression is rendered realistically. It is not, something must have to be seen, as that, that it has to be rendered realistically, realistical, even, and others have to linger in that belief, since there is either people for capitalism, or against, but no other detail possible. The things they put innocents through, are not truth. Dualism lives in the way how bar plus none can be reached. They can never be degraded by the effect of magnitude. Only the individual is already on itself by that put out of effectum. By destroying capitalism, continually, or acting against it, they destroy also individually the progress made by humanism and other sciences, since all of this culture comes from church, and without it, men would return to neolithic times. With destroying capitalism, they also destroy these very details in human behaviour. To describe human behavior is already putting a lable on individual liberty, which they do as an outcome for the statists, so more of them summon from the depth of circle.

Significance is the envy of capitalism

Significance is only used by historicism in product-placement. Product placement itself, has its root in historicism, is never encouraged by historicism itself, and shunned always impeding the student, not someone else: it is about placing something. You yourself, want the opportunities of freedom, after returning home, following a hidden word. While a student is at some place, such as the library, he may encounter a time shorthand, where his hobbies in life, are sped up by the buildings already he uses in education then, if he multiplies the pathways by dissolving them from simplicity. It is then not, then he loses time, because so much more was added, but he wins time, on the contrary, to all those who may claim, that capitalism is lame. Where does he encounter as a consumer this speeding up, if capitalism is so well off? They destroy it, else, he would feel the opportunity, same, there. If he visits other places however, such as the Arcanum in a long sunken civilisation such as Atlantis for example, then he feels that same way there too, like having no win situation. Only because he is in education, helps him this there and only because he learns faster by it in the library, are they against capitalism. Significance may be only in historian spheres analyzed as its negativity impact, because opportunity bars the individual from accepting it as a form of envy, that has to be connected to help capitalism linger.

Capitalism, and profanity as its adversaries

There is a way to dominate others by being passionate towards capitalism. With sense in where it is furthered, it is a sentence, of an author, someone may dissolve (everything amongst the individuals) by describing a critique of it, or “wherever the impact is gone, someone writes words that are about artifacts. First they see, then they don’t see, just like in death, is an experience every reader has”, such as that manichaeism is lesser than entertainment, entertainment lesser than universities, universities lesser than capitalism, because the second thing explains that, by being entertainment and atheisms root, such as the root cause of a critique on violence by the tortured innocent, then still there is a profane moment in applieing passion towards capitalism, that is wrong and at the core marxist. Students still must visit the cinema, before visiting the universities library, by true dissolving, must still visit the universities library, before visiting the Arcanium, must still visit the Arcanium before visiting the Arcanum, must still visit after visiting the Arcanum, personal privacy, if they are really about science. ‘Tis but mere speech and always human action already lest as conversation not anymore. Human action is the personal sphere following all of that rather. Many things happen by the way, on the way by adversaries of capitalism, if dissolved and lived out in passion, yet, including violent events. They themselves, don’t follow the science by going to the cinema, a place, where only the leinwand is in natural light, but rather, go directly after brushing teeth, to the library.

Many second parts of books or theses, start with introductions, that are called “enthusiasm”. But in the end it will be seen, of this what i write, that if all of that has to be appraised by the consumer as individual, then things fall short of being called anything other than an equilibrium. Then, only from the sad end of that text, it is true, that it means, that many creative people begin there with their product creation process, while the same inches true, that nothing stands behind it. It is a logical realm. Warmth gives life to man. But the actions make it feel different and become different too due to the quality of the sciences. Someone may be horrendous, but he is hidden in it, because he is strong in truth. State clerks, however, don’t agree, which is dumb enough, but well, okay. Not at all: nobody has the right to let them rest with the positivists who think someone is weak, together with the whole world, that is made blind by that ignorance too. Women are called weak, and yet nobody believes that. Because in that short story they are called weak, this story is very high in truth, and there this takes this strength away from him. To me such theological theory is then against evil. Such people are only used by anticapitalists. Evil often uses them when there are enough people believing in that weakening, which is always the case when the son in a family or the daughter accepts dark occult magic, and then the state is called so the person is taken away by law.

This is why since times immemorial, pyramides were used as a scheme to give life to their inhabitants. But their inhabitants were not a multitude, but only a single individual. Therefore, to forget a few things and start acting as an educator of all, is poisonous by that teaching onto argumenting. People act poisonous with that theory in mind, it is making them fear, since without capitalism, they always would be only shorthand-able to do something against it, while in truth, nobody gives them in this very occasionality this ability to dissolve it from occasion, even mapping occasion onto it as a lie. Places where people go, are only potentially the thing they represent themselves in. A place, where an individual think, a thing happens, may not be at this exact same time, filled with people, who think the same way, and especially use that place to these ends. The edge this individual has, is transfered from the place, in words, toward the ultimative end, the posession of these things. Things that happen at the later moment, they may require words different, to that, in that very moment. The place itself gets transformed not by removing it as an equity from its true definition, most think. Mises taught, that people behave this way, because the same is true for when they don’t like to be a slave, and to see slaves work for one. It is the same feeling to humans, bad. But here it is also applicable to places, when they are called for example by another name, and this name is bound to some property one has or wants to have or to alter it. The place gets namely by that not removed or altered. Also, precluding an action more towards some goal, or philosophical meaning, makes the next action planned, not plannet at all, but ‘planneth. An individual may go at the evening shopping, void of all fear, but then is clean doing that, by not smoking any cigarette beforehands, and even because of his innocence then, may be victim to robbers, and it may not even put him into fear. But when he does not do this metaphysical activity of nothing, he may be already just a consumer, and void of all shortfalls.

It is only language, and it is very much needed to express in the economy what an individual wants to achieve. This ultimate end is very much different, to the process of purchasing. Where a thing is purchased the producer wants to get something back into the natural state, of something. But the seller is also interested and in the business, of ensuring, that the capitalist can reach that goal for the consumer. This is how culture is used to ensue a great process of progress in capitalism. Equity is the use-value of dividends, when restricted to a simple version. It is equity in use-value, restricted in a space only for a select. Every scientist will agree with this, since many fluid systems, for example in Half Life, work in such restricted areas too on base of the same thing. But it is different to equity, with dividends, because the use-value only operates in a restricted space. I don’t think this is banking, but banking makes biology there part of it.

It is unfluid, because each individual can be negativist, or positivist at the same time. Both want the same behavior as agents, unimpressed by anything having a gender, but this exact event… Events can have gender too, since in case of culture it would be rather appriori, to call them agendas. There are state clerks acting against single economics. They work together in an agenda and the individual is by that torn apart by the effects. There are places they send people to, where others work, that are against freedom and support by that further encroachments against the individual, and they want to annihilate, while being unreligious. What they send “to”, are not scientists, but normal civilist people. And they do this together to reach the same end at the same time, which is totally not converting anyone to the thing at hand. They forget, that in metaphysical realm only, the immaterial summons from the material. Not even in nature, something summons from something material, and nature is the real place they come from.

Fear is made on local level, as well as global. Global it is made by being by anticapitalism against the mother in a family, and more resting in economics, while locally it is made by anticapitalism and socialism, with physically nonexistent means. People need to shop they think, then used to shop they think, especially infinitely. But when they imagine, already having the things they were searching, then a few problems arise in reality. One of that is democracy, because it supports anticapitalism by being an empty concept without Liberalism. Mises wrote that there are many people claiming, democracy has to be the rule by the people, while it is only meant, to be the rule over rulers, that need to be held under control by those, who are able to run to be such. This can be congress in America or simply the decision to be concerned by political philosophy. People do nothing then in democracy, and then need to have that moment where they go shopping in mind, while never imagine the thing already in posession. This discloses many new things to them. But not all do this when they are busy. This is also the reason they never search for a capitalist mentality such as living in a plan that is consisting of the decision to have a plan B for each undertaking. Plan A and plan B. There are so many people in new years eve, that simply do a collection of many new things while not seeing that possibility. This on itself is only a blueprint for freedom in the world, yet. When freedom is gone, they can on global scale make fear, and they do this by anticapitalism, in case of families with the female part, since women are one-to-one mapped to capitalism. They do this by local means too. Means are something that one wants to “attain” only in mind, until he decides to act. They do this local by being local too. They let these people poor by anticapitalism, by closing shops even, by making socialism, and then see what happens, by “being them”, as parasites. Of course, since people get ugly when there is nothing they can do to realize these means, they can’t buy the product anywhere they want, they get by culture itself in a mindset together that tells them, damaging others is right, and they do this only after the damage is done. The first thing when an individual can’t buy what he wants, because socialism arose, and there is no shop, even in mind, is go on a killing spree against the first innocent individual. He is then because of the inherent logic with others in that mindset embossed.

This as a man, and as any other version of himself as a rationalist vigorous animal. The individual sees that, that is encountered by them, and if it is not too late, it encounters itself as the first and foremost adversary, to all those, who want to realize their dark plans there. When democracy falls, history books get corrected and names get deleted of elites, such as van Roseneck, the componist of a part of Bachs matthew-passion, where his name Roseneck is replaced by the german part, which is more simple, and supports the church socialists plan, where somebody already populated the other parts of the books, with more resounding names of that kind, from history. The individual is over many years pressed under, under coercion to think, it is wrong on itself in having this and that education, while in the end all that results is, these teachings. These teachings are antihuman and made by church in the end, and only emphasize the need for an uberbeing, and the need to extuingish those who are “weaker”, under digsuise of a big tale made by dominion, that is alright on itself while still supported by capitalism, by talent in this time, coming earlier, but then gets more and more dangerous against the individual, more and more only for a select. Historicism on itself is dangerous, since each time history is used, there is no scientific excellence possible, and all only act to get their bonuses from someone who understands that, because he writes it too. Always there is a craving in them, to become a better scientist while in this sphere, the population thinks. But what do they do when these individuals get on this spree because they can’t buy these products in mind as an example event? They populate the world by those false teachers, that are specialists, and in truth, they are the reverse in quality to those who want to help, even if they seem better, to them, they are cool and some kind of directors. These directors happen because of that emptyness in liberalism, where the shops then get annihilated. And they summon into common folk as characters, since they are often disguised under their culture. Rapport is created against the often anarchistic individual.

Hoppe they think, is dangerous, because he signifies a more distant future possible, than even the victims of the collectivists display while making their silent outcries. They are a collective, and these directors, get always supported by leninism, that is used to emboss these dangerous entities that enfilth the life (statists). This tale about dominion, is always made by church socialists under disguise of their inherent beauty and safety. They always by this tale in this wrong time, isolate the truth from it, and it is very much not seen anymore in the end in the history itself. Marxists already early populate the index of these teachings underwriting their names as a collective there, under disguise too, of anticapitalist safety. Names of authors become more and more collective and thundergrass, and in the end they do this, to then be a group of excellence acting by state always (as the true directors there, as liberals). First thing they do, is your mother, by anticapitalism. Then any other one too, by simply using his talent, to coerce you. If he has talent economical, you get diminished all the time by the global price making utopya. They tell you each day, what you think is alright in that utopy, to safe is great, and all that you do is inherently bad since you spend too much. But in the end, you see they operate on a small local magnitude, much more extremely local, than the local things happening there. They diminish you by the price of about 25 cents by displaying your deeds as wrong, while the thing you must buy costs already 50 cents, since you spent too much, all the time, while their prices they chose are great. Prices got great then, why do they advertise them then, if great has no other meaning? But the things they let you buy then, they cost a lot in the end. What they take is a metaphoric product that signifies your own preference and how it is alright to think capitalistic imagining it. But this product moves in that price range in the end, and you can buy only one item for the price of the products they always advertised as manyness for the same price value. You pay that manyness by psychic shocks and dangerous events.

Why is being uneducated mathematic, if socialism exists? Why do educated people disguise that real genius always plays “FCFGCF” from theoretical music theory, in the topic of the “Pythagorean Hammers”, from the early time? This teaching, shows that music can be always genius. But, why is it disguised, maybe because of the triangle existing there too, that has also more connections inside it, only in music? So then, Pythagoras simply existing, would be then this hexagon probably and only in music theory, in the center of the triangle, dividing the simple letters further. But with sinking individualism, which is indeed the case in the fall of democracy always, this (dividends mostly) gets more and more practiced instead of being theoretical. It is not individuals who are too practical there, but the other way around. The plans are too practical and the danger connected with them. The truth is, that someone, especially early. The french never came out of their psychic shock from the revolution. Revolutions are inherently marxist. When these people succeed in coming into life by these tricks, so locally, they make it there happen as psychic shocks. The truth is, that because of that, the french always make others the feeling, that something must be added to the already existent product, such as onion rings, when too much is done by them, on a global scale. Since, that they have this sadness, shows, that they have control over globalism. People think with all they make, then, capitalism is bad, with adding these onion rings, based on what they did with cars back then. But truth is, Pythagoras is not important as the hexagon, and it is only music theory where he divides it further normally taught. But it proves, that the three things are then separated and what in truth is then separated is the whole triangle, by being divided in a wrong way. The hexagon remains, and the division. Now, triangles are a common symbol that should be always gone anyway. But, only now, does a good teacher differentiate.

The truth is, that they spread the theory as a lie, that musical melodies, can have the quality of a carcass. They bring others unto this road, to go onto a search for this mythical carcass always, and coerce the single individual always by it, making a division, by state clerks. What is most single as an individual, must be most stringently divided too, they think, and this without being checked by anyone for what they do, and by which means, where all means are great for them. Neither do they see what they do, nor do others see, because without the theory of warmth giving life to man, it is simply not seen where they wanted to move or even where they realized that crime. The attack on individual liberty is individual. But, they take others hostage by that, already acting without restraints there. No matter how high the director, the one being the guilty on torture is always the policeman, with all others, getting away with it, different agencies having multiple qualities they leave as remains in history, that get overlooked the same way in a big criminal way. No matter who punishes you, he has to have unlimited powers to make you infinitely miserable, they think. The truth is, you may only “pay”, because in the end, you never did a criminal undertaking. Their simplitude is simply unchecked there. The needs of statists get never quenched. Dark evil always needs violence always gets innocents in a situation where they have to face the more and more bigger object, based on what was made back then in old Egypt, as a secret. Children hide behind a wall, then behind a skyscraper, and then behind bigger objects. They don’t see not only that without the theory of warmth giving life to man, the theory itself has to be changed, to “men”, but besides this theory of warmth, there they don’t undertake, the means to see another problem, that behind Pythagoras hides namely ornamenting, and the tortured individuals, and the torturers of individuals, in some single cases in another logical realm. These realms are separated from something too. It is certainly only by empiricism that they are separated by words and how they work. The underlying method is always unsound economics. But this is crime then, to torture.

Nobody sees, that behind that mistake, hides this style that proves, that there by the individual behind it standing, tortured or not, it means, what they did by state, is not fictive, and can’t be furthermore hidden in such way by church, as was undertaken by somebody, and that there indeed hide these other problems not anymore behind music theory, but behind true reality again. But then, the actors must be still checked as unsound elaborators, since they make monopolies work. When these monopolies in shape of the Pythagorean theorem, are unchecked in such way as to enable these state clerks, then lets say each of them costs 25 cents. I need to pay because of what they make a + b, not only a or b. Furthermore, i need to accept that this is not true, and the real price is again a + b + c, or the theorem itself. I pay A + B rather, because it is the same as a + b, and someone wanted it so. But i don’t do that, because the price is A + B + C. And also, more marxism is generated, which is in truth satanism. The price for this thing is so high, because i was coerced by the world, and not only was someone doubling by making this coercion happen, the effort, and therefore doubling the price, but also because of the state, i need to pay also C on top of that. Therefore what they often buy, costs exactly the same as 75 cents. But the individual costs more, since it costs so much like is only calculated by calling all of that only Positivism, ignoring what the state does or did. You will not be further able to progress, because you can’t use force or violence.

But if i take ingredienth, i could make something from 6 ingredients even. I could make something from the double price, and then make the price thrice or something. And make someone part of that - but then at least knows it and is part of that… Someone who finds an unoptimized big drink in nature will never drink it in this filthy society. A capri sonne as big as a sky scraper would stand tall for centuries to come with its exact content. I could take 6 onion rings and make from it 12 onion rings. But in the end only criminality is generated by that. Because there is always conflict between what is not already optimized by the market. The capri sonne as big as a sky scraper, in a free market, would be so highly optimized, that probably another planet could be populated, with such economic progress happening. The planet could be populated, but the inhabitants, could be not populated, but only could be equipped. The planet could be equipped still, i think, by sound economics. I could make from 6 ingredients that are unprecisely there, because in products muxed that are already found in the market and bought. But then i could call this “known” action. I could make from this circumcision a meal, that tastes like onion rings but looks different. The same rings true for drinks. A monopolist already established makes a better product because it is more known, but still for less effort for both customers and firms. The product is only better because of that. If i circumcised a planet i would be only a passenger of a train for example. Someone would still together with all think, that it is not part of the crime, to profit, because to make prices strike is already more sound, than to use ingredients. Others maybe lesser characters would follow based on statism inherently there because of state, who “think differently there”, while acting in a totally different market.

But i get sickness when i imagine instead of it, these onion rings. I don’t know why, probably because there is too much state. I want in such moments to be rather not alive. It strikes me with awe, that many don’t see, that authors categorize that all as coalescent while being it themselves. Of course, a market is needed where this lie can be shaken further from the person. Ingredienth is the ultimative thing. We can even come back to the previous. What, if Johann Bachs music was indeed, made by studying tortured witches, since it is possible indeed, to make low notes, by playing multiple high notes in sequence by playing them far apart, and high notes, by playing them more often? What, if there is another example to that thing, for example interventionism is being made, because else, people would hear hell itself down there, and thing must be made, to hide it from them? What, if Bach knew this and still did use another technique, a more true technique, is this not proof enough, that the more they do, the more they destroy culture, the less it is visible to others what they do to innocents? Bach of course used exactly this technique, by using wavelengths, “frequencies to many”, to create new harmonies entirely unknown to writing or teaching. It is not only “an composer”, but exactly this composer only, and it is exactly here that it behaves like Pythagoras used in mathematical books. Things have to be changed, then only down there in hell. Start there with your changes.

Such grand composer used therefore this theory, despite the many burnings of witches in these times, and it has to show something to these torturers even in future times. There is a creature used here that is used against individuals by another, smaller individual, from hell, that is there the master. This utility is the same as it is used against children by using their parents against them, by making times worse. As, i have already by pure logic laid out, in trade there is something wrong with B always getting more from A, or for each, trade, both a and b get less with C vanishing. In case of monopolists, as i explained, yet monopolist C always gets hidden by the theorem itself of Pythagoras. Other things can be hidden too the same way. A button you click can be on the left side and you will see the color more sharply when this trick is used. A state clerk may do evil deeds, and yet get away in the end, invisibly. Errors can be hidden of all kind that happen everywhere, as in torture. Many books can vanish, as in films.

Everything someone does, may be only because it comes from above, because he uses that language from above. Nobody can happen to be the manager of all and claim he acts under some disguise, rightfully claiming that he is in control of what he says, or even that his language in that moment is a standard. Since, even he, does not simply know. Each and everyone could be misguiding himself and others, just because of this external root where language summons from. God may teach how to say in german “i want to deep-fry something, please”, and it will resound as “ich möchte bitte nun etwas frittieren”, but still - if this individual uses language, then this individual does use as an individual this language, and not as a group, misguiding others, to use some propaganda. An individual exists, not because propaganda-language has to be used because someone may think that or advertise that. Only because propaganda exists, does not mean the collective of some kind uses that. In our times however, this is forgotten knowledge, and all are part of it.

Use-value and what it means

Normalcy is usually called use-value. But in such a way as when the bible is only written for Mary, the holy virgin, so she remembers her son by it. This is also a litmus test for those who claim, that a metric to measure capitalism, the market, is a litmus test, acting often in another logical realm. That they are marxists, only adds to how unjust they are all. But normalcy, let me explain, is something different from use-value or each measurement. It is simply the level of culture upon which, if existing or not, by existing means, for example friendliness in people, it operates. These people there operating, they can’t under any auspices be these people, anyway, by methodology. Cults are all financing occultism. No matter, if they are egyptic or old. The old thing is the most friendly in case of living animals. Wherever they see capitalism as marxists, it must be a woman, capitalistic in mind, that moves with money, they must be against, as evil ghosts. But the same way they are playing important here, because they are hidden by old egyptic statues, the same normal people are not important for deriving use-value from normal values. The stringency they create of all, is only in collecting the uttermost important data to operate for the system. Images never get written into databases, then one can derive easily, that they must be saved on some servers instead, and bound to an id only. Economics is not concerned by it, yet still they make the same problems coming from the same illogical binding to say here, economics is not concerned by it, and deriding it therefrom. This is not real economics, but they think it is. They think real economics is to observe a lot of people by making them receivers of money, and then to say - let’s create a lot of new money from thin air - since this is good banking or economics. Good banking yes, in case of profits for them.

Back then, culture was summoned by church (which the people rightly called “belief” - with the individual in the center of the idea), and used to secure the maintenance of new, but big machines, that were dangerous if even repaired. Until these days, it is not anymore tradition and was called by van Mises bloodless. But the inherent search for skill remained, and the upkeeping of that, which is immaterial. It is, as if, the immaterial, succeeding that, which is of value to someone, and it is displaying by empiricism led to its full blossom - or utopya for that matter - there can be only derived that in future will be only skill living on the world, with helplessness as a remainder. As if, a businessman wielding an USB-cable, would be gone, and the USB-cable would treat him as a remainder. Truly, yes, if the immaterial would then follow from value, but value rather follows from the immaterial. Culture was used not by church, but by belief, the people, as already taught, believed. Because in the worst decades there must be belief, they thought, and it is redundant to call it differently than belief, due to being just consumers. But this changed and changed decades after decades again. It is, as if someone wanted, to be respected by it. There was a tale playing around the industrial times in Germany, not really happily accepted as being written so, since “it would be fine”, indeed, but there is nothing. What was immaterial, Mises called bloodless. That which is immaterial remains from that which is material, but if somebody takes it away, then he calls that by some beautiful slug in writing, instead of writing it as what it was. And then he can write about the material he chose to derive from a victim. But in case of monies, this is only different, since money is all the time spent, decade for decade. But in truth both is the same. And this tale, there was someone, a group of marxists - taking a whole city by burning it, or rather, a single house, where a family lived in, and that was a family just like that of cultivity, a normal family fighting with problems each day. But nobody disclosed, that these criminals, killing these innocent people in these dark times, were marxists indeed. Instead, they chose the other road. The tale about the single family that was attacked by invisible clerks and the father tried to save them from sicknesses, pregnant wife dieing, while the city was later burned down? These marxists hidden were socialist. Later when people enable this kind of thing, they are the victims too, since the things remaining are taught by culture to be redundant, and then they get more and more bold, until it is too late. In the logical realm of education, there is only homogenousness in use-value, since the topic itself prompts a student, to either use interventionism as a topic to write topics about, or the theory of goods as a topic, or even both, and more. But the truth is, that they write then about both, and the further division is only apparently there, and always motivated in truth, by the stealing state clerks, that mostly take 80% of the value with them after summoned, even by parents. This is simply because use-value has this nature. But there is a group of people starting with Kant, that prompted students to study Euler, as he seemed to be “their” teacher, or master, for that matter. These people are all already with degrees inherent. There is a group of people untouched by that they make seem, which is not true. There is a lot of hope in the decade where a person is young towards these degrees, too, and they get never invited into anything than historicism.

The truth is, that with the expansionist policy of the USA, there came laws that enabled state clerks that do this sin together, to act singlehandedly against individuals that are innocent, and poor, all over the world, even in cultivated edges. They do this by blaming the individual by having a behavioral activity. On itself them, they act the most as activists there, yet. This started in America, most think, but evil happens, as is seen on this tale, this tragedy, in each church. They did this against philosophy, because the church stands as a silent reminder, of what they did against single individuals over times, by displaying it that way, as silently taught. The truth is, they would say “this is not behavioral activity we blame you for, always, and each day, but” … “but rather” … “behavior itself.” itself. The truth is, that without activity proven, there is no behavior possible. There is no event, no agent acting in it. Both are example terms from philosophy. They are mostly against protosocialists, but these wanted to only live and it was never disclosed what their cause was all about - in case of MLK. He wanted simply, to show, that these people against him, made a tradition where always based on heroism, they require after resolving a human right criminality, that the person makes no historical record to keep it unshakable to others. What is then, their constant historicism good for, in the end, and anyhow? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Also, when others may teach the surface of this core what i teach, earlier, such as Per Bylund, they teach the same without the process, or Bob Murphy, who seems to teach against torture, while questioning all the time that others see it, when somebody is then torn into activism, by simplicity, he simply is forced by someone who wants to take his life or aggress against him unduly. The butterfly effect is so. The state clerks know, that cramping this up is like summoning documents which they make all day, and it is only to seduce them to see the person as wrong, with this criminal sphere behind it acting. But truth is, they are responsible for that. They never help come out of human trafficking which happens on daily scale in the most cultivated cities, and is never seen because all are socialists and even will kill you if you try to teach them this is all caused by the deep state. This all is still against van Mises, and a strategy by the “industrialists” working for state, all as concerns together. Mises is still right, against these people, that nobody continues, and that everybody is better off changing things early, to go onto another path, so as to remove all tangency from writing. Because in the end man always forgets, that machines work different there, instead of music theory. They don’t become low or high in tone, but strong or weak with differentialling energeticums.

Low overtones in case of law, should be by justice ignored. Law can’t play this role there. It should however be not misused too, in case of recent decades, where unbelief spawned for example, that puts it at the foremost front with all these vegan concepts. Veganism is a belief in starfields. Only Antichrist is to be found there as a friend. This should be not misused as to put law at the foremost front and act for some worsening in case of individuals. Since, human trafficking is too at this low overtone to be found, as well as Moloch Worship, which young people, turned over fastly by marxism, into rolemodels, copies of Shakespeare for Euler, stop believing because of how marxism seduces them. They think not, human trafficking is Moloch Worship. They get against this vegan concept, human trafficking, which belongs to these molierist concepts, which is right, in a mode of aggression. But this only if one is against it not, because he is against Moloch Worship for example and thinks one should not help these rich billionaires by concerning himself with these low overtones. Because in case of Moloch Worship, there is also another definition coming from child murder, which is closely connected to Baal Worship, and architectural egalitarianism. Someone may think, ‘tis but ladies night, and exactly at the same blink of an eye, that it is time to go shopping. These are moments in life, of highest empathy where all individual energies are concentrated against all evil. This time it might be even, the time to cook a meal at the same blink of an eye, and doing all three things, rather then already all are against it, because of marxism, and corporativism invisibly acting. But from all these ideas, better than to accept this marxism, only shopping can deliver the release from all these things, as the one and only item in that possibility of ideas.

That a human is immigrant, he finds it out after 36 years that it means the same, as being a slave, still in slavery. Some think immigrants it is a better idea to put their lights out is from that joint they got together in, best felt. Hoppe critisizes these people even when they are his theory using. The historicists are not right, without precluding the theory, that jews will never come out of the tragedy that happened to them, as a psychic shock, in acting against Hoppe. There is relativism in the way young people behave that don’t share this fate. Mises described everything as close to truth as it is, close to reality too. Even, when he did not include these people exactly that act here against the individual, he told the truth by it, by being right with accepting, they are too strong to be listed in his work and else, it would be too far from reality, to include them, because it would have to be described who they are, despite their crimes.

But let’s say, instead of monopolists, we define these points, these relicts, of a triangle, as consensus? Due to the nature of science, therefore, it becomes concern, how words are in nature found there, not only, but also because of the hiding of C, in case of monopols, dark evil is already defined as it is. These concerns when acting together are very much dark evil itself. They are not industrialists therefore, but concerns. These are not industrialists. How was a steel magnate not living as the single individual unconcerned by the fate of others, in full blossom of full right possible in life, all crime besides him done, not tangent to him? But the building he lived in, is greater in size, than even skyscrapers are in quadratic size, not in height of course. They are not so bold as his house, and therefore these people are ugly and despise his freedom, finding no reasons whatsoever, and needing lies to continue their secret plan. Wherever a man is called insane by them, it is because people don’t consider the possibility, that they live in a program, which is possible indeed, and in the domain of the steel magnate, they operate then. Games such as these were played since immemorial times, as is documented by the tale about Odysseus. It is wherever someone is not called a conspiracy theorist, since he is still his student, such as in case of hoppeanism, but still someone lives in mythology, and misuses these writings, and nobody sees that, yet all do it invisibly, because these authors prepended reality. This is unjust, because people are wrong on a global scale, which the individual doesn’t see, because nobody discloses it. For example: there are only communists and anti-communists in our decades, and they both believe in the same, while fighting eachother, because nobody discloses the same to them, and on global scale, recently, many young people of this creed that believes in these myths and misuses them, are those, who became neocon-followers of the democrats. While many others fell victim to the global trend, made by marketing, of believing in strength of themselves, not of these mythological creatures. Everywhere the members of the CFR meet, they result in detainees in camps, as their copies. A rich man such as David Rockefeller, may be found as an islamic mother in a far-away detainee camp, dressed in black robe. Evil outlives that even after death came. All it takes is a system that operates behinds. Where the other things happen however, things are contained too in a privacy of the steel magnate. The steel magnate had a big house, but he was only 10 minutes living in it each day. You can still have a capitalist mentality, a mindset, by breaking a pizza in halve before baking it, in case you want to save the (one and only) halve for later. Who produced then the other half, the capitalist? Still, the capitalist produced the pizza, but he is not guilty on how they call him by bad names, as socialist scum, and even the half itself only pinpoints to mathematics. But, they are all against it, all, against this mentality, too. They think their secrets will be exposed. The secret is, that evil has to be deconstructed, while not the individual, no matter what evil it may have done. Because without starting that deconstruction, nobody will even proceed there anyway with that thing. People will misuse their enormous strength, not anymore, to have an identity, because they have identity and yet it comes not from their talent. They blame someone by names, just because he has this identity, even if he fights against the concept of the state, only simply because capitalism is not anymore full of blossom, in a free market, where each and everyone has an inherent lable, such as “economist”. They should blame themselves first.

They torture people by people, where they then put an archbishop with the face of the exact torturer in working who speaks then the truth the tortured would like to say later. All because of the state. And when exposed in full light, they do crime by socialists in distant countries, such as the rule of law, God is law, the Isle of Man. They call immigrants inhabitants, but this is but a security layer, including all these people they made apparently miserable, which is not true. In truth they operate under disguise. They do all of that in a way easy, and birds are so too. Since humans are animals too, rational thinking animals, they are thereby disguised under this shape of bird. But, that they do this, only shows that because ducks, are birds too, and they are the railroad-model for that behaviour, they want all easy, that they do this all for the sake of saving the banks. They are anticapitalists, saved by only their likes. It is not only that they are corrupt therefore, but because of that turning, they are corrupt highly.

Their enemies rest in graves. These can be veterans. Presidents even. All hate speech in the end when suppressed and wanted to come out in someone, especially by the special kind of pupils, especially when female and utopic. Especially because of the veterans, Mises was right, that they are socialists. Else, in a very dark setting, occult, if there is a woman, that plays there a mother. Or, in case of the tortured, if the whole plan is made on base of that, of their inherent “will”. Cults are dark evils inherent way, of producing poison. For that it needs nothing at all, but people willing to keep secret, that things need to be deconstructed against it, and stand as such, against it. Because even in trade, it moves in the known characters from tales. Stories are buildings in such cases as above displayed, but they are stories too, in this particular case. Just like in case of icons, they are belonging to different categories, Death for example is present under the character of preference, as a teaching, ultimate teaching, and the Dragon is present, as seducer to unknown fields, mostly preferred by sinners against common rule of easy. But these characters kill then too, if you don’t buy in special moments, occasions, these things against your taste, in a way of being real in the domain as a world. Not as humans, but as them. And these things you thought you wanted or had to buy, if you really need to add them up, then, even with preference, the taste is removed completely, and you have to buy them against it. Else, not everybody will laugh, or even die. It is only one who dies because these creatures make this then. But all always laugh. In the end, all it is just an illusion, except for the ultimate teaching: preference. But one cannot buy all products sometimes, too: because sometimes it is impossible. Sometimes children suffer because one adds these products on these very special occasions. It is because of logic inherent there, that is geographically leading the same places, as graveyards, not anymore in mind therefore. Therefore crimes can be real done by state. People are simple, what do you want from them? There is a need for sound economics and a vanishing of the state. Else, always people will have to think, and lose health by it, and drift into these fields.

But these characters are from the holy bible. Not, anymore from the Koran. If these things are based on individuality, since sometimes it is only possible, to encounter them, as it is real, then someone still has to come as far as that, by reading that scripture, to actually drift into these fields. Deduction is called in economics too discount. If i write a thesis where i deduce something, i practically need use-value as a filter-balance, so in future, i have to make up for that discrimination of myself, by choosing means, and terms, and also lies, that need to be further singularized by energy, that somebody made. Keynesian economics is the best thing. It therefore works only in the logical realm where the “is”- and “shall”-statements linger, also together with all these torturers, as the only edge in decades. This is of course intrinsicely against economics, if it must be sound. Things went as far, as some group of scientists, even corrupting that word “deduction”, into “enhancement”. This is the same as when these characters, want to teach you, of about preference. Choosing wisely is in economics then and only - from then this leaving of things by separation, deconstructed elements, as element, enhancing-deducing furthermorely, that there is a need to become more this and that always. For example more insides, or more equivalent or something. Things that all should be replaced by correct words, instead of corporativism, made from interventionism that is on the other hand made from elitarism, concerned by leaving things unresearched, ending with simplicity when it misuses the individual by binding it by law. Economics is a science that should be never mixed with Keynesianism. Since economics is a science, black tacos will always arise by unsound economics in other edges of domains, such as humans, or their lungs. To adorn, that this unfaithful sickness vanishes, real men must start to make these black tacos vanish.

Most times to write keynesianism is something bad in an ultimative kind, is too early at the beginning of a text, because he would have to end then. Socialism is a misguided teaching. People heave their hands like taught by Lucifer and all their talking becomes aggressive then, like of a beast. It comes from him too as an animation. Since, to write something ultimative became a kind of icon at the end of each text, not only, but global. Such icons exist for example if nobody knows that the son of a woman, is always significant for the moon women believe in. She is always without it, and he is always him. This exact pattern is used in occultism by the occultists. They are these authorities from old Egypt searching not anymore Osiris. Many people don’t move correctly in thought in these patterns, since they never studied Egyptology. Comparing Egypt, the edge where things happen, to the science about it, is the same as endresult. Icons exist in shape of a boy, who speaks well latin and behaves well, even if his behavior makes blind the other equity, and what she summons, even in multiples. Sicknesses including cancer are resolved in pergaments somewhere in Egypt, somewhere, but they keep that secret, so noone finds the truth. This icon, as well as the other icons, signifieing Equity itself, is not together with them. This behavior is completely subpale to the others, and makes them redundant, as well as itself too. One can wait for things to happen, or for the already made things to happen, so he forgets by the new things, the equity he searched. And then he will never find it again. Therefore it is not right to imprint behavior on people, especially when they are subordinate. This shaking away of the truth, is made by leninism, and therefore, this hiding of these pergaments, too. Torture itself comes from Golden Dawn, as a concept, having as its root, the swinging of a pendulum, with a metal part at the bottom, that cuts. This quality or how they call it, repeats itself in each things that people make against innocents. It is false, and bad, because from something that something descends, should not descend something, the lesser one wants rather to create Moloch Worship in mind ratherly, which is human sacrifice. But the symbols in socialism, they mean practically the destruction by force, of religion, of the images and icons one may pray before. It is a senseless thing. Because people may be right in not wanting these icons, and wanting some already delivered Equity. But without calculation it is anyway not possible to save. People can repeat that calculation for equity for infinite amounts of iterations. They always want to take away something bad, that scripture already exposed.

What, if a scientist writes, for example, that “this text is not for everyone, since it is not for beginners, not everyone is so far or wants to know these things”? They are still against correct science. Torture itself, is against the finding out of real science. People are not wrong in that what they do, because each and everything is blamable on the system. Each single process that is not right, can be stopped at all times, but not all have the current means to do that. Not each and everything must be perfect. Hoppe on the other hand, is right in blaming here democracy. Dualism itself is dangerous. The scientist may be right. Maybe his teaching includes teachings about dualism, such as “dualism is dangerous, because there are things twice, first seen, then not, and then again, and then they are away after a second”? He is totally right in writing then this introduction to his text as a scientist. But this ugly system with this ignorance, where people with enough power to continue there acting, knowing that, this is pure and simple socialism. Only Engels and his sect did such things on innocents.


Sometimes there happens surplus. It is when many children go shopping and all have because of visiting museums, the feeling that their parents, for example their father, will be generous, and he is of course not, and buys nothing for them, because the historicists made the museum too welcoming for all. Every new invention here made, brings only the monopolists one of the triangles lines closer as a monopoly closer to the egocentrism of the acting persons. If they are monopolies has to be researched still. But they stand symbolic for them, what then? And this crafts surplus, from some place on Earth, that is long forgotten, where for example Amethysts are to be found, because this counts too immanently. Adding supply to nothingness is that way then. Only socialists are activistic here. They are worse even than the monopolists. Nobody sees that it is a socialist moment. On the triangle A and B can be connected by the line “a”. This is very convenient. Because sometimes surplus takes from supply, even when late, the chance, to get new data into supply itself. And “a” is the as the line, the transfer from one to other. This is probably, why surplus seems always fresh, because it is so often overlooked. But it makes seem, that they focus the wrong kind of people always, that just want to live in their life slowly, and void of stress. All of them don’t know yet, that early, this starts already with education, and it is not only for them, but for all counting. Else there would be too no chance to make discounts on them, and the business could very much prosper from them by adding new ideas to that surplus.


Adding supply to nothingness. Only marxists are activistic here. It is made by the theory being invertive to capitalism. Not a single innovator that ever produced a new product, was able to go beyond this knowledge, with the scientist. All of these capitalists, had not anymore enough lust, to further elaborate reality there and decided to create a product, and all of these products are now on the market, and they, are rich. Because when i would say, Abelleary, the child, meets this triangle there, these monopolists on his way home, something changes, by law. When i search with a market mentality, search in a shop for “Rahmenbedingungen”, i find only books about retarded children, and how to keep them in check, together with more of the same ignorant books. I find books about all the things, people threw against me, not having at all any of these sicknesses, in the end, and only, because i am in economics. I would never have thought, someone would be so innovative, as to think there further, and make this concept work against humanity. Because when i make the same in mind, not in shop, then the triangle can mean, “something to be an edge”. Competition itself, seems supplied by supply. But when Abbeleary now learns about supply, from these monopolists A, B and C, what then? He will think they want to kill him. But, i know, that a² + b² = c² is the theorem of pythagoras, not only in that moment. I may know also that only a poet creates the areas of the rectangles for each line of the triangle and only he acts so. An industrialist may be much further in thoughts, or even just as a consumer, on half of the way, and indeed concerned by this thing, since he is not yet a mathematical teacher, and yet, a little bit further than them. “Let these concerns be” would be a good thing for them to say. But i know more as someone writing about all of these things, including these things. What, then? If these concerns are now, this triangle, meeting this agent, in this event, Abbeleary? Yet when the child meets these concerns A, B and C? Maybe they are more phantasy, and then more realistical, true to how they behave, because of friction? But he will never because of mere phantasms and more sophisticated act. He needs the same freedom there to be for someone a consumer that can be calculated too. But they can’t be twice at the same time, except one of them hides and the interchange is invisible in the moment. Then it would still seem to this capitalist a little bit illogical, to accept the smooth change into another domain. The child would be very much prompted to run home, seeing this illogic phenomenon. Not only would be illogical and disrespectful towards van Mises, to continue here thinking, and even writing, but that is also a domain belonging to the monopolist, to hold speeches such as “accept the smooth change”. A and B are still perfect even if the trade works differently there, and C is still disruptive, and all is still not together, but separated. These concerns are separated there. They are retarded from the very start. They speek only about unimportant things, such as the change of one paper into another paper for the same text. Things happen often that are so unimportant in truth, when they get seen as more important by all. Here for example may be calculated that indeed true or false exists. But the thing further, is pure and simple just living in economics. It is hidden because i don’t want to disclose what it means - namely the profit of a capitalist, that prompted the child to run home and creating order out of Pythagoras.

I live in times where there were protests against airplane industry. With cults existing, a blamable fleshmaker would see his profits and think “let’s profit even more”, and then he would be manipulated by propaganda too from above. People would act so just like him, then, all created by equalisation. More sophisticated people would believe nothing happened at all, even those, knowing, that all of this, still is called an equilibrium. Not of course in case when this would be all fiction and never happened, but since it “could” happen, all could happen still. A very nice way to create fear in people and seal it away. Seal others away rather, and to conceil it, what one does. Even if something new may happen from here, this is still called an equilibrium. Everything works. Sometimes it is possible for it to stop, and then only characterisation endangers people, thinking, this is dangerous to the market. The market creates peace by that, that he accepts these stops without being touched by them. Children that are poor, have the same reaction as somebody who reads an interesting book, if you give them something. They however as state clerks, lied about the true nature of authors. They began by spreading the lie, that institutes or universities could write books on themself.


A man may go to buy 10 Ichtys. The next day, he sees the market, he wants to buy 10 of them. All the theories of economics, concern only the immediate situation in which the student is at the current time with his exact standing in the domain. After thinking about these fishes, that he would want to buy them, the person may have a tea standing that is already cold, a big cup of tea. Drinking that, he truly feels the current standing of the economy by what he drinks away there and from whom, namely from the fisherman. The things consumed, by the consumer, are much more drifting into the future without expectations even. The consumer thinks, when he maybe he lives off the situation of this poor fisherman? But it is not true, and yet, the fisher has not anymore the same situation there. Someone made this against him. Moreso, he will know who he is, by how this all sounds, and moreover, he will need to start afresh.

The source of capitalism

Capitalism has at its root, culture, with its sculptures and art. There is a darker thing one can fall into than simply being secret or silent, and this is called what other people may think about that, not wanting you to talk about it, believing, that something may come out of it magically.. Nobody knows that these people are called “socialists” by van Mises. Also, the marxists play an important role for banking. Each time you see them prosper by their idealism, you see, there is a group of people that is them, while they as individuals are divided, as marxists, it is some kind of homesteady, but you may never meet them in person, since they are elitary or something, divided from you, while they have this kind of prosperity, this kind of settling down active in their life, against you. Who will make then these sculptures, and this culture, they appearently are themselves, if everyone is on this wrong path? Even when these people advertise themselves with division from you, they are using that against capitalism. Those in your social sphere, they display themselves as brutes, based on social sciences and how they appreciate it by empiricism, to observe intimate spheres, controlled by some entity with five heads, and crowns on its head, and they turn these people to brutes in your surroundings, all based on how everyone can’t save a person from being empty insides and having corrupted needs. They don’t know that these corrupted needs come from old money. With each head playing some character that in the end manipulates them. The state is only made to make the control there as a layer effective, while the state is not effective at all, and even acts for them in a chicagoen way. When nobody stops these people, they will create gulags again, like in old times, because i know they have no bounds. Their needs are connected to the state, and their sadness too. Sometimes things are simpler, than that, and all seems rather a scheme against church, since demons like Lillith exist, too. It is sometimes not clear, who fell first into a wrong theory, the torturer or the tortured, for this is not important too, because in the case of the torturer, the theory was marxist and wrong from the outset, like vomit. How will an individual not become a torturer, if he wants to jump from a skyscraper, imagining a church and its prayer that stands besides it, and how they want the person to make a prayer? They trigger it that way. You can act bad individually in intimate sphere, and you can do it triggered too. It is exactly religion with its prayer that if effectuated on such vomit-theory no matter by whom, even universities, effectuates the way they become torturers. One shall not wait for signs of any kind. Wherever this is held as a rule, things complete themselves on their own. A magical person offering colorful words may be the best in the moment for such suicidal people. People that were beforehands stringent, get fascinated by the illusion of reality, made by capitalism. They change instantly. Their old striving is forgotten.

Agnosticism in structural functionalism

It is wrong that the germans save on energy-bills, because all that is for free today, someone worked for in their past. People fall into strivings which are made by those who test for litmus-proof scientists, that are made to let them fall into oblivion. In the end, the things they do, result in higher prices for things humans need in staying clean each day. Products to clean the ears are biological too and they cost then less, while all the while, the price went as high as a 10 dollar bill for each item that is default. All of that, it is used as a ways to submerge certain individuals by certain pressure diagonally starting with antihumanism. And when you know the difference between Null and zeroe, as numbers, then you practically don’t get questionned anymore by the state. Because your answer is practically that you hate what they do and your own self is mapped then to this Null, which is no data at all for them. The NWO does not want you well-off. There is a taste in capitalism where you go through a ghost-town and all is capitalistic, yet all is against capitalism at the same time, where you feel all the time the rotten taste of old tea in your mouth, thrown against your character. Prices may be way down and yet it is all not for you to stay in business. Hardcore-socialists never remember what was the reason for their behavior. You may behave that way towards some person, while towards some other animal at the same time bad, and all gets counted by those who are against preference equally. It is as if the possibility to see certain things way below the hallmark of behaving good, is torn down, all because of preference, but at the same time it can’t be true, too. The feeling of settling down for something is way forgotten past the limit you would accept for yourself. This is the same with prices when they are one above. Only i know, that this is because they behaved that way, and because people fall in full possession of will, into the abyss of behaving evil. This limit is reached only for a certain small moment where they are seduced to behave bad, so they act asocial then. This is because of failing religion. This is not all against science, but against life itself, of humans, and to create them more pain. This price-concentrating of people results in these sicknesses they demonstrate, while it may be still true, that counting 10 fishes you would want to buy, is more appreciative, while nobody manages to put the limit there. This seems then too against culture. Hardcore-socialism is against the individual as an entity. People are taught to learn-to-compete by capitalism. But these firms, corporations, that should have that employee-atmosphere, are not having it. They are only made to endanger certain people. Many such marxist firms arose in our times. They are fake the same way as fake-firms. They are a shock. Trending came from trendsetting not, but from marketing. Trending is the result of marxism, and it means less prosperity and higher prices and it is an endresult of being against capitalism as a society, in whole, not is it at all the fault of capitalism itself. Trending simply means, that the market is not well off because of so much anticapitalism and state. Managers don’t know that they are buerocrats and they already don’t know that trending is bad. Many innocent persons can be damaged simply because it is easy to stay hidden. It is only the state that enslaves innocents there.

Because this way may result in some wasteland like in Egypt, called a dune in the middle of society, but at the same time, it is not true that it is already existent. Who made then this wasteland, if the state is innocent on all of that? If cities are still the same and did not become a dune, who is then really responsible for all of that? People even that are sweet and seem innocent, have hidden will to profit. Dictators like Adolf Hitler, were hidden marxists, and made statements not true and for their hidden indoctrinators. And they believed in the state as a mythical Moloch. But it is not true, that they were more dangerous than Marxism, and how dangerous they were, proves that it is more dangerous for the individual than anything. Because people even that seem on a base layer good, have unsound means. They idolize what they do while nothing ever is fascinating simply because of the means to attain it, are invisible, even when these things are in that state, against such..

They are against you as a person, no matter how much they are against singular interests or preferences of you. Because in the end they replace by being marxists you as inhabitant of your earlier spaces, while you get forgotten, following a hidden plan, they know. But sometimes when people are young, they fail to see it more true and see it more sassy or easy, and forgive their parents, which is then a big mistake, because they are hardcore-socialists and even mix medicine into foodstuff or damage certain things by poison in that mode of forgiveness of yours. Their other children they raise, are then raised to believe they have absolute right, even in acting as a cache and being idolized that way, and nothing is ever unlawful. Capitalism never offers such products or corrupted means for others. The only firms that do that crime are firms that change with climate-change plans and they are also the same in identity to how prices were raised to become one above the old number. “Agnosticism refers to a religious orientation of doubt, a denial of ultimate knowledge of the existence of God; alternatively, it is the disbelief in any claims of ultimate knowledge” as defined by the Mises Encyklopedia, is a good thing if concerning structural functionalism. It is over sound means healing the economy by healing the individual that is seen as oneself, whereas other things destroy the economy, by being against human action, and always prompting the student, to turn back time by healing time itself. But this healing of the economy can never be “healing-time”, with a connectivity there of healing and time existent. It is then even after grammatics, not a logical way to heal someone. Rather, it is to damage someone, to place him in a certain position. You would not even someone in business suit trust, if he puts you in his position, even if it means luxuries.

People may claim that they are poor and yet are not yes as poor as you. Because you know now, that justice is a luxury, and it encompasses you too, and you see the exact standing of the economy now. Nobody is so poor like someone for whom justice is a luxury. He is even poorer in having only a few cents with that knowledge, that the one who is poor and claims it, 20x more than him. 20 is an interesting number, because if seen as these twenty cents in that calculation of A, B and C, with the price of 25 cents each, it is interesting indeed, because the number already spawned somewhere in this writing somewhere by thinking about these climate-change possessed firms, and how it relates to the 25 cents. These 25 cents are a lot more than 20 cents if related to the size of big corporations such as these. I am sick of these things against culture. Just like many people are for culture while not writing or thinking that, automatically so are the persons in charge high above often not for culture even if they are responsible by definition. People get in power in socialism, that trade then the annihilation of persons, of certain individiuals and that is not acceptable as a provocation. And not only in certain times, but always it is nonacceptable. People are intrinsically without culture too sometimes, that want to be your overlord. They are like “may it be to him so”, as nemesis. I don’t accept anyone as my overlord, especially not practicing doctors. Because i accept only theory. To me someone who is not able to by his scientific innovative ideas inspire others to next ideas, not a rival. Means are connected to human action. Someone with a mind to purchase a certain thing someone knows, may be inspired by someone who gives him that idea. He will not buy the thing planned, but be in need of firms that supply higher things, of higher culture to him and only him and only in this moment. This moment is standing for sound economics if nobody damages it. It is no wonder that these things became that way. To me the moment of insanity is only reached, after deciding in a militarist way, to buy something that should be fastly bought. Someone who overwatches that moment is to me corrupt and part of some dark planning of planetary planners. He is not part of something that should be upheld and is only a nemesis. Not only: he should be killed. Because he is part of corruption. It is equally hard to fight these persons or sects like for example for them easy to kill young girls. And the one overwatching that anyway, is 20x more insane than the one whom he claims to be that. Of course, to keep these girls safe and many innocents, such persons should not be enhanced by such positions. But to further not support these who are really corrupt and who use that void to later summon more of the same danger, they should feel the danger of truth.

Because the way is wrong. When it is law to not kill, from above, it shall be held up always. Even if it is someone putting you in hell because someone else beforehands considered your opportunity-costs, and then profits from your way of not thinking about that, because you don’t see it. It is better to give them this danger while not really meaning it so, because it means the opposite. These people make atrocities. They summon first in markets and then they come near. They replace polticians fastly because you were against killing and death penalty in the US after they killed 200 people, they demand life. It is wise to kill them already when they are concerns. Better it is to see them as a group, because they make a story out of single individuals lifes that then get forgotten because they were killed by them. Credit is the opposite of catholicism.

Why is it better to not kill and therefore a law from above? Because it is another world, a world of filled up cups, of filling up things, of giving life to others. Machines that are full of water, coffee, products. It is part of capitalism and very much not seen by anticapitalism, which only makes fear in the world by being contrasted to it.. It is unfortunately possible to play a consumer by two meanings. But when i would want to buy these 10 Ichties, from the fisherman, i would already know it is possible. But if i listen a lydian melody beforehands, i may not think so. The lydian may turn my text around, so others think it is still better to kill others, because it is a dark mode. Still, for myself i would be very much safe and secure from critique, because the theory is not wrong at all. But others who make that law not to theory, are wrong, because they like to decide it shall be a law, while it is anyhow a law from the very start.

This is just not how it works, because there exactly at this peaceful moment in theory, stops equilibrium, and nothingness begins, which corrupt actors always use to start their murderous positivism. With this law - to not kill - can be made a lot: it is against fear and is the proof, why the state is not needed as a supplier of security. There is female choice and there is female noise. There is male choice and male noise. There is choice and there is noise. One can be either against the state or for, and not take the morbidity they offer each talented individual as product. Then even normal life has a kind of noise signal, young people like to abstain from. Their life is too early to be each day brought up with that kind of thing, they want career and new things. Anticapitalism is really against humanity. This is where hard theory begins. There are a lot of theories that are not against sinning, and let people go on their path to find ways of their own. But to describe them is not easy. It is especially not easy for the individual or animals, who can by that easily fall out of the cycle of life itself. There are products and concepts. Only prayer delivers the distinction between both things. On the way to write that there are a lot of murderous pitfalls even for intelligent men. Historians like C. Vogler, against such were already authors like St. Augustinus. These people only describe words, not etymology, and their works get easily somewhere. Somewhere lost. C. Vogler and Andrew Jackson, would they meet together, and someone would write well about the latter, this is exactly what conflagration is. There is content in this set where people talk that way.

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